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  1. Standing in the Shadows of Motown - good blind buy?
  2. Screen shots comparing T2 E HD, T2 E non-HD, and T2 UE
  3. What TV Shows I want to see in Season Box Sets and your thoughts
  4. The Man With No Name Trilogy
  5. Error on Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
  6. Weird Science Re-release?
  7. Help...which Halloween to buy?
  8. DVD Tracking Program
  9. DVD in 50 - Studio Execs Discuss The Future of DVD
  10. Original Leathal weapon release
  11. Raiders: They're removing the snake reflection
  12. Osbournes - Season 2 (September 30)
  13. How many unwatched DVD tv box sets do you have?
  14. How do you spot a seller of bootleg DVDs?
  15. I'm sure its been done, but What is the worst DVD of All Time?
  16. Odds in seeing The Chase on DVD?
  17. New Abyss Spec Digi Coming Soon
  18. How bad are the subtitles for the cowboy bebop movie?
  19. About A Boy, A Beautiful Mind, and Pleasantville
  20. Will there be a 3rd Marilyn Monroe box set?
  21. Catch Me If You Can DVD question
  22. Erik the Viking on DVD any time soon?
  23. Hulk Smash Dvd
  24. Where are Bond DVD Box Sets Vol. 2&3
  25. Will we ever see a Robocop:SE?
  26. DVD's at Coconuts
  27. Old School - DTS dropout?
  28. what are you getting tue june 24?
  29. Anyone get an insert with "Walking With Cavemen"?
  30. Are these titles in our near future
  31. How many want Wes Cravens "Deadly Friend" to be on DVD
  32. When a movie is re-issued, do you keep previous one or not?
  33. Band of Brothers - Good Blind Buy?
  34. Full Contact - Columbia Tristar
  35. I hate the cardboard case for "E.T."
  36. Why is "Army of Darkness" title changed
  37. Any News on City of God DVD?
  38. Differences between US & Canada Criterions?
  39. Chaplin Collection Vol. 1 question??
  40. What Cartoon dvds sets do you own?
  41. Remove Scuffs and Scratches With Toothpaste
  42. Valuable DVD Thread
  43. 24 - Season Two (update: uncertainty with release date)
  44. Buffy question - S5 when?
  45. If you havent yet...watch NARC, tomorrow!
  46. The Thin Red Line - any differences between releases?
  47. Identity: 9/2/03
  48. Need Info on "Crumb" and "Grey Gardens"
  49. Whats your favorite straight to video DVD?
  50. Married With Children Season Sets Coming
  51. Spartacus: CC, pleasantly SHOCKED!
  52. Hang-gliding scenes on DVD
  53. Netflix Vs Walmart
  54. Two Towers Extended: Does it have a free ticket for ROTK?
  55. Replacing Evil Dead series - best of the bunch?
  56. are the vhs/ld of scarface worse/better or the same as the dvd?
  57. Just Married -- "Buy the DVD or RENT the video tonight.." ?!?
  58. Murder By Death missing scenes?
  59. At $32.99+ tax, what makes "Lawrence of Arabia" so expensive?
  60. 'Angels' Sequel Will Get Unrated on DVD
  61. moulin rouge disc 2 question/problem (lady marmalade video)
  62. Wrestling Fans -- List some good ECW titles (obviously Region 2) to pickup
  63. Interesting DVD-related survey I just took...
  64. HBO's Legendary Nights BOxing Documentaries
  65. Best DVD magazine?
  66. Has Anyone Heard About Their Replacement Cases for "T2 Extreme" DVD?
  67. Single Dvd Cases For Sale?
  68. more House of 1000 Corpses information
  69. Short Film - Free VCD
  70. It's official! DVD Rentals topped VHS rentals last week!
  71. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind due out on Sept. 9
  72. Cronos coming October 14th
  73. Anyone pick-up the new 2 dvd box set of "Led Zeppelin", and care to comment on it?
  74. Anyone else see this DVD in their ad banner? Ha!
  75. Will 'You Can't Do That On Television' ever come to DVD?
  76. The best public domain films! (And the best versions of them)
  77. Star Trek Nemesis = Not Recognized Format
  78. Why hasn't Disney released BAMBI on dvd yet?
  79. From Dusk Till Dawn Collectors Edition Vs. Non
  80. Bad Boys DVD: SE or Superbit?
  81. Transformers Season 3 - Sept 9th!
  82. GWAR in your dvds?
  83. Just watched NARC, dialog was very soft?
  84. No Widescreen For Gator And White Lighting?
  85. Our own DVD/Entertainment internet radio station...
  86. Question about the Free Hulk ticket in the Hulk DVDs
  87. Which version of Almost Famous?
  88. Any Info on National Lampoon Vacation Movies
  89. American DVD movies with chinese subtitles?
  90. The Quiet Man - Collector's Edition
  91. where to find rare out of print DVDs? (Dream Lover, 1994)
  92. Future Merchant Ivory DVD releases...
  93. Anyone know if Ninja Scroll 10th Anniversary will be uncensored?
  94. Futurama
  95. U Turn has a new cover and I like it better!
  96. Documentary "Scared Straight" - DVD, 8/26!!
  97. About Schmidt DTS
  98. Trainspotting: The Definitive Edition in R1?
  99. Hd Dvd
  100. I Found S.F.W. today....
  101. Region 1 Superiority?
  102. Classic Sci-Fi/Horror fans, what's the release list for July-Sept?
  103. Home Theater Set up DVD?
  104. Double Indemnity import
  105. El Mariachi/Desperado rerelease
  106. Problem with Adobe Elements: Ovelapping text.
  107. Arsenio Hall box set?
  108. Meet Joe Black Discontinued (Single Disc Version)
  109. YMDB - Post Your Lists
  110. Return of Spinal Tap dvd!!
  111. Resident Evil SE? Lilo and Stitch:CE? When?
  112. Samurai Trilogy(Mifune) any good???
  113. 2 DVD concerts with OAR and PQ sound for concert
  114. How to clean lightly scratched DVDs and CDs?
  115. Scobby Doo DVD questions (old series)
  116. anyone find Dead Zone Season 1 in stores?
  117. Longest you've searched for a new release?
  118. but I'm a cheerleader new dvd out?
  119. Are retail stores carrying Strangers with Candy?
  120. How do you think an CULT/R2 Specialty Store would do ?
  121. The Saint
  122. What are you picking up today? (6/17)
  123. Sex and the City for women only?
  124. Never say Never Again
  125. Bruce Lee the Master Collection
  126. DarthVong's Custom Bond Retail Covers
  127. any chance the Eastwood westerns will get rereleased?
  128. Jim Henson's The Storyteller Coming!!
  129. wrestlemania? royal rumble?
  130. Trapper John, M.D. ????????????
  131. Ran Masterworks DVD: how is the quality?
  132. Did anyone play with the T2: Extreme Rom features yet?
  133. next group of SUPERBIT releases?
  134. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (6/16 - 6/22)
  135. Question about E.T. box set
  136. Pitch Black: Unrated VS. R Rated- What Are The Differences?
  137. IQ 9/16
  138. question about farscape season boxset releases
  139. Holy crap! Has anybody else received this email?
  140. Eddie Izzard: Glorious canceled :(
  141. Places to buy Asian DVDs in Seattle?
  142. Commentary Tracks with the Cinematographer?
  143. Where are the DIE ANOTHER DAY deleted scenes?
  144. DVDCoverart - Don't submit unless requested? Since when?
  145. Best making-of docs?
  146. Monty Python "Meaning of Life" SE 2 disk set coming!!!!!
  147. new Manhunter dvd release
  148. Soap TV Show
  149. Buffalo '66 -Which release is better?
  150. Street Fighter The Movie Defects
  151. Titanic Special Edition....when?????
  152. Goonies SE out of print?
  153. wonder boys edited for dvd?
  154. Deep Space Nine Problems?
  155. Pizza-Hut to offer a FREE DVD with purchase of a large pizza
  156. Zinema-esque 007 Die Another Day cover
  157. Obligatory What are you buying this Tuesday 6/17?
  158. Question about Lucio Fulci's The Beyond
  159. List Your Horror Collection on DVD
  160. Where is Best Place to Get Upcoming Release News?
  161. How to get a disc out of a digipak?
  162. It's a Crime These Haven't Been Released Yet
  163. Decline of the Western Civilization DVD News
  164. anybody want to do a cowboy bebop movie custom
  165. Rock and Rule Finally?
  166. Dvd Vs. Cd Production
  167. "Nunsploitation" dvds?
  168. JCVD's "Kickboxer" DVD re-release 7-15
  169. New Shrek DVD in August
  170. Criterion's, "Do The Right Thing" Question?
  171. Why are The X-files and ST:TNG season sets so expensive?
  172. Die Another Die defective?
  173. some one is selling 120 copies of the history of beavis and butthead
  174. Ever gettin Blair Witch w/ film AND video source?
  175. For anyone still looking for the OOP 2-disk versions
  176. Once Upon a Time in China Trilogy
  177. Dragonheart rerelease - 8/12?
  178. Howard Stern's Private Parts - rerelease anytime soon?
  179. Boyz N the Hood Coming September 2nd
  180. "Old School" subtitle problems?
  181. 2 disc sets you wish were one disc sets
  182. Know anything about Oz season 3 (and after) on DVD?
  183. What are your top 5 zombie movies on DVD?
  184. Errol Flynn Dvds?
  185. Gangs of New York spread across two discs
  186. how do you get those security stickers off?
  187. It's Official: Seinfeld is coming to DVD!
  188. Double Feature DVD "Crawling Eye" - Good/Bad?
  189. Audition (Miike) dvd case- cardboard & plastic ones available?
  190. Anyone think Andy Richter could get a DVD release?
  191. Salo Criterion Bootleg advice..
  192. The Big Question About Edge Enhancement
  193. Next format after DVD???
  194. Poll about "special" covers
  195. Definitive List of Warner Brother 2 Disk SE's
  196. Anyone else's Nemesis case look like this?
  197. Hackers 2: Operation Takedown
  198. Will we ever see the uncut Die Another Day in the US
  199. Longest dvd marathon you ever did?
  200. is new line packaging final destination 1 and 2 together?
  201. New Midnight Run Release
  202. Interesting eBay auction: DVD Covers for sale?
  203. Why so many back-catalogue titles with inferior DVD covers?
  204. Gregory Peck dead at 87
  205. MIRACLE MILE dvd- any opinions ?????
  206. USAToday has details re: LOTR:TTT EE
  207. Bunuel fans: L'Age d'or DVD coming soon
  208. Universal's STREETS OF FIRE Ultimate Edition?
  209. Bringing Up Baby....on DVD?
  210. Shoah, 8-19
  211. Little Otik
  212. More PCU details
  213. Buffy S4 Commentary
  214. Best place to get Transformers season one set?
  215. weird print/thing on dvd..
  216. Scarface availability??
  217. How "Limited" is the new T2 Extreme Edition Case?
  218. Stargate UE is really good
  219. First DVD?
  220. Giant SE Disc Art?
  221. New version of "Ginger Snaps"?
  222. Is my Scarface DVD legit or not?
  223. Is PCU coming out on DVD any time soon?
  224. Will there ever be a "Reign Of Fire" director's cut?
  225. House Of 1000 Corpses---No Unedited version, bleh
  226. Matrix Reloaded date from the Bits - 10/28
  227. Quck "Old School" DVD question
  228. September DVD news from paramount
  229. DVD contests and stuff.
  230. Meaning of Life SE on Sept 2
  231. The Right Stuff and Once Upon a Time...availability?
  232. Where is Young Sherlock Holmes?
  233. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves DTS out of Sync???
  234. Bent and a big Thank You to MGM
  235. Ab Fab DVD special collection confirmed for 9/30/03 release date
  236. American Pie 'beneath the crust' news
  237. Glengarry Glen Ross - insert?
  238. Details on Are you being served? boxed set-release date 9/30/03
  239. Night Of The Living Dead: ME going OOP!
  240. Tears of the Sun AR 240.1??
  241. What The Hell Is Dts
  242. 20,000 Under the Sea
  243. Old School Problem
  244. Why do they have DVD sets for sale when 1 is never wanted?
  245. "Grease 2" : MIA ?
  246. Any loose discs in the Buffy season 4?
  247. Is ANYONE gonna buy the regular Two Towers DVD?
  248. some Indy & Friday the 13 news
  249. Problems with Deep Space Nine Season 3, Disc 1?
  250. Warner's Strict Free DVD Offer