Hulk Smash Dvd

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Hulk Smash Dvd

When it comes to making movies, director Ang Lee exercises such vision and control that the actors who worked with him on Universal’s upcoming The Hulk swear they would have done anything for him.

“I would have done the movie without a script to work with Ang -- he’s a master,” said Sam Elliott, who portrays General Ross in the Marvel Comics-based movie slated to bow theatrically June 20.

Lee’s focus is so concentrated on the movie itself that he leaves just about everything else in others’ hands. That includes the eventual DVD -- or almost everything associated with it, anyway. “At the very beginning, I made it clear I just want to make the movie,” said Lee.

He said the studio has run some suggestions for extras by him -- such as a commentary (which he’s doing), deleted scenes and sketches -- though he’s not certain what else will ultimately be on the disc.

For the most part, he’s content to let Universal Studios Home Video work it all out.

That’s not to say that he’s completely indifferent to the DVD. He’s deeply involved in the color timing for the disc. And he is passionate about one aspect of the disc as it will appear on home screens.

“I don’t even want to do pan-and-scan,” he said, referring to the reformatting often done to fill the square TV screen. “All I care [about] is the letterbox.”

The movie stars Australian actor Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, the scientist who turns big and green, and tears everything apart when he gets mad, thanks to some genetic tinkering done by his father, played by Nick Nolte. It was produced by Gale Anne Hurd, Avi Arad, James Schamus and Larry Franco. Schamus, Lee’s longtime collaborator, also penned the story and co-wrote the screenplay with John Turman and Michael France.

Schamus said the DVD is in capable hands at Universal. “They’ve really raised the bar” for the format, he said. One element that will likely make its way into the disc is a look at the special effects from concept to final product for scenes such as the vicious fight between Hulk and a trio of mutant dogs that have been sicced on Betty Ross. “It’s going to be an incredible edition,” Schamus said. “They’re putting a lot of stuff into this thing.”

Three words - awesome, awesome, awesome
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Hulk smash dvd?

A dvd is pretty flat as it is.. How much more can he smash it?
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Will this be out in time for xmas??
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I thought this was going to be "oh crap, not ANOTHER Hulk DVD" thread. But a Lee commentary sounds very promising.

I wonder how much he'll apologize...
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I don't think someone should be forced to apologize that audiences today need ritalin to stay focused
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I was going to do a sepearte thread for this question, but I'll just ask it here...

***Very Minor Spoilers Ahead...***

For those who have seen The Hulk, and I just did last night. One thing I liked were the cool transitions in between scenes. And even when they'd show the same scene in 2 or 3 different angles at the same time all at once. And it got me thinking, how would they do a Full Screen version. I figured if the movie was going to be big, like it has, it grossed what 60-something million over this past weekend... they'd probably release seperate WS/FS versions. BUT... from the quote by Ang Lee above, he doesn't seem interested in that. Still, The Hulk will get released on video, how would they do a FS transfer? Will all they do is WS?

Just something I had to ask. Oh, and has this situation ever been confronted before, like with any other movies?
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An almost identical situation, actually. Phone Booth, shot in 2.35:1 as opposed to Hulk's 1.85:1, has several 2, 3, and 4-way split screen instances. I don't even want to think about how butchered the full screen version of that one is!
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It's simple - the Full Screen version will feature many more upper corners of heads and whatnot Indeed this is great news - and Ang Lee just shows that he knows what he's talking about. The film wasn't the widest ever made - but he's doing his service for the OAR - imagine if HULK will only be available in WS as Ang says - ho ho - I'd imagine it'd help introduce a whole slew of people to the benefits of WS (I hope they'd include a feature on WS vs PS too...)

Sorry - the geek inside me started to get horny again
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They may just leave the scenes that need the whole picture in widescreen then go back to full screen when appropriate. I've seen this done for other P&S movies where the widescreen shot was needed.
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You 'll excuse me, I'm riding the Hulk high - I *JUST* got back from seeing it.

I thought that the whole comic book transition thing was brilliant. If they do a pan and scan version, I very well may have to rent it just to see what all they did to it.

Oh - the movie? God damned it rocked. I wish they had the discs in the lobby to buy on the way out the door.
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Maybe it just means that he's not having anything to do with the pan and scan version (assuming there will be one). They'll probably do it, but without Lee's input.
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Hulk on DVD... should be a great cure for insomnia
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Originally posted by Cosmic Bus
An almost identical situation, actually. Phone Booth, shot in 2.35:1 as opposed to Hulk's 1.85:1, has several 2, 3, and 4-way split screen instances. I don't even want to think about how butchered the full screen version of that one is!
Traditionally, films like that switch from 1.33:1 to 2.35:1 for those particular scenes. When films like More American Grafitti and others that used that technique came out on home video, they always letterboxed spit screen scenes (there's no other way to really do it).

And, yes, you can basically guarantee that HULK will be out on DVD by Christmas. It's pretty rare to have more than a 6-month window between theaters and video... and it would make absolutely no sense to hold it longer and miss the holiday buying season.
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