How many unwatched DVD tv box sets do you have?

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How many unwatched DVD tv box sets do you have?

I have (22)-Star Trek TNG(Seaons5-6-7),Babylon 5(season 2),Star Trek DS9(season 2),Band of Brothers,24,NYPD Blue,Highlander(season 2),Xena(season 5),Space 1999(seasons 1 &2),Futurama,South Park(season 2),Beavis & Butthead(the last 3 released),Fraser(season 1),Sanford and Son(season 2),Mad About You(seasons 1 &2)All In the Family(season 2).Stargate CG-1(season 3).
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Sounds like you have more money than free time.

Anyway I am working my way through:
X-files: 6 & 7
Mad About You: 2
Stargate: 3
The Shield
Cheers: 1
Highlander 1

Recently finished:
NYPD Blue: 1
Law & Order: 1
X-Files: 5
Friends: 3
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I haven't fully watched through my:

Monty Python Flying Circus set
Jeeves & Wooster
Strangers With Candy Season 1
Buffy Season 4

All those have been partially watched at the very least, Strangers with Candy and Buffy I have been alternating between and am halfway through both of them.

I have not watched any of:

Six Feet Under S1
Futurama S3 (R2)
Tomorrow People S2 (R2)
The High Life (R2)
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I have one.

Buffy Season 4
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Geez, I have 27:

Band of Brothers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2
Hammer House of Horror
Larry Sanders Show Season 1
M*A*S*H Seasons 1 through 3
The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus
Outer Limits TOS Season 1
OZ Season 2
Sex and the City Season 1 through 3
Shield Season 1
Simpsons Season 1 and 2
Six Feet Under Season 1
South Park Season 1 and 2
Stephen Hawkings Universe
Twilight Zone Collections 1 through 5
Twin Peaks Season 1

Not to mention 11 Star trek TOS volumes (thank god I am not a fan at all of any of the newer Trek series or the X-files or things would get really bad). I don't think I am ever going to get through all of these. Why I keep acquiring them I don't know - horde mentaility I guess......
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I have 12 episodes of Buffy Season 4 left and DS9 Seasons 1-3.
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Everyone that I own. Something like 6-7 I think.
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I have 11 season sets: Band of Brothers, Six Feet Under 1, Star Trek Next Generations 3-4, Simpsons 2, Friends 1-2, Sex and the City 1-3.

Currently working on Buffy 3.
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I only have three that are completely unwatched:

Once & Again: Season 1
Queer as Folk: Season 1
Queer as Folk: Season 2

and a few others that I've partially watched:

All in the Family: Season 2
Friends: Seasons 1, 2 & 3
Mad About You: Season 2
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Couple Episodes of Cheers
Couple Episodes of Family Guy
South Park Season 2
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Buffy Season 4 - 6 episodes left
Angel Season 1 - 7 episodes left
Xena Season 1 - 7 episodes left
The Monkees Season 1 - 20 episodes left

That is all, unless you count the single disc Lexx: Season 4 Vol. 3 (4 episodes) which just arrived this weekend.
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0, Zero, none, not one, all have been watched...

Why buy if you do not plan to watch?

I can understand a few shows per box, but not a whole unwatched box.

Each season cost some big bucks.
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Wow, you guys need to slow down on your buying and take your life one dvd at a time. Sounds like your overwelming yourself.
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I don't have any completely unwatched, but there are few that I haven't gotten all the way through (Family Guy, Sanford and Son S2, From the Earth to the Moon). I'm holding out on buying any more sets until I'm through with the ones I already have.
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Just Angel:Season 1 for me. I was holding off watching until I got through Buffy Season 4.
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The Thin Blue Line (watching now)
Coupling Series 2
Brideshead Revisited
DS9 1 and 2
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None. I've watched every episode I've bought.
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My So-Called Life. Not completely unwatched...just don't seem to ever be in the mood to finish it.
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I only buy a new one after I finish watching the one I'm on.

Right now I'm doing Buffy 4 and Angel 1, going back and forth between the two, in correct order, so the crossovers make sence.

After that I plan on Getting Stargate Season 3 and the two new Doctor Who stories on July 1st, Carnival of Monsters and Ressurection of the Daleks. I also plan on getting "24" and Futurama 1 sometime soon.
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Only Sex & the City: Season 4, but I'm working on it!!!
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None. ( I only have 5 or 6 box sets) I only by 'em if I'm so excited about watching them that I usualy knock a season off in the first week.
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Just now going through 24. I wanted to wait until season 2 was done.

Still on the shelf:

Six Feet Under
Friends season 3

Of course, I catch my wife watching Friends on TBS all the time...
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I have 2 disks left of Buffy Season 4 and almost all of Farscape season 1 box I got for my birthday. Things are about to get worse or better depending on your view Highlander season 1 should show up at the house any day now.
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