Hackers 2: Operation Takedown

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Hackers 2: Operation Takedown

Hi guys, first post here. I assume this is the correct place to ask this question. Anyways, has anyone heard anything about Hackers 2 being released on DVD? I've looked all over and haven't been able to find it. Just wondering if any of you guys have heard anything about it. Thanks.
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actually the title is just "Takedown" the Hackers 2 was added to bootleg copies to make it sell better. There is a R2 french DVD I believe, I think it's titled Cybertraque or something like that. Disney holds the US distrubution rights to it & I believe there is some legal problem holding up a release.

on a side note Disney also owns the Animated GEN 13 movie & have yet to release it also.
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They were teenagers in 1995, I like sequels with or more Orignals

I loved Angelina Jolie as Kate Libby AKA Acid Burn and liked Jonny Lee Miller as Dade Murphy AKA Crash Overdrive, unless one or more of them are it I probably won't buy it.

Hackers was made in 1995 that's 8 years ago, and they were 'estatic' about their 28.8 Kps modem for their laptops. They hooked and booted up to outside pay telephones.

The only ones that used a satellite to get some hackers from around the world to unite to shut down the gibson, were Razor and Blade. Dade thought they were flakes but to Kate they were elite hackers. I loved the ending, what was on the the 3 buildings in the real pool in the roof. I enjoyed all the high school pranks, it really was a fun movie that went to DVD and I have seen it at least 120 times.

So much has changed Powerline modem at 4 million Bps, DSL, Cable TV, Direct TV.
Things can't be the same without some of the actors being in the sequels that's why DVD titles "Police Academy", or
"Halloween" and Jamie Lee Curtis survived for her to make a Halloween 20 years and Halloween Resurrection. IMHO

'The plague' was a cool teenager in movie "My Science Project" in 1986, now man in Hackers IMHO. If this is a whole new cast I won't think of it as a sequel.

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Yes,, there is a problem with Kevin Mitnick (which the story is based on) i believe... I think it was that he thinks he is being portrayed as a bad guy in the movie.. (isn't he in real life?)
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Has anyone heard any updates on this? I've read somewhere that it's been released in France and Australia.
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As stated above it's released in France,Emmanuel Goldstein made a film about mitnick and such while he was in prison and the film was in production.It's called Freedom Downtime.Mitnick isn't a bad guy and got screwed over a bit,but he did break the law.The 2600 guys protested the film outside Miramax when it was in production stating how people will think it's the truth and much of the script had been changed from what happened in real life.
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I didn't even know this existed. Anyone have any links to info?
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check imdb, its funny how many recognizeable actors were in this direct to video flick
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I thought it was a much better movie then "Hackers."
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Yeah, Mitnick wasn't some dangerous überhacker (more of a hack, heh), he was just a small-time cel phreaker who wandered into the wrong place which pissed off some dude with connections. He was a criminal, true, but certainly not one worth the federal manhunt and eventual notoriety.

Man, I miss danol.
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Originally posted by AGuyNamedMike
Man, I miss danol.
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Disney has FINALLY decided to release this stateside under the title Track Down. DVDanswers has all the info, but check out this crappy cover. It's a rip-off of the Paycheck poster

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As long as it's anamorphic I could care less, it was a good movie.
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Originally posted by Gore_Hound_X
Disney has FINALLY decided to release this stateside under the title Track Down. DVDanswers has all the info, but check out this crappy cover. It's a rip-off of the Paycheck poster

I'm so sick of posters like that!
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