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  1. Frankenstein (deniro version) question
  2. New simpson dvd collection? weird stuff
  3. Schlock! need some education? try this!
  4. Whats new on anime?
  5. Last Night (1998) - Universal vs. Lion's Gate DVD
  6. Is Ichi The Killer dubbed?
  7. Mystery of the Batwoman Question (spoilers)
  8. Wizard of Oz - DSOTM Sync
  9. Short Cuts when?
  10. Two copies of Last Crusade in Indy set
  11. Is there any word on English Patient Special Edition?
  12. Disney Masterpiece vs Platinum differences?
  13. Dolby Digital / DTS Bit Rate Info
  14. New Columbia January Titles!
  15. Star Wars supposedly in 2004 - QUESTION
  16. Someone Like You?
  17. Criterion in 2004
  18. You get a FULLSCREEN DVD as a gift. What would you do?
  19. Finally!!! Biloxi Blues on DVD, 1-20-04 and more Universal catalog DVDs.
  20. did superman have a 2 disc
  21. Which one to buy: Adventures of Robin Hood or Yankee Doodle Dandy?
  22. Superbits: Reference for PQ (I think not!)
  23. What DVDs are you getting 10.28.2003..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  24. Ultimate 3D Collection...does anyone have it?
  25. Top Ten MGM Midnite Movies Not Out Yet
  26. Rain Man SE
  27. Guns n' roses dvd's coming Oct 28th!!!
  28. What is HD-DVD?
  29. Is there going to be a "Towering Inferno" Special edition?
  30. Blair Witch Aspect Ration Question
  31. 5 new Bergman titles coming!
  32. Fox Hong Kong DVDs -the next batch
  33. Why do some transfers seem jittery?
  34. Indiana Jones DVD Web Access problems
  35. no "punch in sound" for matrix reloaded?
  36. "Everybody Loves Raymond" On the Way???
  37. Kudos to Disney DVD Customer Service
  38. DvD Case Insert Software??
  39. New 16X9 HALLOWEEN III authoring problem???
  40. Disney animators Frank and Ollie DVD
  41. Guzzlefish stats?
  42. Cleaned Up Raiders question?
  43. Does the buying feel out of control?
  44. Star Trek: Motion Pictures 10 Pack - Any Info??
  45. WWE Bloodbath Cover?
  46. If PREDATOR is "Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1"....
  47. Any noticable "cen$oring" on the Indiana Jones trilogy...?
  48. New release of Galactica movie...Anamorphic or not?
  49. Have you received Meaning of Life replacement form/envelop yet?
  50. Lousy Incredible Hulk Series Collection.
  51. DVD Miniseries and More Based on "24" Concept
  52. Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, Taxi, Mission:Impossible, Bosom Buddies + 7th Heaven News
  53. Top 10 horror films Columbia/Tristar should put on dvd.
  54. Columbia replacing WS/FS with FS only?
  55. Top 10 horror films Paramount should put on dvd.
  56. Guys with LOTS of dvd's.... (how do you store them?)
  57. Most important DVD release to date? Why?
  58. Skip Work to buy/watch DVDs?
  59. Battlestar Galactica Playback Problems
  60. How to un-bend a DVD?
  61. Problems with Smallville
  62. who loves Bottom?
  63. CHUCKING INDIANA JONES: Tell your tales here
  64. I just bought Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Special Edition for $5.88 @ Wal-Mart
  65. Are custom labels bad for your player?
  66. Why no Temple of Doom Teaser?
  67. Matrix Reloaded P&S: more headroom?
  68. Will the Matrix and Terminator series have/offer DD6.1 and DTS6.1 DISCRETE?
  69. Movie Tickets for DVD Bucks Idea
  70. Yesterday's grabs
  71. ouch! 9 episodes on disc one of married with children.
  72. The Eye: Edited Version on R1 DVD?
  73. Best Buy Matrix Reloaded Bonus DVD
  74. Why are Criterions non-anamorphic
  75. Anarchist Cookbook 1/6/2004 cover and some specs
  76. Why does the industry have to make it difficult??
  77. Indiana Jones: 2.35 or 1.85??
  78. Indy Jones 4th disc dialogue out of sync!?
  79. question on ROTK
  80. Superbit vs standard DVD's?
  81. Slight Dialogue Change in "Raiders"?
  82. The Undiscovered Country Artwork
  83. Beetlejuice needs some special treatment!
  84. WATCHING INDIANA JONES: Tell your tales here
  85. Gangs of New York re-release/DC anytime soon?
  86. Fletch Lives!!
  87. Captain Kronos DVD...buyer beware
  88. Has My Darling Clementine release been moved up?
  89. Indiana Jones - subtitles not going away on all three movies (false alarm)
  90. Raiders/Temple of Doom is in 5.1 right?
  91. bruce lee collection
  92. UFC/Ultimate Fighting Championship announces DVD deal!
  93. Have there been any 3-D movies released on DVD?
  94. Indy:Last Crusade, blurry scene.
  95. Indy "Temple"? PG or Misprint?
  96. HoneyMooners Entire Collection DVD?
  97. B'oh! accidently bought full-screen instead of wide-screen...
  98. Any trouble finding Dragonslayer?
  99. Indiana Jones: missing "Temple" insert
  100. 28 days video quality?
  101. INDIANA JONES 5th disk, is it available in Canada?
  102. The Keiyta Amimya Collection, Any info?
  103. Custom cover for Indiana Jones 5th bonus disc?
  104. RE: Matrix Reloaded Disappointment/Confusion
  105. Did anyone pickup Space Jam SE?
  106. Indiana Jones transfer too dark?
  107. Still waiting for THE GREAT ESCAPE special edition
  108. BUYING INDIANA JONES: Tell your tales here!
  109. Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut news
  110. 'Manos Hands of Fate' Misunderstood?
  111. Region ALL DVD discs
  112. Finding Nemo: fast selling DVD ever?
  113. Nightmare on Elmstreet box set. Will it rereleased?
  114. Red Dwarf News: Series III Deleted Stuff!
  115. do NOT turn up the volume for "28 Days Later" (no spoilers)
  116. To all of the people who didnt by Battlestar Galactica JUST because of the Cylon Head
  117. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (10/20 - 10/26)
  118. Anyone else collect only the non-cartoon Walt Disney Treasures?
  119. Lion King
  120. HELP: Indy DVD Case Design
  121. Three Stooges Collection?
  122. DVD Talk Easter Egg Database Beta - Help us Build our DB!
  123. Soap Season 2?
  124. new Indy custom cover set
  125. Did Jeremiah S1 air in WS?
  126. BBC Ultimate Comedy Megapack--It's Ultimate! What more do you need to know?
  127. 5th Indy Dsic @ Best Buy. Worth It?
  128. Renting/license request for assistance (going into to the private sector)
  129. Is the new JFK 2-disc edition really new?
  130. Twin Peaks Season Two?
  131. I wonder if this line will be removed from Indy and Last Crusade
  132. Dawn of the Dead - Will there be another release?
  133. Disney: On the Frontline
  134. Does anyone outthere live in Miami?
  135. Matrix:Reloaded "enhancd for widescreen"?
  136. Evil Dead Book of the Dead scratched discs!
  137. What DVDs are you getting 10.21.2003..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  138. Am I The Only One Who Is Slowly But Surely Becoming Addicted To Music DVDs?
  139. Dissapointed in christmas releases?
  140. The Eye... Release date?
  141. Any upcoming anumated boxsets(besides Looney Tunes)?
  142. DVD resurfacing to remove scratches... good?
  143. Midnight Run
  144. Sports on DVD???
  145. is "The Good Son" ever coming out?
  146. Robocop Criterion: Legit or Bootleg?
  147. dvd slang that confuse your friends
  148. specs/cover for American Splendor! (streets 02/03/04)
  149. What happened to BV's Vista Series?
  150. Matrix Box Set?
  151. Ennio Morricone interviews on DVD?
  152. Frank Zappa: Baby Snakes (11/18/2003)
  153. 28 Days Later selling at WalMart
  154. Open Range --------------> 1/20/04
  155. DTS w/out DD 5.1
  156. #1 DVD selling DVD for 2003: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  157. Journey Fans. Are you ready for DVD time?
  158. Entertainment Weekly (10/24) Issue Has 24 Season 3 Preview DVD
  159. Question about American History X
  160. Upcoming Belle & Sebastian DVD?
  161. Warner to adopt "more aggressive strategy" for TV shows on DVD
  162. Matrix Reloaded Director's Cut
  163. Why does the Discovery Channel do such lousy DVD packaging?
  164. Is Firefly going to be widescreen or fullframe???
  165. Charlie's Angel Full Throttle Q?
  166. Law & Order DVD questions
  167. Matrix: Reloaded sells 4 million copies in first day
  168. Versus differences, what are they?
  169. Any word on these new 2003 Shows Coming to DVD?
  170. Are the Next Genration movies getting upgrades as well?
  171. Whats A Good Space Documentary?
  172. Cast Away 2-disc vs. 1-disc EXACT differences?
  173. Help! Addicted to DVDs, can't stop buying!
  174. Best Buy To Clear Out VHS -- For Good
  175. Any update on any of these titles?
  176. Stone Reader
  177. Disney's Davy Crockett question
  178. Does Showtime release DVDs?
  179. Beavis and Butthead DVD Question
  180. Picked up The Hulk last night...
  181. Good Howard Hawks dvd's?
  182. Advice on cleaning DVD "sticker crap"...
  183. Which TV Shows Are You Surprised That Have Not Come Out Yet?
  184. MAD TV on DVD????
  185. Any info on Lion's Gate's release of The Eye?
  186. Disney Moratorium List for Jan 31 2004
  187. Something Weird Video "Extra Weird" Sampler
  188. Is Wal-Mart carrying TCM?
  189. WWE Bloodbath & Ric Flair DVD
  190. MTV movie awards skits???
  191. Angel: Season 3 - Release date and specs!
  192. New Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD Packaging??
  193. Spitting Image on DVD???
  194. Mel Brooks SE's?
  195. Who's Played the "Scene It?" DVD Board Game?
  196. Bad Avalon news -- barebones & dub-only
  197. Non public domain movie released on DVD by most different companies
  198. any way to get a replacement sleeve for TCM?
  199. Do you think LOTR: TT EE will ship before 11/18?
  200. Matrix Reloaded: Full-Screen version in Widescreen package!
  201. Deceived dvd release 11.14.03 ??
  202. Twin Peaks Season 2 Petition
  203. Jet Lag (artwork and some specs)
  204. Underworld Arriving 6th Jan
  205. Eddie Murphy - Raw/Delirious - DVD release ever?
  206. Dirty Dancing: Ultimate Edition vs. Collector's Edition
  207. Matrix: Reloaded - Problems???
  208. Matrix Reloaded Widescreen hard to find at Wal-Mart?
  209. What does anamorphic mean?
  210. Problem with DS9 Season 5 Disc 2
  211. Anyone find new Scrooge DVD at B&M yet?
  212. Throne of Blood Criterion - 2 different translations
  213. Stargate SG-1 Season 5?
  214. How is Shatner's commentary on "Star Trek V"?
  215. Where is "Ultimate Vacation Collection"???
  216. Will the canadian release of Indy have dual language artwork ?
  217. King and Queen of the used DVD bin
  218. Matrix Reloaded: Anyone else see this @ wal-mart?
  219. Simpsons' Christmas OUTRAGE!!!
  220. Old Indy? How about Young Indy! Coming to disc "Soon"
  221. New vs. Previously owned/viewed DVD's
  222. More ric flair dvd matches confirmed
  223. Ultimate Johnny Carson Collection DVD question
  224. Matrix: Reloaded
  225. Matching Vacation series
  226. Matrix Reloaded and keep cases
  227. how long till Looney Tunes reviews for 4 disc golden collection?
  228. American Wedding Unrated Coverart + Menu's
  229. Noises Off coming 5/4/04
  230. Future Indiana Jones Box set?
  231. Don't buy Texas Chainsaw Masscre Special Edition!
  232. Smallville Season 2 DVD???????
  233. Battlestar Galactica - Purchase Decision On the Fence?
  234. Question for those with the Red Curtain Trilogy boxset
  235. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (10/13 - 10/19)
  236. Universal contact number?
  237. Guess what's coming from Paramount in 2004?
  238. Petition for a sticky for TV Series to DVD Dates!
  239. Rock 'n' Roll High School DVD question...
  240. Site warning of soon to be OOP DVDs?
  241. Anyone familiar with the Frightmare DVD??
  242. When Do You Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Come Out?
  243. Batman TV Series?
  244. Matrix Reloaded Bouns Disc @ BB?
  245. Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones
  246. anyone seen Disney's ''So Dear to My Heart''?
  247. New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Box Set?
  248. Why include 2.0 with a 5.1 disc?
  249. RAD on dvd.
  250. Prime Suspect on DVD (confusion abounds)