Band of Brothers - Good Blind Buy?

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Band of Brothers - Good Blind Buy?

Best Buy had a sale on this last week for $70. From what I've heard, this is an amazing series. So, my interest was peaked. Needless to say, I did not drop 70 for the set when I had seen it. I'm curious as to whether this would be a good to excellent blind buy decision?

I enjoy older war films/documentaries to newer ones. I've heard comparisons to Saving Private Ryan, some rating higher. SPR is up there for me, so could I assume that I would not be disappointed in this? I realize that I could rent it, but sometimes I think that would be a waste of money if I will be picking up the movie anyway. For instance, Brazil was a blind buy for me .. $43 worth. Thankfully, I loved the movie. Just the same though, if I didn't, I believe that I would get close to the same amount paid if I put it up on eBay. Band of Brothers would follow the same suit from what I've seen. So ... what do ya think?

Thanks for any response ..
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I've been renting it - I'm halfway through it. It's fantastic. Better than Saving Private Ryan. That price is incredible: buy it. Buy it now.
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In a word YES.

If you have any interest in WWII at all, you should find this set simply amazing.
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One of my favorites in my collection. I'm now reading the book and making my way through the series for the second time.
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I see this thread about once a month..The overwhelming answer is still YES!!

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oh man, as already said: buy it now. you will be hard pressed to find anyone tell you otherwise. its better than Saving Private Ryan and its replay value is surprisingly high. this set is worth every bit of it's retail price, any lower than that is just a bonus.
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lol ... sorry Shanester, I know what you mean. Nothing like revisiting a topic over and over, and over once again. Sometimes laziness gets the best of me and enough searching is done online already, so I figured I'd save some time by just posting it ...

Anyway .. thanks for all the responses in such short notice. It sounds like a go and I may put the order through tonight. It doesn't sound like I'd go wrong with this one. Sounds like a set to be excited about .... well, not that WWII and death are things to be excited about .. but, I think you know what I mean.
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Deleted reference on where to get bootleg episodes - Static I'm 3 in and it's a great show. For some reason I'm having a hard time learning the names, but it's very good so far.
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Don't feel about the thread. Glad we were all able to help

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Go get it...... now! What are you reading this post for?!
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Excellent set! Worth every penny.
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It's the best blind buy ever made!!
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