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  1. Would you ever throw away all DVD packaging in favor of those CD binders?
  2. NOTE: Threads About DVD Inserts
  3. old school wrestling on DVD?
  4. 1776 - Anyone else watch?
  5. My Darling Clementine?
  6. Gone In 60 Seconds no insert
  7. Full frame...?
  8. The Great Escape Wrong Aspect Ratio
  9. DVD Profiler Question....
  10. Twilight Zone vs The Outer Limits on DVD
  11. missing THE PAWNBROKER
  12. Do you count your wife/girlfriends DVDs as part of your collection?
  13. LOTR-Alan Lee Style Custom DVD Cover
  14. Boyz N the Hood..Buy Now or Wait?
  15. Is Knight Rider coming to DVD?
  16. What format is Slumber Party Massacre?
  17. Dawn Of The Dead Rumor (Zombi cut to be Best Buy exclusive)
  18. Why is Drop Dead Fred #8 on Amazon?
  19. T2 And BTTF
  20. Wings of Desire 5.1 problem?
  21. Star Trek V SE?
  22. Best DVD of Q2 2003
  23. Hmmmmm, DVD scratches????
  24. Dude... I can't believe you don't have...
  25. Rate My Collection
  26. Bestbuy misprint?
  27. $1,725 Scarface on ebay... what the..?
  28. Whats is the USA release date for Another 28 days?
  29. Ivan's Childhood by Tarkovsky Is Out?
  30. What Month Does Millennium Come Out?
  31. 'John Denver and the Muppets - Rocky Mountain Holiday' - finally!
  32. Man Show DVD Season One Uncensored?
  33. Slayer DVD (it's about time)
  34. Pizza Hut Free DVD covers?
  35. King Of The Hill: Season 1 is in Production Order NOT Broadcast Order
  36. Serving Sara Widescreen Formatted To Fit Your Screen?
  37. Dragonslayer finally announced!!! :-)
  38. Should DVD's retain original poster art?
  39. Evil Dead Lunchbox dvd set!
  40. Terminator Trilogy DVD
  41. Would you return a DVD because of a damaged insert?
  42. The Who's "The Kids are Alright" 9-30-03!!
  43. Any info on the new SNL Best of Adam Sandler DVD?
  44. The Commitments for 8/19 Anamorphic?
  45. This forum's interest in the trivial aspects of DVD.
  46. CGI trickery in Punch-Drunk Love extra?
  47. Wuthering Heights (1939) in R1?
  48. Anyone know anything about "Le Peuple Migrateur" (Travelling Birds)?
  49. The Most Annoying Thread EVER...
  50. Gangs of New York: aweswome DVD! Need more Scorsese movies like it!
  51. Inserts Website?
  52. why don't studios use clear cases?
  53. When will "I Know My First Name Is Steven" come to DVD?
  54. Seattle Times article on missing DVDs
  55. Is there a Conan: The Destroyer Anamorphic version?
  56. Metropolitain?
  57. No WS Something About Mary at Wal-Mart
  58. Free keepcase give away
  59. "Higher Learning" DVD Content Question.
  60. The Truman Show: Would anyone be interested in a SE?
  61. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  62. Eerie Indiana Volume 2 or Season One?
  63. "Last American Virgin" Review
  64. Sullivan's Travels Criterion
  65. Miami Vice?
  66. Gangs Of New York: 2-Discs the best choice?
  67. who wants "Once More With Feeling" (buffy) seperate from season 6 set?
  68. Where to get paper? What type?
  69. The Professional & Lawrence of Arabia coming to Superbit!
  70. Widescreen B/W The Absent-Minded Professor
  71. Any info on LE CERCLE ROUGE?
  72. New Line Re-doing Box Set?
  73. Replacement for a Digipac's broken hub
  74. Stargate: SG-1
  75. Gangs of New York - no insert?
  76. Has Popeye been delayed?
  77. Is Chroniocles of Narnia on DVD?
  78. Are we ever going to see a new Braveheart disc?
  79. Chaplin's "The Gold Rush" disappointment...
  80. Twin Peaks season 2-any news yet??
  81. Anyone Excited that Spin City is coming out?
  82. Kurosawa's "Scandal" Region 0 question
  83. The Punisher (1989) DVD in mono?
  84. Battlestar Galactica date announced!
  85. Sienfeld DVD??????
  86. What Are You Watching This Holiday Week/Weekend? (6/30 - 7/6)
  87. What Dreams May Come: anamorphic?
  88. What was your first DVD?
  89. "Irreversible" to be censored?
  90. Real Cancun exclusive DVD Best Buy?
  91. Wong Kar-Wai's movies, good quality?
  92. Is this Third Man dvd legit?
  93. Die Another Day DVD Problem!!!
  94. What are you getting 7/1? (done the right way)
  95. Which Criterion will go OOP next?
  96. PCU Cover Art!!!!
  97. Help With Photo Stills on Movie DVDs
  98. Deliverance
  99. What is the longest movie on a single sided single layer dvd?
  100. Actress Katharine Hepburn Dies at 96
  101. Has "Halloween" been cancelled?
  102. "Blood & Black Lace": NEW GERMAN DVD. DIGIPAK. ANYONE GET IT YET?
  103. movies that are not on criterion that should be
  104. Daredevil/Comic Book Template
  105. looking for sources for region 2 dvd's
  106. Sex and Lucia - Unrated?
  107. How worried should I be about the milky swirls all over my DVDs?
  108. Will Artisan release the remaining Speed Racer episodes?
  109. Rushmore DVD question
  110. How do you report a store for breaking street date and is it worth it?
  111. Criterion in September
  112. Largest CD/DVD storage unit available online?
  113. Confused about OOP Fox 2-Disks sets.....
  114. X2 DVD news
  115. If you started your own DVD company-what genre would it be?
  116. Super-hero customs?
  117. Explanation of issues with 1.66:1 non-enhancement
  118. Anyone else have problems with Windtalkers 3 Disc Directors Edition ????
  119. Catch Me If You Can: SE DVD?
  120. Any info on the Chaplin Collection Volume 2?
  121. Guzzlefish...only 10-digit UPC code?
  122. Did I make a good purchase?
  123. SG-1 Season 3 Impressions
  124. What Do You Do when you watch a DVD from your long-unwatched pile and it messes up?
  125. Question about Dune 3-Disc?
  126. Adventures of Robin Hood, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Treasure of Sierra Madre 9/30/2003
  127. Dark Blue glitch???
  128. Wayne's World - music changed?
  129. Tracey Ullman Shows to DVD? Any Plans?
  130. cutsom wanted for hard boiled remastered
  131. What are the "must own" horror DVDs?
  132. Terminator 3 DVD - Nov. 18
  133. The Recruit DVD NTSC No Insert???
  134. are all criterions region free
  135. I'm finally the victim of "dvd rot"
  136. Gangs Of New York (Alliance Version)
  137. Matrix Reloaded DVD Set To Hit In Australia First
  138. Check your Pulp Fiction CE
  139. Mr. Ed Boxed set?
  140. Recommend some funny anime
  141. Wyatt Earp
  142. The Thing (from another world)
  143. Who here would like D.C. Cab?
  144. WW II DVD Suggestions?
  145. What are they waiting for to release "Master of the World"d
  146. DVDs not out in the US
  147. surprise, surprise- QUEEN MARGOT....not anamorphic!!!
  148. Does anybody have any info on these Tom & Jerry DVDs?
  149. Will there be a Super Dave Osborne Show on DVD?
  150. how do people get these screener dvds?
  151. DVDs Have Helped My Career
  152. Limited "I Drink Your Blood" has shipped!!
  153. Interesting news about 24 season 2 (R1 and R2)
  154. My most collected actor is...Steve Buscemi??
  155. If you're looking for free single alpha cases...
  156. Fandango when????????
  157. Oh My God! From Justin To Kelly --> Aug. 26th!
  158. Whats the most overpriced DVD that you have ever seen?
  159. Call Me Crazy But I Think all Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons & TV Movies Should Be On DVD
  160. Titles moving from Anchor Bay to Blue Underground
  161. Lost in La Mancha...Lost on Shelves?
  162. Duck Soup Question
  163. Disc Cracking Problem
  164. Abyss & Big Trouble In Little China 2 disc versions at Costco
  165. Bootleg DVDs
  166. Chicago, dts and commentary??
  167. Grosse Pointe Blank re-release?
  168. beginning/end subs of Hero (Jet Li)? (possibly spoilers)
  169. Short Circuit 1 - where to buy?
  170. New Mei-Ah Hard Boiled release!!
  171. Gettysburg DVD?
  172. east of eden
  173. Trust - 9/16/03
  174. The NEXT Trilogy
  175. Willard?
  176. Unreleased TV Box Sets
  177. Indiana Jones DVD Ads
  178. "Beauty & The Beast" OOP Criterion Question?
  179. I have been to DVDart.com website but their are no prices what's the big secret?s
  180. Is "Fight Club" 2-disc no longer available?
  181. Shield Season 2 & Sopranos Season 4???
  182. What is DVD Rot?
  183. Law and Order season sets?
  184. Is Dead or Alive (NR Widescreen) no longer being made?
  185. Online Rental Question???
  186. Need help on something about the audio of DVD's
  187. 8 crazy nights - on DVD yet?
  188. Disney makes it illegal to sell "hero" in the us!
  189. X-Files Season 8?
  190. The Core DVD?
  191. Three O'Clock High out Sept. 2
  192. Frighteners - Still a flipper?
  193. PHONE BOOTH menu contains spoilers
  194. wAnTeD to SaY Hi to EverYoNE 4 da FirsT TimE!!
  195. QUEEN concert DVD poll!
  196. Alien Quadrilogy?
  197. What does your DVD collection say about you?
  198. when will "once upon a time in the west" finally come out?
  199. Any word on a Hulk DVD?
  200. Haunting and Thing From Another World questions
  201. great pro widescreen article in star tribune
  202. DVD that has what it takes to be a permanent part of your collection.
  203. Anchor Bay Drive-In Double Features
  204. In your opinion who makes the best DVD?
  205. Are these more than likely real, or "fake"? (Region-Free)
  206. Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Series. Region 1, NTSC up for pre-order!
  207. I need help downloading/printing cover
  208. What happened to the "A" in "A Clockwork Orange"?
  209. The Dead Zone Season One Box set...HORRIFYING!
  210. James Bond -- remaining box sets answer
  211. Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Weird Science - SEPT 2 (merged)
  212. Veronika Zemanova?
  213. Columbia Sept. DVDs!
  214. Punch Drunk Love question....
  215. The Tick: The Entire Series --> Sept. 30th!
  216. Good template to use for creating covers?
  217. Dilbert: The First Season --> Sept. 30th!
  218. Soap: The Complete First Season --> Sept. 16th!
  219. Universal Sept. DVDs!
  220. lost trying to find Lost in La Mancha
  221. Smallville Season 1
  222. Fudging Comedy Central (Man Show Censorship)
  223. Anyone able to find the WWE Shawn Michaels DVD???
  224. Ok admit it, who bought Kanagroo Jack?
  225. Widescreen Article in Minneapolis paper
  226. Three O'Clock High... FINALLY!
  227. Is there a list of Criterion Collection DVDs by region?
  228. Any news on Charlie Chan, Bowery Boys, Ma + Pa Kettle?
  229. Lawrence of Arabia Problems
  230. Suncoast: Defective Buffy the Vampire Season 4?
  231. Eminem's Da Hip Hop Witch - Recalled?
  232. Superbit Free Movie Tickets question
  233. Fight Club at DVDdiscount?
  234. Original Roger Rabbit - DVD
  235. Any word on the following horror flicks?
  236. if they won't release my favorite film on DVD, then, I'll make my own
  237. "The Ring" trilogy
  238. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (6/23 - 6/29)
  239. need recommendations on good computer animated dvd's
  240. What DVDs are you getting 6/24? (DVDTalk Friendly)
  241. King of the Hill June 24th or July 1st?
  242. Is there going to be a Dawn of the Dead re-release?
  243. anyone else having trouble finding by brakhage: criterion
  244. Your top three freeze-frame/slow-mo DVD moments...
  245. Anyone know when "Wrong Turn" is coming? Specs on this fantastic horror flick?
  246. Cowboy Bebop - Series vs. The Movie
  247. Wild Zero - FINALLY!
  248. Two Towers EE -- missing scenes...
  249. DVD Profiler Password?
  250. Day of the Dead:SE Cover