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  1. Damn it! Freddy Vs Jason purged me to buy FT:13 PT 2 @ 3!
  2. [Chapter List?] Piglet's Big Movie
  3. Previously Viewed DVDs
  4. dvd buying habits
  5. batman:mystery of the batwoman??
  6. Alias Season 1 release date change?
  7. 8/26 Horror DVD's Early at FYE!
  8. DVD is a Man's World Baby!
  9. Men In Black TAS to DVD...Ever?
  10. Can anyone tell me if the laser disc I have is worth anything?
  11. South Park Questions
  12. Names and Faces never match up on DVD Cases...bother anyone else?
  13. What Up? MGM'S CLOWNHOUSE...
  14. FRACTURED FLICKERS: any chance?
  15. Quality of original Scarface?
  16. I saw Family Guy V.2 & Simpsons v.3 at K-Mart early!
  17. DVDphiler - New DVD Storage/Catalog System in the Works
  18. American Pie : Beneath the Crust ??
  19. Lost Highway DVD in the works!
  20. I need help to determine if a DVD I have has started to rot.
  21. DVD Discoveries Undiscovered
  22. 'Ghostbusters' 20th Anniversary release possible?
  23. new 24 season 2 watchers be warned, heavy spoilers in menus, docs ect
  24. My Requiem DVD is sick!
  25. Charlie's Angels 2: UNRATED??
  26. Seeking info on King Kong, others
  27. Mary Tyler Moore Season 2 IS Coming Soon
  28. DVD Aficionado down? (update: not anymore)
  29. Lost in La Mancha Instert Y/N?
  30. Daily Show DVD??
  31. What happened to Quantum Leap?
  32. Once Upon A Time in the West full specs and coverwork
  33. Looney Tunes dvds - help I'm confused!
  34. Bond / Texas Chainsaw Rereleases
  35. Criterion considering re-releasing non-anamorphic titles
  36. Best of the Best ?
  37. Day Of The Dead -- Differences with Old Release?
  38. Raise The Titanic Released In R2 (8-11-03)
  39. Anyone watch SNL Molly Shannon yet?
  40. Beware! Amazon shipping out BTTF Pre-order now.
  41. When was the Scarface deluxe announce?
  42. Undergrads Season One-contains TV edits
  43. Worst dvd spine?
  44. Nixon DC vs. Nixon Oliver Stone Collection?
  45. If you were on a deserted island with a DVD player...
  46. B&W tv sci fi series that should be on DVD
  47. advance reviews dwindling?
  48. Duran Duran dvd
  49. Any chance that Columbia will release their 60's sitcoms soon on DVD?
  50. Did anyone find Kuffs yet?
  51. any chance of 7th heaven season sets on dvd
  52. I need a little help... Please! :)
  53. Under the Cherry Moon??
  54. September 2nd
  55. Anyone find Back Beat this week?
  56. Futurama Season 1: how does it compare to Season 2?
  57. Anything new on "Donnie Darko" 9/2 re-release?
  58. My Custom Disney Cover Collection
  59. which version of Saving Private Ryan?
  60. anime movies/series
  61. new version of Fulci's Zombie from Shreik Show?
  62. 80s Classic "Night Of the Comet" on DVD 10.28.2003 -- but...
  63. Pre-order for Dragonslayer dvd has begun & it's Anamorphic Widescreen too!
  64. Josie & The Pussycats dvd diff?
  65. Roan Group info (for those who asked)
  66. mafia boxset any good
  67. any chance of another speed racer dvd
  68. Beware of the security sticker on House of a 1000 Corpses...
  69. Day of the Dead EARLY at BB
  70. Darrell Hammond - second greatest to Will Ferrell
  71. Will we ever see Directed by John Ford by Peter Bogdonovich?
  72. what kind of dvd case is this?
  73. Gamera & Godzilla dvds?
  74. Monster Squad in Oct?!!?
  75. Mickey Mouse Cartoons from the 90s?
  76. Spongebob Season Sets to DVD!!!
  77. Forever Knight Trilogy Part 1 10/21
  78. Lexx on DVD: Which Versions are Uncut?
  79. Do they sell DVD Boxset "Boxes"?
  80. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (8/11 - 8/17)
  81. We're all gonna buy into HD-DVD aren't we?
  82. Valley Girl not in widescreen
  83. Gigli DVD
  84. what's on SNL best of will ferrell?
  85. Where's Ed Wood?
  86. "Pirates of the Caribbean" DVD news
  87. Where to find a box for a box set?
  88. DVD profiler question
  89. "Irreversible" - Defective disc?
  90. The Haunting (1963) ?
  91. Hitchcock "Young and Innocent/The Man Who Knew Too Much" DVD Question
  92. G.I. Joe season 1 news: coming in Oct!
  93. Universal has removed "Tales From The Crypt" from the 2 Movies
  94. Worst Film to Rate a Collector's Tin?
  95. Candyman re-release ever?
  96. Young Ones: Canada Vs. American?
  97. American Outlaws and DTS???
  98. SNL 25 Years of Music: Is it worth a buy?
  99. What exactly was misframed in BTTF 2 ?
  100. Buffy Season Sets Question
  101. whats mistakes will universal make next
  102. anyone excited about the space jam 2-disc special edition
  103. scarface question - Major Spoilers
  104. Which of your DVDs have the most cobwebs on them?
  105. Transformers news from WizardWorld Chicago
  106. Whats the word on Cheers: Season 2?
  107. Why doesn't Netflix carry Synapse Films
  108. The Lon Chaney Collection: specs, cover art, price!
  109. American Pie DVD question
  110. batman se rumors at htf
  111. Airplane-Themed Movies to Watch on a Long Flight?
  112. Anyone Having Problems with Cure: Trilogy DVD?
  113. buffy sets are messed up?
  114. what movies are you getting this week 8/12/03?
  115. cover request: What a Girl wants (with peace sign)
  116. 28 Days Later - R1 - October 21st!!!
  117. Mr Bean Boxset am I the only 1 ????
  118. How are they selling the "best of sexy movie moments" on DVD?
  119. Preferred way of cleaning dvds...
  120. Universal's John Carpenter titles
  121. Request: Radiohead 7 Television Commercials
  122. Anyone getting Will and Grace?
  123. Amanda Byrnes peace sign is gone from the DVD cover!
  124. All The Real Girls - Preview/Clips
  125. Got Duel!!!
  126. Which upcoming releases are you planning to purchase?
  127. Pianist Insert Missing
  128. Coolest DVD Spine?
  129. Sp.Eds of Carlito's Way/Scarface: Should I Get Rid of my old ones?
  130. Angel season 2 dvd will be in w i d e s c r e e n
  131. This Year's Disney Treasures Up For Pre Order At Amazon
  132. Question re: Pearl Harbor Vists Series (4-disc) quality
  133. The One and Only Blue Underground Thread
  134. Halloween Extended Edition
  135. Shame MGM another non letterboxed dvd release
  136. What movie am I thinking of? (Zombies)
  137. Do you rent in vhs and buy on dvd
  138. Ever buy dvds you own for the new cover
  139. Humidity and my dvds...
  140. BUFFY SEASON 5 question????
  141. Would you still hang on to your VHS if the DVD is shorter than the VHS?
  142. Swamp Thing & Dawn Of The Dead
  143. They Live - any known tech. problems w/ old disc?
  144. since Hulk (TV) is coming, how about a Amazing Spider-Man Box
  145. Bad Taste and Dead Alive (aka Braindead)
  146. Have you had a DVD Release day on your Birthday?
  147. The Coreys are Coming (Blown Away + Dream a little dream) + More from artisan in Oct.
  148. Post DVD Screen Caps of Favorite Movie Flaw
  149. "Angel" season two is widescreen, not full-frame as previously announced
  150. Scareface be teh 2 disc set!!
  151. Boo to Lions Gate for Terrible Kingpin (mini-series) packaging
  152. WWE Chris Jericho DVD?
  153. more LITTLE RASCALS coming to DVD!
  154. Rob Zombie in-store signings for "House of 1000 Corpses"
  155. A ? on Sailor Moon 13&up dvds
  156. Dances with Wolves 4-disc Leather Case
  157. Incredible Hulk TV show on DVD----GREAT news!
  158. Valley Girl and Sure Thing disc layouts
  159. Besides Ginger Snaps, which Canadian DVDs are better than USA versions?
  160. Why are Colin Farell dvds cheap on ebay?
  161. Audio on "Honeymoon Killers".
  162. anyone buying the one disc Casablanca?
  163. X2 - DVD Arwork Released
  164. Specs for Gotcha, Sgt. Peppers or Hard To Hold (8/12- anamorphic?)
  165. A Nightmare on Elm Street box set - some questions.
  166. Help me decide what to buy...
  167. House of Wax/Mystery of the Wax Museum DVD
  168. any chance of Remmington Steele on dvd?
  169. the Running Man specail edition coming first quarter 2004
  170. Voyager in 2004 Confirmed
  171. Is this version of Beckham DVD quality? I want to buy it now!
  172. Anyone remember this?
  173. Anybody can help?
  174. Stand-up comedy on DVD?
  175. I'm running out of Holy Grails...
  176. Why are 'Special features not rated'?
  177. Mystery face in LOTR:FOTR DVD? You decide
  178. Animation DVD's from Poker Industries?
  179. The Sure Thing *No Disk Art*
  180. The Sure Thing and Valley Girl no insert.
  181. X-Men Evolution - 9/23 for $14.95 each!
  182. Did The Quick & the Dead: superbit come out today?
  183. Criterion in November? Could be!
  184. What Movies Am I Missing?
  186. your guilty pleasures?
  187. anyone have trouble finding "The Omega Man"?
  188. How long should it be for DVD's to be lowered in price?
  189. USA release Irreversible -- cut/censored or not?
  190. Dances With Wolves: Is this is a cheap case design or what...
  191. Eddie Izzard: Circle release on 9/23
  192. "The Kid Stays in the Picture" on cable before DVD!?
  193. Does Anyone know if anyone is planning to release American Gothic or Sliders on DVD ?
  194. 54 SE ever?
  195. Twitch of the Death Nerve,will it be reissued properly?
  196. City of God. Where is it?
  197. House of Wax specs?
  198. House of 1000 Corpses Case...
  199. Bad Boys II, possible 12/2 release date.
  200. Irreversible DVD ... no commentary!?
  201. Anyone else want 80s Twilight Zone?
  202. Daredevil, keep or ebay?
  203. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (8/4 - 8/10)
  204. What is your favorite DVD that shows a DVD playing?
  205. Friends: Season 5 coming November 4th
  206. BBCAmericashop announces seasons 3-5 of Keeping up appearances!! :)
  207. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Criterion collection, a reality!
  208. Work in Progress: Twilight Zone custom covers
  209. Any word on future seasons of La Femme Nikita: tv series yet ?
  210. Buying Non-Region 1 DVDs
  211. DS9 Season 4
  212. Apu trilogy?
  213. Hulk in DTS?
  214. Star Trek (TOS) Sets coming!!!
  215. How can I find out which dvds are in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio?
  216. Barbara Steele on DVD?
  217. Why don't studios just package discs in jewel cases?
  218. Any Scarface Deluxe Gift Set Reviews?
  219. Would Halloween 2 be worthy of a SE treatment?
  220. Is Halloween H20 OOP?
  221. Any information on Dog Soldiers?
  222. taxi driver dvd problem?
  223. Julie Christie dvds
  224. BTTF replacement discs for Canadians
  225. Why Don't Studios Use Jewel Boxes?
  226. SPY KIDS question...
  227. Twilight Zone Episode & DVD Reference Guide
  228. How many DVD's do you watch a week?
  229. Writing production companies
  230. I've got a few questions about how commentaries are made?
  231. what are you buying this week 8/05?
  232. A question for all you Halloween Fans
  233. Sopranos season 4 coming 10/28/03!
  234. Bend it Like Beckhem question?
  235. Work In Progress - Jurassic Park Trilogy
  236. Greetings from Tromaville!
  237. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  238. DTS Version of The Matrix??
  239. Phone Booth DVD Audio Problems?
  240. Dead Like Me
  241. Universal Classic Monsters Question
  242. A few specs on FOX's WRONG TURN DVD came in...
  243. Out of curiousity, who is NOT buying Indiana Jones?
  244. Which version of Halloween should I get?
  245. Indy boxed set moved ahead oct 21?? Any confirmation
  246. I need help with spines... please
  247. Red Dwarf News: Series III Complete Info!
  248. Has anyone seen this?!?!?!?! (Panic Room & Blockbuster news)
  249. Image to release AMC Alien Saga doc
  250. 2004 Fox Studio Classics: What would you like to see?