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  1. Think Silence of the Lambs will get another release?
  2. Orgazmo----->12/30!
  3. An irrelevant post about region 1 vrs region 2 - bear with me!
  4. cleaning dual layered discs
  5. Glitch on 'the SURE THING' DVD
  6. Indiana Jones DVD Reviews!!!
  7. WEIRD xbox dvd question
  8. What do you think or want to be the next Warner 2 disc.
  9. My deepdiscountdvd haul.
  10. Batman Beyond 2-pack question
  11. Any corrected versions of BTTF yet?
  12. How Many DVDs do you own?
  13. Warner Bros. 2-Disc Special Edition DVDs
  14. Help! Which version of 'Black Christmas' to get?!?!
  15. Hello guys and gals.
  16. Are You Being Served Set 2 glitch?
  17. Victory Through the Air - Walt Disney Treasures - On the Front Lines
  18. Alice in Wonderland: 2-Disc Masterpiece Edition Special Edition
  19. Questions about Disney & Pixar
  20. The Critic: Complete Series DVD Advertised on '8 Crazy Nights'
  21. Swingers Collector's Series No Insert?
  22. how much is Ed Wood R1 SE OOP worth?
  23. What Vault Disneys (or the equivalent) are out?
  24. Will the T3 DVD sell BETTER now that Ah-nuld is in office?
  25. What "level" of DVD collector/buyer are you?
  26. Johnny Be Good dvd edited PG-13 version!!!
  27. Star Wars OT coming in 2004?? Hmm
  28. Yes,won the Star Wars trilogy on laserdisc!!!
  29. Top 5 Samurai movies on DVD?
  30. Dead Poet's Society SE? School Ties, too?
  31. are Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein/The Mummy OOP?
  32. Lion King Gift Set - No DVD's
  33. Best printing service?
  34. It's Official...Schindler's List on DVD in 2004!!!
  35. A really quick question about "The Office: Series 1" on DVD
  36. Underworld DVD Release Date???
  37. Any British Drama Series Recommendations?
  38. Monkees S2 release date!
  39. What DVDs are you getting 10.14.2003..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  40. Night Gallery: any info on a possible release?
  41. Bruce Springsteen : Live In Barcelona Up For Pre-Order at Amazon @ $13.99
  42. Lion King: Keep or Return?
  43. Miike's Dead Or Alive Trilogy Boxset - 11/25/03
  44. Night of the Comet pre-order question???
  45. Help: Any differences between Canadian Scarface Gift set and US?
  46. Are Home Vision/ Janus dvds similar in quality to Criterion?
  47. American Movie Classics DVD's
  48. Freddy vs Jason (Where are you going to put it?)
  49. Who else hates Matrix Reloaded cover?
  50. What tips can you give for making custom covers?
  51. "Le Cercle Rouge" and "Schizopolis" Bumped to 10/28
  52. Scarface gift set no longer being produced?
  53. Does your Scarface SE DVD have an insert?
  54. Disney OOP
  55. What's so special about screeners?
  56. New reason for capital punishment . . .
  57. Bill & Ted cartoon ever?
  58. Are You Being Served? Set 2 Question....
  59. Will Matrix and Matrix Reloaded both be in keep cases Tuesday?
  60. Bowling for Columbine..are there 2 versions of it?
  61. NBC buys Universal
  62. final indiana jones release date?
  63. New Matrix Reloaded DVD planned for 2004
  64. clerks reissue?
  65. why not release separate WS and FS version of Finding Nemo?
  66. January 2004 Warner Releases!
  67. The Tomorrow People?
  68. New BMW DVD?
  69. What DVD has the cut of Terminator just shown on SciFi?
  70. Knife in the Water subtitles question
  71. Anyone have feedback on "Only fools and horses"
  72. I am so lame--just ordered LOTR: FOTR EE Box
  73. Which Brigitte Bardot DVD's to get?
  74. Coverart: Freddy Vs Jason
  75. Best Selling Box Sets
  76. When is Hellraiser: Deader being released?
  77. Warner Brothers Free DVD offer
  78. Quotes on Mr. Show DVD covers (?)
  79. We Need Brimstone on DVD
  80. DVD Talk on TV
  81. I'm scared to order a DVD!
  82. Italian Job easter egg
  83. Is the Italian Job DVD missing something?
  84. Les Miserables In Concert Superbit - where is it? (update: delayed)
  85. Lion King-What do you think of the 'changes'
  86. Fight Club Re-release?
  87. Living In Color Coming To Dvd!!!
  88. Keen Eddie Finally Coming To DVD
  89. Trouble Finding 10/7 Boxed Sets
  90. Arnold first elected offical to record comentary track
  91. Texas Chainsaw Massacre re-release - which version to get?
  92. Anymore news about Curdled?
  93. Ninja Scroll 10th aniversary playback problems
  94. What do you all think of this DVD Rack?
  95. What is the best versin of Fist Of Legend available for a Region 1 Player?
  96. guilty pleasures - Does anybody know if Almost Heroes is on the way?
  97. Lion King PROBLEMS???!?!?!?
  98. Needed: Universal Studios Customer Service #
  99. What's Happenin' on DVD
  100. Lion King Collector's Gift Set: Review
  101. anyone find "Child's Play 3" anywhere?
  102. euro-western "The Great Silence" dvd going oop...
  103. Texas Chainsaw and Matrix
  104. Bordello of Blood and Demon Knight New Transfers??
  105. Hanna Barbera on DVD
  106. The Terminator SE
  107. Whats your favorite dvd ever made?
  108. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (10/6 - 10/12)
  109. So, are people here gonna buy Matrix: Reloaded?
  110. Traffic: CC (canadian) cover and spine ?
  111. The Lion King 1 1/2 2-Disc Set 2-10-04
  112. Mobsters DVD no insert?
  113. Holiday movies that need to be on DVD . . .
  114. The most beautiful 3 DVD cases!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. History of Soccer -The Beautiful Game reviews???
  116. At the risk of looking stupid - how can you tell if a DVD is anamorphic?
  117. What are you getting 10/7?
  118. Disney Limited Issue DVDs censored/edited or not?
  119. Holy CRAP!! [for anyone buying Lion King PE]
  120. Is the Christopher Lee collection a good blind buy?
  121. Fargo: SE easter eggs
  122. National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation 2, what the..?
  123. The Disney Treasures breakdown?
  124. Buying Sopranos Season Sets BLIND - based on 1 Episode
  125. Space Jam, Vegas Vacation- should I buy the new versions if I have the Japanese ones?
  126. Universal Monsters dvd set re-released?
  127. ProStars, C.O.P.S., StarCom + other toons on DVD?
  128. Little Mermaid Platinum to be censored??
  129. Band of Brothers, top selling dvd tv box set of all time in dollar amounts
  130. Is this the more "rare" OOP version of Halloween?
  131. Thinking of waiting for The Matrix Trilogy boxset
  132. Lion King Boxed Set - Anyone know how limited this is?
  133. Beatles fans rejoice!
  134. Is the "Great Street Fighter Movies" boxset in widescreen?
  135. Beyond Re-Animator Dvd Release?
  136. Eerie, Indiana DVD - 10/10/03
  137. Advice about my Salo DVD?
  138. is Species anamorphic?
  139. Aquarium or Fireplace DVDs - Worth It?
  140. slim cases Charlie's Angel style ... WHERE to get ???
  141. What happened to the Home Theater Forum?
  142. Pulp Fiction Se IMPORTANT QUESTION
  143. Whats Going On With DavisDVD.com?
  144. Is it ok for me to buy Fullscreen
  145. Do You Keep or Discard DVD Slipcases?
  146. Issues with player-generated subtitles on Fargo SE
  147. New 5.1 Breakfast Club DVD what turned you on about this updated disc?
  148. is the audio/video on Scarface really this bad?
  149. Disposable DVDs not selling well
  150. Wyatt Earp?
  151. Missing " American Nightmare" Documentary on "The Hills Have Eyes" R1 Release
  152. New Beta DVD profiler 2.2
  153. Am I the only 1 waiting for Different Strokes On DVD???
  154. Same UPC code on two new Criterions (D&DW & KITW)
  155. Should Television Shows come out on DVD after the show has been cancelled/ended?
  156. Scarface layer change?
  157. Why do New movies still come out on VHS?
  158. Coverart: Jeepers Creepers 2
  159. Favorite movie "detail" that you can see in WS, but not in FF?
  160. Matrix Reloaded out in NYC!
  161. First Indiana Jones Trilogy review?
  162. Screen ration version? All the President's Men
  163. Wal-mart $5.88 bin here I come I have the use of the car for a few hours
  164. Newbie help with creating a custom cover.
  165. Fast and the Furious Tricked Out- Any reason to buy this if I own original and 2Fast?
  166. life of brian Q's?
  167. Right, Everyone Back To The Creek - It's Season 2!
  168. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Rerelease
  169. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  170. Why does FF still exist?
  171. Did Warner ever fix the out of sync DTS for the new Robin Hood?
  172. Cheers, Frasier S2 Box Art
  173. WB cartoon on Adven. of Robin Hood, let's hope box set aren't like this
  174. So, I found a DVD today... How do I get a cover for it?
  175. Kill Bill Dvd News!!!
  176. Current exclusive Walt Disney World DVDs???
  177. Willard Back Cover?
  178. Will a regular person see a difference with Superbit?
  179. difference between 1st Galactica DVD and new Feature Film?
  180. Lion King with "juiced" Dolby 5.1 mix.
  181. Where is "Ruben and Ed"
  182. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: R1 versus R4...
  183. Band of Brothers Box vs Tin
  184. Fire in the Sky on DVD ever???
  185. 24 - Season 2 question
  186. Adaptation SE!?!?!
  187. 2 Fast 2 Furious Target Bonus Disc
  188. Release dates for OTHER Star Trek: DC DVDS?
  189. The Carpenter Collection!
  190. Knife In The Water CC - No FF or Backwards
  191. The Shield Season 2
  192. Osbournes Season 2 is only half the season?
  193. Anyone watch dvd's while using a treadmill?
  194. Best DVD of Q3 2003
  195. Tour of Duty DVD set?
  196. So what do you guys do with your tapes when a TV show comes to dvd?
  197. We've got Robin Hood, now what about Captian Blood and the Sea Hawk?
  198. Lion King early at Blockbuster
  199. More WWE DVD NEWS!!!!
  200. Lethal Weapon & 2, 3, 4 @ 9.99 (Best Buy)
  201. Repli-Kate a National Lampoon title now?
  202. My First WiP
  203. Help ID'ing DVD Cases?
  204. New MY FAIR LADY dvd transfer needed?
  205. So NOW does everyone understand Scarface's "hip-hop" influence...?
  206. Finally! An entertaining menu screen
  207. Is Howard the Duck on DVD?
  208. Yoko Ono-produced Lennon DVD Set For November
  209. Anyone Able to Find "Warner Legends Collection"?
  210. Horatio Hornblower, The New Adventures (Part III) is coming to dvd on Dec. 11th
  211. Scarface sold out ALL across South Miami,FL
  212. Rounders SE ???
  213. Two New Pearl Jam Releases Out 11/11/03 AD
  214. World Series of Poker on DVD would be great...
  215. No DTS in 2Fast 2Furious??
  216. Fargo SE - Helllp!
  217. Dallas - The Early Years?
  218. Ink refillers I buy my ink at the best cost savings of $65 a gallon, what a bargain!
  219. Coldplay - Live (dvd)
  220. buyer beware, scarface only "labled" on the back!
  221. Wrong Turn DVD MEnus!
  222. Scorcese's "The Blues"
  223. Buyer Beware!!! bonus DVD at Target for 2 Fast 2 Furious on Fullscreen only...YMMV
  224. How do you impress your friends?
  225. a christmas story 2 disk
  226. Identity Extended Version: Biggest DVD Screw Job!
  227. Rankin/Bass Return of the King accurate portrayal? (no spoilers please)
  228. Besides me do any of you use a paper cutter, if so a URL please.
  229. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (9/29 - 10/5)
  230. Favorite music video on a DVD(movies only-please)?
  231. Just picked up Leatherface: Texas Chainsae Massacre III...
  232. 1957 "World Without End" in Cinemasope any DVD news?
  233. is there a place I can check out the dvd bestsellers from every Tuesday release?
  234. Received Knife In The Water today
  235. What are you buying 9-30-03?
  236. Why Isn't Casey-Werner Releasing These Shows on DVD
  237. Kung Fu DVD
  238. Just got Are you being served- collection (Series 6-10) :)
  239. A message for CLEOPATRA 1963 dvd owners
  240. Batman tv series?? Anybody know anything??
  241. Scarface box set availability?
  242. how does one know if BTTF from DDD is the updated version?
  243. I assume everyone knows about the free DVD for printing up stuff right?
  244. The Exorcist, which version?
  245. pirates of the carribean release date?
  246. DVD-region-lock remover?
  247. that 70s show on dvd?
  248. KISS ME KATE Recall?
  249. Kurosawa's 4 More Samurai Classics?
  250. Sex and the city season 5 --- $49.99???