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  1. New DVD/CD slimcase !!!
  2. Compact DVD storage ideas
  3. Spiderman 2 DVD release?
  4. Best DVD Comparison Websites
  5. Contacting FOX?
  6. Van Helsing Release date?
  7. Sony close to DVD deal on Moore film
  8. Spider-Man Fox Animated series; When will we see a season box set?
  9. Is the Ingmar Bergman Collection worth $65?
  10. Pulp Fiction CE Extra - Really Obscure Question
  11. DVD Sales and VHS sales
  12. Using a PDA to Manage Your DVD Collection?
  13. Criterion releasing Great Adaptations box set
  14. Southern Comfort (1981)
  15. Another version of McLintock - good news and bad news...
  16. Farscape Season 1 (has anyone had problems in the past)
  17. Removing scotch tape residue from DVD's surface?
  18. North and South trilogy DVDs 10/05
  19. Anyone else have this problem???
  20. Red Heat SE - Sept 7!
  21. What DVDs are you getting 07.06.2004..?
  22. First Rocky Movie Misframed?
  23. Is a Criterion Sunrise a possibility?
  24. psycho cop 2, where are there copys of the unrated version?
  25. my pulp fiction ce dvd doesn't work anymore, anyway to contact miramax?
  26. Don Knotts Reluctant Hero Pack in OAR?
  27. Sword of the Valiant Oh why MGM...
  28. Jean Renoir's Picnic On The Grass...
  29. Mst3k Wtf?
  30. extra LOTR cases, anyone interested?
  31. Looney Tunes Anyone??
  32. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (7/5 - 7/11)
  33. Social Distortion (music) on DVD...
  34. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2
  35. Straw Dogs (MGM) - Yet Another DVD Release
  36. MGM Midnite Movies
  37. Michael Moore's The Big One on 9/28
  38. Coffee And Cigarettes DVD Details
  39. WB Noir box-set - which B&Ms will have it?...
  40. Commentaries that go "overtime"...
  41. Batman - The Animated Series, Vol. 1 specs?
  42. Best/Worst Studio for TV on DVD?
  43. Gia Unrated - Finally!
  44. Disappointing Simpsons S3 Menus
  45. Pre-viewed EUROTRIP at BBV When?
  46. Godfather Trilogy vs the Godfather single release dvd?
  47. Best DVD of Q2 2004
  48. Best Covers in UK is back up and improved
  49. Anyone else want the 3 hour cut of needful things on dvd?
  50. DVD Talk - Cover Quote Gallery
  51. Do you count DVD-Audio's as part of your DVD collection?
  52. Any reviews for the Batman: TAS Vol. 1?
  53. Butterfly Effect the only major motion picture DVD release this week?
  54. Has Fox reconsidered re: Charlie Chan?
  55. Why hasnt over the top been released?
  56. Do you watch your DVD more than once?
  57. Anyone keep the long carboard boxes?
  58. Any chance Universal might release a Abbott & Costello Meet The "Monsters" DVD Set?
  59. Anybody with spare snappers to sell?
  60. Gidget Collection:Conflicting info-Wide or Full screen?
  61. Question about Seven Samurai
  62. Heaven Help Us (1985) Any news on a release?
  63. Do you keep tabs on what DVDs you watch?
  64. "Cabin Fever" DVD as a whole?
  65. Star Trek TOS- extras to be sold separately?
  66. Exclusiveness of Disney Treasures Tins?
  67. Marlon brando has passed away
  68. Escape from NY - late 1-disc pressings have SE audio/video transfer
  69. 20th Century Fox Collections?
  70. Buying Box Sets/Digipaks Online
  71. Mythbusters on DVD!
  72. The Perfect Score Insert?
  73. Mad Max/ Newsradio
  74. Twin Peaks: Season 2 (Bad News, Again)
  75. Which mannhunter?
  76. will Hard Target ever be released uncut?
  77. MadTV: Season 1 coming in September
  78. Stir of Echoes (only full screen?)
  79. Return of the Living Dead 2, It's Alive coming...
  80. Flash Gordon: Marooned On Mongo
  81. Picking up -- 13 Going on 30?
  82. The Hunger : 10/5
  83. Would you be ok with DVD's coming in CD cases?
  84. American Psycho Unrated version with Christian Bale?
  85. Need "House of Dracula" poster art
  86. Metropolis question?
  87. Good Use for an audio commentary
  88. Question about Sex & The City set
  89. TV-on-DVD genre popularity taking off fast?
  90. Do you prefer if the DVD cover artwork matches the theatrical poster artwork?
  91. Rushmore CC transfer same as Rushmore non-CC?
  92. Question for Anyone Who Has The North By Northwest SE Box Set
  93. Where is "Elvis" The Miniseries?
  94. Target's Censorship of Spiderman
  95. Excalibur DVD weirdness
  96. Jean De Florette re-released ever?
  97. Can anyone figure out a film's OAR by just looking at the screen in theatres?
  98. Do The Right Thing Criterion edition?
  99. Upcoming (RE-)Releases Delayed
  100. Dracula Dead and Loving It... finally on DVD
  101. Final Dawn of the Dead 4-Disc Cover Art
  102. Newbie help for creating covers for TV shows
  103. Anyone obsessed with collecting the best edition of every DVD in their collection?
  104. Are there any plans to re-release 'The Jerk'?
  105. Blazing Saddle SE Insert Question
  106. Black Rain ('89) SE ??
  107. Dave Matthews Band: Live at the Gorge DVD Details?
  108. Mallrats, Oop?
  109. Going Berserk - best SCTV movie
  110. Chef Aid? South Park Question....
  111. DVDaf...submit new title?
  112. Anchorman: Legend Of Ron Burgundy DVD's
  113. Ok...Barbarian Invasions is coming out...where is Decline of the American Empire??
  114. USA Today article on Criterion
  115. LOTR - The Return of the King Extended DVD?
  116. List Superbit Titles?
  117. Show Recommendations?
  118. The Blue Angel SE from KINO - OOP? Getting a re-release? A price reduction?
  119. TV Shows you own - Are you keeping up?
  120. Iron Giant SE - 9-7-04
  121. What Are You Watching This ID4 Week/Weekend? (6/28 - 7/4)
  122. David Warner Movies on DVD
  123. Return of the Living Dead 2 (October release date)
  124. Which of these Star Wars related shows do you want on DVD?
  125. What about a Special Edition for Gone With the Wind?!
  126. What should I add to my que?
  127. Top Ten Favorite DVD's of 2004 (so far).
  128. anamorphic DVDs
  129. What's Simpsons Gone Wild?
  130. Terror Train - Finally!
  131. Do you buy sequels even if they suck?
  132. Rewatch value of "Passion Of The Christ"?
  133. M Criterion OOP
  134. All Brentwood DVDS OOP
  135. Article on the founding father of DVD'S
  136. Poor Jim Caviezel... "Highwaymen" comes to DVD August 24th.
  137. The cost of happiness. (not the movie)
  138. Robotech fans, Conan knows your pain...
  139. Fahrenheit 9/11 being released in September
  140. Why is Tori Amos censored?
  141. When did you really become an addict?
  142. Hitchcock's "Psycho" on DVD?
  143. Michael Moore's films that are not on DVD?
  144. star wars trilogy DVD trailer
  145. Universal Studios DVDs?
  146. MASK SE the movie is comeing to DVD
  147. "Hearts of Darkness" may finally be coming to DVD
  148. September Criterions!
  149. Raging Bull,Deer Hunter,King of Comedy Special Editions?
  150. Rolling Thunder ever on DVD?
  151. Final Star Wars cover and disc art at digitalbits
  152. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (SE) DVD
  153. Any news on BBC comedy series?
  154. Sensormatic strip on DVD? Help!
  155. Encountering dumb customers in the store
  156. Top 10 selling DVDs - 1st half of 2004
  157. Criterion in September
  158. Bizarre Terminator 2 Extreme problem
  159. Fletch DVD, is it OOP?
  160. A Trip to the Moon
  161. Why not just use the movie poster?
  162. What DVDs are you getting 06.29.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  163. Britany Spears Maimi DVD?
  164. Abel Ferrara's DRILLER KILLER
  165. Jim Henson's Storyteller: Greek Myths Coming...
  166. is swingers getting re-released?
  167. defective FOTR EE?
  168. Replacement Boxes?
  169. Question about selling OOP DVDs.
  170. More Warner keepcases (Red Sonja and Name of the Rose)
  171. Is Big Emma's Reliable?
  172. american wedding, really bad picture quality, and skipping for anyone else?
  173. Here's the STAR WARS: OT Changes...
  174. Some info on the demise of The History of Beavis & Butthead
  175. Getting caught up with Hitchcock DVDs
  176. Rounders CE Artwork revealed.
  177. Site Dedicated for Dawn of the Dead 4-disc
  178. Starting a Wrestling DVD collection: any recommendations?
  179. What is the ideal price for season sets of a TV sitcom on DVD?
  180. Need help making DVD Covers!
  181. Never got my BTTF replacement discs. What do I do?
  182. Salo: CC - worth getting it now?
  183. Criterion Boxset
  184. Dawson's Creek **EXTENSIVE** Music Changes
  185. WTF is Columbia doing with the 3 Stooges Library?
  186. muppet 15-disk set second thoughts
  187. New SNL best-of discs coming, incl. Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell: Volume 2
  188. Where I can get a copy of "The Funeral" (Abel Ferrara) on DVD for a reasonable price?
  189. My Little Eye- Region 1....Anyone have this?
  190. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Pioneer): Anamorphic?
  191. Reno 911 Defect
  192. Seinfeld preview on Secret Window
  193. Star Wars changes confirmed? (AKA your Daily Star Wars Thread)
  194. The Naked Prey?
  195. Moral Dillema
  196. Why I hate the GBU: CE Case
  197. Conan O'Brien & Triumph DVD's On 8/10!
  198. The Nest aka Nid De Guepes in Best Buy, is it worth buying?
  199. Scorsese Set worth it?
  200. Prisoners of the Sun - Is it on DVD in any region ??
  201. Friday The 13th The Series
  202. Unbearable Lightness of Being Criterion or MGM?
  203. Laura To Be Released - March 2005 Hopefully
  204. DVDTalk review of "Six Feet Under" Season 2
  205. What's the deal with Elvis?
  206. gattaca superbit or widesceen
  207. dawn of the dead-unrated version
  208. When will Band Of Brothers pric drop?
  209. Has Jerry Lewis ever done an audio commentary?
  210. Kill Bill Volume 1 Special Edition ???
  211. Saturn 5 ?
  212. Possible LOTR:ROTK Ext release date
  213. Vote for your favorite Larry Sanders episodes
  214. Dogma, Pitch Black, and Carlito's Way. Which 2 should I get?
  215. I'm the new boy who also happens to have a lot of questions...
  216. Jaws DTS
  217. Batman and Wild Wild West TV shows...
  218. Boston Public?
  219. Question about Dead Zone season#2
  220. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? - Summer Edition (6/21 - 6/27)
  221. The Name of the Rose - snapper or Amaray?
  222. Falling Down
  223. Dead Zone - Aspect Ratio?
  224. Star Trek Release Dates
  225. Is this true? Is Double Indemnity getting rereleased?
  226. Artist consent for distribution
  227. What is the Best DVD Tracking Serivice?
  228. Numbers on spines, what do they mean?
  229. Disc News: "Stop trying to make "Fetch" happen!"
  230. Question about Andrei Tarkovsky DVDs
  231. need help on mp life of brian Criterion Collection
  232. Warner Bros Snap cases?
  233. Vertigo...DTS ever?
  234. Fight Club Disk 1 of 2 compared to 1 disker.
  235. Is anyone disappointed that the starwars collection
  236. It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie - no widescreen?
  237. King Kong Lives
  238. Rocky Gift Set (first 5 movies)
  239. Dead Zone Question Pilot?
  240. why isn't ANGUS on dvd??!?!??!
  241. DVDProfiler site down again?!?
  242. "Badder Santa" (Unrated) as a movie and DVD...bad or good?
  243. What are you most looking forward to with the Star Wars set?
  244. SciFi Channel: 5 Days Till Midnight
  245. Matrix Box Set
  247. What's the Code for DDD to get 20% off?
  248. Inherit the Wind with Jack Lemmon & George C Scott?
  249. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - Criterion?
  250. Donald Duck Cartoon Question...