Old School Problem

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Old School Problem

Picked up the Unrated Widescreen of Old School, and at chapter 5 ran into some major pixelation and freezing. Returned it and had the same problem on another copy.
Anyone else run into this or is it just my player?
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What is the make and model of your DVD player?
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its an older Sony model, 550 I think. never had this problem on any other discs.
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Worked well on my older Samsung. So, it must be your player...
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Ran fine on my Sony DVD player.
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no problems here on a variety of players, including the x-box.
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No problems with my Pioneer.
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No problem with my Sony player.
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i find that when theres major pixelation its because the lens of my player is dirty. it's only happened twice and both times i just use my dvd cleaning disc and it solves the problem. i have a panasonic.
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no problem on my pioneer 414. Must be your player, try getting a cleaner disc for your player.
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No problem whatsoever with my Panasonic.
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No problems with my Sony. However, the layer change may have been the longest I've ever seen. I thought my player froze for a moment.
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I have an Old School Problem too: The VCR keeps eating my tapes
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Hi all,
I never see anyone mentioning anything about resetting their players when they run into glitches. Try unplugging the player for about 5 minutes and try the disc again. If it still happens, try it in another player...that will pretty much tell you if it is the player or the disc. With Sony's and Panny's especially, memory gets built up in the player and can cause some discs with a lot of info to get a "bad read". Resetting the player will clear out that memory space and will actually make the player run a little quicker.

DVD cleaner discs are a waste. How much dust do you actually think builds up or settles on the lens when that disc is spinning at such a high rate of speed? Those little brushes on the disc are more likely to knock the lens out of alignment then clean it.

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it's just a rental so i'm not concerned,

but i thought i noticed two ocassions of odd audio on the dts track. both involved music, it seemed to stutter or something.
however i was watching the movie out of the "soundfield" so it might of been that rather than an actual problem.
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