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  1. Worst Case Ever - The Ten Commandments: Special Collector's Edition
  2. No SUPERMAN II SE? What a disappointment...
  3. Searching for: TCM Cover
  4. searching for: TCM Cover
  5. Up docs?
  6. Dawn of the Dead Question (layer change?)
  7. HTF chat w/ WB discussion thread.
  8. Buena Vista catalog titles are coming this Fall (reissues and new ones)!
  9. Pre 1960s horror dvds w/good extras
  10. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (3/8 - 3/14)
  11. James Whale Showboat anyone?
  12. My DVD collection is so big...
  13. Composer commentaries...
  14. Romero's "Dead" movies Box Set any details?
  15. Field of Dreams: Anniversary Edition - 6/8/04
  16. Any "in character" commentaries?
  17. Studio/Distributor "breakdowns"?
  18. Microsoft's Windows Media 9 Codec to be Mandatory for all HD-DVD Players
  19. 1 & Only Star Wars Trilogy: Collector's Giftset Discussion #3 - read first post first
  20. Does anyone think will get a 2 disc Wizard of oz this year?
  21. Question for those that own "Magnolia" 2-disc DVD
  22. Any news of 'GONE WITH THE WIND' getting the Warner SE treatment?
  23. Schindler's List Packaging Poll - Keepcase, Digipak, 2-disc, Flipper?
  24. What's a non-interactive menu?
  25. Amaray II?
  26. Elite's Millenium Editions - any word on new releases?
  27. City Lights - reviews comparing the two versions?
  28. mystic river dvd question - release date?
  29. Details: Return of the King
  30. Dardenne Brothers' THE SON (cover/specs)
  31. American Graffiti: "High School Reunion" -- Any different from the previous release?
  32. Larry Cohen Fans: Special Effects & Perfect Strangers coming in june!
  33. Project Greenlight - Season 2 in July
  34. No one likes Snappers; What about DigiPaks?
  35. raging bull dvd re-release ever?
  36. return of the king dvd question
  37. Anything new in anime worth buying?
  38. Popeye's 75th Anniversary?
  39. The Transporter, which one to buy
  40. Whats the correct Aspect Ratio for Death Race 2000 ?
  41. The Naked Chef? Oliver's Twist? Jamie's Kitchen?
  42. TV Box Sets from Best Buy Canada
  43. dont buy the schindlers list gift set!! (mine broke)
  44. 'Two for the Road' on DVD when?
  45. Best WWII Documentary
  46. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?
  47. What DVDs are you getting 03.09.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  48. Fassbinder on DVD
  49. Dead Zone Release Date...
  50. Geldof thwarts 'Live Aid DVD pirate'
  51. Charlie Chan From MGM!
  52. How about HAPPY DAYS Season 1 and 2?
  53. Any news on Dragnet 1967 coming to DVD?
  54. Alternative DVD tracking software?
  55. Film Historian/Critic Commentaries
  56. The Usual Suspects: SE Question
  57. Any news on Most Extreme Elimination on DVD?
  58. Schindler's List heads up..
  59. Seinfeld on dvd?
  60. book of love dvd.
  61. Maurice - DVD explosion!
  62. Fox's next line of HK DVDs
  63. The Lord Of The Rings Difference
  64. Fightin the system like two modern day Robin Hoods (Dukes coming to DVD!)
  65. anyone notice the biggie spoiler on the Rundown cover?
  66. Spielberg gives lackluster Schindler's List extras, are you surprised?
  67. Any buzz on Anthony Quinn's classic, ZORBA THE GREEK?
  68. Who, like me, thought Master and Commander was boring & won't buy the dvd?
  69. Anyone find early releases of Schindler's List or Futurama Vol. 3?
  70. Ed Wood related (seems the waiting 'til after the Oscars rumour was true)....
  71. question about Franchise Collections
  72. 21 Grams dvd...NO EXTRAS WHATSOEVER!!!
  73. Croupier- new release anamorphic?
  74. Smallville Season 1 Boxset - are there still bad batches around?
  75. My History of Soccer set has 2 disc# 2
  76. Anyone else enjoyed picking up MGM's Blacula/SBS?
  77. Cowboy Bebop 3-Disk set any good?
  78. Top Gun Re-Release?
  79. Where to find ou how well dvd selling>
  80. Will the complete "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" ever be released?
  81. Faster Pussycat? Kill? Kill?
  82. Matrix Question?
  83. Young Indiana Jones Chronicles News
  84. School of Rock - insert?
  85. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  86. Will Altman's "Short Cuts" ever come out on dvd?
  87. The Tin Drum: CC --> May 18th
  88. Possible digipak replacement site
  89. Nightmare Before Christmas:SE question
  90. Scrubs coming to DVD this year! NEWS
  91. ZORRO Season 1 set
  92. "Good Boy" - Full Frame release only?
  93. Any Jimmy Neutron season set news?
  94. Pocahontas, Mary Poppins, Lilo & Stitch...
  95. Reality Bites: Anniversary Edition
  96. Miracle of the White Stallions OAR?
  97. Small crack on my DVD disc
  98. Columbia enters the overpriced 2-Disc SE market -UNDERWORLD: EXTENDED VERSION-
  99. Does DVD Afficianado always add titles you don't own?
  100. LOTR in HD?
  101. What happend to dvdgreek.com?
  102. "Malcolm X" Deserves a Special Edition in the Worst Way.
  103. Monk Season 1 - June 15, 2004 (looks real this time)
  104. Paramount's "The Possession of Joel Delaney"
  105. Final Countdown Special Edition Review by Obi
  106. The end of snapcases?
  107. Anyone buy a blind buy of Roswell - Season 1?
  108. Revenge of the Ninja - Fullscreen!
  109. possible james bond 40th anniversary box set- amazing box
  110. A rant about Dual Releases - bare-bones + "Collector's Edition"
  111. FOX picks up R1 DVD rights to The Passion Of The Christ: Your Thoughts
  112. The Diary of Anne Frank DVD defective?
  113. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (3/1 - 3/7)
  114. Silent Partner release?
  115. Possible Star Wars Trilogy DVD packaging!!!
  116. Bruce Weber's "Let's Get Lost" (Chet Baker) DVD anytime soon? Ever?
  117. Is "The Flash" going to be released on DVD?
  118. Did ROTK win 11 Oscars.... or was it 12?
  119. Fox's One Million Years BC DVD --- NOT THE LONGER CUT!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. Details on new UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG?
  121. The Ultimate Spine Number Collector's Question
  122. New Battlestar Galactica box
  123. Anyone a member at the Criterion Forum?
  124. Am I the only one who checked out Abbott and Costello Vol. 1?
  125. Belle De Jour questions...
  126. Once Upon a Time in the West - 2 out of 3 had scratched discs
  127. I was interviewed for PASSION OF THE CHRIST dvd
  128. Dawn of the Dead:Divimax SE - Available over 1 week before release date!
  129. Will these Albert Finney films ever get on dvd?
  130. Industry Update: DVD Forum approves WM9, H.264, and MPEG2 codecs for HD-DVD playback
  131. Bujold on Star Trek Voyager
  132. dawn of the dead
  133. Schindler's List Collector's Gift Set Packaging Revealed!!!
  134. How do you clean/dust your collection?
  135. Finally listened to first two commentary tracks!! Do you like commentary tracks??
  136. Cary Grant Collection - June 1
  137. Rare Orson Welles?
  138. scent of a women..
  139. Cool: Syncing your DVDAF collection to your PDA!
  140. DVD Talk Oscar Predictions!
  141. Oz Season 3 set: Where did you get it and how much?
  142. A little disapointed w/SNL: Best of Eddie Murphy
  143. *batteries not included
  144. classes start June 1, Summer School DVD classes that is!!
  145. Dial M For Murder?????
  146. Bernie Mac Show: Season 1 coming 5/4
  147. Fox Studio Classics: Desk Set coming 5/4
  148. And the most you've overpaid to get a DVD is?
  149. ED WOOD (or why I hate "search")
  150. Seinfeld: Everybody's IN!
  151. You guys are making a C- C- C- (I can't say it! I can't! I can't!)
  152. Criterion update
  153. Krippendorf's Tribe Rip-Off!
  154. What DVDs are you getting 03.02.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  155. Schindler's List: Your Questions Answered
  156. Ralph Bakshi's WIZARDS on 5/25? (!!)
  157. Northern Exposure - Season 1 RIP OFF
  158. Looking for some reccommendations on good classic horror DVDs
  159. The Rules Of The Game
  160. The Shadow - SE ever?
  161. Seelab 2021/Harvey Birdman
  162. Thunderbirds Are Go!
  163. Nip/Tuck Is On Its Way!!!!!
  164. Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears on DVD (2/24/04)
  165. DVD Profiler Website
  166. "DVD Differences" Site
  167. Just purchased the Dave Chappelle Show Season 1 DVD!
  168. Any specs on Book of Love DVD release???
  169. What's new in upcoming "Pillow Talk" re-release?
  170. Problem Child 2-pack FULL FRAME ONLY!!
  171. Tarzan!!
  172. Saving Private Ryan 2-Disc - May 25
  173. Should I open Ed Wood?
  174. Canadian Pulp Fiction: SE?
  175. School of Rock DVD discussion
  176. Why do current tv shows take so long to release their DVD
  177. Seperate Batman or the Box Set?
  178. Coming: DVD Audio/CD Hybrids
  179. I want a 13th Warrior SE !!
  180. HBO's Wonderful Wizard of Oz 4-part mini-series any good on dvd...thoughts on quality
  181. Any idea when Wrestling Earnest Hemingway and Late for Dinner will be released?
  182. there is a god, Showgirls VIP edition scheduled for summer 2004!
  183. Saving Private Ryan Collector's Set in May!
  184. Where do you get DTS Demo Discs?
  185. When oh when will "HERO AT LARGE" and "STUDENT BODIES" be released on DVD ?
  186. You Just Might Have a DVD Problem if ...
  187. MI-5 \ Spooks DVD differences???
  188. PREDATOR special edition coming?
  189. Star Trek Voyager - WOW!
  190. DVDs with Score Only tracks?
  191. Any idea about The Brady Bunch being released?
  192. Watched Ichi the Killer 4 times, still have questions (warning: spoilers)
  193. Do you watch your DVDs the whole way through?
  194. how many time have you watched your fav dvd?
  195. News on Brooklyn Bridge TV show coming to DVD?
  196. Completed cover: Ice Station Zebra
  197. Short cuts - when??
  198. Twin Peaks Season 2 - when???
  199. DVD defects query
  200. Wyatt Earp to sport a new transfer
  201. How are the 3D effect on the Spy Kids DVD?
  202. Banzai! (Fox "game show") DVD release?
  203. American Chopper Set?
  204. Any news on the Wonder Years coming to DVD?
  205. Camp: MGM Surprise!
  206. How I tricked B&N into selling me Ed Wood
  207. Just One Of The Guys is full frame ONLY?
  208. chappell show season 1 uncensored dvd discussion
  209. Starsky and Hutch television series on DVD
  210. Little Rascals Question (It's a good one, trust me) :)
  211. El Mariachi Question: Laserdisc vs DVD Version
  212. Das Boot (SuperBit) - R1 vs. R4??
  213. Beyond The Mat - Ringside Special Edition (Unrated Director's Cut)?
  214. Details: Torque
  215. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (2/23 - 2/29)
  216. Disc Specs: The Triplets of Belleville
  217. ROBOCOP SE is coming!!!
  218. Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears
  219. Is there a way to convert a DVD scan for a slim case?
  220. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie?
  221. Early Details: The Human Stain
  222. Independence Day: Limited Edition (seriously)
  223. Party of Five release date and specs, plus winning cover art!
  224. I have an extra Spartacus CC insert...
  225. Firefly sales figures?
  226. Nero Wolfe Season Two coming in June
  227. Alien 5.1 sound better than before
  228. Dummy dvd problem
  229. THE EYE: Better Version to get?
  230. request for contact info for Columbia Pictures
  231. "Good" Godzilla DVDS?
  232. Red v Blue (Halo) DVD, anyone seen it? Is it worth $20?
  233. Should I buy the Kurosawa samurai box set?
  234. any diff in the fox special editions and the oops?
  235. Braveheart transfer question?
  236. Question about The Alamo (John Wayne) and Blad Runner DVD Cuts.
  237. is Saving Private Ryan DTS OOP?
  238. Roswell Season 1 packaging error: I got 2 disc "1" and NO disc "4"
  239. Why is 'City of God' going for so much?
  240. What's the difference between Transformers: The Movie CANADIAN and USA?
  241. Star Trek Voyager Season 1 - Bonus Disk?
  242. new THE LAST SAMURAI cover art
  243. Adult Swim DVD News
  244. High Noon (1952) with Tom Skerritt on the DVD
  245. DMCA question
  246. the original Bram Stoker's Dracula dvd?
  247. help me find thin DVD cases...
  248. conan o brien?
  249. resivor dogs se?
  250. Clean MGM Logo