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  1. A question about HD-DVD and older materials
  2. Plan Ten from Outer Space?
  3. Whatever happened to Home Improvement?
  4. Boy Meets World - season one... in August!
  5. Dead Like Me: 1st Season, hows this show?
  6. Will the Unrated Battle Royale II r3 play on R1?
  7. Cube: Special Edition (Do any of you have it? Where can I get it?)
  8. More Star Wars News (4 Disk Set, SE Only) Part 2
  9. Angels In America ---> June 1st!
  10. Ever had to sell your DVD's? I mean HAD to?
  11. Lost in Translation DVD case
  12. Three of Hearts (Baldwin, Sherilyn Fenn, Kelly Lynch
  13. Snow White packaging question
  14. New Labels at Sam Goody
  15. OOP Box Sets
  16. Where can I find Asian Horror DVDs? help!
  17. Is From Hell: LE 2 disk OOP?
  18. Miyazaki?
  19. What is a simple site for cataloguing DVD collection?
  20. What's the the highest retail price for a DVD or set?
  21. Question on ALIEN commentary tracks
  22. are you missing any big name actors/directors from your collection?
  23. What DVDs are you getting 02.10.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  24. Terminator 2: Limited Black Tin Edition... A rip-off?
  25. What other films are in the Columbia Classics series?
  26. Alias S3 News
  27. Yee Haw!!! I finally got an all-region DVD player!
  28. Columbia/Tristar recalls GIGLI?
  29. Will Sunrise ever be released individually?
  30. What happend to night of the comet?
  31. WWE Monday Night Wars DVD
  32. What discs have been pulled? Any ever re-released?
  33. Shaolin Soccer DVD
  34. The Last Unicorn spam
  35. Did Air Up There get released?
  36. bad santa is coming to dvd june 22, 2004!
  37. What have you done/are you doing with your VHS?
  38. Wrong Turn
  39. DVDaf
  40. What to buy?!
  41. Ed Wood - What is reason for Lawsuit/Cancellation?
  42. What are the chances that the DVD studios will switch from keep cases to ThinPaks?
  43. Samuri Jack S1 coming 5/4/04!
  44. DVD Legacy and "Ed Wood"
  45. very lame CD/DVD-Audio Dual Disc
  46. Tour of Duty Season 1 coming in june!!!
  47. DVDaf down?
  48. Will you buy Schindlers List?
  49. Dave Chapelle?
  50. Firestater 2-pack June 1st
  51. Any word on Patton 2 Disc re-release?
  52. Gilligan's Island DVD Set...Why B&W?
  53. Any word on Beavis and Butthead DVD's?
  54. Sherlock Holmes sets Query
  55. What's the most through Documentary on 9/11 & is it on DVD?
  56. The Night Gallery
  57. Secondhand Lions - One DVD or two?
  58. Have you ever had a DVD movie theme party?
  59. Ed Wood - Easter Eggs
  60. Question for those who bought the individual Alien DVDs
  61. Conan: The Complete Quest Help?
  62. Any word on more Looney Tunes collections?
  63. Flintstones Season 1 - Worth Buying?
  64. Forget Your Star Wars and King Kong.... Blindfold: Acts Of Obsession?
  65. Love Actually in April
  66. review of the Monday Night Wars DVD
  67. Fritz Lang fans - LILIOM on March 30!
  68. Guide to Original Aspect Ratio: A Website
  69. Why I will not be buying MY FAIR LADY-SPECIAL EDITION
  70. Any Dawn of the Dead (1979) dvd details
  71. LOTR: ROTK DVD in May (EE in Sept)
  72. neon genesis director's cut question
  73. Your Momma DVD jokes????
  74. Follow Me Boys DVD release problem?
  75. Stupid things you have heard while shopping?
  76. How do you choose what movie to watch?
  77. Japan Alien Quadrology packing
  78. Just Shoot Me: Seasons 1 & 2 coming in June
  79. Ed Wood - Did you find a copy?
  80. WTY - Sex & The City: The Sixth Season - Part 1 ($50)???
  81. Region 1 IVANSXTC. and Santa Sangre?
  82. DVD chapters and times
  83. Has anyone heard any word on SUBSPECIES coming to DVD?
  84. Anyone find Down Periscope?
  85. Will any studio release Mae West movies on DVD??!!
  86. Lost in Translation - Yet another DVD with no Insert.
  87. With DVD so popular, have any movies not been released on VHS?
  88. Original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming in April
  89. Wal-Mart only has full screen Planet of the Apes??
  90. Ed Wood DVD is at Borders Books
  91. Francis the Talking Mule on the way
  92. Need advice?
  93. Better Version of Scarface to Buy?
  94. Is this copy of Ed Wood legit?
  95. Deleted scenes on a DVD you thought should have been in the film?
  96. 'Grind' only in fullscreen???
  97. What Are Your Hopes For The "Kill Bill" Super Edition?
  98. The Transformers roll out one last time - March 9th
  99. The New Outer Limits, will we see more DVDs?
  100. NFL Films Super Bowl Collection I-X???
  101. salo dvd?
  102. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (2/2 - 2/8)
  103. Any rumored release dates for Disney's and Dali's Destino?
  104. Will this years Super Bowl DVD be censored?
  105. Rod Serling Submitted For Your Approval - will it be separately re-released?
  106. lions gate dvds becoming a lot more kids friendly
  107. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  108. The Amityville Horror DVD
  109. Allan Quatermain and King Solomon's Mines - any good?
  110. American Splendor Easter Eggs + a Warning
  111. Question about Double Alpha cases...
  112. Why no Val Lewton on DVD?
  113. Purchasing Abbott & Costello Vol 1 contributes to the production of A&C Monster Sets?
  114. be nice if there is a superbowl commericials DVD
  115. Who wants to see Deep Rising rereleased?!
  116. David Fincher...
  117. The In Crowd with Susan Ward
  118. Fox's April slate: Musicals, Marilyn & More!
  119. Question about the new Judgment Night release.....????
  120. Is Samurai Jack - The Premiere Movie worth $5.50?
  121. What happened to the 'A' in "A Clockwork Orange"?
  122. mars attack se???
  123. NY State Now Requires Reporting Sales Tax On Internet Sales On State Income Tax
  124. Still looking for Fantasia Anthology at a good price? Found a REALLY GOOD site.
  125. Any real differences between MGM and WARNER poltergeist dvds?
  126. Will rare and OOP DVD's go up in value?
  127. LoTR FoTR EE not working on x-box
  128. office space SE cont.
  129. Comic Book: The Movie - Full Screen Only?
  130. Doggy Poo?
  131. Coming In May: Slaughterhouse-Five, Nighthawks & More!
  132. Nicholas Meyer signing DVD's @ Borders
  133. Buy more DVDS or New TV
  134. Dude, I can't believe you don't have... part two
  135. Assault on Precinct 13 Image double pack question?
  136. Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park
  137. What is your most underrated dvd in your collection
  138. Spiderman The New Animated Series
  139. When will the original classic "Speed Racer" Volume 2 come out?
  140. Return of Swamp Thing/Basket Case 2pak?
  141. office space se
  142. How did you start your DVD collection...?
  143. Whats The Point In Collecting 'The Simpsons' On DVD?
  144. Proportion of folks that watch their DVDs in HD
  145. Any news on the Rathbone/Bruce Hound of the Baskervilles and Adv. of Sherlock Holmes?
  146. Are all the Behind the Planet of the Apes features on the new 35th Anniversary disc?
  147. Sondheim's Sweeney Todd to DVD April 20
  148. Master and Commander: April 20th
  149. Rewind Comparison Database gone?
  150. Unconfirmed Date for Return of the King
  151. Star Trek Shortage?
  152. Television Shows that get the royal treatment?
  153. Shield season 2 DVD-ROM game
  154. Will someone please explain the movie Swimming Pool for me?
  155. Buffy: Season 6 Street Date Change!
  156. Are the South Park season 1 audio commentaries still available anywhere?
  157. Phantasm 2 and 3 Region 1 DVD's, legit?
  158. Best of Abbott and Costello Vol 2 (5/4)
  159. Program to Track DVDs on a Handheld?
  160. dvd compare website
  161. Booty Call: The Bootiest Edition
  162. Land of the Lost S1 - this time we really, really, really (REALLY) mean it!
  163. Doggy Poo?!?!
  164. trouble with finding CRITERION...
  165. Charade Criterion BACK IN PRINT
  166. Widescreen TV Owners
  167. Just in time for SuperBowl: Sports DVDs are Hot!
  168. Ed Wood: Does anyone know what stores got shipments of Ed Wood SE?
  169. What happened to EDUCATING RITA ?
  170. MGM DVDs: Here's what's happening...
  171. Theatrical cut of Dances with Wolves to be released on 5/25.... in FULL SCREEN ONLY!!
  172. New Way To Collect DVD'S!!!
  173. Heavy Metal Parking lot COMING SOON!
  174. What DVDs are you getting 02.03.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  175. Defective Born on the Fourth of July!?!
  176. "One Million Years B.C." New Release?
  177. Pixar dumping Disney distribution
  178. Marx Bros 5 Disc set coming May 4th !!!
  179. Academy member busted for pirating
  180. Where do you track your DVD collection?
  181. What's the scoop with Batman the Animated series?
  182. Disposable DVDs flop at H-E-B
  183. ED Wood DVD
  184. ESPN's Playmakers in April.
  185. Pixar drops Disney
  186. So I paid $25 for RAIDERS of the LOST ARK...
  187. King of New York SE coming
  188. Is Raw Deal anamorphic?
  189. TV GUIDE brand DVD's coming in September
  190. New Criterion Announcement!!
  191. Where can I buy a double-DVD case like a Criterion case?
  192. Do you keep your Criterion releases with your regular edition DVD's?
  193. Where can I buy a double-DVD case like a Criterion case?
  194. Question on Terminator 3
  195. My Boss's Daughter R-Rated vs PG-13
  196. Smokey & The Bandit - Hot Pursuit Pack problem
  197. New Hammer 4/27
  198. Question about Upcoming "Planet of the Apes" 35th anniversary release.
  199. What's the most you've rented from Netflix?
  200. Mgm Is Killing Me!!!
  201. OZ: Season 3 (HBO) ?
  202. question regarding imports?
  203. best easter egg site (besides dvdtalk of course)
  204. Oscar noms push City of God DVD back to June!!!
  205. Jesus Christ Superstar Question
  206. Mr. Show Season 4
  207. Cassavetes/crappy Dvds/
  208. Nudity! Nudity! Nudity!
  209. Fright Night Special Edition?
  210. Animeigo lost SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH series rights...does anyone know who picked it up?
  211. Upcoming Treeline 50 Movie Megapacks
  212. Robocop Criterion..come in regular Amaray case?
  213. DVD storage/cabinets/shelves
  214. DTS in Rain Man se? Can anyone confirm it?
  215. 50 DVD Movie Megapacks
  216. Point (w/Ringo Starr as Narrator) 03/23/2004
  217. question about the new numbered fox Special editions
  218. stupid tape "security device enclosed" on dvd
  219. WILD THINGS unrated edition!!!!
  220. How do you get your name in ROTK fan credits?
  221. Anyone else buy G.I. Joe Season 1 Part 1 today?
  222. Laverne & Shirley and Everybody Loves Raymond Coming This Year
  223. The new ROOM WITH A VIEW?
  224. Any specs for Midnight Madness (Michael J. Fox 1980)?
  225. The Last Unicorn in March
  226. Alice in Wonderland...Full Frame???
  227. Alfred Hitchcock Hour- Will it be released?
  228. John Carpenter: The Man and His Movies?
  229. Taxi Driver: Special Edition
  230. Do u prefer Leon or The Professional?
  231. Wrestling DVDs...who buys these and why?
  232. Help me make a Criterion Purchase...
  233. Columbia April DVDs!
  234. BBC America Spring Releases
  235. WWE Undertaker DVD out tomorrow!
  236. Need help about ebay.
  237. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (1/26 - 2/1)
  238. For those with HDTVs - DVD with best Picture Quality?
  239. Anyone used CDWrap sticky-protectors on their DVDs? (Data side!)
  240. Sex and the City Sixth Season
  241. 2005 James Bond Remasters
  242. Can It Be Profitable to Release Obscure/Cool Movies On DVD?
  243. David Lynch's Dune 2-Disc SE in UK..what about R1???
  244. More anime question: This time, Gundam
  245. Fate of Godfather boxset when remastered individuals discs become available???
  246. What is your dvd Rewatch Percent?
  247. The Lost in Translation dvd cover is the worst thing I've seen in a long time!!
  248. Wish List for Not So Well Known Movies
  249. Will someone else eventually release the rest of The Mary Tyler Moore Show?
  250. Five recent horror dvd´s : experts needed!!