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  1. Can you recommed a good Doctor Who "starter" DVD
  2. a different paradigm for buying DVDs
  3. Menu shots and cover art for Matrix Revolutions, Scooby Doo S1 and S2, and more....
  4. other people's money DVD?
  5. Interested in a video game cover site?
  6. shaolin soccer dvd rls date?
  7. My Spine Number Sense is Tingling!
  8. Star Wars DVD Poll
  9. MGM two disc special edition
  10. Clownhouse Dvd?
  11. The Great Escape SE: May 25
  12. Curb Your Enthusiasm - Do I have to wait another year for Season 2?
  13. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly SE Coming May 18
  15. Disney DVDs - Seven Titles on Moratorium 31 Jan. 2004
  16. So Few Jerry Lewis Movies On DVD...WHY?
  17. is Teenage Caveman (Larry Clark) edited?
  18. Besides "I Spit On Your Grave" what does Joe Bob Briggs do commentary on?
  19. Alien Quadrilogy - What are the chances of FOX sending me a replacement disc?
  20. POPEYE classic catoons! 4/6! Yes~!!!
  21. Details: The Office: Series 2
  22. Captain Kangaroo season sets?
  23. Cheaper By The Dozen --> April 6th!
  24. Star Wars on DVD: NOT Oringinal or SE's, info inside
  25. Curb Your Enthusiasm question
  26. What DVDs are you getting 01.27.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  27. How many hours of material do you own on DVD?
  28. I may be a geek but.....The Waltons Season One 5/11/04...YES!!!
  29. Ed Wood SE...cancelled?
  30. Layer change on "Spellbound" (spelling bee film)?
  31. Cabin Fever DVD Question
  32. They Live Re-Issue Question
  33. In This World - Region 1?
  34. She's Out of Control coming 4/13/2004.. OAR
  35. More Star Wars News (4 Disk Set, SE Only)
  36. Oh my...Addiction
  37. To those of you with home theaters
  38. dvd expertise needed
  39. Law and Order: Year Two??
  40. Visconti's The Leopard confirmed Criterion
  41. The Cooler Coming April 27
  42. Colorized(?) Gilligan's Island Season One
  43. Any news on release dates for these 2 (so-called) kids movies: Elf & Peter Pan?
  44. Better AIRPORT transfer in terminal pack?
  45. Will a 'Wipe N Clear' lens cleaning tissue harm a DVD?
  46. nwa-tna releases 3 DVDs
  47. Star Trek VI no insert?
  48. hi, how do they know this?
  49. More 'Saved By The Bell' seasons
  50. Funny listing of DVD at DDD
  51. What movie if any would you buy in full screen?
  52. "Pop-n-Play" DVDs...
  53. South Park: Season 4???
  54. Did anyone try the XPW Lizzy Borden DVD?
  55. Farscape Complete Season DVD sets question
  56. How many of your dvd's are still unopened
  57. Flash Gordon Re- Release???
  58. Why the different retail prices on Universal's Hitchcock DVDs?
  59. Dont Tempt Me (Penelope Cruz/Gael Garcia Bernal)
  60. Return of the Living Dead 2 and others ??
  61. Battle Royale 2 legit?
  62. Immortality (The Wisdom Of Crocodiles)
  63. Full Details: Scary Movie 3
  64. Are TV DVD Sales really that bad?
  65. What's the best site for organizing a DVD/Laserdisc collection?
  66. New upcoming Criterion release info...don't think it's old news...
  67. What exactly is a High Definition Transfer?
  68. Is there a Cabin Fever Insert?
  69. My idea: DVD Player with AUTO Pan and Scan
  70. Scene Cut from Cabin Fever DVD? (Spoilers)
  71. Miramax Cover Art Gaffe on Comic Book: The Movie DVD
  72. SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE march 30th
  73. TV or Movie DVDs ?
  74. Elephant --> May 4th!
  75. Full Details: Panic Room SE (merged)
  76. Once upon a time in mexico. Great cover
  77. Got my Somey and the Bandit Hot Pursuit Pack
  78. Once Upon a Time in Mexico OAR?
  79. The Hills Have Eyes - layer change question
  80. Any word on West Wing Season 2?
  81. Ghost in The Shell SAC TV series
  82. Raw Deal (2004)
  83. Milestone numbers in your DVD collection
  84. A small tidbit on Clerks 10th Anniversary DVD
  85. Cabin Fever cut & issues with Lions Gate.
  86. Which TV DVDs include table reads?
  87. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (1/19 - 1/25)
  88. February 3 Classics
  89. Anyone ever try ironing your coverart inserts?
  90. What DVDs would you reccommend for someone wanting to get into Robotech?
  91. American Pie and El Mariachi/Desperado/OUATIA Box Sets - Inevitable? Coming Soon?
  92. Any news on Terminator Annv. Edition?
  93. Sanford and Son: Season 4 - March 30th
  94. Kingpin T.V. series case
  95. Columbia price(widescreen) drops
  96. NEWSRADIO --Not coming out on 2/3 ??
  97. Airport Terminal box set: Details???
  98. Do Laserdiscs have different formats..? NTSC/PAL
  99. about how many laserdiscs were there?
  100. What happened to www.dvdtracker.com?
  101. Is the value of your DVD collection worth more than you have in savings/investments?
  102. Order Freaks and Geeks: Limited Edition HERE
  103. How best to collect The Twilight Zone?
  104. More than 1 release of The Royal Tenenbaums?
  105. An American Tail DVD...Grr...
  106. A Bad Move By Disney
  107. My Family guy DISC 1 Dosent play on X-BOX!
  108. Good older or classic movies on DVD?
  109. Has anybody seen The "Helen Of Troy" (1954) all-region DVD made in Hong Kong?
  110. Who owns the DVD rights for Peter's Friends?
  111. Labyrinth SE vs. SB vs. CE?
  112. Conan box set...is this for real?
  113. is Newlyweds - Season 1 going to be released on DVD?
  114. Question Regarding Region-Free Alias DVDs
  115. Any word on the timetable for all the ST: Voyager sets to be released?
  116. Where's the Alien Vs Predator teaser in Alien boxset?
  117. Kolchak:Night Stalker series ever coming to DVD?
  118. Two commentaries on Nixon?
  119. The Faculty
  120. Meet the Feebles?
  121. F For Fake Criterion?
  122. Is Monthy Python and the Holy Grail Collectors Edition worth buying?
  123. Space Camp and Only You re-releases - different?
  124. Robocop SE vs. CC
  125. Bend of the River problem
  126. Those familiar with the ORIGINAL 50s Superman Cartoons on DVD
  127. Where are the Fox TV series?
  128. Any word on Cape Fear?
  129. The original 1950's The Fly?
  130. What DVDs are you getting 01.20.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  131. 15 Minutes: DTS???
  132. 21 Grams cover work/specs
  133. where is the best place to purchase Criterions at a B&M
  134. Where's NYPD Blue 03?
  135. More MST3K on its way in March.
  136. Is my Spinal Tap: CC real?
  137. Peyton Place and Wish You Were Here are coming, anyone have any info?
  138. Did you notice this about Lost In Space?
  139. recommend good dvd rental shops?
  140. Criterion Rules of the Game packaging
  141. Star Trek: The Animated Adventures a possibility?
  142. What was your single BEST and WORST DVD Purchase?
  143. Any word on Alias Season 3?
  144. Why must DVD's go OOP?
  145. Why is the "Toy Story:Ultimate Toy Box" so good?
  146. Format war getting messier... Dell and HP side with Sony's Blu-Ray HD-DVD Technology
  147. Predator SE in 2004!! Alllright!!!
  148. Paradise Lost -Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills??
  149. Helter Skelter- 4/20/04
  150. Why is Kill Bill on DVD going to be so expensive?
  151. Last of the Mohicans Theatrical Edition?
  152. Freaks And Geeks Dvd Details!!!
  153. Mister Ed and Lost in Space - First Impressions
  154. Learn a foreign language DVDs?
  155. need help finding dvd comparisons w/recommendations (same movie, different releases)
  156. Lion King II Simba's Pride
  157. Warner- BODY HEAT needs a new transfer
  158. Monster Legacy Gift Set!
  159. Scooby Dooby Doo! Seasons 1 and 2!
  160. Is "American Wedding Gift Set" worth it, or just get the Wedding DVD
  161. What is the difference between SACD, DVD-A, and The Rolling Stones' Four Flicks?
  162. Croupier: due 03/09/2004
  163. Lost In Space DVD Set...Missing Scene?
  164. The Profiler Season 2
  165. Authentic "The Killer Criterion Collection" DVD?
  166. Comparison between "Seven Samurai" Criterion and Toho editions
  167. Green Acres Season 2?
  168. The 80s Twilight Zone series is coming to DVD!
  169. Conan: The Complete Quest
  170. Fear and Loathing CC - Packaging Problems
  171. Life Is Beautiful Question
  173. Freddy vs Jason same DVD problems
  174. Which directors would you like to see next on the 'Directors Label'?
  175. Boat Trip dvd is being re-released.. what features are different?
  176. How are you sorting Freddy vs. Jason
  177. Is the new release of Meet the Feebles in OAR?
  178. Do they make any kind of sheeth/protector for DVD's?
  179. Seinfeld on DVD. IS THIS FOR REAL???
  180. Any plans on releasing a "Death Becomes Her" SE?
  181. Has your "vision" of your DVD collection changed recently?
  182. New Toho monster movies announced.
  183. Will they release a 2 DVD SE for this movie? (Walking With The Dead)
  184. Freddy vs. Jason Easter Egg
  185. What used/unwanted DVDs are good for...
  186. Anyone else buy Spider-Man Season 1 today?
  187. Powder DVD...scene missing?
  188. Is Punk'd gonna be uncensored?
  189. HELP! Need list of all non-anamorphic Criterion dvds?
  190. When purchasing DVDs...
  191. Is "The Funhouse" (Tobe Hooper) 16x9?
  192. Good News & Bad News In Regards to The Chase & License To Drive DVD
  193. RaD?
  194. Kids in the Hall season 1 - any B&M stores have it?
  195. Strange... Rodriguez Mariachi boxset minus El Mariachi
  196. BEAN: THE MOVIE question...
  197. China version of James Bond 20 dvd set??
  198. Peter O'toole performances missing on dvd
  199. Was "Ridicule" actually released today (1/13/04)?
  200. Classic Jonny Quest in the works! Finally!!!
  201. Se7en slip case
  202. Question: Any News on Altman's Short Cuts?
  203. Worst Bonus Material Ever
  204. Is Mad About You DVD season 3 will ever be released?
  205. Is the HELLRAISER/HELLRAISER II double-feature a Best Buy Exclusive?
  206. Hate to ask, but any news on Love, Actually?
  207. What do you think of Revolutions' cover?
  208. south park dvds censored?
  209. Homicide: S4 news
  210. What do the #'s on spine of Criterion DVD mean?
  211. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (1/12 - 1/18)
  212. Details: Kill Bill: Volume One
  213. Beyond The Mat - Director's Cut (Ringside Special Edition) coming out
  214. "Fresh Horses" Coming In March?
  215. I am so SICK of Pirates of the Caribbean now!
  216. Karate Kid - OOP?
  217. Philip Marlow - Powers Boothe TV show
  218. Do you buy DVDs just because they are on sale?
  219. Has anyone heard about superbit version of The Matrix Reloaded
  220. Wrestlemania 1 and 2 set, Royal Rumble 1989 and 1990 set, coming on DVD
  221. Any update on Friday the 13th Boxset?
  222. Is Once Upon a Time in America going OOP?
  223. Has "Pretty Baby" DVD been censored???
  224. Alien Quadrilogy packaging problems...
  225. V: The Series and Misfits of Science DVD?
  226. Which is the best version of Day of the Dead?
  227. Lone Wolf & Cub problem
  228. Arrgh... (bought a disc that was scratched)
  229. How about Moonlighting?
  230. Any VIDEO quality difference between the DD and DTS versions of Jaws?
  231. Dead Like Me Season One DVD
  232. Warner announces five Judy Garland classics for April
  233. Beyond The Mat: Ringside Special Edition Specs
  234. Will there be Star Trek Next Generation movie SEs?
  235. Oh my god! Tremors 4 The Legend Begins Prequel Pack!!
  236. Anyone ever listen to "drive-in mode"?
  237. How is Meet Joe Black Ultimate Edition?
  238. Fox's Criterionesque numbering
  239. Single vs. dual layer DVDs - any databases with this info?
  240. HTF, really slow for anyone else?
  241. No Chapter DVDs
  242. Details: Matrix Revolutions
  243. Fangoria/Chiller Theatre Horror Expo in Jersey 1/9/04 through 1/11
  244. Exorcist 25th Anniversary Edition Question
  245. dvd labels
  246. Some Like it Hot
  247. What DVDs are you getting 01.13.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  248. Short shot error on Babylon 5 Season 4 disc #5
  249. Danny Vermin's gonna kill Johnny's brother at the Savoy Theater tonight, Pass it on
  250. NEW Top 100 DVD Census (2004 Edition)