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DVD in 50 - Studio Execs Discuss The Future of DVD

DVD in 50 - Studio Execs Discuss The Future of DVD

Old 06-23-03, 12:33 AM
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DVD in 50 - Studio Execs Discuss The Future of DVD

I figured I'd open a thread for people to discuss our report on the future of DVD & The DVD In 50 Conference:

Last week DVD studios, producers and press all converged for the Annual Video Store Magazine DVD Conference: 'DVD in 50' which marked 50 Million US homes with DVD players. Issues discussed at the conference include The Future for DVD and HD-DVD, Blue Laser, The Role of Microsoft in the Future of Home Video and what you won't find on Lord of The Rings Two Towers Extended Edition. Get our complete run down on the DVD in 50 Conference and our take on the future of DVD & HD.
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Old 06-23-03, 01:49 PM
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Good stuff. But, you know... I REALLY wanna know who these people that only buy 15 DVDs in a year... cuz I sure haven't met any!
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Old 06-23-03, 10:00 PM
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Excellent article Geoffrey. I am disturbed and saddened by your firm belief that a format war is looming and further dismayed by the studios staunch stand on DRM. I want HD-DVD now. And I want it on my terms with a usable, flexible system. If the studios hobble HD-DVD with unwieldy DRM I am one consumer who will vote "NO" with my wallet.
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Old 06-23-03, 10:22 PM
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Please tell me that when the article mentioned 2004 - you meant 2003/ I can't wait that long to own X2, Hulk, and Finding Nemo!
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Old 06-23-03, 11:49 PM
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I think the most important point made in the article is that consumers will not "jump" to the HD-DVD format the way that they "jumped" to the new video game formats. The way I see it, dvd was a LOT better than the previous format (VHS) and many consumers are just now beginning to convert to dvd. That being said, I believe there are two reasons HD-DVD either will not work or will take a lot longer than many of these industry reps think: 1. People will not dump their dvd collections for a new format that allows for more "interactivity" and other fluff upgrades. 2. People who have become accustomed to paying $10-25 for a movie on dvd will not easily shell out the inevitable $?? asked for a HD-DVD.
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Old 06-24-03, 01:00 AM
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I for one won't jump on the bandwagon. I have close to a thousand dvd and can't even imagine trying to upgrade it to HD-DVD. It's bad enough with non-HD-DVD upgrades like superbit or extreme edition upgrades.

It's just interesting to see media companies sniffing out the next cash cow even before perfecting what they have now. Some companies are still churning out dogs on dvd with mega edge enhancement, grainy picture, and lots of compression and NTSC artifacts. Some are no better than regular vhs.

And just what exactly is interactivity, anyway? Most people barely have the time to check out 100% of all special features and they want to promote interactivity? I can see some movies warranting additional details and featurettes but come on, who wants to see a tricked out edition of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood?

I think the studio's should concentrate on improving current DVDs rather than engaging in format wars that do nothing but confuse consumers.
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Old 06-24-03, 12:03 PM
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I for one will not get HD-DVD for a long long time if ever. I have over 200 DVD's and have 5 DVD players (including PS2, X-Box, PC). I have invested over $5,000 in DVD's since 1997 and won't get the new format for a while. When I bought my Sony DVD player back in 1997 it was close to $500. I recently bought a Toshiba player to upgrade my older one and it was only $99. Many people are now just getting comfortable with DVD's in the past year or two and a new player won't sell that well if released soon. Who wants to buy an expensive HD-DVD player when released when they can buy a regular DVD player for $119 or less? I and many others are going to vote with their wallet and say no. I'm excited about the technology to get more information on a DVD with the blue laser, but I'll wait until the players get cheap enough and there's enough HD-DVD movies out there that I want.
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Old 06-24-03, 12:20 PM
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I'm with the rest, I just don't think the difference will be big enough for me to upgrade to HD right away. I would definitely consider it if the player is backwards compatible, and could maybe do scaling or something on regular DVDs to improve the image a bit, but I'm not chucking my whole collection for a (relatively)minor improvement.

And I don't want interactivity either. DVDs have to much crapola on them as it is. When I put in the movie, I want it to go straight to the menu, then straight to the movie.
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Old 06-24-03, 05:43 PM
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What every one else said. NO INTENTION of switching. NONE. Do NOT want more "interaction" and the picture/sound quality is already near perfect. This seems like nothing more than a feeble attempt to make more $$ by talking people into "upgrading" when what we currently have is already excellent.
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Old 06-24-03, 07:48 PM
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Agree with everybody else mopst people don't watch all the special features as it is on currnet dvd's anyway.

The only thing I need is a good commentary as an xtra along with good picture and sound. All those making of fluff pieces are generally pretty boring with a few exceptions like LOTR or BHD DE that hardly ever get viewed

Let's focus on improving the existing format and start releasing titles that are not ye available b4 we launch into hd-dvd or blue laser or whatever else there gonna call it..
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Old 06-24-03, 07:56 PM
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I still have not changed my opinion....nor will I anytime soon. not until I'm forced to switch 100%. I will be "into it" due to my upcoming new system...but only for selected titles. most of my favs...I doubt...will ever make the switch anyway....at least not for years. it's been drilled into our heads that a dvd disc and it's contents will last nearly a lifetime. so what now....we shouldnt be allowed to enjoy these great discs/films for as long as we want? I plan on keeping ALL my dvds....adding the new format title once in a while. some dvds have delamination problems that need to be fixed before making similar, manufacturing mistakes with yet another rushed format. Guru: The Mad Monk, on HD-DVD?
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Old 06-25-03, 01:57 AM
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New movies on dvd look and sound almost exactly like they do in the theatres, how could a new format really improve on that?
more extras? if there were more extras they would have put them on the dvd already (in most cases).
You can get a dvd player for as cheap as $50 now, what will the price be in 2010? Everyone will have a dvd-player like a VCR, but people won't "trade-up" as easy like they did with vcr to dvd, because there really won't be that much of a drastic change, I mean fullframe/pan&scan to Widescree/oar, no brainer if you like the movie, you want to see the whole thing, but HD it's the same. How many movies on VHS have been released in OAR?? I can't think of any? and i own over 500.

I will not buy unless they stop making DVD's. If I can buy Matrix on dvd for $15-20, I'm not going to pay $25-30 on Hd so i can be interactive and put funny clothes on Neo.
But back-ward compatable might sway me to buy it, as long as it's under $200.

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Old 06-25-03, 10:47 AM
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If the hardware is cheap and discs are the same price as DVD discs now than I see no reason not to upgrade, barring a major format war. I won't upgrade any of my movies unless they are my absolute favorites. I will simply buy new movies in the new higher res format. Of course this whole interactivity nonsense does make me a little nervous. I'll probably wait around a year to see how it goes then dive in and see how it is.
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Old 06-25-03, 02:02 PM
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DVD (buys few) + Reg old TV (RCA Jacks or Composite) = 5% of market

DVD (buys up to 15 a year) + New TV (S-Video) = 10% of Market

DVD (buys 15 to 35 a year) + Nice New TV (S-Video or component) = 30% of Market

DVD (buys over 35 a year) + Nice New TV (S-Video or component) = 40%

DVD (buys over 35 a year) + HDTV = 15%

(numbers above are just a guess)

Long story short, there will have to be alot of people will to upgrade to HDTV before they willing to upgrade to DVD-HDTV. Unless the price drops below $800.00 for a 36 inch HDTV, the 85% of the DVD buyers will not upgrade.
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Old 06-25-03, 02:05 PM
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Well, for everyone who said that standard DVD looks "perfect" and "almost exactly like movies do in theaters," I respectfully disagree. I've seen a few films in Hi-Def and to me, the difference is enormous. Don't get me wrong. I love DVD and I own nearly 1,000 discs. From a financial point-of-view, making the switch to HD-DVD won't exactly be fun. But I, for one, cannot wait to own films in true HD. I don't really care about HD's potential for more elaborate extras. I think some studios (especially Warner) are turning extras into a joke anyway. But for the films themselves, HD makes DVD look like VHS.

All of this resistence to HD reminds me of the days just before DVD's release when grumpy LaserDisc owners with huge collections and expensive hardware were bitching about making the switch and how DVD wouldn't be able to compete with LD.

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Old 06-25-03, 03:57 PM
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sometimes I wonder if life would be easier by not buying dvd's. you can pay 20 bucks a month and get access to all the dvd's you want. no worry about a format war or updating your collection. I never bought movies before dvd. the big thing for me was it seemed like you were buying it for life. which i suspose you could be if you took care of it. but the discs are still to fragile and you have no guarantees against dvd rot. Its all about selling the same movie as many times as possible. these movies have been paid for so many times over it makes me angry to think about it.
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Old 06-25-03, 06:44 PM
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I can't see the studios supporting HD-DVD until they have made as much money as they possibly can on current dvds. Why skip a profit like that when the majority of consumers will not upgrade again any time soon? I wish they would take 5 or so years and get hddvd down to one format, the correct one, intsead of rushing a small market of consumers with something done poorly. Studios, I am waiting for HD-DVD, just take your time, agree on one format, and don't screw it up!

Let me say this for quality of DVD vs HD-dvd. Don't kid yourself, there will be a difference. In some cases it will be huge. Newer movies should look unbelievable! In other cases, it will be minimal or no improvement. Some of the older films out there are not going to look much better than they do right now. Will I please all the studios and buy every single title I already have, again? No, but I will concentrate more on newer films as well as the proverbial "must haves".

Also, keep in mind that the first few years of dvd didn't exactly provide us with the greatest transfers. This year, we have been getting much improved re-releases of some of these early dvd titles. I would expect the HD-dvd process to happen in a similiar manner, assuming the format does happen.
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Old 06-25-03, 08:26 PM
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actually I've heard some of the old silents are still higher res than current dvd.
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Old 06-26-03, 12:35 PM
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I know I will eventually get an hd-dvd player. Then I plan on buying new titles on hd-dvd, and possibly replacing my favorites as long as the quality is improved. I don't see myself replacing most of my 500+ dvd's though.
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Old 06-26-03, 09:02 PM
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I wonder how many of the people commenting about how "HD-DVD couldn't look much better" have actually viewed HD material. No, I wouldn't drop $1k on a HD-DVD player nor would I drop $30 or whatever the price is for a HD-DVD but when the price gets more reasonable I will definitely upgrade some of my favorite titles. Hell, with ebay/half you will still be able to recoup some costs.
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Old 06-28-03, 11:52 AM
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i think it really depends on the movie. i might upgrade some titles, but probably not all of them.
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Old 06-29-03, 03:39 AM
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I think HD looks a lot better than DVD, but not as big of a difference between DVD and VHS. I realize that on paper you can prove that it's an even bigger jump from DVD to HDTV than it is from VHS to DVD, but my eyes just don't see it. When watching a movie on HBO HD the closeups look pretty much the same as on a new DVD. The small background detail is much better in HD, though. But again, I can't say that it's like comparing DVD to VHS.

But yeah, I'll get an HD DVD player when it comes out, but there's no way that I'll upgrade most of my titles.

As for people owning HDTVs, I don't think it will be long now before most people have them. Wal-mart now sells a 30" widescreen for under $1,000 and a 52" widescreen for $1,300. It's just a matter of time when you start seeing these kinds of HDTVs at Wal-mart that the majority of the population owns them.
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