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  1. It's Official! Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers --> August 26th!
  2. Ancient Mythological DVDs Recommendations Please
  3. What! New Zoo Revue on DVD? Yes it is! Amazed me!
  4. DTS or DD
  5. Kickboxer DVD
  6. Me, Myself & Irene -- Bad disc -- what to do??
  7. Any Spec's for Oscar (Stallone)?
  8. Roger RamJet, the DVD. Does anyone have it? Worth the cost?
  9. Family Guy Disc goof
  10. What order should I watch Hayao Miyazaki's films
  11. "Watch out for snakes" - the future of MST3K on DVD?
  12. Family Guy Vol. 2 (Preorder)
  13. Kid Stays In The Picture on DVD???
  14. DVDProfiler question re: titles
  15. MGM Midnite Movies...good/bad?
  16. Mad About You Season 1 - Missing DVD!
  17. Vibrating Harry Potter DVD?
  18. MGM's "UHF" DVD - no insert?
  19. will freaks and geeks ever make it to dvd?
  20. (REQ) Metallica LIVE SH*T
  21. Family Guy Disc 3 problem
  22. Muppet Box Set?
  23. Limited $ to spend, did you ever buy used off a online company?
  24. Read a rumor about John Waynes "High and the Mighty" release date anyone?
  25. Transporter Fight Scenes Commentary & "Censorship"
  26. Question about Far from Heaven DVD
  27. BMW's The Hostage on Xbox Exhibition Vol. 2 DVD
  28. Why do you buy "previously viewed" DVDs?
  29. Ran Masterworks question
  30. What LEVEL do you Netflix at?
  31. Young Guns early?
  32. THE BELIEVER comes home (at last)!!
  33. Requesting Criterion Advice--Opinions are welcome.
  34. Gods And Generals --> July 15th!
  35. Luis Bunuel's L'AGE D'OR R1 release date???
  36. hollywood video 2 for 20 missing inserts?
  37. Indiana Jones DVD Covers?
  38. The 1st Harry Potter is to be re-released with a commentary. What about part 2?
  39. Anyone know differences on upcoming Seven Samurai crit.& Songcatcher vs 1st release?
  40. Bond dvd's to be fully restored and released in 2005
  41. A differing view of the widescreen/fullscreen debate...
  42. Bringing Down The House --> August 5th!
  43. Bob Hope - Tribute Collection is 4/7 of what I would want...
  44. New release (Once Upon a Time in the West release soon?)
  45. LOTR Two Towers Extended Edition News!
  46. Is About A Boy being planned to be a SE?
  47. Anyone have a .PSD of Fox's copyright/legal disclaimer?
  48. Andromeda Strain cover goof
  49. Andromeda Strain SE: When did this come out?
  50. Castle in the Sky Japanese Track vs. English Track
  51. The Big Lebowski SE?
  52. Lost In La Mancha R1 - 6/24
  53. friends season 4--7/15
  54. Series packaging differences
  55. Help! DVD terms explained?
  56. Where can I buy slimline DVD cases?
  57. Family Guy sold out everywhere in WI?
  58. VEGGIETALES: Anyone seen these? (Blind Buy?)
  59. Help me with Kurosawa Criterion Boxed set
  60. Un Chien Andalou from Kino?
  61. MGM/Midnite Movies DVD(s) you really loved?
  62. The Exterminating Angel?
  63. Family Guy Seasons 1 and 2 Quality Discussion (merged)
  64. The Living Daylights DVD question
  65. Do any of you think a re-release of The 13th Warrior is long overdue?
  66. question about Jackass series 1 DVD
  67. Anyone doing Family Guy
  68. Surround Sound
  69. any chance of a Dumb & Dumber SE next year?
  70. What the Fox?
  71. What's up with "Rabbit-Proof Fence"?
  72. why is Bowling for Columbine delayed?
  73. Fox Musicals---> August 19th!
  74. Spirited Away: Which language track do you prefer?
  75. Roger Ebert doing commentary for Criterion's Floating Weeds!!!!
  76. How many times can you watch a DVD
  77. "Rockford Files" on DVD: A release date? Please?
  78. Best version for Halloween 2
  79. Beatles anthology, best selling box set of all time???
  80. The Transporter -- missing WS label?
  81. Trouble finding KiKi at BB??
  82. DTS or DD on first track, Please
  83. Cube Signature Series - booklet included?
  84. Free DVD for buying About A Boy and Bourne Identity....
  85. opinions wanted on my first cover
  86. Family Guy DVD question
  87. Simpsons Season 3 finally announced for August!
  88. City of God on DVD? When?
  89. Toy Story going back to the valut question
  90. Where Eagles Dare!
  91. new National Lampoons Vacation on the way
  92. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD release info
  93. New Pearl Jam Live DVD to be released soon!
  94. 3 more Russ Meyer DVDs out (2 great ones!)
  95. Enemy Below Cancelled
  96. Brazil, Criterion or bare bones?
  97. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (4/14 - 4/20)
  98. Steven Spielberg's Taken DVD anytime soon?
  99. The Pianist US DVD Disappointment again!!!
  100. What was your longest drought w/o purchasing one?
  101. Question on Dolby Digital
  102. Details on upcoming 'Silent Night, Deadly Night'/'Halloween' DVDs
  103. I'm 23: Too old for spirited away?
  104. Warner Brothers Customer Service A+
  105. BEWARE: Two versions of A&E's Napoleon
  106. Ran Masterworks Question
  107. "Spirited Away" 3 Pack question (anyone?)
  108. LOTR: The Two Towers Extended Edition details!! (merged)
  109. Any chance of a Death Becomes Her SE?
  110. Spawn animated set question
  111. What's checkpoint and sensormatic?
  113. Any news on Bowling for Columbine?
  114. Is John Carpenter's The Thing Anamorphic now?
  115. The Angel Collection 6-10-03 (Cover art Included)
  116. You Want Heads? I'll Show You Heads... (Children of Dune cover art)
  117. The Shield - Season 2 - 10/7 (merged)
  118. Will the several DVD be anamorphic?
  119. Question about Kurosawa films from Poker Industries...
  120. Terminator 2 Extreme- No theatrical cut, no extra special edition?
  121. Sopranos Season 4 ???????
  122. Helter Skelter
  123. six feet under - season 1 - which episodes on which discs?
  124. Macross Fans: What's Next?
  125. DTS or not?
  126. Trainspotting: SE R2 - COVER ART!!
  127. Monty Python's The Meaning of Life DVD
  128. Who has the most posts
  129. A Boy and His Dog?
  130. austin powers 2 commentary - not there?
  131. Will we see more Criterion Box Sets?
  132. Out of your laserdisc/vhs collection, how many have you replaced with dvd?
  133. Gleaming the Cube OOP on Ebay! Oh My!
  134. Red Dwarf Series III & IV Updates
  135. Back to the Future Still Misframed?
  136. Dvd's where the dif between dts and dd are like night and day?
  137. The Lion King - Special Edition Collector's Gift Set!!!
  138. Most informative DVD of 9/11?
  139. SportsNight problems
  140. Digipak panel replacements anywhere?
  141. CSI: Season 1 DVD set; in fullscreen??
  142. Why do studios double dip? Why not!
  143. Audio Dropouts on Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets
  144. slate from Warner Bros.!!!!!!!
  145. What chance of Dazed and Confused SE?
  146. the simpsons series 3 cover art!
  147. Anybody find it hard to get the New Harry Potter dvd?
  148. Stealing Harvard Custom Cover
  149. It's about time to ask about a Mary Tyler Moore season 2 update
  150. Final Destination 2 --> July 22!
  151. Black Hawk Down 3disc Review up
  152. Critters 1-4 on August 5...and Texas Chainsaw 3!
  153. Has the economy changed your DVD buying habits?
  154. Charade/The Truth About Charlie
  155. Beatles: Long And Winding Road....Im....Confused..
  156. Should I Buy The Matrix on DVD or wait?
  157. Silence of the Lambs CC
  158. Who is boycotting CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and other movies starring anti-war celebs?
  159. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo!
  160. Tag: The Assassination Game, is it on DVD?
  161. Does anyone know the details on a release of Emergency! tv show on DVD?
  162. Friends Season 3 Problem with Disc 3
  163. What are you buying on 4/15 ?
  164. Tooth Fairy short pulled from Darkness Falls DVD (Director is going to distribute)
  165. Help! What paper for multidisc covers?
  166. Monk Season 1 to be released on June 24
  167. Oh Yeah...... (Mr. Show Season 3 to be released in August)
  168. El Mariachi
  169. Terminator 2: Extreme Edition to include HD version of T2...
  170. THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN * rolling thunder miramax DVD
  171. If one studio could make all your DVDs, which studio would you pick?
  172. Is the new "Lolita: Signature Series" anamorphic?
  173. custom Harry Potter covers (is this a good idea)
  174. newbie help please!!
  175. Is anyone else having trouble with showing OAR of Roger Rabbit & other dvds???
  176. Release schedule for Friends Seasons??
  177. HD-DVD, did you guys see this?
  178. Roswell will eventually make it to DVD
  179. Can someone check the sound of their Attack of the Clones dvd?
  180. SIGH...still waiting for BandWagon
  181. RUMOR MILL: MGM's 2003 slate!
  182. Nicholas Nickleby in WS please...
  183. Burden of Dreams
  184. La Jetée DVD
  185. Criterion # 126 - Ordet (used)...
  186. Tomorrow Never Dies - What's with the camera on the top of the screen
  187. Name 10 movies you would like to see on DVD Disc
  188. Where to find Hitchcock Presents?
  189. From Russia w/Love ... OOP?
  190. Widescreen subtitles question
  191. sorry if its a repost, but I cant believe that these movies arent out on DVD yet.
  192. What's a quick, simple way to explain "anamorphic" to the uninformed?
  193. Cast Away - Oar?
  194. Considered This For Storage? (Binders)
  195. Bloody Sunday, April 22nd
  196. How many of your DVDs feature overtures?
  197. Why are the prices of S1 sets of Friends and All In The Family still so high?!
  198. "Flight of the Intruder" on 7/1
  199. Ever thought of putting little numbers on your DVDs to keep an accurate inventory?
  200. Does 16x9=Anamorphic?
  201. how to get replacement for defective dvd?
  202. Indy is being "fixed" for DVD!?!?
  203. Request: Far From Heaven
  204. Big Floating Heads Over NYC
  205. Can someone give me the chapter list for E.T.
  206. Titanic SE DC: One year to 18 months according to Cameron
  207. question about Buffy dvds
  208. openning six feet under
  209. Myra Breckenridge on Fox DVD at long last!!
  210. Hamburger The Movie on DVD?
  211. RP62 + Jackie Brown = suck?
  212. does anyone want free dvd cases? amaray ? double cases ?
  213. Velvet Goldmine....this look good?
  214. Can picture quality be translated into figures for comparison?
  215. Dvdaficionado's political messages.
  216. Terminator 2: Extreme question.
  217. Matrix Pixelated?
  218. Question about Columbia House Telvsion series DVD's
  219. Happy Gilmore, WS DVD any news?
  220. DVD Aspect Ratio Question - Jimmy Stewart
  221. Dead Ringers Question
  222. Predator-SE. Will it be released in the US
  223. Any work on Season Releases of Ozzie & Harriet or The Joey Bishop Show
  224. Now that Chris Colombus' Harry Potter run is over...
  225. cinescape
  226. The Right Stuff SE coming soon
  227. Are you being served series 6-10 officially announced!
  228. does Tombstone VS have a bad transfer?
  229. Strangers With Candy to DVD
  230. Popeye + others from paramount
  231. Top Gun Special Edition...November 11th? (Blythe Says No)
  232. Commentaries and great extras...On newer or older films?
  233. List of Universal OOP Titles?
  234. Definitive Fleisher Superman DVDs?
  235. Simpsons season sets question
  236. Who all want to see "Eddie Lives" the sequel to Eddie and the Cruisers on Disc?
  237. I need a 4 disc alpha case, where?
  238. Pitch Black
  239. Once upon a time in America (June 10)
  240. DVD Profiler/Custom Covers - your thoughts?
  241. Misfits of Science ?
  242. Oh the humility of it all! (rented FS by accident)
  243. Old School coming June 10th!
  244. Wasn't there a DTS Discrete/Matrix list around here somewhere??
  245. 25th Hour DVD features?
  246. Yes! "Fun With Dick And Jane"! July 1st!
  247. Why no DTS on disc 2 of the E.T. Ultimate Edition Gift Set?
  248. Summer School on DVD?
  249. CLASSIC SILENT FILMS: Life and Passion of Jesus Christ & From the Manger to the Cross
  250. "Punch Drunk Love" Superbit Deluxe(2-Disc) Cover!!