Longest you've searched for a new release?

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Longest you've searched for a new release?

I finally found The Love Bug and The Rescuers at Wal-Mart yesterday. Took a month from release date, by far the longest I have had to search. I thought I was out of luck again, as I only saw The Love Bug on first pass. Luckily I went back and actually read the tags, and found The Rescuers hiding behind a Spongebob dvd .
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No more than a minute or so. Then again, I buy the majority of my DVDs online.
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I also had to look for a while for the Love Bug and Rescuers. It wasn't even available online at FutureShop or Amazon.ca, which are the biggest DVDs etailers in Canada...
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It took me 11 months to track down Hearts and Minds: Criterion Collection at a retail store. For some reason, I kept telling myself I would eventually just stumble upon it at a retail store and never ordered it online....and I finally did! 29.99 at Media-Play! That was after they had told me for the past 11 months they were never getting it in and could not order it for me....

That's the longest I've looked for one disc.
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I almost always just buy online and not even bother with the stores.

Only time I remember searching was for the Goonies the day it was released. I think there were no deals online so I just decided to buy it in the store. Only problem, nobody had it. I eventually found it somewhere.
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Well since I'm only using my credit card for emergencies now, it's been longer since I've been having to go store to store. Today I finally found Empire Records: Remix Edition after looking for it since it's release day.
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A couple of days, then I decide to buy it online, since it will get here faster than I can find it.
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Took me over two weeks to finally get the Led Zeppelin DVD. All the stores around me really dropped the ball as far as stocking adequate numbers of that one.
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Originally posted by Heat
No more than a minute or so. Then again, I buy the majority of my DVDs online.
who wouldnt? I'll go into a few stores and if they have what I want...I'll buy it. if it's going to be a few days 'till they get it, they already lost my buisiness. I never wait for dvds. so what Heat said...for sure.
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Not searched but made to wait until today (finally got the #$%&@#!! shipping confirmation) for T2-Extreme from DDDVD. June 3rd release my ($#%@[email protected]#)
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For 90% of releases, you can find them faster and cheaper in store than you can order them and have them shipped to you online. These 2 were the exception.
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It took me FOREVER to find Better Off Dead when that one came out. I searched every B&M I could find for a good 2 weeks.

For catalog titles, it's so much easier online.
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It took me three weeks to find Hot Shots Part Deux when it came out.

And while I've technically found Empire Records: Remix, I have only seen it in one store.
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This is also about the longest time it has taken for me to find a new release as well(just got it 6-17). Transformers Season 1 was difficult for me to find at the time also(about 3 weeks).
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Still looking for The Love Bug and The Rescuers.
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I think you can finally find these in Wal-Mart. But still very difficult to locate. I ordered mine from The Disney Catalog. 14.99 for the Rescuers w/no shipping is a pretty good deal.
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Yes, finally found mine at a Super WM, only $14.44 each.
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I looked for Re-Animator ME for about month before ordering it through HMV (I have no credit card). I'm still hoping to find an American verison of Plup Fiction SE and Jackie Brown in one of the stores here but I may just end up using a friend credit card to order them off of amazon.com.
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Battle of Britain

Media Play (2 locations), Best Buy three times, flew all the way from Buffalo to Montreal and didn't find it at HMV, and now even DDD is backordered on it....

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