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  1. Question on Brazilian La Dolce Vita
  2. Great news for Bruce Lee Fans!
  3. superbit editions
  4. Hoop Dreams possibly coming?
  5. 2003 Fiesta Bowl DVD is out
  6. I watched The Commitments in foolscreen last night
  7. Bonus Chaplin DVD (Variety)
  8. Response I received from Tigeraspect on Mr. Bean set
  9. Sixth Sense Vista Series- Audio Problem
  10. Melrose Place and/or 90210 on DVD???
  11. Your favorite way to get rid of skipping discs.
  12. Homicide: Life On the Streets -- Will A&E screw this one up too..?
  13. any word on a Planet of the Apes SE?
  14. New Halloween se to contain criterion ld comentary, and amc doc!!
  15. My Memento dvd is trapped!
  16. What's Up Tiger Lily coming to dvd
  17. Paramount's August slate... including PAPER MOON!
  18. X-Men vs. X-Men 1.5
  19. Have you ever bought a movie or box set just beacuse of its cover art?
  20. dr katz dvd?
  21. When is Allegro Non Tropo and the Fantastic Animation Festival coming to dvd
  22. What does OAR mean?
  23. Does anyone else really despise Anchor Bay's new packaging schemes?
  24. Which would you rather have? Favorite movie not released, or not in OAR?
  25. So does a commentary to LA Story exist?
  26. Blue Streak
  27. Transformers: Beast Wars DVD
  28. Suspiria LE questions
  29. New Line DVD Covers and Cases
  30. Brother's Keeper to get DVD release . . .
  31. X-Men: Legend of Wolverine
  32. unavaliable french film
  33. What Criterion Documentaries are there?
  34. Night and Fog Criterion-Will you be buying this?
  35. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  36. All time SCARIEST DVD freeze frame?
  37. Panic Room SE INFO!!
  38. Seeking suggestions for WWII DVD's
  40. New T2 info...
  41. DVD(s) that have more than one movie on them
  42. B5 S2- No more floaters
  43. All-Time Greatest DVD Freeze-frame? PART II
  44. criterion adventures of antoine doinel impressions
  45. MGM August horror titles cover art
  46. Family Guy censored?
  47. Letterboxing is over-rated
  48. Movies with the most multiple purchases in your collection?
  49. POLTERGEIST II in mono....
  50. Treasure Planet Freezing
  51. Babylon 5 Season 2 - It is Anamorphic, right?
  52. MGM what is the deal??
  53. New Outer Limits: Any more comming?
  54. Where is the Robin Hood: Men in Tights Dvd?
  55. Midnight Madness
  56. Finally found the wide S.E. of Willy Wonka!!
  57. Most annoying problems ordering online!
  58. my A NIGHT TO REMEMBER CC no longer works!
  59. John Woo's The Killer Winstar Question
  60. OFFICIAL WWE on DVD petition thread
  61. Is there a SE of Hook in the works?
  62. Smallville TV Series When?
  63. anyone find Luc Besson's Atlantis on the shelves today?
  64. Criterion Antoine Doniel Box Set bought it today and it's already damaged
  65. Spawn: Director's Cut żanamorphic?
  66. Babylon 5, season 2 SOLD OUT!!! (where I live)
  67. The Stephen King Collection
  68. Scarface & Shawshank Redemption SE's?
  69. Treasure Planet insert explains widescreen vs. fullscreen
  70. Polanski's The Tenant, Bitter Moon, Death And The Maiden
  71. Fight Club SE question...
  72. Jack Ryan Box Set
  73. Finally! Romero's The Crazies
  74. The Game Se?
  75. Any info on Up the Creek (1984)?
  76. The Brady Bunch/Very Brady Sequel June 10th??
  77. They Call Me Bruce?
  78. Are there reports of problems with the DTS track on "The Ring" widescreen versions?
  79. The Brood coming to DVD!(+ MGM covers for MM line!)
  80. Does xmen 1.5 from borders.com/amazon have xmen2 free ticket?
  81. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (4/28 - 5/4)
  82. Freaks & Geeks petition update
  83. Sure Thing and Valley Girl SE specs!
  84. Boondock Saints Custom Cover - opinions wanted
  85. Digital Bits says Indy Jones DVD announcement is soon
  86. Scarface and Goodfellas:SE. When..?
  87. Undergrads: Season 1 DVD release in July
  88. chicago dvd
  89. By Brakhage delayed AGAIN?
  90. High-definition DVD
  91. What do u think of this deal?
  92. Cover Request: Tooth Fairy
  93. possible 2 disc treasure planet in the future?
  94. Two new WWE DVDs coming 6/24
  95. Is this Indiana Jones DVD legit?
  96. recommend one of these criterions and why
  97. Citizen Ruth. Out of print?
  98. Charade question
  99. What Are You Getting 4/29? (DVDTalk Linkafied)
  100. malcolm in the middle season 2?
  101. (Requests) The Shield and Oz
  102. Universals lacking of sci-fi/horror DVD releases
  103. How many Incredible Hulk DVDS do we need
  104. What are the odds we'd ever see "Battle Royale: Criterion Collection"?
  105. Are they planning on restoring clerks or just putting it in 16x9?
  106. Why do you VEX me, Criterion?
  107. I can't catch up anymore! WAY too many releases every Tuesday! What to do!?
  108. Any info(16x9,etc) on these 5/6 releases- Time Bandits, Hardware & Car Wash?
  109. Q: Stargate: UE, dts LFE vs. DD LFE
  110. LOTR: Return of the King: EE Color?
  111. Oasis: MTV Unplugged - DVD campaign
  112. Slaughterhouse Five re-release?
  113. Future Stallone dvd releases?
  114. "Lone Wolf & Cub : Sword Of Vengeance" is now available!
  115. X-Files Season 7 -- out now?
  116. Fight Club Font- what is it?
  117. Mr Bean box set outrage
  118. Argh! FS Red Dragon disc in the 2 disc Widescreen Director's Edition from DDD!
  119. Rare and Horror DVD's in New Jersey this Weekend
  120. Research so far on HD DVD
  121. May To August DVD releases, what discs are you going to buy?
  122. Miller's Crossing already out?
  123. New to Anime. Any Suggestions (merged)
  124. Will Irreversible get Special Edition US release?
  125. DVD lists
  126. Twelve Monkeys - Ultimate Edition??
  127. Paramount DVD Covers
  128. Gleaming the Cube DVD
  129. Would anybody here want the 6+ hour "Das Boot"?
  130. Is Demon's Knight OOP?
  131. "Strangers with Candy" : When ?
  132. new manhunter dvd
  133. PHONE BOOTH arrives in July!
  134. Silence of the Lambs: Criterion - Worth $12.99 Used?
  135. Freaky Friday on DVD?
  136. Se7en Glitch?
  137. Signs Widescreen vs Fullscreen
  138. Sanford and Son, season 3
  139. 2003 IRMA 6th Anuual DVD Awards: Who Do YOU Think Should Win?
  140. Tickets in DVD's: How Does It Work??
  141. Dogma Commentary?
  142. Who here would buy MUPPET BABIES DVDS??
  143. M. Hulot's Holiday
  144. Kiki's Delivery Service Insert?
  145. One and Only Lord of the Rings: Two Towers on DVD Thread
  146. ? Highlander Immortal / 10th Ann dif?
  147. What's up with new release of "Party Girl"
  148. Coen Bros. fans...check DVDBargins forum!
  149. bryan singer & dvd
  150. West Side Story: Problem removing sticker from package?
  151. One of us! One of us! [Reactions to Warner Bros chat]
  152. Fox 'Transporter' may be a good compromise
  153. LOTR Extra Special Super Extended DVD Edition!
  154. Any info on these season 2 sets
  155. Young Frankenstein
  156. How can I find old titles that I have forgotten?
  157. Red Dragon Piano Piece not in End Credits
  158. Don't worry guys, Joss intended Buffy to be full frame!
  159. Angel Season 2 DVD cancelled?
  160. WB lineup... Casablanca SE, Goodfellas SE, etc
  161. The Man Show: First Season on DVD
  162. Note, Dances with wolves ee is a flipper
  163. Daredevil DVD....2 Disc? 1 Disc?
  164. My Fair Lady - is currently being sold in a blasted snap-case
  165. The Two Towers: Collectors, Completists, & Everything In-Between
  166. Which Limited Edition DVDs are Numbered?
  167. Family Guy commentaries
  168. How do you feel about SuperBIT?
  169. Darkness Falls scared the **** out of me!!!
  170. Indiana Jones trilogy to be released over span of 3 years (Spy Report)
  171. Madonna DVD with AMERICAN LIFE? Does it exist?
  172. Paramount Pictures Phone Number?
  173. A CHRISTMAS STORY 16x9 coming!!!
  174. dvd organization on your shelfs.
  175. IMPORTANT: Will my dvds get damaged if left inside a moving truck (Uhaul)?
  176. Wicker Man- director's cut on 7/22/03 ?????
  177. Flintstones, Where's the Flintstones, They're the Modern...well, you know - any news?
  178. autographed dvd's
  179. Thoughts about the most recent WB Chat
  180. 1981's DRAGONSLAYER ?
  181. The Believer and Bloody Sunday
  182. Hi! Im a new member and Im looking for some Info on Superbit DVD
  183. Are there any DVDs which are WS even though the OAR is 4:3?
  184. $5 off "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" and "The Temptations"
  185. CHICAGO specs: Where's the rest?
  186. Superbit Slipcovers
  187. Babylon 5 S2 shipping from Amazon.ca
  188. The Tick, Soap, Newsradio and Dilbert coming to DVD this year!
  189. Star Wars Trilogy SE DVDs: legit or bootleg?
  190. BTTF fixed set
  191. what is the difference between matted and anamorphic?
  192. Canadians getting BTTF discs thread...
  193. Session 9 - where to buy?
  194. To Artisan Home Entertainment...
  195. Extra Disc in a set?
  196. Disapointed w/ Steve McQueen Le Mans DVD
  197. ArabNews.com - Pirated DVDs Fill Gap in the Movie Market
  198. Where to pick up HONG KONG LEGENDS releases?
  199. Clips from The Crime of Padre Amaro
  200. HELP! Which movie to accept....please help...
  201. What is this "AbFab" DVD in September?
  202. READ MY LIPS...who's releasing it?
  203. The Totally Trivial DVD A to Z question ...
  204. Guzzlefish - How come they won't let me use it?
  205. The Decalogue is shipping!!!
  206. Today's Special..available on DVD?
  207. Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
  208. Taxi Driver dvd
  209. Universal's July/August slate!!!!!!!
  210. God Said Ha! I can't believe my eyes.
  211. Are these compression artifacts?
  212. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (4/21 - 4/27)
  213. Typo in the new Matrix Reloaded ticket offer in the Matrix DVD?
  214. Dante's Peak DTS sound problems: bad disc?
  215. Which version is better? Spirited Away
  216. More Zeppelin DVD info
  217. Ultimate Jordan DVD
  218. What DVDs are you buying on 4/22?
  219. Speed Racer DVD
  220. New Viewing Game
  221. X-Men 1.5 vs. Older Release
  222. Trailer Park Boys Seasons 1 & 2
  223. Custom request: The Wraith & The Gate
  224. Comedy Central's TV Funhouse
  225. Which halloween should i buy?
  226. My custom 2-disc "The Ring" cover
  227. 80's movie once bitten
  228. Why is the R2 "24" so Much Better than the R1 Version?
  229. General Questions & Info
  230. All-Time Greatest DVD Freeze-frame?
  231. Red Dragon Fullscreen outselling the WS
  232. The Most Expensive DVD Box Set You Own?
  233. AM I alone on this?? (re-releases that really do not need to happen)
  234. anyone have real proof of director's cut of daredevil???
  235. Star Trek: Screen Voyages Widescreen Giftset.. anyone have this?
  236. When Do You Think Disney Will Put These Movies on DVD?
  237. Are THE KILLER and HARD BOILED in print?
  238. one format
  239. Complete TV series on DVDs?
  240. Why no Widescreen for "Flight of the Phoenix"?
  241. An Anti-"Two Towers" website? Believe it....
  242. Fight Club DVD defective??
  243. Unreleased Shows You Want On DVD
  244. Decline of Western civilization
  245. Which Miyazaki film to get next???
  246. Twilight Zone Question
  247. Family Guy! Can't find it anywhere!
  248. New HARD CORE LOGO dvd! Not WS???
  249. Great widescreen anamorphic B&W DVDs?
  250. OAR - Why only listen to the director?