The Saint

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The Saint

Just bought "The Saint" with Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue. Its a Paramount release so the extras are relatively non existent but the picture is quite good and the DD 5.1 soundtrack is great. Surrounds are in full effect, and the dialogue track comes through very clearly.

I don't understand why this film is lambasted at every turn. It's a decent story, with interesting twists that doesn't rely on the cliche shootout climax to end.

Am I the only one who likes this film?
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The Saint - Good Movie

I also enjoyed the Saint. I don't understand either why it doesn't get the respect.
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I liked it too, you're not alone, thats at least three of us
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i thought the video transfer wasn't that great, then again its an older film. as for the movie, it was fairly entertaining, from what i can remember, i wanted more ACTION!!
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I liked this movie too
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Originally posted by duy37
it was fairly entertaining, from what i can remember, i wanted more ACTION!!

the whole movie feels like recent Matt Damon's "Bourne's Identity" spy/action/triller genre...

but lack of memorable action sequence
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I always loved this movie. in the commentary, Phillip Noyce mentions that the movie is supposed to be a prequel to the series. I think mose people didn't like the movie because they thought it was so different from the show (Simon was a thief in the movie) and didn't realize it was supposed to be telling the story of how Simon Templar actually became The Saint.
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I've been holding out for an SE release.... hopefully done right in anamorphic video.
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the saint was a lot better than I thought it would be when I originally saw it. Yes a SE version of that would be great.
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I loved this movie. More so than any of the Mission Impossibles. Val Kilmer is truly one talent who never gets the credit he deserves!!

Saint Rules!
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the reason i mock this film is Val Kilmer. something about his "clever" identities just slays me. i remember seeing a montage of his different faces, and you could just tell that he was basking in the satisfaction of bing a master thespian. "My name is Bruno Hassenfrausessen", or whatever.

so IMO it's a good film to mock with friends.
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The movie was great
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I liked it.
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I enjoyed it too.
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I've always liked this of my faves
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I liked this movie too, I didn't know people didn't like it. "It didn't have action"??? give me a break... it had a great story... isn't that whats important? I like action too, but if there isn't a god story what is the point?

:::mumbles something about the MTV generation:::

If you like the movie I suggest picking up the Saint TV series on DVD, it's from the 60's with Roger Moore as the Saint before he was James Bond. Really great stuff, if you like good stories and adventure... if you want "action" skip it, you will hate it.
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I love this movie..
elizabeth shue...........................
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...and here I was thinking I must be the only person in the whole wide world who actually liked this movie... of course, I also rather liked Wild Wild West...

. . . . . .
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I also enjoyed "The Saint"... it came out in the same year as "Mission: Impossible", and I thought it was a better film. Of course, it has its peccadillos...
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I cried to myself throughout the majority of this movie when I saw it in the theatre because I had an enermous project due the next day (I saw it on a Sunday) and had my mind set on going to see Liar, Liar to laugh and keep me in high spirits for the big project I needed to finish but my friend then demanded that I see the Saint because it was "badass" and as the movie went on I realized it was doing nothing to make me chuckle and I was pissed off.

This is obviously not the movie's fault but I told people I thought it stunk for the next few years. I watched it a few months ago and enjoyed it.

As for the project? I got a C and stayed up till about 3:30 in the morning finishing it.
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The funny thing is that I even know Russians who loved this film...
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