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  1. "Star Wars vs Star Trek" - DVD
  2. Another Leone Epic Comes to DVD
  3. 2 Fast 2 Furious - Sept 30.
  4. ghostbusters dvd problem
  5. GI Joe Season 1 Comes Out November 11
  6. Hook: replacing Regular w/ Superbit???
  7. Transformers: The Movie on DVD again
  8. Friends Season 4...What the heck were they thinking?
  9. Black Hawk Down Superbit Deluxe To Be Released In Korea First
  10. Plans for Fox Studio Classics 2004?
  11. New Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) Box Set in R1?
  12. Cinram buys AOL Time Warner CD/DVD manufacturing and distribution for $1.05 billion
  13. The Great Unwatched
  14. I Know & I Still Know Reissues...
  15. Paramount Fall Catalog Titles!
  16. Ever bought to change your collection statistics
  17. Godard's In Praise of Love - Upcoming R1 release looks different
  18. Scarface specs
  19. Wrestlemania X-8 2-disc or 3-disc set?
  20. Kill Bill dvd...???
  21. "Playtime" Jacques Tati Criterion Collection: Question??
  22. What would be your dream commentary tracks on one or more DVD's?
  23. question about the final destination 2 release?
  24. Once Upon a Time in the West 2 disc se in november
  25. DVD's freezing on certain players only? Help..
  26. Russian Ark (partial specs and cover)
  27. The Order: from Cremaster 3
  28. Rolling Thunder Pictures Need Info!
  29. re-release rant, double & triple dipping
  30. Fight Club Fans, Chuck Palahniuk screenplay
  31. How many have pre-ordered A. "Soylent Green" B. "Where Eagles Dare" besides me?
  32. Ultra 7 - Ultraman - Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot on DVD?
  33. Giveaway: Auto'd Andy Sidaris Collection Vol 1
  34. creative art design special edition dvd's
  35. Why is Spartacus Criterion so expensive?
  36. Rambo III fixed?
  37. M*A*S*H Season 4 - watch out for missing disc(s)
  38. "In a Glass Cage" finally on the calendar!
  39. Quickest way to determine your reissued DVDs?
  40. return of the living dead part 2-alt version on cinemax
  41. BOO to Matrix Reloaded DVD!!!
  42. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls- Criterion?
  43. Scaramouche---finally a decent old swashbuckler on DVD!
  44. the fast and the furious: tricked out/turbo edition
  45. dts dd5.1 and thx question
  46. DVD's: for collecting or watching?
  47. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I bought a video store)
  48. Anyone know if there is a Fritz Lang Collection?
  49. All kinds of TV show coming to DVD!
  50. The Critic finally coming to DVD
  51. Forget self destructing DVD's - try THIS on for size!
  52. 24: Season 2 R1 moved up to 9/9
  53. Radiohead - 7 Television Commericals, August 5 (Canada)
  54. Watching a movie 20 minutes a night.......
  55. Men with Guns on Sept. 23
  56. Cool World coming soon?
  57. DVD Snacking (and Other Deviancy)
  58. I fixed Remo
  59. What was your Best Deal on DVD's
  60. What's Up Tiger Lily? - anyone find it on shelves?
  61. Any Information on Special Features For Carrie 2002 Release?
  62. Dawson's Creek:The Series Final 9/30: Did I miss a few seasons here?
  63. Dumb and Dumber in an Amaray case
  64. Shanghai Knights - No Insert
  65. Any He-Man developments?
  66. EZ-D creator readies disposable DVDs
  67. Soderbergh's Schizopolis to come out this fall!
  68. Fox OOP 2-disc available now, but...
  69. alias season 2 dec 2nd! (merged, now with cover art)
  70. New packaging for the reissued Fox 2 discs...
  71. the scarface giftset! (contains both versions of movie!!!)
  72. Terminator Box Set?
  73. Is Blood of Heroes anamorphic?
  74. Any Chance of "Breaking the Waves" on Criterion
  75. Questions about Kurosawa's and Hitchcock's Criterion boxsets
  76. how many Criterion commentary tracks do you own?
  77. Kudos to Universal and Artisan, Jeers to MGM
  78. Whats the most commonly owned dvd here?
  79. Universal Casper (1995) (P&S and OAR) and Babe (OAR)
  80. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (7/14 - 7/20)
  81. Where is my Kiss of the Spider Woman, Maurice, The Wedding Banquet ?
  82. anybody know a cheap place to buy bubble envelopes for sending dvds?
  83. Carpenter fans! They live and Prince of Darkness coming in oct!
  84. Buffy Season 1, Disc 2 problems
  85. Final Destination 2's cover a ripoff of an Aliens photo
  86. Wait for Matrix Trilogy box set?
  87. Is the Billy Wilder DVD censored or the uncut version
  88. Final Countdown R1 remastered?
  89. Was someone working on a custom T2: Extreme cover?
  90. What are you getting 7/15?
  91. a-team on dvd?
  92. The Ultimate Toy Box: Is it going OOP anytime soon?
  93. The Movies Begin 5 disc set and Landmarks Of Early Film Vol. 1
  94. How can people sell bootlegs of films at the flea market?
  95. The Thing From Another World in FF?
  96. Irwin Alllen on DVD?
  97. Fast and furious movie ticket
  98. Alien Nation
  99. Other Pirate Movies?
  100. Lord of the Rings Theatrical layer change problem?
  101. Favorite "The Hire" short
  102. is the ticket for bad boys 2 in the superbit?
  103. Bootleg Lord of Rings Two Towers DVDs (eBay)
  104. NEW YORKER upcoming titles... (Undergroung/ La Belle Noiseuse...and more)
  105. Red Dragon DE vs. Red Dragon CE
  106. 'Willard' Specs
  107. didn't someone do customs for G.I. Joe: Original Mini-Series?
  108. "I Love You to Death"
  109. I don't mean to complain, but... (dvdcoverart)
  110. My Yearly Appeal for old gal movies!
  111. Waco: The Rules of Engagement - why isn't it on DVD?
  112. Pan & Scan DVD's re-released in Widescreen!
  113. Is this the next "Salo" on Ebay?
  114. Question: Lord of the Rings: FotR Extended Edition.
  115. Got Umberto D AND Honey Moon Killers TODAY
  116. Best Stand-up comedy on dvd's?
  117. Best Buy Ad Touts Widescreen (Though Not Accurately)
  118. when are the early 30's gangster movies coming out?
  119. Next Walt Disney Treasures 12/2/2003
  120. One and Only Matrix Reloaded DVD release Thread
  121. What director populates the most of your DVD's?
  122. Your Guzzlefish Percentages?
  123. Fellini 5-Disc set (R3 Korean)
  124. BRAZIL R3 (Korean Release)
  125. mst3k the movie special edition?? out?
  126. Good news for MALENA fans!!!
  127. I got a great deal!
  128. Digital Video Essentials DVD Pushed Back?
  129. 9/30 - The Man Who Laughs
  130. Road Warrior:SE??? Any chance?
  131. Looney Tunes DVD Details
  132. Blind Date Uncensored, why 3 DVDs?
  133. Any details on the upcoming Enigma, Special Edition?
  134. Cover pic & specs -- THE HILLS HAVE EYES
  135. Older films on DVD with great transfers (picture quality): Suggestions?
  136. How many Harry Palmer movies are on DVD?
  137. Carlito's Way:SE 9/2!!!!
  138. Which version of His Girl Friday should I get?
  139. NL's Christmas Vacation in widescreen!
  140. waiting for the long version of Dune... any1 know when?
  141. Farscape Complete Season 2 Box Set release date???
  142. Site with Hi-Res images
  143. Does any site combine all titles of note for a given day into a single list?
  144. Any plans for the X-Men: Animated Series on DVD?
  145. Rate everyone's DVDs, best 3, worst 3, 3 missing
  146. Paramount's October Lineup. Neato.
  147. Covoy listed on Amazon. Is this for real?
  148. Why not all 3 with OAR of 2.35:1 Anamorphic?
  149. Copyright symbol?
  150. Dr Seuss TV classic shows coming on DVD! Yipee..
  151. And one more "Rate My Collection"
  152. fresh prince of bell air on dvd ever?
  153. A Great "Rate My DVD Collection" Thread
  154. Question about Manhunter DVD?
  155. Buffy: Season 5 - December 9th!
  156. ALI directors cut special edition?
  157. Last American Virgin (original soundtrack?)
  158. Question on different "Zombie" releases
  159. Dawn of the Dead
  160. Coupling:Season 2 - 10/28/2003
  161. in cold blood - release date?
  162. Where do you get them to sign on DVDs?
  163. My Little Eye: Is there a region 1 DVD of this film?
  164. SpongeBob SquarePants Season Set!
  165. What's the rarest DVD of the Terminator DVDs releast so far?
  166. Halloween 6 and H20 re-release
  167. Horror Double features coming in sept. Waxwork 1 & 2, Watchers 1 & 2 and more...
  168. Bringing Up Baby??
  169. Update on "Freaks and Geeks" Box Set Release...
  170. LOTR:TTT Extended Edition - Movie ticket in box?
  171. The Simpsons Christmas Special DVD
  172. Is Fox Playing with our Heads? 24: Season #2 Coming on 9/2, 9/23 or not at all??
  173. WOW--cool, DVDn - gotta read... (like "Choose Your Own Adventure" on DVD)
  174. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Collector's Edition - What's new?
  175. How do you get Amazon to put a show on their site that isn't released yet?
  176. Any chance of WB 2 disc special editions of...?
  177. Is Fight Club 2-disc version being Re-released Oct,14th?!
  178. Why is The Jazz Singer(Neil Diamond) so expensive and rare?
  179. Best sites for list of foreign R0/R1 new releases?
  180. Gate 2 now available on dvd?
  181. The Final Countdown Again
  182. Hills Have Eyes 9/23!
  183. Boy Meets World Possibly Coming to DVD
  184. OFFICIAL Tenacious D DVD coming Sept. 9th
  185. Post pics of your DVD collection and HT, Part 3
  186. Bad News For Miami Vice Fans!!
  187. Lilo&Stitch...buy now or wait??
  188. Need info on "Mystery Science Theatre" collections
  189. Review of Day of the Dead special edition
  190. 100 Years of Horror?
  191. Grumpy Old Men WS...this has to be a misprint...right?
  192. Question about distribution rights for movies/DVDs
  193. Cover ART- Treasure of Sierra Madre..and more
  194. Any Chance of New Outer Limits Season Sets???
  195. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (7/7 - 7/13)
  196. What Are You Getting 7/8? (Linkafied)
  197. Best DVD collection site
  198. Would you buy a DVD tv season series If an episode was missing?
  199. Seven Samurai authenticity
  200. Anna Nicole Show Coming to DVD on 11/4
  201. Any word about "Faerie Tale Theatre"?
  202. Region 1 Hong Kong Legends Release
  203. Treehouse of Horror?
  204. Do You Think Miami Vice Will Ever Be On DVD?
  205. The current "The Little Mermaid" DVD is TERRIBLE
  206. 2 Early John Sayles Films coming 9/16!
  207. The "I'm glad I have the laserdisc" posts?
  208. Warner Deluxe Box Sets...
  209. DVD Profiler Report Question
  210. Father Ted Season 3 - what's the PQ and extras like?
  211. Scorcese's MY VOYAGE TO ITALY - is it out?
  212. Broke down and bought all 4 seasons of "Friends"
  214. Will you be buying the "Warner Bros. 'night at the movies'" box set?
  215. criterion question
  216. Cover-art for snappers: Where does Hollywood Video get them?
  217. Inside the Actor's Studio on DVD?
  218. Dumb question about T2: EE
  219. BMW HIRE DVD problems?
  220. Fox DVD Promo - Alternate Ending Movie?
  221. Zombi 2 dvd help...
  222. Planet of the Apes Evolution vs. Prisoner Series
  223. Dargonslayer - October release.
  224. Slasher Movies Help
  225. Are you keeping your limited 2-dvd edition of Halloween or replacing with new one ?
  226. Simon & Garfunkel Central Park
  227. Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  228. Fast Runner. The Final Verdict?
  229. Any news on Cannibal Holocaust?
  230. What type of case does Criterion use?
  231. Gangs of New York Directors Cut?
  232. Vote for my home theater please !!!! ;)
  233. Bad CC:Spellbound 2nd printing?
  234. New Italian Horror Pickup's
  235. Animated Mr. Bean coming to DVD
  236. Decalogue $48 shipped from DDD...
  237. Is the Crow: City of Angels dvd really the directors cut?
  238. Question about On the Waterfront
  239. Anamorphic Babe!!! (you know, the pig movie)
  240. South Park - The Unaired Pilot
  241. any chance of south park blu se?
  242. Does DVDTalk feed the buying attitude?
  243. Another Rate my collection thread
  244. Glitch in Gangs of New York??
  245. Whats a Pan & Scan DVD?
  246. MK & A In "The Challenge"
  247. Red Dwarf News - DVD Interviews, newly shot Holly scenes
  248. Yes, a NEW James Bond Cover Series....
  249. looking for TV Movies on DVD
  250. Chaney's 'Phantom of the Opera' 2 Disk SE-9/9/03