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  1. Friday the 13th 4, 7 & 8 cut scenes
  2. Movies not on dvd being shown in HD & 5.1?
  3. Cleaning DVDs
  4. Is There Solid Proof of the Alien Quadrilogy Coming in 2003?
  5. Home Theater Forum Down?
  6. Advanced Optical Disc (AOD) vs BLU-RAY: Support 1080p, WM9/Corona, 5 Mbit/sec Audio..
  7. The Saint MegaSet
  8. What ever happened to ________? (previously announced DVDs)
  9. Evil Dead trilogy any time soon ?
  10. If you could only buy one DVD the rest of this year....
  11. Jacques Perrin's WINGED MIGRATION (in R1 US)-11/18
  12. There is a New Cover Printer around if anyone needs one
  13. Which DISNEY TREASURE will be worth the most??
  14. Is The King Of Horror -- Vincent Price -- Represented Well In Your DVD Library?
  15. Criterion in November (for sure!)
  16. Simpsons Season 3 easter eggs- anyone have any luck?
  17. Got Alias: The Complete First Season today!! Those in Jersey can too. (merged)
  18. Insomniac, Man Show, Strangers with Candy and Upright Citizens Brigade
  19. Specs & Cover Art For Leatherface: TCM3
  20. Most DVD Viewers Watch the Ads
  21. Deepdiscount shipping Meaning of Life?
  22. New to the DVD scene...
  23. New releases missing Closed Captioning
  24. Talk about an early review, X2!!!!!!!!!!
  25. What's your protocol for DVD info on the internet?
  26. Top DVDs to watch over and over?
  27. Cobb dvd ???
  28. How bad are the cuts on A Room with a View?
  29. Party of Five on DVD?
  30. Lilo & Stitch SE Fans..It's A Comin' + Other Disney's
  31. JFK SE coming
  32. Angel Season 2 Shipping from Amazon
  33. Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive Trilogy
  34. Erasure 'The Hits' dvd 10/28
  35. Anyone else miss Disney's Widescreen Banner/Logo on the spine?
  36. Just bought some bargain bin titles; were they worth it?
  37. Bill Maher: New Rule: DVDs are for losers
  38. Why are the best dvd always snappers?
  39. Your Labor Day to Christmas Probable Purchases ...
  40. Self Destructing DVDs
  41. When was the 1st time you actually saw a letterboxed movie on a 4x3 TV and---
  42. DePalma Commentary on Scarface?
  43. T3 Revised DVD Cover Art!!! It SUCKS!
  44. Time Bandits 2-disc set coming Spring 2004
  45. An Evening W/Edgar Allen Poe Transfer?
  46. Enigma SE
  47. What Are The Chances Of Seeing These TV Shows On DVD?
  48. Mysteries and Scandals with host A.J. Benza on DVD??
  49. Johnny Be Good - Cut Scenes on DVD
  50. Problem with Simpsons S3 packaging?
  51. New AC/DC dvd on the way!!!
  52. LOTR TTT: CHAP. 51 glitch
  53. DVD Profiler (Free Version) has # of titles limit?
  54. Time for another "Most Collected Director/Actor" thread
  55. What was your first Widescreen purchase (DVD or VHS)
  56. Would watching 24 S2 promo DVD spoil Season 1?
  57. Have You Collected Your Absolute Favorite DVD?
  58. Desperado/El Mariachi Collectors Box Set... Anyone Have?
  59. Monty Python's Life of Brian
  60. First Criterion you owned
  61. Two Towers
  62. Depeche Mode 101 DVD 10/14
  63. Anyone prefer the original LOTR movies instead of the EE?
  64. Kim Possible: The Secret Files in Widescreen!
  65. DVD Profiler question (CD bonus DVDs)
  66. First 2disc S.E. you owned
  67. Did anyone try the Private Snafu DVD?
  68. Return of the King Preview on TT dvd, why was the video better?
  69. Any specs/reviews on Carlito's Way : SE ?
  70. JFK re-release 11/11/03
  71. No LOTR TTT: EE Offer.
  72. urgent anchor bay replacement
  73. Bond rereleases in november
  74. Canned FOX shows on DVD?
  75. dvd's with a play all feature in someway
  76. dvd covers/menus that contain spoilers in someway or the other.
  77. New Animal House Release
  78. Whih Shining DVD did you buy the old or the new?
  79. " Herbie " The Love Bug Dvd question
  80. Simpsons DVD Releases - A Poll
  81. Tell me about this Scarface Deluxe Gift Set...
  82. any dvd magazines left?
  83. E.R. Season 1 in widescreen?
  84. Your 8/26 DVD stories...
  85. Tom Savini commentaries...
  86. simpsons cover colors
  87. Is there an English-dubbed version of El Mariachi?
  88. Does any one know what was the first commercial anamorphic DVD back in 1997?
  89. Question about Disney DVD OOP policy?
  90. How many people here would buy a DVD of failed T.V. pilots?
  91. "Animal House" --- Insert?
  92. Problem with DVD Rentals....
  93. Would you buy a Wizards and Warriors DVD collection?
  94. WWE now owns all AWA and ECW video libraries!
  95. Anyone find The Brood or Poolhall Junkies anywhere today?
  96. Iron Giant SE - released now????
  97. Strange discoloration on TTT Dvd
  98. The TWO TOWERS is more Heavy duty than the FELLOWSHIP dvd. Why?
  99. R1 Final Countdown in limbo again
  100. Bowling For Columbine: Canadian version question
  101. Missing LOTR Adventure Card
  102. Pink Floyd:dark side DVD @ Best Buy
  103. Reason for ED WOOD being delayed?
  104. The Best of Eddie Murphy???
  105. does anyone own this trio of travolta flicks?
  106. Help me work out my collection!
  107. Aaargh!!! Bought Full Screen on accident!
  108. Anyone else going to Best Buy midnight Two Towers thing?
  109. LotR Movie on 2 DVDs... Why?
  110. How Many of the 109 BEST Films Do You Own on R1 DVD?
  111. any possibility of a Spiderman Superbit soon?
  112. BOZO on DVD...NEXT WEEK?!
  113. I have just passed the 2,000 DVD ownership time to start renting?
  114. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (8/25 - 8/31)
  115. More F13 boxed set promotion to come...
  116. Criterion delays "The Rules of the Game"...and with good reason!
  117. Sherlock Holmes collection is the Basil Rathborne films
  118. "Escape from New York": A TWO disc SE?? Details here..
  119. Anyone have a DVD stand alone burner?
  120. Sting's "Bring on the Night"?
  121. How many of the 10 Biggest Box Office Bombs do you own
  122. Zombi 2 delayed?
  123. "True Lies" Is Going For $20+ On Ebay
  124. HD-DVD players WILL be backwards compatible!
  125. Have the quality of bonus features slipped?
  126. Rapa Nui, Any interest? On DVD ever?
  127. Night of the Living Dead?
  128. A.L.F. on DVD?
  129. When's the Next TV Shows on DVD Poll?
  130. Where the hell is the top selling dvd site?
  131. Justice League on DVD ever?
  132. Anyone listen to more than 5min of the BFC commentary?
  133. South Park S3-12/16! Being released by a new studio(Paramount)!Plus more Paramount TV
  134. The Two Towers: Most anticipated release?
  135. The Fugitive(60's) and Mission Impossible(60's)?
  136. gigli dvd
  137. Ric Easton's semi-official Cover Art Thread!
  138. Does the documentary for 25th Ann. Halloween have CC/subs?
  139. Moving a Large DVD Collection to a New Residence
  140. Custom Cover for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  141. 24 Preview Disc
  142. Hangin' With The Homeboys on DVD anyone?
  143. Yes Finaly I like It!Lord of the rings!!!!
  144. Who else would like to finally see David Mamet's "Homicide" on DVD?
  145. Buffy Question
  146. Just Got Simpsons Season 3!
  147. E. Beart's La Repetition....any info on this release??
  148. Fight Club: 2 disc Special Edition
  149. Married with Children: Season 1 to include Reunion Special!
  150. To Live And Die In L.A. 12/2/03?
  151. What Are You Getting 8/26? (DVDTalk Links Included)
  152. Where to find upcoming release info?
  153. The Apu Trilogy R1 October 28th- specs
  154. Eddie Murphy Delirious & Raw DVD
  155. Is this Ritek Fist of Legend legit?
  156. Star Wars II DVD different than Theatre version?
  157. Where can I get cheap Triple DVD cases the size of Single cases?
  158. LOTR:TTT Shipping?
  159. 6TH annual dvd awards,!
  160. The Jamie Kennedy Experiment Season 1 being released!!!!!!
  161. Sports Night DVD Boxed Set
  162. Hey Disney What's the Scoop? Where's Mr. Boogedy, Bride of Boogedy and Child of Glass
  163. Universal Monsters - widescreen or 4:3?
  164. Any Info on Release of "Looking for Mr. Goodbar"?
  165. "Donnie Darko" and "Phone Booth" sharing same UPC code in region 1???
  166. Which MST3k Collection to get?
  167. Ever Have a Title Not Available in Guzzlefish?
  168. Am I The Only One Who Would Welcome Season Sets Of 'Roseanne' Into This World?
  169. Are we ever gonna see Scrubs on DVD ?
  170. What are the last 3 DVDs you have bought?
  171. LOTR: Towers - 4 Disc Set?
  172. Roger and Me widescreen?
  173. ~Official DVD Storage Thread~
  174. The Commitments - Full Screen or Letterboxed?
  175. New SNL DVD on Profiler
  176. Desperado / El Mariachi (Special Editions) (1995): August 26?
  177. What is it with Chicago, I raided the dumpster and found 56 inserts for this DVD
  178. Tales from the crypt JPN dvd set? What in tarnation?
  179. TV Guide thinks Best Of's are better than Season Sets
  180. Friday 13th Box Set?
  181. hrm anyone else's chicago DVD not look widescreen?
  182. Whale Rider Specs
  183. Petition to get "Chicago" Re-Released on DVD
  184. Best DVD packaging
  185. boyz in the hood more info?
  186. Nip/tuck - any plans for DVD release?
  187. Zombie 3 dvd ?
  188. LOTR, The Simpsons released connection?
  189. Final Countdown - anyone received?
  190. Don Knotts movies on DVD Sept. 2-any extras?
  191. BTTF corrected versions maybe release Sept/02/2003???
  192. Is The Gate a fullscreen DVD?
  193. Did they change the specs on 24 Season 2?
  194. Mr. Show s3 DVD at BestBuy????
  195. ER: Season 1- all 4 disc are DVD-18
  196. Married.. with Children Season 1 OFFICIALLY announced!!
  197. Cast Away: SE reduced from dts-es to just plain dts?
  198. So The Job is on DVD Any Chance We'll Get it in Stores?
  199. Do you prefer to buy your DVD's at B&M stores instead of On-Line due to damages?
  200. Will we ever see SNL: Best of Phil Hartman?
  201. Any reason I should not sell old version of Rambo Trilogy?
  202. House of 1000 Corpses question
  203. The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl to be re-released on DVD
  204. X-Men Collection?
  205. xxx commentary
  206. Night of the living dead (1990) - re-release ever?
  207. how come new blockbuster movies still come in crappy packaging?
  208. Attn: Dr. Zaius (Superman II Cover)
  209. Anchor Bay Quality Control Day of the Dead
  210. Hang Onto the Full Frame NL Vacation
  211. Need help with Nightmare on Elm Street set bonus disc.
  212. Bowling For Columbine - Flipper or 2-Disc? (read admin note in first post)
  213. Middle aged white guy trys break dancing, suffers bodily harm!
  214. Roger & Me - OAR?
  215. please shoot me now, Total Recall Extreme edtion coming soon
  216. Day of the Dead at Target - How many copies?
  217. Is there a Saving Private Ryan 2-disk possibility??
  218. What are the chances of RAD ever making it to DVD?
  219. Are you puzzled when you receive DVD's you forgot you ordered?
  220. What hapened to Goodfellas: SE???
  221. Schindlers List - is this ever coming out?
  222. Are they going to double-dip Chicago??
  223. How would I get the best bang for my buck with 80 dollars in Amazon GCs?
  224. Pumping Iron - November 11th!
  225. Name of the Rose - NTSC with English cover art?
  226. Boght Pirates of the Caribbean on dvd for 9 dollars. bad decision!!
  227. Traffic CC - OOP?
  228. Which is the best Superman cartoon dvd?
  229. Convoy- can't figure out ratio & 16x9??!
  230. any chance of Freddy vs. Jason unrated version?
  231. anyone have any screen shot comparison shots for Dead zone R1 vs R2?
  232. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (8/18 - 8/24)
  233. Halloween 6 ??? Which version to get??
  234. The Ring: Unrated Edition?
  235. T3 : Official Announcement and Artwork
  236. Whatever happened to the HARDWARE DVD?
  237. Any review of The Two Towers dvd?
  238. Can someone link me..........
  239. "Charade" Color 1953 What OAR is it please ?
  240. Project Greenlight Questions?
  241. Criterion Lord of the Flies going out of print?
  242. Freddy's Nightmares??
  243. anyone have the region 2 Conan?
  244. what are you getting 8/19?
  245. do you know anyone with more dvds than you?
  246. T2 extreme edition question
  247. How much do the studios NOW depend on DVDs?
  248. Anyone Ever Able to Find Older Films New to DVD as Blockbuster Rentals?
  249. Friday 13th re-release question
  250. Speed Racer rubber tire bonus