"Grease 2" : MIA ?

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"Grease 2" : MIA ?

O.K. first, yes....I know it's a terrible terrible movie. But it's so bad, I was actually thinking of picking up at while I was at Best Buy. But surprise surprise. They didn't have it. Not the same Best Buy that never has any new releases. The one that usually does. There was a Best Buy employee in the aisle asking me if I needed help and I asked her if I was looking in the wrong place (Musicals, "Grease" was there, but not "G2"). She said "Hold on". Looked on the computer and said "It's not released until 6/24. Huh!??? Did this get pushed back?

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No, it's released today.
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Grrr!!!! F'n Best Buy!
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Didn't see it at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Target today.
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it's in my hands. hello grease 2.
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Good news: Martin Blythe pays us a welcome visit

Bad news: It's in the Grease 2 thread

just kiddin'... he also posted in the Star Trek Nemesis thread... and it's always cool when he comes by.

Seriously...I will admit that this movie grew on me each time I'd watch it. Sure, it had a tough act to follow but since they used (at the time) "unknowns" in the leads, it has a certain charm to it. I will definately pick this up.

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it looks great by the way. and the sound is terrific.

it's a shame paramount couldn't even include a trailer, though.

but, I am still very happy I own it.
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Had it at my Best buy. I didn't see Brady Bunch, but they actually got it and just didn't put it out. What's the point?
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borders in San Diego (mission Valley) had one copy and like 3 copies of each of the Brady movies. It was none 2 and 2 when I left.
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Went to a Target and they didn't have it, but found it at a Media Play.

The transfer is amazing. If you've seen it before, it has always looked horrible. Terribly panned and scanned and faded colors. The anamorphic widescreen transfer has bright colors and looks like it was in theatres last year. Really impressed with it.

And seeing it letterboxed for the first time is at times like seeing a new film. They really used the frame. Things going on that I had never seen before.

Great disc.
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My Best Buy also said released on 6/24 and they only had 1 on Order. I just ordered it overnight from Amazon.

Martin, please go get a stick and whip Best Buy into shape. They have been doing this a lot lately.
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I'll have to pick this up. I'm not sure why, but for some reason this was my favorite movie when I was a kid.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that reason was Michelle Pfeiffer.
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Michelle Piffeir acted out the part of the girl in DVD "Footloose" fearless and in love. "Highway to Hell" the gal acted the same way. Boy Crazy and fearless.

P.S. Combination in todays gals, the same as the ones we got high with, girls just want to have fun, drugs, sex, and rock & roll.

Guys don't give out your phone number, they never stop calling! A gals black book is not used the same way as a guys. I only used it for dates, they call you to be with you, they fall in love too fast. Once you have sex and they like it, your doomed unless you can vanish into thin air.

I was a very popular roller skater that liked to get high, I was constantly introduced to differents gals, especailly at malls. They say this is the guy I told you about his name is John and if you want to be part of the regular crowd you have to earn his respect, he only skates with the best. I was sitting right behind them putting my skates on. I was a better Quad roller skater than anything else. I started at age 13 to age 38 I had planned on going that Sunday night, then I had my career ending accident 25 years down the drain.
Last roller rink Skateland Matamoras, PA
Also you want to pick up girls get into a Rocky Horror Fri and Sat nights and act and you will me them. They will know you have the guts to wear makeup, act in front of a audience and get high. The reason after the wife died that I bought a van and put a bed with a mirrored squared ceiling and painted red 25 watt DC bulbs, and a license plate that said "if you see the van a rocking, don't come a knocking" two groups I was part of the Golden Arrow MC, and the 'Van Clan" of the Lehigh Valley. I ran a 2 12 Volt battery set up for the frig (Norcold) to have cold ones before or after. I sewed my oats before A.I.D.S. and herpes even made the news.
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