Any loose discs in the Buffy season 4?

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Any loose discs in the Buffy season 4?

I'm thinking about ordering this online, but I don't want to have to return them if there is another loose disc problem like the Season 3 problem. Anybody ran into any loose discs or heard of any?
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The first thing I did after I picked up my set today at Best Buy is open it and check for any loose discs and I was very happy to discover there were none! Let's hope Fox keeps up the good work for the remaining 3 Buffy box sets still to come.
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None for me (mine came from Amazon, just like most of the others I've gotten), but between Angel and Buffy, I haven't had a loose disk yet.
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Mine passed the shake test, yet it turns out that disc #2 was a floater. Luckily, it has ZERO damage on the surface, so I guess I dodged a bullet.

In general, it seems like this set is better designed than S3. I think it's less likely to have floaties.
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I gently shook mine in the store, and it didn't sound like anything was loose. When I opened it at home though, #1 was a floater. It doesn't seem like there's any major damage, so I might not have to do an exchange. I'll watch the disc tomorrow (unless I opt to revisit the first 3 seasons beforehand, which will take longer obviously). If there are any problems with playback, I'll exchange it. DVDs are pretty tough, so hopefully all will be good. I can't remember if I ever got a floater with the Buffy sets. 'Tis possible though.

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I got mine from Amazon yesterday. No floaters.
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My disc 1 was loose but there was zero damage so I just kept it.
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I had two discs loose, but they were still snug in the right spot, just not tight on the spindle. My X-FILES season 7, on the other hand, came with three discs loose and big scratches in them. It was promptly returned.
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I had two scratched disks in the box. Returned it to Best Buy and exchanged it for another. They let me open it on the spot to inspect it. Another disk was scratched! Luckily they let me exchange the scratched disk in the 2nd set for the unscratched disk in the 1st set.

Thanks Best Buy!
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Got mine at Circuit City, shook the box in the aisle, and brought it home. No floaters
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My second disc from Season 3 was all scratched up...Im hoping Season 4 isn't like this.
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Well, i've had floaters in every Buffy set I've bought. It's been the worst luck with anything on DVD I've had, but season 4 was actually good to me. No damages, no floaters. yay
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My S4 just arrived from Amazon and there were no loose discs to report. My little booklet is a little bent at the top but that's nothing I can't fix.
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Got mine today from Amazon with no loose discs.
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No problems with mine. Looks they learned their lesson with season 3 (thank goodness.)
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I've had floaters and many scratched discs with seasons 2 & 3 of Buffy. But it looks like I've lucked out with season 4 - no floaters and no scratched discs (I happened to pick up the last copy BB had so I didn't have a choice).
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My set came today from Amazon no floaters and no scratches.
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Damn, I went through 5 or 6 sets with S3 till I eventually was able to mix & match them at Best Buy so I ahd all good discs. I hope that doesnt happen with S4. So far though it sounds like it won't.
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I just got Season 4 last week and disk 2 is scratched and locks up. I went through 3 sets of season 3 to get a good one. Is there a number to call fox to just exchange the bad disk?
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That's very typical of Fox boxsets. I've had similar experiences for just about EVERY boxsets I purchases, e.g. Buffy, Angel, Alien Quadrilogy, X-files. Fox will not let you exchange just the defective disks. They will make you return the entire set at your expense and ship you out a new one, which may or may not have scratched disks. Your best bet is to take it to a B&M so you can inspect each one you want to replace.
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