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  1. Babylon 5 Season 5 Announcement
  2. 1 Last Plea for someone to do some covers for me before I go
  3. The *Official* "What DVDs did you get for Christmas" thread
  4. What the hell is wrong with the quadrilogy
  5. Difference between "American Wedding Gift Set, and "Extended"?
  6. Alien Quad Question
  7. Good DVD's to watch on X-mas (not nec. x-mas related)
  8. RotK release date?
  9. - Your DVD Of The Year Thread -
  10. Seinfeld "Making of" portion of dvd has problems.
  11. Merry Christmas & Eight Crrrrraaaazy Nights !
  12. What Commentaries Should I Watch?
  13. Heat & Goodfellas
  14. Matrix Box Set Planned
  15. Mary Tyler Moore Season One Editing
  16. Fellowship of the Rings: Disc # 2 faulty??!!!
  17. Does the average DVD buyer care about commentaries?
  18. Weird Question - Anyway to remove "permant" pen marker from dvds?
  19. Any of these Sci-Fi / Horror titles comming?
  20. Decline of the American Empire DVD Q
  21. Best DVD of Q4 2003
  22. Sunny D's Hulk contest sucks
  23. WWE: Mick Foley's DVD - Complete Details
  24. Reno 911 ever coming to DVD?
  25. Warner to Buy MGM Rumors: Bad news for old library titles on DVD?
  26. Do some stores Raise prices for holidays?(Best Buy)
  27. Do you listen to DVD commentaries?
  28. After 12 weeks, I contacted the DOL about the UP FROM ZERO dvd
  29. Comments on blind buys on these TV DVDs
  30. Starsky & Hutch: Season 1 coming 3/2
  31. No More Unskippable Previews on Universal Movies
  32. No soup for elaine, Kramer, and George on Seinfeld DVD
  33. DVDs cited as partial reason for my divorce!
  34. Any plans for All In The Family Season 3?
  35. Guzzlefish seems to have updated a few titles
  36. Any romantics want to see SAME TIME NEXT YEAR on dvd?
  37. What Are You Watching This YULETIDE Week/Weekend? (12/22 12/28)
  38. New Kieslowski's coming soon (Question about Kino)
  39. MUST HAVES: List fav's and ones to show off DVD medium...
  40. New Criterions: ONIBABA and Scenes from a Marriage!
  41. Quality or Quanity?
  42. Another Godzilla movie coming to R1 DVD!
  43. What are you hoping to get for Christmas?
  44. Lain Re-releases?
  45. ROTK: EE DVD predictions?
  46. Bad spot on disc 6 of Deep Space 9 season 7?...
  47. Any more Incredible Hulk sets on the way?
  48. So, I just finished watching E.R. Season 1
  49. Novice user - need some help please
  50. Chaplin: MT-- What's that difference?
  51. Something About Mary OOP?
  52. Kusturica's Underground
  53. 24 Season 1 UK version vs. US Version
  54. Buying TV seasons on DVD is much better than recording them.
  55. Barry Levinson's Baltimore Saga cover
  56. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2 & Thanksgiving Reunion??
  57. Premature, but still MUST ASK -- Last Samurai, when?
  58. dvd coverart site down?
  59. What is official Matrix Revolutions release date?
  60. Just found Duel at Kmart.
  61. Front Row Ent. Flash Gordon DVD's
  62. Does Xmen 1.5 have that extended branching also?
  63. If someone gave you a FS (non-oar) DVD as a gift what would you do?
  64. Happy B-Day to my collection,(when is your collection's B-Day?)
  65. Alien 3 DC, Can't turn subtitles off on Sony.
  66. Big Thumbs Up to Universal
  67. Prince of Egypt, which edition to get?
  68. Spinoff: Your top 10 DVDs for the year
  69. Covers Removed fom DVDCoverart?
  70. Entertainment Weekly Top 10 DVDS of 2003
  71. What DVDs are you getting 12.23.2003..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  72. The Dead Zone: Season 2 coming 3/16!
  73. Monty Python's Meaning of Life Question
  74. Question about Buffy Sets?
  75. What are some good DVD magazines?
  76. Joel Silver Re: Matrix Box Set & New Transfer of The Matrix
  77. Best way to sell 350+ dvds?
  78. Mista is Dumb
  79. Star Wars Trilogy Video CDs?
  80. NFL Films Super Bowl Collection I-X
  81. Is Quick Change ever going to be released??
  82. Help finding if i got the correct BTTF version or not
  83. a funny cartoon about many of us...
  84. oh well
  85. Freaky Friday (1976) - Harris/Foster... DVD WHEN?!?!
  86. Anyone collects the title labeling sticker for a DVD??
  87. Has Anyone Done A SciFi Channel "Battlestar Galactica" Cover?
  88. Where to find Dreamworks' SINBAD DVD review?
  89. Where to find Disney's Cinderella oop
  90. MIDNITE MOVIES: Next Batch of Releases?
  91. reminder...."One Million Years B.C." release date
  92. TRAINSPOTTING SE dvd?! finally?! maybe?!
  93. Reefer Madness....in DTS (& Color)!!
  94. Back to the Future trilogy corrected framing -- Where do I find it? -- HELP !
  95. Freaky Friday Canadian Full Frame only???
  96. When you get banged up DVDs purchased through the Internet what do you do?
  97. Mel Gibson's Hamlet - 2/24/04
  98. Stripes: SE Coming...with bonus footage!
  99. Must Have DVD's
  100. Must Have DVD's
  101. Schindler's List Artwork Confirmed! Looks GREAT!
  102. TCM 2003 DVD News
  103. Help - x-Files DVDs
  104. Stop the Floaters!
  105. Ripley's Game-3/30
  106. White Slim Double Cases??
  108. Happy Christmas and (DVD question).
  109. House Is Burning Down,and You Could Only Get 1 Dvd Out..Which Would It Be?
  110. Used DVDS?
  111. GIRLS GONE WILD Accused of Trapping Consumers
  112. slightly dissapointing SCHINDLER'S LIST dvd news
  113. WWE DVD News! Ric Flair DVD replacement packaging & Mick Foley DVD details.
  114. Black Books-Series 2 comes DVD 3/15/04- (If you have a region free player)
  115. The Commitments Special Edition
  116. TOY STORY Ultimate Toy Box ?
  117. what is Conan-the Complete Quest?
  118. Seabiscuit
  119. Where is the rest of Once & Again????
  120. Blockbuster Pres/COO: "End DVD Region Coding & 2-Tier Pricing"
  121. Is Repli-kate worth getting for $6.99?
  122. Jurassic Park 3? What???
  123. Is the WARNER Legends box set eligible for the 'Buy 2 Get 1 free SE offer'?
  124. The Pretenders - Loose in L.A.
  125. Warner UK prepping 2-disc Heat and Goodfellas SEs
  126. Humorous article on aspect ratio
  127. Wyatt Earp in June
  128. THX 1138 DVD in the works!
  129. What studio has been impressing you the most lately?
  130. Ford Fairlane MIA?
  131. Lukas Moodysson's TOGETHER- 2/10/2004
  132. Police Academy boxset - June 2004!
  133. Warning - Seabiscuit case
  134. Which free WB Special Edition DVD should I get?
  135. Universal is at it again with forced trailers on American Wedding
  136. So what's the latest on LOWER DEPTHS Criterion?
  137. Differences between T2 Ultimate and Extreme
  138. Why are so DVDs popular today? What did it?
  139. X-Men 2 extra's, too much talking
  140. The Rundown on DVD
  141. Mondo Cane Article NY Times (12/14)
  142. Philip B. Gaines' Firefly: A Special Feature.
  143. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (12/15 - 12/21)
  144. Magnum P.I.?
  145. Do you ever buy the lesser dvd?
  146. G.I.Joe season 1 for pre-order on amazon.com!
  147. The Omega Man - two versions?
  148. Any news on Beer Money or Porn n' Chicken?
  149. Angel: Season 2 - Glitch?!
  150. CineSchlockers' Choice 2003: Best genre title
  151. Screen capture request: LA Story (Steve Martin)
  152. Meet me in St. Louis in 2004?
  153. Burns and Allen 5 disc collection coming 2/24/04
  154. where can I find free HQ cover scans for DVDProfiler?
  155. no box set of the star wars movies?
  156. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) - release info
  157. Fox shoots itself in the foot...again
  158. 'The Practice' on DVD?
  159. Chaplin Collection 2
  160. Jamie Kennedy experiment not rated??
  161. Is the old OOP Willy Wonka still worth anything?
  162. buy National Geographic Beyond the Movie- LOTR: ROTK, get $5 off ROTK ticket!
  163. Goolly! I found 42 dvds in the trash !!
  164. MXC needs to be on DVD...
  165. Laserdisc Find
  166. "Amelie"/Onkyo conflict?
  167. Anyone have DVD details about Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003)?
  168. ROTK:EE release?
  169. Any titles you regret NOT picking up in the recent DDD sale?
  170. Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box, how many versions were there?
  171. A Goodbye Post
  172. I want to mutilate my Hitchcock Criterion boxset
  173. DVD Scheduled Price Drops for 12/16/03-03/16/04
  174. Star Trek movie collection 10 pack?
  175. Who here bought "Gigli" DVD?
  176. Spongebob Season 2 ???
  177. R1 Ichi and Wild Zero Questions
  178. Will "The Cure" ever be released on DVD?
  179. Any news on a Married with Children Season 2 set?
  180. Future WWE releases?
  181. NY Times Article (12/14) - What delays some DVDs from being issued
  182. Red Dwarf News: Series IV Extras!
  183. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly SE - 1st details
  184. The real reason the Disney tins got delayed? Roy vs. Eisner?
  185. Home Alone SE, ever?
  186. What DVDs are you getting 12.16.2003..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  187. Does Criterion always release this many discs a month?
  188. 2004 - the year of the DVD
  189. What's the best way to have a paper listing of your collection?
  190. Road to Perdition DVD problem
  191. Sleeping Beauty is NOT in its original aspect ration
  192. Ed on DVD???
  193. Guzzlefish problem: can't find Alien Quadrilogy set.
  194. Universal Classic Monsters: Coffin Box Set?
  195. Missing bits from Ben Stiller Show?
  196. Several Bad Boys 2 Glitches
  197. Bad Boys 2, there's gonna be another release isn't there?
  199. Who did the Last Action Hero custom?
  200. Anyone else have a defective WB Arsenic & Old Lace?
  201. Your year in review -
  202. What's with all those 'Curb Your Enthusiasm Complete 3 Seasons' on Ebay?
  203. Studio for most CONSISTENT DVD releases?
  204. How many items are in your wishlist and how much would it be to obtain them all?
  205. POTC sets record for most units sold for a live-action flick the first week
  206. Region 2 Panic Room Collectors Edition Announced!
  207. anyone else enjoying the lull in the release schedule?
  208. The Front (Woody Allen) dvd!
  209. Bravo to 20th Century Fox for having the balls to let people give honest responses!
  210. LAPD Captain arrested for allegedly selling pirated (DVD) movies
  211. "Monster's Ball" - which version to get?
  212. So I just bought this dvd cabinet
  213. Bad Boys 2 Problem
  214. Doctor Detroit & Man With 2 Brains are in HD this month- dvds soon?
  215. Nicole Kidman in Bangkok Hilton
  216. Men Of Honor SE Available In Two Pack
  217. Firefly at BB?
  218. FOOD OF THE GODS and Spaghetti Westerns on DVD in Japan Only
  219. Any news on HAPPY DAYS coming to DVD?
  220. problem with Silent Night Deadly Night disc
  221. Alien Quad Quebec version
  222. Think FOX finally fix Buffy Season set problems? I DO!
  223. lara croft 2 pack?
  224. Will new Godfather dvd include original mono this time???
  225. The A - Team Season 1
  226. Horror Dvds
  227. If widescreen-only DVDs were released, wouldn't that solve the "widescreen problem"?
  228. New Raw Deal DVD Feb. 2004
  229. La Dolce Vita! Criterion? Somebody?
  230. Woman in the Dunes: Criterion Collection
  231. 'Looney Tunes Golden Collection' Canadian vs. US version
  232. American History X SE????
  233. Who's Been Good or Bad in DVDland This Year?
  234. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (12/8 - 12/14)
  235. How to remove magic marker from a keep case?
  236. looking for list of upcoming live concert dvds
  237. DDD says Once Upon a Time in America Discontinued?
  238. Chance of Price Reduction on X Files Season Sets???
  239. Anger Management and Amazon
  240. Any plans for a MEL BROOKS collection?
  241. ace in the hole, any chance for dvd?
  242. gettysburg re release feb 4, 2004 same as old release
  243. What is "Beneath The Crust" with the American Pie 1 & 2 DVD's?
  244. COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL thread for everyone's final tally from the 20% DDD coupons?
  245. No AFRICAN QUEEN on DVD? Wha-???
  246. How do we check if a disc is anamorphic in transfer?
  247. Body Melt - any good? (recently released horror movie)
  248. Any news on 'ANIMANIACS' coming to DVD?
  249. Help me with gift list: Which DVD's are you asking for this year?
  250. Dead or Alive Trilogy, uncut?