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  1. Buffy S6 Warning - OMWF is NOT anamorphic!
  2. Go Speed Racer Go!
  3. Any differences between these two Usual Suspects DVDs?
  4. Seinfeld on DVD - November
  5. Universal Screws Up NightHawks
  6. Bargin DVDs (in Stores)
  7. Autographed DVD cases
  8. Fight Club-- 2 disc...OOP again???
  9. Survivor Spoilers
  10. Question about Dawson's Creek
  11. Wild Bunch SE?
  12. Red Violin - Which Version?
  13. What DVDs are you getting 05.18.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  14. The Other on DVD?
  15. Wicker Man dvd defective and Anchor Bay has not responded to my email?
  16. Jonny Quest DVD censored?
  17. Any news on the release of "Elf"?
  18. Torque to Be Released in a Keep Case
  19. Has "Year of the Comet" been released on DVD ever?
  20. Register Your DVD!
  21. Superbit List
  22. bootleg dvds - how can you tell
  23. How many wrapped...How do you stack...How do you sort...?
  24. Big Cudos to ADV Films!
  25. Want Silver Spoons on DVD? Sign the petition
  26. The Apprentice - Late August
  27. NBC Buys Universal - Will it effect DVD?
  28. Walt Disney Treasures Wave 4: Confirmed
  29. Walt Disney Magic Kingdom DVD
  30. Master & Commander Bonus Disc from Best Buy - Worth it?
  31. The shawshawk redemption
  32. How many wrapped DVD's do you own.
  33. Hogans Heroes - Will it ever be released?
  34. Anyone Excited For Mad TV Season One?
  35. I Love Lucy: Season 2 delayed
  36. Everybody Loves Raymond: Season 1 delayed
  37. Six Feet Under: Season 2 delayed
  38. Movie posters: How about posters from video stores?
  39. Funny VHS Email from Fox
  40. Amazon.fr is the worst. Where else can I buy R2 DVDs?
  41. THE WIRE Season 1 August 31, 2004
  42. Anybody holding off buying Indiana Jones until Star Wars Trilogy gets released?
  43. Shrek 3-D....Worth Keeping?
  44. Robert Rodriguez's Roadracers???
  45. DVD won't play anymore -- all of the sudden
  46. Ed Wood DVD on eBay. Bootlegger?
  47. Shawshank Redemption: 10th Anniversary Cover Art
  48. House of 1000 Corpses Directors Uncut : When ??
  49. X-Men Evolution DVDs worth getting?
  50. ET or Not ET - that is the question. . . .
  51. Free DVD cases - a good idea!
  52. 300 Spartans DVD - My impression
  54. Should an English dubbed version of The Passion be released
  55. Wrong video on my disc
  56. Now that Swamp Thing has been added to the re-release list, anyone know if it will be
  57. Criterion Forum?
  58. Van Helsing London Assignment... Warning!!! It's NOT ANAMORPHIC!!!!
  59. Anyone else buying up a DVD collection in order to do away with cable?
  60. Angel Heart DVD out week early at Best Buy
  61. SCTV at Time Life NOW! Is it the same?
  62. Anyone else get ripped off by FRCMarketing for Criterion Charade?
  63. Hammer Films: Horror of Dracula - Coming Soon?
  64. Rhino confirms 6/29 for GIJOE S1P2
  65. William Hung: Hangin' With Hung DVD.. a MUST GET?
  66. RoboCop DVDs
  67. Freaks (1932) due 8/10/2004
  68. ID4--ticket for Day After Tomorrow??
  69. Escaflowne on DVD
  70. paycheck is it going to be double dipped
  71. Chemical Brothers: Singles 93-03 DVD question...
  72. Is Apollo 13 going out of print?
  73. Looking for a few foreign legit dvds, need help
  74. Dallas: Seasons 1 & 2 coming August 24th
  75. Cinémascope format on Scarface - Anniversary Edition?
  76. OAR of Braindead/Dead Alive?
  77. Do you watch DVDs on the spur of the moment or are they planned?
  78. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (5/10 - 5/16)
  79. What's New on the Ali Director's Cut?
  80. Traffic Criterion Canadian Version
  81. Video Dealers May Have To Rethink Used DVD Policies
  82. DVD Collectors: A simple question... WHY?
  83. All in the Family Season 3 - July
  84. Aiken in Aladdin
  85. Highlander 2 SE coming whether you want it or not
  86. Duel / Sugarland Express ---> Aug. 17th! and Universal SEs...
  87. Steven Spielberg on dvd?
  88. other than criterion collection?
  89. Sound of Music 40th Anniversary Edition?
  90. Fog of War: Worth getting?
  91. How many sets are there from Universal's "Franchise" collection?
  92. And the #4 top selling DVD in my area is....
  93. If I taped the "Friends Finale" is there really a need for the DVD?
  94. Back Cover Art Websites?
  95. What is the best version of "Equilibrium" and is there a better one coming??
  96. Would you like to see the 1990's Land of the Lost on DVD?
  97. Evil of Frankenstein?
  98. Big Brother Season One????
  99. X-files season 9 on DVD... who is the first to buy it?
  100. Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction
  101. First Blood SE Re-release
  102. OAR of This Island Earth?
  103. I know this has been talked to death, but.....
  104. Sell Goodfellas& Meanstreets?
  105. Wrestling DVDs
  106. Anything good coming out on 5/18/04
  107. 3 new Chabrol titles by Home Vision
  108. "Van Helsing - TLA" Review??
  109. Romper Stomper 2-disc Special Edition
  110. Problems with "Master and Commander" Disc 2?
  111. Illegal for rental stores to break street date, then illegal for me to rent DVD??
  112. Cary Grant DVD Essentials... What to get?
  113. Duel finally coming out?
  114. How does Bob Hope's Road Show series compare to the On The Road collection?
  115. Anyone willing to make me a custom Conan: The Complete Quest cover?
  116. "Dawn of the Dead" (04) DVD... announced yet??
  117. Spider Man
  118. The Day After,fullframe & no extras?
  119. Kinyo's TV on DVD Weekly 5/11
  120. Popeye The Sailor Man Classics?
  121. DVD media ??'s
  122. Friends Finale Opinions Are you buying the DVD
  123. Is Class of 1984 ever coming to dvd?
  124. Details: Goodfellas SE etc
  125. What DVDs are you getting 05.11.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  126. Boo! "Last Samurai" cuts out half of "History vs. Hollywood"
  127. Do you like your Anime subbed, or dubbed?
  128. Cky 4?!!!
  129. John Cassavettes Box Set Slated for Fall 2004 from Criterion
  130. best dvd bargins that you ever got?
  131. How long could you last in "The Contest"?
  132. dvd menu
  133. anchor bay tins
  134. Which Leon?
  135. Futurama Season 4
  136. Spider-Man Superbit problems?
  137. Disney Treasures wave 4 titles
  138. Passion DVD Art
  139. Warner's August 10th horror...
  140. Help with 'adult' dvd covers?
  141. What are the best DVD bargains you passed up and now regret?
  142. you know you have a problem when....
  143. The Munsters: Season 1 coming August 24th
  144. Does anyone have any info on Puppet Master: The Legacy dvd?
  145. Birth of a Nation release question...
  146. Which is the better value: Best of Friends or Friends Season Sets?
  147. More research help
  148. Batman - The Animated Series, Vol. 1 ???
  149. Maverick TV Series anytime soon?
  150. Bob Roberts is OOP, right? If so, Sweet!
  151. AP Article: DVDs and CDs Not So Immortal After All *ROT*
  152. Any chance of Powerpuff Girls Season Sets & PPG: The Movie in Widescreen?
  153. "The Uninvited" - Will this ghost story ever be released?
  154. Problem with my Elephant
  155. With the shoddy treatment of Forever Knight
  156. How important are DVD Extras to you?
  157. So the R1 City of God DVD is going to be bare-bones?
  158. Hitchcock Criterion Box Set
  159. Which Fast and Furious is better (CE vs. Tricked out)
  160. Child's Play S.E. or widescreen sometime soon?
  161. ??Day of the Triffids?? BBC version
  162. Viva La Bam Season One Uncensored
  163. Mary Poppins 2-Disc...any news yet?
  164. New transfer for new Godfather releases?
  165. Demonlover DC?
  166. Are there any Busby Berkeley movies on DVD?
  167. Region 2 Triplets of Belleville art/disc
  168. What Warner Bros classic oldies will be next in the release calendar??
  169. Shogun Assassin/Lone Wolf & Cub/Baby Cart Disks
  170. Laurel and Hardy films or shorts on DVD?
  171. Suggestions for selling parts of the collection
  172. Criterion Westerns?
  173. Underworld Directors Cut Shipping Early???????
  174. M. Butterfly DVD?
  175. Value Of Collections
  176. Samurai Jack: Season 1 dvds worth getting?
  177. When did Jean de Florette/Manon of the Spring go OOP?
  178. Shout! Factory stepping up into DVD Studio Elite?
  179. Will AnimEigo re-release Lone Wolf & Cub flicks in lower-priced box set?
  180. Which is better: Star Wars or Lord of the Rings
  181. Runaway Jury/John Cusack
  182. New coverart for U-571
  183. How do you sort your collection? So if you get a new one...
  184. last samaurai, are the subs burned in, or player generated?
  185. Suppose 10.5 comes to DVD...would you buy?
  186. Last Exile dvd gets dvdtalk's thumbsup
  187. Akira Kurosawa's Ran.. A few Questions on the transfer
  188. Are they going to re-release The Karate Kid series??
  189. New Lector releases from MGM
  190. Criterion in July
  191. Did anyone get Love Actually?
  192. What Are You Watching This Week/Weekend? (5/3 - 5/9)
  193. Live Ween DVD finally!
  194. when your back
  195. The Lost Boys 2 Disc Special Edition - Region 1 - Announced
  196. Saved By the Bell Season 3 & 4 Question
  197. How do you search for Wish List DVDs on E-bay?
  198. Alternate Openings for Mulan DVD
  199. Spongebob Season Sets?
  200. HELP! What does "Sensormatic" mean?
  201. Menu shots for WONDER WOMAN S1!!!!
  202. No booklet in Dick Van Dyke Season 4?
  203. Back to the Future Boxset - Bad Art on Discs?
  204. DVDs of nuclear and atomic testing?
  205. Help with a box set...
  206. Frames for movie posters
  207. Stand-up Comedy Suggestions?
  208. Widescreen vs. Full-screen
  209. Looking for the best Star Trek movie fonts
  210. will you be getting Around The World In 80 Days?
  211. Whats running dry in your DVD collection?
  212. "I keep it because of my wife" DVDs
  213. Any chance for SpiderMan Animated Series ('94) to be released in season sets?
  214. Are you being Served? Again? summer 2004
  215. Last Samurai DVD quality ... pretty bad
  216. Robt. Mitchum fans rejoice!
  217. DVD Talk New-To-DVD Theatrical Release Calendar
  218. How do the studio's store there tv shows and movies from yesteryear?
  219. Beneficiary of an incorrect price
  220. Is the mystique & ease of watching a rerun taken away from buying TV Series Box Sets?
  221. How many DVD's have you purchased at one time?
  222. Star Wars Trilogy Import opinions?
  223. memento 2xDisc version
  224. What are some of the best easter eggs?
  225. All In The Family Season 3?
  226. goldeneye special edition
  227. TV Show DVD Release
  228. Lost Boys?
  229. Legacy Dracula...Wrong Soundtrack!
  230. Disney Treasures Tomorrowland set out of stock already?
  231. Will there be an American Pie boxset?
  232. Hidalgo ---> August 3rd!
  233. Hellboy ---> July 27th!
  234. Other Hanna Barbera on DVD?
  235. Future Real World Seasons?
  236. Will there ever be SE's of Death Becomes Her, or Happy Gilmore?
  237. Anyone doing covers for Monster Legacy?
  238. Spoilers in Twin Peaks Season 1 Supplements?
  239. Replacement disc for DS9 set..
  240. What is the deal with Vegas Vacation (aspect ratio)?
  241. csi first season
  242. Discontinued status on movies you ONCE owned...and what you did about it.
  243. What DVDs are you getting 05.04.2004..? [DVD Talk-ified]
  244. Does the SE of League of Their Own come with a slipcover?
  245. Is widesreen better? Fact or opinion?
  246. New label specializing in cult and asian horror makes some new announcements
  247. Vote on which thread to regurgitate this week
  248. Survivor on dvd finally
  249. Anyone remember the Farrelly Bros. 'Täysnuijat'?
  250. Alien Quadrilogy vs. old Alien Legacy boxset?