Sex and the City for women only?

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Sex and the City for women only?

I have recently been getting interested in TV series' on DVD. And for all of the people who love TV shows, Sex and the City always comes up as one of the must owns. I have never seen the series, so I was wondering if it only appeals to women, or if it has redeeming qualities for men as well? My guess is that it appeals to both sexes, but I want to hear all of your opinions. I am a huge fan of Friends, is there any similarities? Thanks.
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If anything... I would have thought the male audience would be bigger than the female. I mean... almost all of the nudity, etc is female. Anyway....

In terms of the storylines, etc.... it is in NO WAY a 'chick flicky' show.

Buy it... you will not be disappointed.
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I rented season one a year ago and my wife and I stayed up till 3 in the morning watching the thing. I enjoyed that season quite a bit. The whole woman empowerment thing gets on my nerves a little(i'm a guy so i guess its supposed to somewhat)but i think the the show was so well written and so entertaining, at least the first season,that i really enjoyed it anyway. I can't say much for any of the other seasons since i haven't seen them. My wife stopped watching it because her favorite couple on the show broke up(she's silly and stubborn that way).
And i cannot stand Mrs. Parker and i still enjoyed watching them.

And the Woman empowerment thing was really meant as a joke.
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This might be more of a tv discussion, but you may or may not like the show, depending upon how open you are to seeing certain things on the screen. Since its a cable show, and the word "sex" is in its title, the show isn't shy when it comes to sex. Almost every episode features something about sex (sometimes graphic, sometimes not). Typically the sex portion of the show deals with the adventurous and oversexed Samantha who has a a
greater libido than a 16 year old boy. The rest of the characters are more focused on relationships and are somewhat more realistic.

The great thing about the show (one of many) is that the show can be very funny at moments, and then very insightful and thoughful at other times. The show features great writing, and it really shines when the cast is conversing about realitionships and why they sometimes fail. The show has appeal for pretty much anyone, women, gay men, straight men... everyone except for our parents. Its perhaps a little bit too risque for my parents. :O

Why not rent one of the dvds at Blockbuster or Hollywood to see if you like it? I would suggest that that the best episodes start with season 3. Similar to STTNG, episodes were only so so during the first 2 seasons.
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I agree with most others here... if you're looking for an extremely well written and entertaining show, Sex and the City is pretty much everything you're looking for. I think the characters are so well written and brought to life by the actors, that the show can really appeal to anyone. I know lots of girls and guys who think the show is easily one of the better ones on TV... I think all the seasons on disc are very funny, and the show only gets better as it goes along... check it out.

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Originally posted by paradicelost
My wife stopped watching it because her favorite couple on the show broke up(she's silly and stubborn that way).
Wow. Who was her favorite couple? (use spoilers if you feel you need to) That's just odd, as many of the couples on the show have on again off again type relationships. If she stopped watching she'll never know if they got back together.

BTW, I'm a guy. I've watched all 4 seasons that are out on DVD, and I have really enjoyed them all (and I have no wife/girlfriend to blame for "making me" watch this show). It's funny, it's about sex, it has women talking dirty, what more do you want?
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absolutely not! my boyfriend always watches it with me and he really likes it.
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To me, good writing is good writing. I don't see this as a 'chick' show or a 'guy' show. It's just an entertaining, insightful, funny show.

That being said, I put it in the category of "watch once, enjoy, move on" and my wife puts it in the category of "buy all of the box sets and watch repeatedly".

But I think that just has to do with our tastes (my wife enjoys re-watching comedies more than I do), not our gender.
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Buy once, move on is definitely correct, rent the sets...
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If you enjoy being hammered over the head with the non-traditional (gay and straight) lifestyle then you'll love SATC.
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I got these sets for my wife. I really didn't care that much for the 1st season, but I warmed up to the later seasons. They seem to get better each year. I've loaned these sets out more than any other movie. It seems to be enjoyed by almost everyone.
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My wife & I have rented the entire series and have enjoyed it tremendously. By mistake, we started with season 3. After that, season 1 was a bit of a let down. So to agree with chsidwel, it does get better after season 1, but you should still see them all.

Oh yeah, and there's the occasional boobies too.
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My husband usually does not like "chick flicks" but he has seen all 4 seasons on DVD with me and enjoys watching the series as much as I do.
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Originally posted by Tommy Ceez
If you enjoy being hammered over the head with the non-traditional (gay and straight) lifestyle then you'll love SATC.
Umm.. huh?
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I'm not offended by it, I'm not offended by much (at least not sexual stuff), I just find it really stupid. I've given it several tries, and watched episodes from most seasons (since I get HBO whenever Sopranos or Six Feet Under are on) and it just hasn't ever quite caught on with me.

I think a definite rental to see if you like it (since the price of a rental is so small compared to buying all the sets).

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For the most part it is simply a chick flick show. I don't understand much of the language and situational jokes. Boys will like it for the bare girl skin though!
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It's hit-and-miss with me. I enjoy a few episodes from the set my sister rented, but then there are dreadful ones to match.

I suppose that's true of a lot of shows. Then again, that's one reason I don't watch TV.
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Very much a chick show. If you're the kinda guy that enjoys watching Armageddon, The Rock, Independence Day, or Bad Boys then stay far away from this as possible.
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agree, the show is for chicks...
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Even if you like film like Armageddon, The Rock, etc; but you enjoy other films like A guy thing, Walk to remember, and other so called chick flick, you should really enjoy sex in the city. If in doubt rent season one first.
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I vote for chick show. I just can't get into it despite the frequent nude scenes. I think thats the reason they put them in there, to give the men a reason to watch it.
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Right and I suppose people who think Sex and the City is for women only will go on to say Queer As Folk is for gay people only...
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I have to admit I (well, we) own all four seasons. My gf and I watch it in bed at night. Great series, I'd even watch it alone (but not tell anyone about it).
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Originally posted by hgar78
absolutely not! my boyfriend always watches it with me and he really likes it.
In other words, you have him whipped.
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I bought seasons 1-4 for my fiance' who has been a fan of the show since the beginning. She made me watch it with her and now I want to watch it more than she does. I believe this series should be a man's bible (per say) since these women talk about things that men are never around to hear. Buy it, without question.

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