Alien 3 DC, Can't turn subtitles off on Sony.

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Alien 3 DC, Can't turn subtitles off on Sony.

On my Toshiba player it is fine. My 2 Sonys I can't turn them off.

I choose 'None' in the menu. But during the quiet dialogue or "Steam vent", I still got the subs.

So I turn them off with the remote. The subs are gone, but I get 'Special Edition' in the lower right corner during every SE scene. Really annoying esp. during the end with Bishop and the Ox bursting.
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I don't think this is excluded to that particular DVD. I also use Sony S560D and sometimes when I cycle through the subtitles, one of them does not stay off only turns off when I turn off the player and then continue.
It could also be due to a combination of that particular DVD and discs of a particular studio, but I have not really payed attention to that.
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Yeah, I know it's the Sonys. (360 + NS755), Toshiba removes them. Will never buy Sony again. Never had a problem with Fox before, besides scratched DVDs. Is there a workaround, besides switching players? I'm always stuck with one of the subs as 'OFF' gets that Special Edition phrase on screen every time. At least my Alien DC didn't freeze up.
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Yep, same exact thing w/ me. I wondered about this. Next player prob wont be a Sony anyways. Atleast it didnt skip/freeze.
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You arn't supposed to be able to turn off those subs, didn't you read the intro? As for the scene specific logo usually turning off OSD (On Screen Displays) will fix that.
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The last sentence of the intro said, if you don't want to view the subtitles to turn them off. And I did that on the Toshiba, so it works.

Sony's OSD (mine at least) can't be turned off, can only choose different languages. Which is stupid because it can be turned off on the Tosh.
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Has anyone had this problem on the Sony S725?
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I was not aware that one could turn off the subtitles for the DC of Alien 3. I thought they were needed.
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If you want to turn them off, while watching the movie click the subtitle button (in other words, don't use the language menu for this), change the subtitles to English and then from there turn them to English off and that will turn off the subtitles completely. They have it set up so that if you do it through the language menu it will give you those accompanying subtitles for the bad audio sections mentioned in the disclaimer at the beginning of the movie.
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