View Poll Results: Do you listen to DVD commentary tracks?
I listen to ALL DVD commentaries, it is essential to the DVD experience.
I only listen to commentary I have heard that are worth listening to.
I only listen to commentary of films I really like.
A waste of time, never listen to them.
If I like a film enough to want to rewatch, I might as well watch it the same way as I did before.
Something I will eventually get around to once I find the time.
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Do you listen to DVD commentaries?

Old 12-23-03, 11:15 AM
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Do you listen to DVD commentaries?

I just want to know what you folks' attitudes are toward DVD commentaries.
Do you listen to all of them?
Listen to only the ones worth listening to?
Listen commentaries of films you really like?
Consider it a waste of time?
Will eventually get around to it?
If you were to watch the film again, you would watch it normally?

Vote in the poll and discuss.
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Old 12-23-03, 11:43 AM
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I'm somewhere between ALL and ONLY FILMS I LIKE. If I purchased the film I will eventually give the commentary a try, sometimes I'll turn them off (or they'll put me to sleep so either way I miss it ). For ones I rent if I like the film I'll listen to it, or wait until I purchase it (if I like it) and listen to it then.
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Old 12-23-03, 12:11 PM
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Yes. ALL of them. Even if I don't like the film, sometimes the commentary will shed new light on the film and get me to come around to liking it.

Some commentaries are even more entertaining than the movie! ("Cannibal: The Musical")
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Usually the second time I watch a DVD, I watch it with the commentary on. On occasion, it's been so boring I have turned it off. But usually I give them a listen just to see.
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I like the commentary tracks. If I like a movie, I'll watch it again immediately with the commentary track running. If it's chatter about on-set interactions, I'll get tired of it. If it's about the movie, or making the movie, I'll love it. I really enjoyed the music-with-commentary track on The Matrix. Eventually, I will have at least started all my commentary tracks.

My wife likes the storyboarding extras. She's a professional artist, and seeing other people's working sketches keeps her interested.
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For me, usually the most important "extra" is the commentary. Granted, there are some dogs out there in commentary-land, but for the most part I find them entertaining and informative.
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I listen to every commentary. They are essential to truly understanding what a film is about. They also allow for a more intimate interaction with your favorite directors, actors, writers, etc. Like they're in the same room as you, talking about film. It's fun.
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Never, I still have to find time to watch the movies. About 150 unwatched and counting.
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Originally posted by marty888
For me, usually the most important "extra" is the commentary. Granted, there are some dogs out there in commentary-land, but for the most part I find them entertaining and informative.
Same here, I listen to any and all commentaries on a DVD and I've enjoyed the vast majority of them.
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<----Another audio commentary junky.

Usually the writer's commentary is my most favorite subject to listen to since the story of the film is what matters the most. The origins and the additions/improvments on the script are always interesting for me to hear.

I also like hearing factoids from the director/producer/actor that occur during filming that aren't often mentioned in the documentaries and so forth.

Originally posted by nodeerforamonth

Some commentaries are even more entertaining than the movie! ("Cannibal: The Musical")
And Mallrats!
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Very rarely will I listen to a commentary track. Got too many other movies to watch.
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Old 12-23-03, 03:16 PM
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it depends on the movie, even if I love it, I can't stand listening to some monotone guy continually saying the same uninteresting crap, I will almost always start watching all of them but if it gets too boring I will turn it off, example listening to the Richard Taylor commentary on fotr ee

it is definitely my favorite special feature
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Old 12-23-03, 04:09 PM
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Originally posted by matome
Very rarely will I listen to a commentary track. Got too many other movies to watch.
Ditto! I buy DVDs for the films/TV shows themselves, not the extras.
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I skip the actor commentaries altogether; listen to some of the director and screenwriter commentaries; and, eagerly listen to nearly all film critic/historian commentaries.
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I try to watch as many as i can
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I will listen to the director's commentary if it is of a movie that I really enjoyed. Ideally, I'd listen to all of them but I really don't have the time considering the pace that I'm accumulating unwatched DVD's. Joining Columbia House isn't going to help matters either! I've never been able to convince any of my family or friends to watch a movie with the commentary on. They just aren't interested.
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I listen to the commentary from time to time - and if it's any good.

I love Govenor Ah-nold on Conan and Total Recall, a laugh riot to be sure. I thought that Kenneth Johnson on V and The Hulk was pretty good - he could explain the technical side of what he was doing without getting too dry or over the head of the layman. JMS on the B5 commentary was pretty cool - getting into the hell that the show had to go through to get made was pretty facinating stuff. And of course the Spinal Tap 'in character' commentary was downright roll on the floor funny.

I *HATE* commentary where they describe what is going on. Mel Brooks on Spaceballs was painful to listen to. The commentary on the restored Metropolis not only described what is going on, but was dry and boring to boot. I dont think I got more than half an hour on either of those two commentaries.

So - if the commentator has something to say, or if it's a couple of good friends just shooting the shit for 2 hours (Carpenter and Kurt on Big Trouble in Little China) then I'll listen. If it's just some blowhard trying to collect a check, then I'm outta here.

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Something I will eventually get around to once I find the time.
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I only listen to commentary of films I really like.
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I love commentaries. Commentaries and deleted scenes are my favorite features of dvd. They come in handy when I am in the kitchen or cleaning and need something to listen to.
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I try my damnest to listen to the commentaries. It's just, I don't always have the time.
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I would listen to more but Groucho never told me how to put it on a cd.
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I try to listen to them all although i do have some i haven't got round to listening to yet but will do so in the near future.

Personally i find the inclusion of a commentary track on a DVD's features to be of most benefit in relation to other features which are often included.
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Definately. Its one of my favourite extras. You'll get the occasional clunker, where they descibe everything on screen (I really want to smack those people), but most of them are pretty good. Well the ones I've listened to anyway.
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I didn't vote because none of the categories for voting include the following:

If a DVD has a commentary track or tracks I will generally (75% of the time) listen to at least one of them. I like to learn about how a film was shot, shooting locations, difficulties, if a praticular scene was difficult or just average, and so on. When a DVD has 4 commentary tracks --- well --- maybe after I am retired!
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