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The *Official* "What DVDs did you get for Christmas" thread

The *Official* "What DVDs did you get for Christmas" thread

Old 12-25-03, 12:06 AM
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The *Official* "What DVDs did you get for Christmas" thread

So far for me just

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Old 12-25-03, 12:11 AM
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Sex and the City Dvd's season 1-4
Sense and Senseability
Family Man
Bruce Almighty
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Old 12-25-03, 12:53 AM
Join Date: Feb 2002
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Sopranos Season 4
South Park Season 3
Indiana Jones boxset widescreen
bruce almighty
barton fink
pirates of the carribean (2 copies
the pianist
the goonies
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Old 12-25-03, 01:24 AM
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Kiss Symphony
Motley Crue video hits
Bad Boys 1 & 2

Kiss Symphony is nothing short of fantastic even if you are not a fan of the band...
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Old 12-25-03, 02:38 AM
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Jeepers Creepers 2
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Old 12-25-03, 02:42 AM
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- Bad Boys II
- Benny Hill's World Tour
- Heat Guy J: Super Android - Volume 1
- L/R Mission File 1: Deceptions
- League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Fullscreen)
- Man Of The House
- Pirates Of The Caribbean, The: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
- Saiyuki Volume 6: Demon Rising
- Samurai Deeper Kyo 04: Nobunaga's Ambition
- Shanghai Knights
- The Ultimate Vacation Collection
- Wild Wild West
- X: Eight (V.8)

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Old 12-25-03, 02:46 AM
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Fifth Season
Dark Angel: The Complete First Season
Field of Dreams
Full Metal Panic!: Mission 0:2
Looney Tunes Golden Collection
The Truman Show
Twin Peaks: The First Season
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Old 12-25-03, 04:01 AM
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8 1/2: Criterion Collection
Knife in the Water: Criterion Collection
The Godfather DVD Collection
Twin Peaks: First Season
The Shining
Full Metal Jacket

bought myself
Straw Dogs: Criterion Collection
Rushmore: Criterion Collection
Taxi Driver: CE
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Old 12-25-03, 04:10 AM
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The Spaghetti Western Collection from Blue Underground.

Straw Dogs Criterion Collection

$50 Borders gift card(I'd love some suggestions on any Borders bargains)
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Old 12-25-03, 04:29 AM
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The Indiana Jones boxset. (It's only availiable in widescreen over here.)
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Old 12-25-03, 04:49 AM
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halloween: 25th anniversary edition
the rules of attraction
the brood
they live

christmas (i know most of them):
28 Days Later
Naked Lunch: Criterion
and i think Straw Dogs: Criterion (its shaped like it)

but i pampered myself and bought the Evangelion boxed set, the 2 Evangelion movies and Jin-Roh the Wolf Brigade off DDD... should get here by next xmas
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Old 12-25-03, 08:07 AM
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Coal: The Director's Cut
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Old 12-25-03, 08:11 AM
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The Prisoner Collection
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Billy Liar: Criterion
Hopscotch: Criterion
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Old 12-25-03, 08:41 AM
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(via DeepDiscount)

Straw Dogs CC
Life of Brian CC
Throne of Blood CC
Spartacus CC
Schizopolis CC
Naked Lunch CC
Hellcats MST3k

(still waiting for shipment on Kurosawa CC Boxed set, Crawling Hand and Beginning of the END MST3K DVDs)

(Amazon, not yet arrived)
MST3K Box Set #4
Fog and Night CC

Bad Boys 2
holiday trip to the big city yesterday netted me Dead Ringers CC.
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Old 12-25-03, 09:24 AM
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I ended up with:

Stir Crazy
The Lon Chaney Collection
The Looney Tunes Golden Collection
Kevin James: Sweat the Small Stuff
Lewis Black Uncensored

I also got Narc, but my poor naive mother bought the FS version even though I actually made it a point to put Widescreen down on the list. Oh well, it can be exchanged.

My younger brother got 8 Mile and the Shawshank Redemption. Unfortunately, the former is also FS, but hopefully we can exchange that one, as well.

I didn't get as many DVDs as I had on the list, but that's fine, since I got some other great things like a new computer and those air pressure massage boots you guys have probably seen advertised on TV.
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Old 12-25-03, 09:39 AM
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Between my sister, brother and I:

Firefly Complete Series
Friends Season 2
Muppet Family Christmas
Buffy Season 5
Alien Quadrilogy
Angel Season 2
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Old 12-25-03, 09:39 AM
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All I got was the Alien Quadrilogy, but that's enough for me
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Old 12-25-03, 09:54 AM
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Even though I dont celebrate Christmas...here is what I got for the holidays.

Harman Kardon AVR430
JVC XV-N50BK Progressive DVD Player
Indianna Jones Trilogy (WS)
BTTF Trilogy (WS)
Godfather Trilogy (WS)
Recieved through out November: Finding Nemo, T3, LOTR:TTT EE, and X2
2 Tommy Hilfiger Shirts, 1 Tommy Hilfiger Sweater, 1 Nautica Shirt, and 1 Nautica Sweater
SportsCrat AirHockey Table (sharing this with my sisters)
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Old 12-25-03, 10:21 AM
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Got Buffy season 5 which I knew I would get since it was at the top of my list, but damn was I surprised when I opened up my second gift and it was the Alien Quadrilogy
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Old 12-25-03, 10:28 AM
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bad boys 2
south park s3
carlito's way
donnie brasco
xmen collection

yay xmas!
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Old 12-25-03, 10:30 AM
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8 Minute Abs.
16 Minute Donuts.

I kid, of course.
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Old 12-25-03, 10:36 AM
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alien quad
family guy season 2
indiana jones box

adding to the huge stack of dvds to be watched.
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Old 12-25-03, 10:59 AM
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X Files Season 7 and 8
Looney Tunes Golden Collection

bought myself:
sopranos season 1
south park season 2
simpsons season 3
fear and loathing in las vegas criterion
futurama vol. 2
criterion hitchcock collection
the birds
north by northwest
rear window
maltese falcon
schizopolis criterion
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Old 12-25-03, 11:00 AM
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The Core
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Old 12-25-03, 11:01 AM
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I got the Indiana Jones boxset and Sopranos season 4.
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