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  1. DVD Soon- Does This New Deal Seem Crazy To You?
  2. 'The Incredibles' incredibly on sale today?
  3. DVDsoon - trustworthy site?
  4. Waiting for "Classic Comedies Collection" from amazon.com?
  5. If you preorder at BestBuy.com, will price adjust closer to release?
  6. Shopko: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
  7. Need help before trying to Pricematch
  8. blockbuster.com dvd rental, am i nuts or...
  9. Customers...what do you want from a dvd store?
  10. Searching for UK and French Online Stores
  11. Looking for Some reputable Online Retailers
  12. Anyone get $5.00 digital coupon from BestBuy.com for "Bambi"?
  13. amazon.com
  14. Will Suncoast price match? And, who doesn't price match?
  15. the report a lower price on Amazon.com...how long does it take?
  16. Anchor Bay customer service??
  17. NO SCTV Vol 3 at DigitalEyes??????
  18. best buy won't give me my reward certificates
  19. Using Best Buy Reward ZOne coupons to purchase Best Buy Gift Cards....?
  20. Amazon Removed Free Shipping From a Preorder
  21. Is that Nikita Season 2 at Blockbuster really original?
  22. As you guys said Netflix recieving twice as long now
  23. Amazon sent me a free Bambi! / Who said being a loyal customer doesn't pay off?
  24. Wal-Mart Weekly Ad - online?
  25. Buy.com complaint - Am I being unreasonable?
  26. Do any stores exchange unopened DVDs/video games without receipt?
  27. Sticky Needed? Store Closing Sales?
  28. Hollywood Video 3 for $25 PVD. NOT!
  29. best place to buy poker things in Canada?
  30. Two Questions: www.dvdpacific.com a safe site and...
  31. The Hole Un-Rated/Widescreen @ Wal-Mart.com
  32. DDD price match Canadian prices?
  33. Lowermybills.com question?
  34. best buy selling boomtown OVER the retail price, is this legal?
  35. Blockbuster "No Overdue Fees" & NJ Laws
  36. Blockbuster sued over late fees
  37. Netflix or Blockbuster?
  38. Circuit City closing 19 superstores
  39. Blockbuster box set rentals $6.99???
  40. New Netflix Envelope?
  41. Specialize in OOP titles?
  42. fye.com budget shipping question?
  43. looking for a new CC...what cards don't have a foreign currency finance charge?
  44. Circuit City: Firm makes offer to buy, take company private
  45. 1800 Flowers is NO GOOD!
  46. thediscountgarage.com, is it safe??
  47. Blockbuster Online Rentals
  48. So, I go Into Blockbuster and ....... (New Movie Pass Info)
  49. Walmart DVD's labeled "Get It Now"
  50. Where at Netflix can ask for replacement to scratched disk?
  51. Kudo's to Digital Eyes
  52. CH preferred member, now what?
  53. buy.com charges for you to order over the phone
  54. when does fye.com ship pre-orders?
  55. Columbia House mishap.
  56. Since we're talking about Best Buy...
  57. Borders' prices...
  58. Is DVDsoon.com a reliable store?
  59. When will Best Buy have their next 3yr/No Interest sale?
  60. Square Trade is involved in my dispute with a buyer at eBay. Advice?
  61. Can anybody add to this list of reputable online USED CD retailers?
  62. Know anything about Absolutedvds.com
  63. Anyone buy from Shipdog.com?
  64. Thoughts on how Netflix counts box sets?
  65. magazineisland.com website problems
  66. Presentation @ Ultimate Electronics
  67. Amazon.com shipping policy.
  68. Doh! Blockbuster rental always do this?
  69. Any here ever ordered cheap mag subs from MagazineIsland?
  70. Anyone had any problems with DVDSoon.com refunds?
  71. Official "Amazon Prime" Thread
  72. DVDBoxOffice - question about transit times
  73. Disneydirect.com offering FULLSCREEN only for INCREDIBLES Dvd
  74. "Amazon Prime" shipping program
  75. DDD want me to pay to ship a DVD back when they sent the wrong disc?
  76. Does FYE have a PM policy?
  77. Rental rates went up huh in last year?
  78. Netflix Losing DVDs
  79. Wal-Mart and Nascar Imax...
  80. Best Buy coupon policy
  81. Does Blockbuster (B&M) carry Alias?
  82. Has Anyone called the best buy complaint line
  83. Anyone ever lose a DVD from Blockbuster.com Or Netflix?
  84. Any Southern California Blockbuster accept DVD trade-ins????
  85. Returning sealed DVD to Best Buy w/out receipt...
  86. Quick PM question
  87. does blockbuster accept all dvd for trades ?
  88. What do I do if an eBay item never arrived?
  89. Why are all Fox Titles not available DDD?
  90. find rental copies of AVP or Sky Captain at BBV?
  91. Returning a mis-order to Buy.com
  92. Best Buy asking for customer phone number during cashier transaction - why?
  93. Digital Eyes-Anyone order gangster collection?
  94. Doe anyone get from DvdImport?
  95. Is it too hard to look in the back? (or: Best Buy Tale of Woe #193,405)
  96. emails bouncing to customer service at DDD?
  97. Does BUY.com split order to ship in-stock items first?
  98. [Canadian] Blockbuster vs Rogers?
  99. blockbuster.com (quick question just to be sure)
  100. Half.com - Worried about not getting paid
  101. For those who bought "The Warner Gangster Collection" off DVD Empire...
  102. Anybody else still waiting for Mythos from Amazon?
  103. Ignorant Store Manager at Hollywood Video.....
  104. Anyone have success using BB reward zone certs to buy gift cards?
  105. Wal Mart DVD rentals...share your experiences
  106. cd wow delivery to canada
  107. Circuit City Return Policy Question
  108. Coconuts clearance confusion?
  109. TV has been in repair for 3+ months, I hate Best Buy, need advice please
  110. Props to buy.com
  111. Netflix Profiles anyone?
  112. Amazon Sellers: contact before buying
  113. Need a favor from someone who shops at Wal-Mart a lot.
  114. question about fye back ordered items
  115. Anyone still getting the A9 discount from Amazon?
  116. Can Hollywood Video tell who rented an individual DVD?
  117. Does STL work with Amazon.UK?
  118. anyone still use b&m video store for rentals?
  119. Any Best Buy deals right now?
  120. BEWARE of Intelli flix / DVD barn
  121. Blockbuster Online: Queue/Wait Status? [vs. Netflix]
  122. Amazon Opinion Question
  123. Warner Classic Musicals Question
  124. Best Buy 2Year/3Year service plan?
  125. Thanks New Line!
  126. Anyone heard of/use Zdag?
  127. Movie Gallery to Acquire Hollywood Video
  128. Has anyone ordered from DVD Soon before?
  129. cd wow vs Amazon UK
  130. So Long Best Buy....
  131. What are Ecosts Handling & Processing Fees all about?
  132. Digital Eyes Ordering..
  133. Brands Mart USA Reliable?
  134. Stores that sell Warner/New Line keep case rereleases?
  135. www.criteriondvd.com
  136. Weird confirmation e-mail from DDD
  137. DDD sent me the wrong dvds i ordered...
  138. Wow (Walmart.com question)
  139. What is up with netflix?
  140. USPS Click and Ship Question
  141. Harold & Kumar Sold Out in the Bay Area?
  142. Ordering from Borders (Question)
  143. How long til Circuit City rebate confirm?
  144. Where is the Netflix link for newbies???
  145. Canadian sites?
  146. DVDSoon.com...no more free shipping?
  147. Incorrect discount on "Classic Comedies" at amazon.com?
  148. DVDSoon Separate Item Shipping?
  149. Amazon & delayed super saver shipping?
  150. Best Buy Gift Return Policy Question...
  151. Can we stop with the Wal-Mart threads? (RE: Bargain Forum)
  152. Where is my Star Wars FYE rebate?!?
  153. Does Sam Goody Pricematch?
  154. Price-matching new lower price at Amazon.com success.
  155. Circuit City Shipping times
  156. Help Me Spend $18 At Border's
  157. $100 gift card at Best Buy...need DVD help
  158. North American Dvd - Are These Guys Legit?
  159. Did something happen to DigitalEyes.net??
  160. DVDs on Christmas Clearance?
  161. No Price Match on Fox Seasons at Meijer
  162. Help On Secondspin.com plz
  163. what the heck time does JC Penney open tommorow
  164. Not a bargain, a question on return policies, but maybe useful info this time of year
  165. Cash for gift cards? Trade?
  166. Wal-Mart Online Rental Reviews?
  167. Netflix... no extended ROTK?
  168. Blockbuster Movie Pass Question?
  169. Blockbuster Online Not Receiving Rental Returns
  170. DDD and Imax-Solarmax screw up?
  171. Disney Treasures @ WalMart
  172. DeepDiscountDVD coupon problem?
  173. I give a THUMBS UP to HBO Home Video!!
  174. Amazon.com price match?
  175. CircuitCity.com pricing question
  176. Weird Best Buy return/credit situation, anyone help?
  177. Can you use gift cards online @ best buy
  178. Stores that give cash for dvd's
  179. Unlimited DVD rentals?
  180. Anyone order from HKflix.com?
  181. Question about Dell and their small business section
  182. Any DVD websites that accepts money orders?
  183. Does Movie Trader Company take Blockbuster gift certificates?
  184. BB $5.99 DVD's handled like Walmart
  185. Circuit City manager assaults customer
  186. Amazon rebate warning
  187. Circuit City selling DVD Warranties?
  188. Blockbuster says "no more late fees" (merged with other one)
  189. 'Best Buy Gift Card With Purchase' Question
  190. Costco/Sam's Club help!!!!!
  191. How is PopFuzz.com?
  192. Does amazon charge your credit card when you place the order or...
  193. DDD Over two weeks and nothing?
  194. eFilmic.com?
  195. BB return with rewards zone cert.
  196. DVDsoon?
  197. Don't do preorders at FYE.com/Coconuts.com!
  198. DeepDiscountDvd.Com Experience -- A Good One
  199. Anyone know the email or # to HBO Home Video?
  200. BB.com In-Store Pickup question
  201. Will stores accept copies of Gift Receipts?
  202. Has anyone used http://www.djangomusic.com/ ???
  203. Trade in value - Suncoast Video...
  204. ddd cs non-existent?
  205. What stores have an "all you can rent" for $x.xx a month deals?
  206. Best Buy Price Match Policy
  207. Amazon Visa Card Question
  208. friends service with netflix
  209. problems with blockbuster online DVD rental
  210. share the love question
  211. Anyone's Netflix disc delivery service starting to suck?
  212. Where in Canada can you buy the 24 Soundtrack
  213. Heads Up - Disappearing Amazon GCs
  214. Working at Hollywood video experience...
  215. Magazine-bin.com?
  216. Thank you BestBuy.ca
  217. Movies Unlimited : reliable?
  218. Anyone else having trouble checking order information at Amazon today?
  219. DVD Soon and "packaging" phase
  220. Is www.directvideo.com gone?
  221. WalMarts return policy?
  222. any stores accept paypal as payment?
  223. Bestbuy.com Wont Change Order!!!!
  224. Thoughts on eBay/PayPal/Adult Items policy
  225. DEEPDISCOUNTDVD'S order status messed up
  226. Deepdiscountcd.com Order Status Problems?
  227. Question about Blockbuster PVD's..
  228. another dvdempire question??? (maybe praise)
  229. Best Buy's Toys for Teens
  230. Blockbuster Online Questions
  231. Amazon - paying by check to keep order from shipping?
  232. Ordering from Best Buy - beware
  233. 10,000 Bonus Points for joining BB Reward Zone 12/01/04 - 12/11/04
  234. DDD Inquiry on Returns/Exchanges?
  235. 2 Stupid Questions
  236. My Spider-Man 2 Tuesday...
  237. Blockbuster Questions
  238. fye b&m pre-order policy question
  239. Amazon, how fast do they ship preorders?
  240. How long has Deep Discount DVD's site been down?
  241. Circuit City doesn't carry Antitrust? It's in the ad!
  242. Beware of new STL glitch at Amazon! (IT'S DEAD, DON'T PANIC! IT'S NOT BACK!)
  243. DeepDiscountDVD - selling used as new?
  244. First purchase from DDD has been a dissapointment
  245. Rejecting Your Returns...
  246. Are you a Best Buy "angel" or "devil" ?
  247. What time will you be going to *Store* and what are you going to buy?
  248. superduperclub.com comments?
  249. BB Reward Zone freebie and bonus points on 11/27
  250. Anybody had success with price matching Black Friday Ad's?