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  1. Overstock - Pre-Order Charging
  2. Amazon Birthday Question
  3. DVD Empire Changes DVD Preorder Prices
  4. Stiffed by HitMeNow.com
  5. Vividence e-mail scam?
  6. Amazon billed me for someone else's order
  7. I'm feeling sad for this Hollywood Video store...
  8. Circuit City Price Match Policy?
  9. Half.com emails?
  10. moviesmart.com guestion
  11. problems with graveyard mall?
  12. DVD SOON: how long to receive?
  13. Please post your recent Troma/Roan shopping experiences
  14. why isn't digitaleyes.net in the price search?
  15. Stores Buying Used DVD's
  16. What B&M stores will take back a sealed dvd without a recipt?
  17. Freedvds.com for real, or rip-off?
  18. A Clue! A Clue! DDD, Digital Eyes, and DVDPlanet all operating out of Itasca IL...
  19. A good site
  20. BestBuy.com - site down ? overworked?
  21. DVD Planet problem!!!
  22. So where to buy now that two of the classic online retailers are crap
  23. DDD cancellation - How?
  24. buy.com coupons?
  25. Pending Charges from DDD
  26. Has anyone bought online for Electronics Boutique?
  27. WARNING! DVD Empire Priority mail is NOT really Priority Mail!
  28. can anyone help me out with this question about amazon GC's
  29. Help: Who delivers pre-orders by streetdate?
  30. Question about Overstock.com
  31. Beware of fake Ebay change password message
  32. Boycott Columbia House!
  33. BoxsetsOnline.com
  34. Should DDD's rating be changed on this site's store ratings?
  35. Question about Movie Cash from buying DVDs
  36. Looking for a Good Distributor
  37. Movieontheway1.com?
  38. DVDSOON. Unbelievable
  39. amazon.com CC and GC, when do you get it?
  40. Question about DDD orders: Mixing in-stock items with "upcoming releases"
  41. Anyone join adult dvd rental sites?
  42. Do orders with Suncoast.com usually take more than 16 days to get arrive?
  43. Surplus computers idea of customer service
  44. DDD's customer service
  45. Sellmydvds.com <- good sellback prices
  46. ThunderDVD?
  47. Question about Amazon
  48. movies-to-go*com! :(
  49. Netflix down?
  50. New Line Cinema's Phone Numbe?
  51. Overstock problems with 10% off coupon
  52. DeepDiscountDVD fails to price match!
  53. eBay and USPS "Media Mail" question...
  54. Is half.com still shutting down after this year?
  55. "Bond Girls Are Forever" E-mail from Best Buy
  56. Fry's Seattle: when is it opening?
  57. Problem with DVD Planet?
  58. Just got a Costco $10.00 Certificate for Tires purchased last month.
  59. Dover Thrift Editions;'sourcing fee'?!?
  60. DeepDiscountDVD
  61. Digital Eyes vs Deep Discount
  62. Skinnyguy.com--unsolicited testimonial
  63. Favor to ask re: Vid Rental Store input...
  64. doing the same offer multiple times at NetFlip??
  65. Ebay Help Needed
  66. My Sony Points
  67. Does anybody have any experience with www.actonlinestore.com ?
  68. Half.com or ebay phone number?
  69. Best Buy Sucks @ Restocking!!!
  70. ECost crashing IE?
  71. Fastest shipped preorder dvds
  72. Problem with UPS (non)-delivery...
  73. Who sells Alpha titles online?
  74. Why does Ebay do this??
  75. DeepDiscountCD.com Return Problem
  76. Curse you deepdiscountdvd!
  77. Question about selling used discs to Digital Eyes
  78. I just got a region free DVD player.....
  79. Screwed by eBay seller - is this what you would call Near Mint?
  80. How can I get electronic fees for delivery confirmation?
  81. Deep Discount Order ships DVD Box/No DVD
  82. Netflix differant account options?
  83. Best Buy B&M finally pleases me
  84. Any good used dvd stores in san diego?
  85. DVD Soon Update
  86. DVD Stores in NYC?
  87. Fortune article on credit cards and retailers
  88. Would you return a double shipment?
  89. Dvdsoon, anyone been able to place order?
  90. Received open dvd from amazon.co.uk
  91. Amazon.com OOP dvd order concern
  92. Region Free Player - Where to buy in NYC?
  93. Can you pay for things at Best Buy online with a gift card?
  94. Best online DVD store?
  95. DeepDiscountDVD Questions
  96. Anyone know what (RCE) means? (CD-WOW! Quest.)
  97. Has anyone tried FreeDVDs.com?
  98. Big Problem with NorthAmericanDVD - need advice.
  99. Warning to Potential Ebay Bidders
  100. Anyone ever receive a Negative feedback from an Ebay User?
  101. How is BestPrices.com?
  102. Problems with mySONY (BHD: Deluxe DVD)
  103. www.nationaltvbargains.com: I think they suck
  104. Anyone else having problems with dvdsoon.com ?????
  105. ? Contact info for Service Merchandise Company (ADS/SERVM) ?
  106. DeepDiscountDVD : A warning to anyone who shops there
  107. Trading in used DVD's in Los Angeles?
  108. Is buy.com this slow?
  109. Half.com - When do they charge your credit card?
  110. paypal question
  111. Amazon Order Question
  112. Netflix Patent on Rental Service
  113. Amazon returns for non-defective (big ticket) items
  114. Good B&M stores in Chicago?
  115. Bestbuy.com is back up, but super slow!
  116. ElectronicsDirect
  117. How do I apply a coupon code at DDD?
  118. Anyone tried dvd688.com ?
  119. No Movies from YourFreeDvds?
  120. Deep Discount DVD Are So Slow Lately!!!
  121. Offer already taken?
  122. Problems with DDD website?
  123. COMPUSA trying to buy CIRCUIT CITY!!!
  124. Thoughts On Deep Discount DVD...?
  125. Anyone ordering from Amazon??
  126. Bestbuy.com Sucks!
  127. What is Your Most/Least Favorite Retail Stores to Shop for DVDs?
  128. can I buy something and use a 10% off coupon later?
  129. Half.com... Half-baked?
  130. Bestprices.com good or bad?
  131. Can Stores Sell Screeners?
  132. BestBuy.com - no online ordering starting Fri June20th
  133. Life after DVDPlanet
  134. Can't add items to a DVDSoon cart?
  135. I think Voldemort works for AMAZON!
  136. BEWARE!!! Best Buy.com email scam
  137. Paypal to non-paypal member question
  138. When Is The Next Best Buy Preferred Weekend ?
  139. Quickest preorder shipping?
  140. Chuck E Cheese: I had problem using 100 token coupon
  141. Driving to NYC/NJ to buy Samsung DLP - please help
  142. When does Laser's Edge ship pre-orders?
  143. Does BB or CC Price Match Online Sites ?
  144. My Sony returns?
  145. Best Buy Gets Rid of Musicland
  146. Amazon CS Phone Number?
  147. Does anyone NOT like Circuit City?
  148. Old School Unrated at Blockbuster!!!! No kidding!
  149. Costco has Fox 2-Disc Titles
  150. Stupid J-List *grrrr*
  151. Has anybody here tried Walmart's DVD rental service?
  152. What's going on with DVDPlanet
  153. DeepDiscountDVD Damaged Disc
  154. Wal-Mart and Widescreen HDTV's!!!! HUH??
  155. BestBuy/Target: Return to any store?
  156. Does Anyone Know?
  157. Webcertificate question
  158. Price matching
  159. Best Buy Pricing Error on new Warner SE Titles
  160. shopping 4 Import DVDs in NYC
  161. Fitting DVDs into the Mom & Dad Gravey Train
  162. T2 Extreme shipping from DDD?
  163. Problems with Bank One Amazon GCs....anyone else?
  164. Is Freedvds.com gone??
  165. Less frustrating to shop at B & M: CC or BB?
  166. Weird 8 title limit at DVDSoon?
  167. Pre-ordering in general and from HKFlix.com
  168. DVDShacks - Malata 520
  169. Best Buy wont take back broken DVD, was broken when opened
  170. Question on closing eBay account
  171. Question about North American DVD
  172. Buffy Season 4 out early at Wal-Mart
  173. Anyone ever see this happening at Wherehouse Music?
  174. DeepdiscountDVD, Shipping, Combining Orders?
  175. Overstock.com-Beware of Bait & Switch
  176. Half.Com Problem - Phone # Needed
  177. whats the return policy on DVD players at Bestbuy and Circuitcity?
  178. buying from DV Depot
  179. Does your Wal-Mart put out new releases at midnight every week?
  180. Does Costco accept manufaturer coupons?
  181. Anyone ever buy from SkinnyGuy.com?/Possible great deals...
  182. Target Return and Target Card Question
  183. DeepDiscountDVD and lost discs
  184. How important is free shipping when ordering online?
  185. A&B Sound-No US Price?
  186. Amazon Pre-Orders
  187. Amazon annoyance
  188. Dell is #1 with me now..check this out.
  189. If I use an amazon $100 gift certificate on item with rebate for $100, will it work?
  190. Netflix Question: Is there a Tampa, FL distribution center?
  191. Sydney, AU, where to buy Reg1 DVDs ?
  192. Has anyone bought from Entertainment Earth??
  193. ? about Canadian etailers
  194. All region player questions
  195. Bad Best Buy Experience
  196. question about online rental
  197. Los Angeles Stores
  198. question about dvdboxoffice.com
  199. If you could only order from one retailer-who would it be?
  200. Amazon.co.uk - THE BEST ! ! ! !
  201. Sealed dvd sets with upc code gone?
  202. Tower Video - thoughts?
  203. Problems with Netflix lost DVDs?
  204. Anybody used Koreandvds.com before?
  205. Best Buy asking for name/phone/email
  206. Canadians Ordering From American Stores
  207. Any recommendations of where to buy Other region DVDs?
  208. Scans Needed For Circuit City Ad
  209. Back to the Future DVD V2 spottings?
  210. good places to order dvds from?
  211. Any experience with www.dvd.com?
  212. How do Sam's Club's online prices compare to their in store prices?
  213. Any online dealers take paypal?
  214. BEWARE: North American DVD.com
  215. Selling DVDs
  216. AB Sound's New Website - a disaster?
  217. Las Vegas Stores
  218. deep discount dvd (store) question
  219. When is it safe to assume DDD has lost your order?
  220. Is Amazon standard shipping any faster than free shipping?
  221. Amazon.ca Delivery
  222. Another ebay scam?
  223. Any stores take online checks?
  224. Deep Discount price matching policy - what the hell?
  225. Missiondirect.com?
  226. Has Greencine's availability gotten better?
  227. DDDVD Problem
  228. been conned, need help
  229. DDD and pricematching
  230. are there any Amazon coupons right now?
  231. overstock price match?
  232. DVD Planet changed the price on my Hitchcock set!
  233. Netflix Not For Sale DVD
  234. From Amazon.com to Amazon.ca GC
  235. Deep Discount DVD warning..
  236. How long does it usually take for HKFlix to ship?
  237. Costco: Anyone know how to get DVD pricing/deals info in advance?
  238. Bookcloseouts.com rights a wrong :o)
  239. HK Anime DVD's?
  240. Blues Brothers going for $158.99 at PlayCentric.com
  241. Digital Eyes situation
  242. What is DDD?
  243. Watch out for refunds from Borders using Amazon VISA
  244. DVD Universe???
  245. anyone ever used Etronics?
  246. DeepDiscountDVD - UN-SEALED DVD shipment??
  247. Digital Eyes Used DVDs?
  248. Anyone order from the Swiss site DVDshop?
  249. is Bestbuy having coupons any time soon?
  250. Logan's Run always cracked me up!!!