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  1. Buy.com CEO or top supervisor email???
  2. Bluelight.com
  3. Is Reellove.com (I thought it was a singles site)
  4. TWEC ship anyone's Superman yet?
  5. DeepDiscountDVD sucks!!!
  6. Does half.com accept paypal
  7. Best Prices for these movies at B&M and online?
  8. Looking for feedback on TheMovieSource
  9. BestBuy B&M Return Policy
  10. Amazon price changes effect already placed orders! (Fugitive SE)
  11. ABSOUND and Little Nicky DVD?
  12. Thumbs down to DirectVideo.com
  13. Does Buy pricematch Bigstar?
  14. Music Videos
  15. A&B Sound?
  16. Buy getting worse?
  17. Need Help with Digital Eyes.
  18. Half.com Upgrades
  19. Buying from www.dvd.it
  20. When do Amazon gcs usually expire?
  21. eXistenZ at HMV really IS the good version!
  22. shady sunglasses?
  23. Playcentric.com - Are they any good??
  24. Cyberrebate: Avoid at all costs!
  25. Anyone deal with inetdvd.com before??
  26. I say Bye Bye Amazon
  27. 800.com shipping for pre-orders.
  28. Has anybody in Canada ordered from DeepDiscountDVD?
  29. Are there any JAMES BOND dvds left at Columbia House?
  30. How many lost shipment you have with Netflix?
  31. General Frustration with B&Ms
  32. Absound is not able to ship LEXX to the U.S.
  33. Columbia House-how long before yopu get an e-mail
  34. Amazon.com: Discounts for many pre-orders only 25% off now
  35. Found MultiRegion DVD movie!!!!!
  36. OK, I'm impressed. Amazon & Bluelight
  37. I can't make an order from deepdiscountdvd.com
  38. AT&T sent me another $50 supercertificate...........
  39. What on-line DVD rental service do you recomend?
  40. AtomFilms gives your address to spammers...
  41. Home Depot and Lowes. Birds of a feather...?
  42. ever NOT get something from half.com?
  43. What site do you use for a comprehensive and up-to-date list of pre-orders?
  44. Netflix is weeeaak sauce!
  45. HMV.com is sweet!!!!!
  46. Buying from Total Action Universe
  47. BMG
  48. twec.com RESPONDS to an email....
  49. Amazon shipping prices getting too high?
  50. How can I change my shipping preference @ Amazon
  51. Amazon customer service rules!
  52. MRA VIDEO charging again!!!!!!!!!!!
  53. Kozmo.com is no more
  54. CTHD at Samgoody.com mispriced!
  55. Looking for SILENCE CC at B&M - help me please
  56. Does Amazon sell replacement DVD cases?
  57. Familyphotoandvideo.com
  59. Borders and Amazon to merge online...
  60. Borders.com forms alliance with Amazon.com
  61. I am looking for a shop in San Fransisco.
  62. Cancel Request for items at buy.com, should I trust it?
  63. Columbia house back to Wal-Mart for exchange??
  64. Does CDnow keep anything in stock anymore?
  65. Express.com not answering the phone?
  66. Best price US online Stores for Australians
  67. Watch Out with RocketCash
  68. Amazon Offline?
  69. Remember those "free" magazine subscriptions from Half.com? Check your Credit Card!
  71. Bigstar: a B&M?
  72. 800.com takes care of dvdtalk users
  73. How is Xtremeshopper.com??
  74. What is the name of that online store?
  75. How is DeepDiscountDVD as far as pre-orders go?
  76. DVD Express comment and needing a new online store.
  77. What's K-Mart's problem?
  78. More Netflix Shipping Status Oddness
  79. Poor Service from DVDPlanet
  80. CDNOW cancels whole order?
  81. Cyberrebate check date getting pushed back
  82. Citispree files Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  83. CompUSA rebate: how long?
  84. Circuit City Rebate Problem
  85. TWEC Does Suck On Preorders
  86. Anyone buy from Moviesource
  87. Order cancellation and promotional certificates
  88. Brazil Criterion getting kinda pricey ;o)
  89. Amazon Delivers on release date
  90. NETFLIX QUESTION: I can't get my movies to ship!!!
  91. Netflix removes movies from rentals
  92. Empire Records Delayed?
  93. What's happening with giftcertificates.com
  94. New NetFlix policy--split 2-disc DVD titles
  95. DeepDiscountDVD Charges for PRISONER
  96. Amazon - DPMG Priority?
  97. Express.com Gone?!?!
  98. Problem Signing on to DVD Empire Secure Server
  99. Anyone ordered from playit! movies?
  100. Amazon shipping to Canada?
  101. Amazon.com: paying by money order, does the order take longer?
  102. Anyone heard of dvdgrand.com?
  103. My half.com items not showing up?
  104. did unisave go out of business?
  105. inetshopping.com
  106. DVD Box Office Experience
  107. Help with Switchouse.com?
  108. Deep Discount DVD customer service experience
  109. Did anyone's Amazon MCI gift certificate REMAINDER expire 3/31?
  110. Do I need a new credit card number to establish new account at Amazon?
  111. Greatcity.com - anyone every shop here?
  112. InternetCash: where to use?
  113. Question about the incredibly poor service at Buy.com
  114. Lawrence of Arabia & Cleopatra Shipped Early from Amazon.com
  115. Best Prices.com experiences?
  116. Amazon refer-a-friend back up!
  117. Anyplace that sells shipping boxes for CDs, DVDs, LDs???
  118. Wal Mart Policy?
  119. RE: What the Feezy is going on at Itchee.com?
  120. Best Place for Anime?
  121. CH 10% off sale question
  122. Ordered from Video Now.....still no dvd.
  124. DVD Audio --- Where to buy?
  125. half.com's "Our Best Price"?
  126. Tower.com sucks with there shipping policy !
  127. Half.com or Ebay?
  128. Did anyone else pre-order Charlie's Angels from Tower???
  129. CREDIT CARD LEAK at Amazon.com
  130. Why Hasn't Amazon Shipped My Charlie's Angels Yet????
  131. When does Amazon deduct the coupon amount on multiple items?
  132. contacting troma
  133. TWEC just sent me 2 Crow Special Editions
  134. Bad Form To Return Products To Store They Were Not Purchased At?
  135. Where's My Pre-Orders from Express???
  136. Question about the remainder of Amazon promos.
  137. Buy.com Really Sucks!
  138. Forrest Gump
  139. crouching tiger delivery from getVCD.com
  140. Are the cupboards bare at HMV.com?
  141. Has Amazon doen away with referal GC?
  142. Question: Sending something Media Mail rate?
  143. Half.com wishlist e-mail...
  144. How is Borders.com with pre-orders?
  145. Have to love Amazon...
  146. Buying from DVDPacific
  147. High pricing at Samgoody.com / Suncoast.com?
  148. Sazuma - unable to add items
  149. 800.com, BAIT AND SWITCH, WATCH OUT
  150. Best Buy not price matching on-line stores...
  151. cdnow shipping to uk?
  152. TWEC order question
  153. My local BB & The Rock CC
  154. What's wrong with Sam Goody's Math?
  155. DVDPlanet - any bad experiences ?
  156. ? about Amazon shipping to canada
  157. Crazy Amazon experience....
  158. DeepDiscountDVD search function - does it ever work?
  159. Returns WITHOUT a receipt?
  160. How long do pre-orders take?-Amazon
  161. List of dead (or almost there) web sites
  162. My buy.com dilemma
  163. A&B Sound WTF???
  164. DVD Empire Pre Order tool is excellent.
  165. Amazon: cannot add GC into free shipping order!
  166. Buy.Com double billing
  167. DVDsoon. Comments? Pro's and con's?
  168. good experience w/ Buy.com returns... and bad w/ CDUniverse
  169. Poll: Amazon shipping dates
  170. What kind of scam is CyberRebate?
  171. absound and thunderdvd coupons?
  172. Netflix customer support number
  173. Half.com problems?
  174. Which Online stores now DON'T SUCK ?
  175. Sick to death of online shops doing this...
  176. Border's B&M actually pretty good
  177. Amazon question: How do you transfer or 'free up' GCs?
  178. Netflix Returns
  179. Amazon & Meet the Parents
  180. Anyone else still waiting for REAR WINDOW from Buy?
  181. I was reminded why I don't shop Wal-Mart anymore
  182. DeepDiscountDVD.com <--- Great Service, especially Customer Service
  183. Amazon.com pressed for more details about finances (article)
  184. best online pharmacy-type store with cheap or free shipping?
  185. Any other sites that will BUY dvds from you?
  186. I will never order from Barnes and Noble again.
  187. thunderdvd.com shippingcharlie's angels early?
  188. Do the stores ever read forums like these?
  189. twec.com Pan & Scan on REMEMBER THE TITANS
  190. exchange a dvd at TWEC?
  191. Buy.Com The good times are over
  192. ThunderDVD.com free dvd after purchasing 10?
  193. BEWARE of Buy.com credit authorizations
  194. Why did Reel.com just send me an email?
  195. Is Buy.com Going Out of Business ?
  196. Amazon 10% off - Not working for me?
  197. Mindlogic.com has great service with Code free decks
  198. Question regarding NetFlix billing...
  199. Re- Animator Elite
  200. samgoody.com screwed up?
  201. dvdboxoffice missing shipments
  202. Does anybody around here care that Sam Goody.com's prices have skyrocketed?
  203. Strange Amazon Experience
  204. "BEDAZZLED" DeepDiscountDVD - Check Your VISA!
  205. Anyone Buy Any Computer Hardware From Buy.com Lately ?
  206. Oh man.....
  207. Thursday already and No Sunday Ads yet?
  208. Reellove.com anyone use this place?
  209. scuba shop : looking for a good shop with good prices
  210. moviesource.com sucks!!
  211. Am I the only one who hasn't recieved The Rock CC from TWEC.com?
  212. New Netflix Wierdness
  213. CyberRebate - Horrible prices before rebate -- but free after
  214. Did Amzon do away with the refer program?
  215. CDNow - How quickly do they usually restock items that are "backordered"?
  216. Is the Remember The Titans DVD at twec.com, widescreen or P&S?
  217. WTF! You can't call buy.com anymore?!
  218. DVD deals a the Navy Exchange
  219. Almost Famous on Backorder at buy.com
  220. Amazon promotional gift certificates
  221. FINALLY got my first DVD from Deepdiscount!
  222. Amazon miracle
  223. Those (if any) who preordered "The Rock: CC" from Barnes&Noble
  224. Express Files for Bankruptcy
  225. Amazon ships byUSPS Media Mail?
  226. Best On-Line Store for....everything!?
  227. Buy.com pre-order shipping?
  228. movietyme problem
  229. Those who ordered AbFab box set from DeepDiscountDVD...
  230. absound how good
  231. Gasp! Amazon.com ships "Almost Famous" a day early!
  232. TWEC...International Use?
  233. Has anybody recieved any DVD from buy.com recently?
  234. HMV stores in NYC have some Canadian imports
  235. A&B sound url disappeared?
  236. Amazon shipped The Rock & LODM?
  237. Best in Minnesota?
  238. Chapters.ca: Kudos to them... Great Canadian e-tailer...
  239. When is Moviesource.com gonna end their free shipping offer?
  240. How do I enter coupon codes at CDNOW?
  241. Grrr.... TWEC hasn't shipped my Rock CC yet
  242. HELP! I've Become Blockbusters *****!
  243. Any legal loop holes in sprint pcs wirless agreement?
  244. DeepDiscountDVD out of stock experiences?
  245. Time to update DVD Talk's store ratings?
  246. Express.com Files for Chapter 11
  247. Anyone know when CDNow changes from "pre-order" to "available" prices?
  248. I miss Reel.com
  249. Amazon CS rocks!
  250. Has anyone ordered from bestprices.com?