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  1. Don't Pre-Order at BestBuy.com
  2. Any way to get $25 credit from amazon for camera i baught last month?
  3. Help with DVDs on Ebay
  4. Numberslate site down? (3/18/2002 - 7pm)?
  5. Does anyone know the status of Outpost.com's 19.99 Book of the Dead?
  6. Has anybody's $13 DVDExpress "Strictly Ballroom" shipped?
  7. Can you combine promotional amazon 10% off coupon with a STL 10% off?
  8. Free goodies from Samgoody.com!
  9. OverStock and Shipping and more
  10. NorthAmericanDVD.com on your statement?
  11. shipping reimbursement changed at half.com?
  12. CAUTION: Piranha at Fry's Outpost
  13. Opinion on Ecost.com
  14. Is this a pricing error in this week's Best Buy ad? "Crossroads" soundtrack for $2.99
  15. Where can I find LD's ?
  16. Shipping problems.....I need help
  17. In the Mood for Love Criterion packaging error.
  18. Amazon TV problems?
  19. Help Please (with TAU)
  20. Outpost.com and backordered preorder, grrrr
  21. No wonder I've got slow turnaround on my Netflix movies
  22. any good sites to sell car parts? (supercharger)
  23. FedEx carries the US mail?!?
  24. Borders Question
  25. Do many Pawn shops sell DVDs?
  26. Best Buy building in Canada
  27. Netflix: pro full-screen?
  28. Dvdsoon?
  29. Total Movie DVD Player received!
  30. (Att: Netflix renters) Has this happened to you?
  31. Old Best Buy $10 rebate on Dreamcast games problem
  32. Bad news for Amazon Nextcard users?
  33. Amazon cancelled my Mezzo Forte order
  34. How reliable are your REBATES?
  35. Criterions at Best Buy?
  36. How to return unopened NEW merchandise to another store?
  37. Netflix article in this week's TIME magazine
  38. sonystyle.com MD MZ-N1 ship date?
  39. Djangos files Chapter 11
  40. Question about Lowes pricematch
  41. WalMart Price Error Policy
  42. DVDPlanet.com....check your statements!!
  43. stores that take dvd trade-ins?
  44. Time between release and PVD?
  45. DDD, order Status gone for good?
  46. DDD & Price Matching ?
  47. Any online stores ship free to Canada?
  48. Ebay Scam?
  49. lynch site problem
  50. c2it just shut down my account
  51. Question for people who buy anime (and Ebay)
  52. LOL - Banned for life from Best Buy !
  53. Price difference for presales and after?
  54. DVD Only Rental Stores
  55. Just noticed something about my Netflix return envelope...
  56. 284 K-Mart Stores Closing !!
  57. FREE Super Saver Shipping At Amazon: Trackable?
  58. Training Day Streets Early in NYC
  59. Netflix IPO -- It's all over now
  60. Picked up Zoolander yesterday
  61. Where does Netflix ship from? Eastcoast as well....
  62. barnes and noble: "in stock: ships 2-3 days" means "out of stock"?
  63. Has anybody purchased a DVD cabinet from allmultimediastorage.com lately? Opinions?
  64. Maniac Tin ANYWHERE to be found?? Help please
  65. Playstation order cancelled
  66. DDD shipping time to FL
  67. Deep discount dvd
  68. Ebay & Half.com are Combining Feedback?
  69. Brands For Less files for bankruptcy
  70. -My Store-
  71. In the Mood for Love CC - Which B&M's have it?
  72. How is samgoody.com on shipping?
  73. One free month at Netflix?
  74. DirectVideo ?
  75. Why are prices up on ebay this year ??
  76. Advice for a newbie -- sell on Ebay or Half.com?
  77. Canceling DDD orders?
  78. stores that will exchange dvds for store credit still?
  79. How long will "The Wherehouse"'s sale of all DVD's $19.99 now $15.99 last/end?
  81. would costco or best buy get criterion, ITMFL?
  82. question about CC rebate experiece
  83. 800.com merges w/ CC question
  84. Reviews Wanted: CDUniverse
  85. Isn't A.I.'s Release Date March 5th? Well Ralphs (in Los Angeles) is Selling them Now
  86. cdplus.com?
  87. Sign in Restroom in Target
  88. DVD Planet---slow shipping?
  89. 800.com to be rolled into Circuit City
  90. Unofficial list of KMart stores that might close
  91. Are there any Best Buy digital coupons on the way?
  92. SonyStyle...terrible customer service.
  93. I Give CD Universe Two Thumbs Up for changing its ways!
  94. Total Action Universe - Problems ?
  95. Dvd Box Office habit ?
  96. Possible list of Kmart closures. 291 Stores!
  97. Transformers Season 1 @ Amazon
  98. Why bother to "price match"?
  99. Walmart pulls...
  100. Would You Guys Rent DVDs From A B&M For $.75 A Night?
  101. Best Buy Sold out of J&SBSB!
  102. ABsound preorder question
  103. Trocamania SURVEY'S in your e-mail tread
  104. Blockbuster Employees Suck
  105. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back came with a free deck of cards
  106. In stock indicator for DDD?
  107. AI on shelves NOW (Manhattan)
  108. DVD Planet site down?
  109. Funbug is back!!
  110. DVDSoon.com? Anyone Tried Them Yet???
  111. Will Best Buy price match J and R music?
  112. Wherehouse Trade In - Good or bad?
  113. Deep Discount DVD Question
  114. Best Buy Defective Disc Replacement
  115. Robocop CC at PDX Sam Goody
  116. Kabloom delivered this Valentines Day
  117. For people who like to rent dvds
  118. Orderbox- Back?
  119. So, what's the verdict on Total Action Universe?
  120. What's Best Buy's return policy on something like this?
  121. ambercrombie service is horrid thread
  122. How is Best Buy when it comes to rainchecks for items on sale?
  123. DVDPlanet's picking on me!!!
  124. Watch out for DVD Empire!
  125. Animeworks.net
  126. Dvd Avenue?
  127. DVDExpress troubles ?? NOT A DEAL < just a warning ...
  128. what happenede to switchhouse?
  129. FOUND: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back!!!
  130. Silence of the Lambs Criterion--where to find?
  131. Anybody here from Anchorage, AK?
  132. Got my BOOK OF THE DEAD from DDD!!!!
  133. Ripped off on Ebay - what are my options?
  134. Avdeals And Repair
  135. COSTCO.com v. COSTCO
  136. 800.COM......what happen
  137. BN.com Question
  138. HKFlix charged me, but 12 days without shipping notice. Is this normal?
  139. Target and their new Holiday plan?
  140. Amazon UK
  141. Fox buy 4 get 1 free troubles anyone?
  142. Deep Discount DVD and release dates question.
  143. dvdavenue, any good?
  144. More Blockbuster widescreen ranting
  145. DVDs from Brazil
  146. Parker's Movie Market?
  147. Bad Exp. with J&R Music World
  148. Had anyone shopped at DVDMode.com?
  149. Circuit City Experience Re: State of Emergency
  150. Has anyone ever dealt with wizardscupboard.com?
  151. HELP needed with Jurassic Park 3 extra disc/box offer
  152. Blockbuster's In Stock or It's Free
  153. is blink site down???
  154. What's up with amazon.com
  155. The One and Only BigCD.com Problem Thread
  156. Got Some Q's.
  157. Using DeepDiscountDVD for preorders
  158. cdnow warning
  159. Other sites like Switchouse.com....
  160. No DVDs at 800.com!
  161. Help, I just found out someone at half didn't get my order 11/01
  162. Bad News about 800.com
  163. BUY.COM - Screwed me. Watch Out!
  164. Barnes and Noble Pricing!?
  165. Attn: If you pre-order at CDNow...
  166. DDD Price Guarantee a FRAUD
  167. Switchouse is no more!!!!
  168. Help with DDD in the UK..
  169. Advisory: Switchouse.com Closing
  170. ALERT: For those who have not read the last few BigCD thread posts
  171. Deep Discount DVD site problems ??
  172. Anybody used www.ordermusic.com?
  173. Boltz.com?
  174. Disney: Buy Snow White and 2 others, Get 1 Free Deal - Anyone get theirs?
  175. Interesting Minolta digicam pricing...
  176. Playcentric comes through!
  177. Half.com down?
  178. Disney's Atlantis: Preorder = backorder?
  179. Any experiences with brandnamez.com
  180. Orderbox.com, the worst customer service ever!!!
  181. Beverly Hills Cop trilogy at Wal-Mart?
  182. Amazon Lying About Shipping?
  183. Half.com order cancellation
  184. Nextbank closed by Feds
  185. North American DVD Nightmare
  186. Are there any B&M stores that sell DVD cases?
  187. What's the best & cheapest place to order Region 2 DVDs?
  188. DDD, orders falling through the cracks?
  189. Sears Price Matching?
  190. WARNING: Amazon mischarges
  191. Anyone get their Free DVD? (Jurassic III offer)
  192. Anyone order VCDs online?
  193. Circuit City woes
  194. NorthAmericanDVD.com - great service
  195. MSN Shopping deals
  196. Deep Discount DVD Problems and Resolutions (formerly: "What a nightmare!")
  197. NIM
  198. What's wrong with www.wizards.com???
  199. Anywhere good in Orlando, FL to get dvds...?
  200. OT: ATTN: If you are from Germany (or close to it), Please help
  201. Purchase problem at half.com
  202. What do you think should happen when an etailer makes a pricing error?
  203. Tarzan CE at costco? does that include online too? I cant find it..
  204. Half.com - Reporting a problem with an order
  205. Is it just me or am I seeing things? Sam Goody's and Suncoast's prices are going up?
  206. Question about DVD trade-ins
  207. 800.com - can't believe how FAST my order arrived!
  208. Misprice - Best of Hitchcock vol 1 only 13 bucks!
  209. Anyone's orders taking forever from CC.com
  210. Wherehouse Music discontinues 20% everyday discount
  211. lack of hot deals
  212. Broken Street Date at BB: The Church
  213. BHC Shopping Experience - Rant
  214. Looking for Ebony Tower, Kiss o' Spider Woman DVD
  215. DDD Good but not always the cheapest
  216. My top ten Ebay Pet Peeves
  217. Need Help on Promotion Laws
  218. LA/Long Beach: Anyone been to DVD Planet Superstore B&M?
  219. Local Wal-Mart claims Atlantis DVD only works on digital DVD players and digital TVs
  220. Animeart.com
  221. Deep Discount DVD delivery to Canada
  222. Is NorthAmericanDvd.com garbage or did I just get lucky?
  223. Buy.com Spam
  224. Netflix question: "Save" icon vs. "Rent" icon
  225. Did anyone find Harlem Nights on 1/29?
  226. Has DDD stopped carrying new Anchor Bay releases?
  227. Scandalous buy.com action
  228. Can I get the Rushmore CC/High Fidelity 2 Pack in Detroit?
  229. anyone bought from sensasian.com?
  230. Anyone Every Buy From Dvd Direct Video???
  231. Beverly Hills Cop in Canada?
  232. DDD coupons?
  233. Does SUNCOAST Price Match?
  234. Columbia House Question
  235. Anyone have Groundhog Day(SE) ship from Amazon?
  236. Groundhog day ?
  237. Half.com mis-reporting stock
  238. If you are thinking about pre-ordering from 800.com
  239. 800.com in deep trouble
  240. X.Com
  241. Best Buy DVD Area Expansion
  242. CDNOW ordering problems
  243. Free Sony DVD offer, delay/how long a wait?
  244. Any experience with "North American DVD"?
  245. debit instead of credit?
  246. Um... DVD Express gone?
  247. Is business at electronics stores so good these days?
  248. Did Blockbuster only get full screen versions of American Pie 2?
  249. People in Northern Cali 650 Buyer Experience
  250. Amazon.com aims to be the low cost retailer?