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  1. Netflix Queue Poll
  2. Anyone not receive their orders from Shoptalk.com yet?
  3. MVP.com is going out of business
  4. where are Coupons for Borders.com?
  5. Something for $1 at Buy.com ?
  6. Some CompUSA bargains...
  7. Buy.com sent me 2 copies of Seven......Should I?
  8. Amazon was nice to me today...
  9. HELP! - Do you know this feedback website?
  10. When Best Buy offers free shipping because you can't do store pick up..
  11. Problems w/ egghead deal from last year
  12. Any low price Criterion DVDs?
  13. Experiences with Playcentric.com
  14. Anyone listen to NPR about Mercata?
  15. Question regarding Buy.com
  16. Amazon problem with Dogma: SE & Free Shipping
  17. Best Buy just sent me a $10 gift card.
  18. Mercata shuts down on the 31st
  19. Is there a price comparision site for R2 stores?
  20. Amazon and Nosferatu or new Predator? Anyone got 'em yet?
  21. Alphacraze.com- any opinions>?
  22. Where is the best place to Find Japanese Anime On DVD?
  23. Etoys Holiday Special
  24. Any Experience with Massmerchandis.com?
  25. Anybody get "Hollow Man" from amazon.com yet?
  26. The First Sign Checkout.com Going Away
  27. Office Depot B&M closing soon!!
  28. Are the B&M stores any cheaper than their online equivelents?
  29. Can someone please post Columbia House Codes and Instructions?
  30. Anyone receive an unwrapped DVD from Amazon
  31. Is Ebay down?
  32. Pricematch ... Which B&M is best?
  33. Frustrated with 800.com/Cancelled titles are in stock
  34. Does buy.com have an expert system running their CSR/email response
  35. Can someone help me find an extension cable on the BB website for...
  36. Do you need your credit card at BB for in store pick up?
  37. Can you use B&N paper gc's online?
  38. A&B Sound in Canada, ok to buy from?
  39. Is mymusic.com any good?
  40. Did Amazon jack their DVD prices up dramatically?
  41. Amazon and Meet The Parents?
  42. Returning DVD without Receipt
  43. What retail stores have the best prices for DVD'S?
  44. Amazon sent me a free coffee tumbler!
  45. Where's Deal Of the Day?
  46. 800.com and preorders
  47. buy.com overcharges?
  48. Toss up - $10 off $50 at Gap - Expires Today
  49. Question regarding Amazon GC and coupons
  50. Comparing BestBuy prices
  51. Amazon "included" $50 GC - how and when ??
  52. Anyone else screwed by airborne express?
  53. Help me use $150 MCI Amazon GC
  54. Stay Away From Twec
  55. Is it just me or do Djangos not have boxsets?
  56. Question about Amazon.com GCs
  57. flooz + dvd's
  58. Upset with ebay purchase
  59. Express.com down?
  60. buy.com 1-800# not working
  61. Can't checkout at buy.com?
  62. anyone order Princess Mononoke from cdnow?
  63. Question regarding credit left over on Amazon?
  64. A scary credit card message.
  65. TWEC cannot process CC payments right now
  66. DVD Planet - Experiences?
  67. Amazon Raises Prices
  68. Onecall.com & Digital Kingdom ??
  69. Cancel Amazon backorder item that I needed for a coupon min without loosing coupon?
  70. Tower B&M Sucks
  71. Anyone know about ice.com GC's?
  72. Amazon Shipping Strangeness
  73. Amazon.com $50 coupon
  74. EToys DOES NOT Deliver
  75. Are Sam Goody and Bigstar GC's stackable?
  76. What B&M's will exchange DVD's without a receipt?
  77. HMV's January "sale"
  78. Did anyone else get this disturbing email from Egghead?
  79. screwed over by Columbia House?
  80. Has Anyone Received Their "Best Of Friends" DVD Set From Buy.com?
  81. ps2 in stock @ samgoody.com
  82. Is anyone offering just the basic PS2 online, not the bundle?
  83. Great Balls Of Nakedness
  84. What is the cheapest item on Amazon.com?
  85. What should I do about unopened damged disc?
  86. PlanetOutdoors.com to integrate with MVP.com effective 1/1/01
  87. Any chance Pointclick will pay?
  88. HELP! - Need to b**ch @ J. Bezos from Amazon
  89. DVDEmpire's new "Pre-Order Manager" function...
  90. How can they still call it "Half".com, and keep a straight face?
  91. Electrobuy.com?
  92. Airline workers played basketball with X-Mas packages
  93. Amazon Coupon Question
  94. Buy.com and preorders, what's up??....
  95. Anyone ever get screwed under online and bite back?
  96. question about amazon departments
  97. Buy.com ships canceled order
  98. DVD player scam?
  99. Columbia House Selection #s for X-Files Season 1/2
  100. Customer sevice phone# for TWEC ??
  101. Anyone ever tried returning for another of same at 800?
  102. is dvd empire ALWAYS this crappy??
  103. Question about Buy,com and Webcerts?
  104. Amazon telephone #?
  105. Sites That Carry Italian DVDs
  106. crouching tiger hidden dragon dvd?
  107. Netflix and NOT renting different versions of the same movie
  108. chapters.ca shipping old and cancelled orders?
  109. Amazon promo GC question
  110. The Conversation shipping 4-6 weeks from Amazon?
  111. anyone ever shopped at Total E?
  112. Unhappy with buy.com
  113. Return DVD to Amazon if only disc top scratched?
  114. Ever have pre-orders "mysteriously vanish" from buy.com?
  115. Amazon is taunting me...
  116. Tower shipped my Seven today
  117. Region one retailer for uk customer
  118. Amazon ? "Shipping Soon"????
  119. Anyone get their Se7en copy yet?
  120. Return a DVD you bought "new" but realized it was used?
  121. Djangos Problems
  122. Has Amazon ever done this with shipping?
  123. What's up with twec.com's order status?...
  124. Will I ever be getting the fixed LEON from Express.com?
  125. Does anyone do Customer Service better than Amazon?
  126. Anyone else get a suprise from Amazon?
  127. Another interesting Family Blunder tale.
  128. la vita a bella and closeoutvideo.com :
  129. Did anyone NOT get their 12/12 pre-orders from Buy?
  130. Amazon delivery question
  131. Problem affecting the MCI Amazon $150 GC
  132. R4 online store that has free shipping or inexpensive to the US?
  133. State Tax Charged Where Gifts Are Sent?
  134. CloseoutVideo.com --- results from last sale
  135. Best Buy.com FREE SHIPPING* for the Holidays!
  136. Who Does Price Matching?
  137. Just a quick note about itchee.com
  138. I was just on Virgin looking at their prices, are they serious?
  139. Need advice with damaged speaker situation
  140. Anyone gotten a $99.95 charge from dvdovernight?
  141. Amazon.com let me down again/Buy.com didn't
  142. WOW, Chapters impressed me on this one
  143. Blackstar Experience, consider me impressed!
  144. How does bn.com apply coupons?
  145. bad amazon code
  146. Buy.com and GC does not work!!!
  147. how long does Tower Records take to ship?
  148. Question About Buy.com Returns
  149. Amazon shipped my Sopranos preorder early!
  150. How fast is buy.com shipping in USA/Miami
  151. TowerRecords.com and Pre-Orders??
  152. whats hot now delivers orders from november of 1999!
  153. What to do with lost amazon packages?
  154. Amazon not shipping Fushigi Yuugi #2??
  155. Question About Applying Gift Certificate to Existing Orders at Amazon.
  156. Who ships books the fastest?
  157. Do A&B Sound stores in BC have as much stock/selection as their website?
  158. Buy.com pulling an Amazon.com scam?
  159. Circuit City selling used discs as new?
  160. Does Buy.com allow you to use coupons and a pricematch?
  161. SOPRANOS - I got it today from Buy.com...
  162. Best Buy Question
  163. Buy.com shipped to my PO Box via UPS
  164. buy.com shipping wrong version of Legend???
  165. Twec.com thread
  166. chapters mediocre deal for new year
  167. If you're going to decorate your room with cool posters, shop here!
  168. Woo Hoo, got Sopranos shipping confirm from Chapters!
  169. What to do about an order lost in "never-never land" at Amazon.......
  170. Restocking time for Amazon?
  171. Amazon shipping on in stock/pre-ordered items?
  172. Anyone ever use Mr. Swap.com?
  173. Has anyone received erroneous credit card charges from Buy.com?
  174. Any users of MassMerchandise.com's electronics store?
  175. Help! What's the fastest online DVD etailer?
  176. ****** is the place for DVD deals
  177. DVD players for $139 + free shipping
  178. Best Buy BUYING Musicalnd (Sam Good etc)
  179. Buy.com returns+coupons: BEWARE
  180. Is there anyplace, online, where we can get points/cash back using Amazon.com?
  181. Anyone else not receive their 800.com $50 Gift check?
  182. Amazon - double orders shipping??
  183. The Movie Store - Good/bad?
  184. Shortage of deals at Half.com?
  185. CloseoutVideo.com
  186. Quick Question For Any Bestbuy Employees
  187. Amazon Free Shipping Query
  188. Adios Amazon, DVDempire, Express.com. Hello B&M!
  189. Express.com
  190. Need recommendation: Where to buy GCs? (Chinese/reg. DVDs)
  191. Amazon praise
  192. Not too happy with Twec
  193. Amazon coupon question
  194. Buying amazon GC with GCs?
  195. question
  196. Please tell me if this is a good deal!
  197. Thanks Amazon
  198. My opinion of amazon just dropped way down
  199. Has anyone received the Beastie Boys DVD from Amazon?
  200. What's Up With Buy.com?
  201. Trade my $5 paypal for your $5 webcertificate
  202. Any Online Retailers take PayPal?
  203. How do I contact BMG Music Service to cancel my account?
  204. USPS delivery confirmation not reliable
  205. Amazon GC question?
  206. TowerRecords.com Question
  207. Milepoint... is it worth it?
  208. walmart.com, good news/bad news
  209. How does DoughNet work?
  210. Amazon CS#
  211. Returns to Hivizone?
  212. Amazon--Thanks for the $10 GC in the Mail, but ...
  213. HMV.com
  214. Python Complete set shipping yet?
  215. Amazon GC question
  216. stackable gc's?
  217. Nutty Professor 2 on Video,Not DVD at my local Wal-Mart!!
  218. DVD Expert shopping comparison
  219. AMAZON shipping like CDUNIVERSE ina jiffy bag!!!
  220. BUY.COM and Pre-Orders
  221. Buy.com and DVDempire accept MO's, are there any others?
  222. Amazon and partially shipped order cancellation?
  223. Question on Barnes and Nobles
  224. Need Help w/ 800.com: THey Cancelled Discreet Charm order
  225. Buy.com's customer service is getting better
  226. Is buy.com really this good?
  227. More.com/Giftcertificates.com PROBLEM
  228. anywhere in orlando to shop and repair dvds:
  229. The Movie Store
  230. Amazon going Union?
  231. Anyone recieved Transformers from Amazon yet?
  232. Anyone noticed that djangos has raised its prices?
  233. Who's got the best price comparison site?
  234. 800.com not providing option to ship DVDs all at once
  235. how has whatshotnow.com's service been lately?
  236. 800.com Shipping Problem
  237. X-Files 2 from Amazon
  238. digital neighbors gc- how long is it good for
  239. Buy.com's "Steal of the Day"
  240. Amazon Update
  241. Amazon order vanished, money taken
  242. amazon phone number
  243. My orders for amazon.com have vanished!
  244. how long was your wait on thxgiving deals from BestBuy?
  245. X.com/ First Western Internet Bank CLOSES SHOP!
  246. Amazon referral GC stackable?
  247. MassMerchandise / AudioHighway Problems
  248. Best Online Stores for DVDs?
  249. djangos.com raises prices again
  250. Is your Wal-Mart like the one in the TV ads?is that TV ad misleading the consumers?