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Since we're talking about Best Buy...

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Since we're talking about Best Buy...

Old 02-10-05, 01:23 AM
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Since we're talking about Best Buy...

So we go to the Best Buy in Burbank just to browse around and waste some time. I see a nice open-box fridge which looked good (price and size wise), so we purchase it. I see a promotion for 2 years, 0% interest when you use your Best Buy CC. Now, I don't carry my BB card mainly because it doesn't have rewards, so I ask if I can still use my card without actually having it physically with me. The sales rep. says yes.

And then, all he asks for is my SSN to look up my BB card #...no photo id, or anything else, he just asks for my SSN. I ask him if he needs to check ID, and he says no. So I ask once again if he needs to see my ID, and he says no.

I then ask for the manager, and talk to him and see if this is a normal policy. They don't have my CC or my ID, and I can make a purchase. He basically says "Well, if you carried your credit card with you, we wouldn't have this problem". So I ask him, that anyone can just walk up and say they don't have their card, give them a SSN and put the purchase on that card. He then goes and says that they can compare signatures, but I comeback with they have nothing to compare signatures to, because you don't have the CC, nor an ID.

He walks off and says he has work to do, and I leave the store. I wrote a letter to corporate office, but have yet to hear a response (been about 9 days now).

Now, I like the idea of still making the purchase without the CC in hand, but at least for my f'in ID!.

The moral of the story, NO ID, NO Credit Card, buy whatever you want.
Old 02-10-05, 08:48 AM
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Pretty funny. I wouldn't sweat it. They're putting themselves at risk - not you. If you aren't you, you wouldn't be responsible. You'd just call up Household Bank, and say "I have unauthorized activity on my account here". I'd imagine that they're Best Buy direct credit line works the same way.

The moral of the story, please send me your SSN, and I'll send you a bunch of free stuff. I ask for 60%, as I'll want to buy a wig for the security cameras (assuming that they'd even persue it, and not just pay for the mistake...).
Old 02-10-05, 03:15 PM
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I think they are putting all of us at risk. If somebody gets frauded against, yes, in the long run, the money will be credited back to the consumer and Best Buy will take the loss, but what a hassel. Just one more reason not to have a Best Buy credit card.
Old 02-10-05, 06:30 PM
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Can I ask you a personal question? What's your Social Security number?
Old 02-10-05, 07:20 PM
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At the Best Buy I work at we use your drivers licence number. They must have different ways to do it in different states.
Old 02-10-05, 11:59 PM
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This would make for a good letter to the corporate office, plus cc your local newspaper.

By the way, what is your SSN?
Old 02-12-05, 12:30 AM
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Best Buy isn't the only company that does this or uses SSN to verify your account. I see your point in that how would they know that the SSN matches the person standing in front of them. Well they don't. They will assume that only you would know your SSN and in the horrific chance someone else has your SSN then you are screwed in more ways than this anyway.

Do you know how many people do not carry a store brand card when they unexpectedly go shopping?

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