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  1. DDD. Sharing Credit Card info!! Warning
  2. Bootleg DVD purchased on Ebay. What to do now?
  3. killertoys.com
  4. Bought a Wireless Router, and got a 32X CD drive...
  5. Where's the best place to buy CDs online?
  6. DVD Soon, more like DVD Never
  7. What's the deal with amazons shipping lately?
  8. Help: Band of Brothers Poster Wanted
  9. Anyone ever return anything to Etronics?
  10. My Last DDD order !!!
  11. Does DDD credit you if their price drops?
  12. check your cc statements from the ddd 20% coupons
  13. Price Match question - can you do it more than once?
  14. All my DVD orders at Amazon disappeared!!!
  15. BEWARE: Best Buy's Price Matching policy!!!
  16. Video Equipment Warranties
  17. Where to find inspiration plaques?
  18. WHERE Do YOU Purchase your DVDs?
  19. problem checking out at amazon.com
  20. weird paypal question
  21. Netflix survey... answer it?
  22. Store Question
  23. Think OfficeMax B&M will honor online price?
  24. This is pathetic...
  25. Turn around time w/ Netflix
  26. A NetFlix question
  27. Best Buy Misleads Customers By Using The Copyright Law To Justify Their Return Policy
  28. Single Discs?
  29. Blockbuster deals
  30. Beware - Best Buy Rebates...
  31. I've got a good new store for PVDs
  32. disturbing trend in gifting......
  33. Where to buy DVDs in Boston
  34. Should I be concerned...
  35. Ordering posters from Poster Now ?
  36. Amazon.ca(.com) Free Shipping + Preorder Question
  37. Blockbuster Freedom Pass
  38. Shadiness with amazon marketplace
  39. DDD and lost orders
  40. Question about combining Borders gift cards
  41. DVDSoon.com Free Shipping Gone (pretty much)!
  42. You *MUST* look at this E-bay auction
  43. Deep Discount DVD slow processing!
  44. Netflix
  45. How to tell if an order is cancelled on DVDPlanet
  46. The NEW Customer Service Phone Number Thread
  47. Another "Pissed off at Amazon" Thread
  48. What does DDD mean?
  49. Overstock.com---Order Problem--What can I do?
  50. Anyone shopped at DVDPlanet recently?
  51. Anybody shop at Suncoast? If so why?
  52. What's Blockbuster's return policy on pre-viewed movies?
  53. Deep Discount DVD = DVD Planet?
  54. Need to buy a new Bed, Simmons or Stearns & Foster?
  55. Digital Eyes sent my credit card information through email!
  56. Walmart selling other stores dvds
  57. Borders gift card and Amazon.com questions
  58. Walmart - DVDs under lock and key
  59. Costco...Why such strict rules?
  60. bestbuy.com reward zone?
  61. when will cry-baby(1990) be released on dvd?
  62. Bestbuy.com unable to handle simple exchange of a defective DVD!
  63. DDD: So-called "New" DVDs with THICK BLACK MAGIC MARKER stripe? Anyone else?
  64. ___ Best Buy!!!
  65. Another winning Best Buy employee.
  66. Is Aqua Teen Hunger Force in stock anywhere?
  67. Best Buy- what the hell?
  68. How Often Does Half.com Update Their Database?
  69. I can't seem to find any "deals" online or in stores
  70. Best Buy Best At Poor Service....
  71. paypal questions...
  72. Macy's gift sticker sufficient for return/exchange?
  73. Is this a good deal?
  74. Amazon... just launched feedback rating
  75. Hollywood Video Coupons, Anyone??
  76. Xmas returns w/o receipt
  77. Best Buy holiday returns involving receipts - a question
  78. My Buffy box is dented, can I exchange it?
  79. Return postage with DDD?
  80. I had a problem with DDD---They fixed it
  81. Does Tower Records sell video games???
  82. Any new Best Buy Gift Card deals comming??
  83. Best Buy Reward Card Letter - Anyone Get One of These?
  84. Best Buy $10 rebate w/ $75 purchase?
  85. anyone order the BTTF trilogy from DDD recently?
  86. DDD - I'm not impressed
  87. DeepDiscountDVD Sucks!
  88. I have a question about returning a dvd player to best buy
  90. Fraud Charges - Any Recent Web Site Hacks?
  91. Best Buy pricing question
  92. deepdiscountdvd.com errors?!?!?
  93. ToysRus price match guarantee frustration
  94. Target Rain Checks
  95. Returning DVD's without a receipt??
  96. Deepdiscountdvd Phone Busy ??
  97. Has anyone ever bought a dvd from Wal-mart.com?
  98. DDD: When is an order really cancelled?
  99. Does Amazon charge tax in CA?
  100. BestBuy.com corporate contact info?
  101. Unexpected Best Buy Credit Weirdness
  102. Help me navigate Best Buy website
  103. DDD Rules!!!!
  104. Amazon Marketplace is a good deal for buyers
  105. Help! re: bad shopping experience at Star Beauty Plus.
  106. Coconuts (TransWorld companies which include Fyes, Strawberries) rebates question....
  107. DDD CS phone number?
  108. Circuit City Price Match Question
  109. Deep Discount is terrible
  110. What ever happen to DVDExpress?
  111. BB online prices not honored problem...
  112. Warning for Dvd Empire Rentals!
  113. JandR customer service is very very rude.
  114. DDD made a mistake, what would you do??
  115. ? about a buyer who receives a "Damaged" DVD on Half.com and the seller's rights?
  116. Thanks to DVDTalk, DDD Came Through for me!!!
  117. DDD really crappy shipping
  118. How's DVD Empire based on your experience?
  119. Netflix versus Walmart online rentals?
  120. How was your experience with the DDD 20% off coupons?
  121. BestBuy.com not honoring ads
  122. deepdiscountdvd CSR's not following thru
  123. half.com vs amazon marketplace
  124. Any Dell.com coupons?
  125. Where does DDD ship from?
  126. Free Shipping-DDD vs. Digital Eyes
  127. DDD Problems!!
  128. Advice for Columbia House
  129. anyone ever try rareflix.com
  130. DDD question
  131. I will NEVER use DDD every again!
  132. Blockbuster, In stock or free!!
  133. Netflix (optimizing shipping?)
  134. Can someone suggest good sites to buy other region (2,3) DVDs from ?
  135. Are Walmart online prices the same as in store?
  136. How is searchcactus ?
  137. Fry's Electronics In Plano, Texas Opens
  138. DDD shipping backorders & everything faster than expected?
  139. About DDD just a question
  140. I Hate Half.com!!!!!!!!!
  141. Does DDD have a B+M in IL?
  142. HKflix ordering problem: cant empty shopping cart!
  143. beware of www.fredericks.com...
  144. 20% DDD hit by virus Dec 3: cancelling orders
  145. Anyone have an order cancelled by DDD?
  146. Best Buy coupons at CC/3 Day Sale Question
  147. Anyone getting confirmations emails from ddd?
  148. Will DVD-only sites be impacted by the DDD coupons?
  149. Can DDD handle it?
  150. Problem with DDD cart - Order total is $5616464.41
  151. DDD says it was shipped, but no email or change in order status.
  152. Misterpoints.com
  153. DDD.com Alien Q 20% off status & shipped...
  154. Anyone ever use tigerdirect.com?
  155. Best Buy Reward Zone -- Unbelieveable...
  156. Just got Pirates of the Caribbean from Netflix
  157. Contacting DeepDVDDiscount
  158. Does Best Buy take Amex gift checks?
  159. Total Action Universe Still Up Ans Sending Stuff Out?
  160. DDD says 5-10 shipping, but....
  161. DDD coupon order shipped!
  162. DDD. Is ANYTHING still in stock?
  163. my first order with DDD...
  164. BeCareful w/Best Buy.com order!
  165. Question about Best Buy Rebates
  166. Black Friday deals gone bad! (Best Buy)
  167. Best Buy black friday Rebates?
  168. PayPal Instant/Credit Card Payment Question
  169. Need help finding a specific CD/DVD on Half.com
  170. Late night problems with DVD Empire
  171. Question about Hollywood Video's "In Stock" gaurantee
  172. PayPal Payment from Canadian Buyer?
  173. So DDD just sent me a bunch of DVDs I didn't order...
  174. How to Complain 101
  175. Open letter to Deep Discount
  176. lotr extended cut
  177. Best Buy Return Policy?
  178. BestBuy RewardZone Problem
  179. Is it possible to get a Best buy store to price match a different Best Buy?
  180. Best Buy raises prices AGAIN?
  181. Fast service from Tempevideo.com
  182. Question reguarding backordering
  183. DeepDiscountDVD : Problems and more problems...
  184. Netflix Trial Period 10 day?
  185. Employment at a store like Best Buy...
  186. Why does differing opinion about store X = thread fart?
  187. DDD - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  188. Potentially Bad WalMart Situation
  189. bestbuy does it again.....
  190. DVD trade ins at Digital Eyes DVD
  191. Best Buy B&M Pittsburgh Horror Story
  192. Troma Maul Question.
  193. Where is my Dell computer?
  194. Viacom CEO wants to sell Blockbuster
  195. Returning Merchandise to Amazon
  196. Amazon.com
  197. Anyone get LOTR:TTT EE at Best Buy today? (11/17)
  198. Question about price matching
  199. A request for Netflix members
  200. Deep Discount DVD problem
  201. I'll Be The First To Ask: What Do We Know About TLAVIDEO?
  202. Are your HARD EARNED Amazon trivia nickels gone?
  203. New Thread for Free_.coms (Experiences)
  204. Has Anyone's LOTR:TTT EE shipped from Amazon yet?
  205. Amazon Promotion codes and prev. orders.
  206. Amazon Website down?
  207. A Call to Arms
  208. Best Buy Bailey's Cross Roads Va : Worst store EVER!
  209. Netflix : Long Wait & Very Long Wait
  210. Media Play scam?
  212. Did Amazon stop selling used items?
  213. Will DDD have Strangers with Candy S2?
  214. Odd problem with Digitaleyes.net order (Hitchcock Criterion Boxset).
  215. Cosco - What can I expect?
  216. Amazon.com raises price on Walt Disney Treasures
  217. eBay question: private auctions...
  218. Scams pulled by YourFreeDVDs.com
  219. Best Buy just shipped (11/05) my Indiana Jones PREORDER!!!
  220. Filing a complaint with Wal-Mart....
  221. preorders?
  222. Anyone order Schizopolis from playcentric?
  223. Question with Bestbuy.com preorder and Best Buy Reward Zone....
  224. Hints and tips for selling on E-Bay?
  225. Movielink: Who's used it?
  226. Q to sellers: Half vs. Amazon
  227. Question About Best Buy
  228. Which is the e-tailer most likely to send me a DVD on (or before) street date ?
  229. Request: how to get a best buy gamers card and how it works
  230. Free Best Buy Coming Attractions DVD Volume 1 - Free Coupons Inside
  231. Using Best Buy Bucks for on order items
  232. Question For Amazon Associates
  233. Circuit City Credit Card Late Fee Problem
  234. Circuit City is Cheaper than Best Buy
  235. BOO to Best Buy dot com
  236. BMG Members - 10% off 1st Online Order
  237. Best Buy Product Replacement Plant
  238. Question about Overstock's Back to the future DVD set...
  239. Bestprices.com plays games
  240. Ebay seller question.
  241. Returns/Exchanges
  242. Kudos to Amazon
  243. Movie poster sites? Specifically looking for "Lost in Translation" Style B Original.
  244. Just wanted to talk some smack about DVD Planet B&M
  245. I don't get deepdiscountdvd
  246. Anyone order from Kmart.com?
  247. Adult Empire Dvd Rentals
  248. DeepDiscount weirdness
  249. How long does it take deepdiscountdvd to restock?
  250. Question about pre-order Amazon.com