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  1. High pricing at Samgoody.com / Suncoast.com?
  2. Sazuma - unable to add items
  4. Best Buy not price matching on-line stores...
  5. cdnow shipping to uk?
  6. TWEC order question
  7. My local BB & The Rock CC
  8. What's wrong with Sam Goody's Math?
  9. DVDPlanet - any bad experiences ?
  10. ? about Amazon shipping to canada
  11. Crazy Amazon experience....
  12. DeepDiscountDVD search function - does it ever work?
  13. Returns WITHOUT a receipt?
  14. How long do pre-orders take?-Amazon
  15. List of dead (or almost there) web sites
  16. My buy.com dilemma
  17. A&B Sound WTF???
  18. DVD Empire Pre Order tool is excellent.
  19. Amazon: cannot add GC into free shipping order!
  20. Buy.Com double billing
  21. DVDsoon. Comments? Pro's and con's?
  22. good experience w/ Buy.com returns... and bad w/ CDUniverse
  23. Poll: Amazon shipping dates
  24. What kind of scam is CyberRebate?
  25. absound and thunderdvd coupons?
  26. Netflix customer support number
  27. Half.com problems?
  28. Which Online stores now DON'T SUCK ?
  29. Sick to death of online shops doing this...
  30. Border's B&M actually pretty good
  31. Amazon question: How do you transfer or 'free up' GCs?
  32. Netflix Returns
  33. Amazon & Meet the Parents
  34. Anyone else still waiting for REAR WINDOW from Buy?
  35. I was reminded why I don't shop Wal-Mart anymore
  36. DeepDiscountDVD.com <--- Great Service, especially Customer Service
  37. Amazon.com pressed for more details about finances (article)
  38. best online pharmacy-type store with cheap or free shipping?
  39. Any other sites that will BUY dvds from you?
  40. I will never order from Barnes and Noble again.
  41. thunderdvd.com shippingcharlie's angels early?
  42. Do the stores ever read forums like these?
  43. twec.com Pan & Scan on REMEMBER THE TITANS
  44. exchange a dvd at TWEC?
  45. Buy.Com The good times are over
  46. ThunderDVD.com free dvd after purchasing 10?
  47. BEWARE of Buy.com credit authorizations
  48. Why did Reel.com just send me an email?
  49. Is Buy.com Going Out of Business ?
  50. Amazon 10% off - Not working for me?
  51. Mindlogic.com has great service with Code free decks
  52. Question regarding NetFlix billing...
  53. Re- Animator Elite
  54. samgoody.com screwed up?
  55. dvdboxoffice missing shipments
  56. Does anybody around here care that Sam Goody.com's prices have skyrocketed?
  57. Strange Amazon Experience
  58. "BEDAZZLED" DeepDiscountDVD - Check Your VISA!
  59. Anyone Buy Any Computer Hardware From Buy.com Lately ?
  60. Oh man.....
  61. Thursday already and No Sunday Ads yet?
  62. Reellove.com anyone use this place?
  63. scuba shop : looking for a good shop with good prices
  64. moviesource.com sucks!!
  65. Am I the only one who hasn't recieved The Rock CC from TWEC.com?
  66. New Netflix Wierdness
  67. CyberRebate - Horrible prices before rebate -- but free after
  68. Did Amzon do away with the refer program?
  69. CDNow - How quickly do they usually restock items that are "backordered"?
  70. Is the Remember The Titans DVD at twec.com, widescreen or P&S?
  71. WTF! You can't call buy.com anymore?!
  72. DVD deals a the Navy Exchange
  73. Almost Famous on Backorder at buy.com
  74. Amazon promotional gift certificates
  75. FINALLY got my first DVD from Deepdiscount!
  76. Amazon miracle
  77. Those (if any) who preordered "The Rock: CC" from Barnes&Noble
  78. Express Files for Bankruptcy
  79. Amazon ships byUSPS Media Mail?
  80. Best On-Line Store for....everything!?
  81. Buy.com pre-order shipping?
  82. movietyme problem
  83. Those who ordered AbFab box set from DeepDiscountDVD...
  84. absound how good
  85. Gasp! Amazon.com ships "Almost Famous" a day early!
  86. TWEC...International Use?
  87. Has anybody recieved any DVD from buy.com recently?
  88. HMV stores in NYC have some Canadian imports
  89. A&B sound url disappeared?
  90. Amazon shipped The Rock & LODM?
  91. Best in Minnesota?
  92. Chapters.ca: Kudos to them... Great Canadian e-tailer...
  93. When is Moviesource.com gonna end their free shipping offer?
  94. How do I enter coupon codes at CDNOW?
  95. Grrr.... TWEC hasn't shipped my Rock CC yet
  96. HELP! I've Become Blockbusters *****!
  97. Any legal loop holes in sprint pcs wirless agreement?
  98. DeepDiscountDVD out of stock experiences?
  99. Time to update DVD Talk's store ratings?
  100. Express.com Files for Chapter 11
  101. Anyone know when CDNow changes from "pre-order" to "available" prices?
  102. I miss Reel.com
  103. Amazon CS rocks!
  104. Has anyone ordered from bestprices.com?
  105. EXPRESS.com must be done
  106. DeepDiscountDVD
  107. MRA Video- They're at it again
  108. DVDplanet: Returns?
  109. Circuit City Inventory......
  110. Odd TWEC question...
  111. Anyone have luck disputing netflix?
  113. What happened to Netflix price hike?
  114. TWEC billing address - Andorra, Belgium, Germany,... but not Canada???
  115. Netflix - Out of Print - Long wait - What the?
  116. www.Samgoody.com ships DVDs early
  117. Just got back from Best Buy...they wouldn't price match
  118. How long does it take Giftcertificates.com to restock?
  119. AbFab set at DeepDiscountDVD: Status of your order
  120. Anyone use Mindlogic.com before?
  121. Only One Of Two CTHD From Getvcds.com Delivered
  122. Buy .com on their last leg??
  123. eToys files Chapter 11
  124. Bigstar.com? How are they with pre-orders?
  125. Wherehouse 3 for 1 deal question
  126. Top Retailers
  127. Chinese movies?
  128. Buy.com delivers two 3/13 releases on 3/6!
  129. What is "smartmail"? Please answer
  130. Reellove.com?
  131. Anyone have experience with Video Now of Toronto, Canada? Comments appreciated.
  132. Shipment Lost Question
  133. DVD Express.....can it be saved?
  134. Hey, where'd DVDempire go?
  135. CC new pricematching policy?
  136. Question about Djangos!
  137. Tired of the Run Around
  138. B&N Gift Cards?
  139. Do DeepDiscountDVD have any coupons?
  140. FiveStar DVD Issue
  141. mpsuperstore.com- Anyone try them out??
  142. bestprices.com LATE Shipping
  143. No "Lawrence of Arabia" pre-order at Twec? Why?
  144. SOTL: CC and Express.com
  145. Question About DeepDiscountDVD Shipping
  146. Where to buy used DVD's in Atlanta?
  147. Critics' Choice Video - any experiences with them?
  148. Best US E tailers for Canadians?
  149. Strategic alliance between Walmart & Amazon
  150. Why is it called HALF.COM when...
  151. Meet the parents delivered 10 days before release date
  152. Why is ColumbiaHouse.com the worst?
  153. Tower Records Pre-Orders
  154. Netflix Has Over 300,000 Members!
  155. What is Amazon's return policy on DVDs?
  156. When will half.com pay me
  157. Amazon refer-a-friend problems.
  158. Columbia House has a bit of a security problem...
  159. TWEC.com....how are they on preorders
  160. Amazon Customer Service Number
  161. Auctionwatch.com alternative
  162. How quickly does Outpost send preorders?
  163. What's the deal with Blockbuster Video and Radio Shack?
  164. Amazon order gone wrong
  165. Staples' naked rebate check
  166. Buy.com is screwy
  167. What happend with videonow.com
  168. Barnes and Nobel.com Question
  169. New HMV website
  170. CDNOW shipping
  171. uBid.com Shipping?
  172. What's with our neighbors to the north?
  173. Buy.com axes 40% of staff!
  174. Which B&M stores pricematch with online stores?
  175. Is anyone else still waiting on Do the Right Thing: CC from express?
  176. Columbia House rain check question
  177. EToys R.I.P.
  178. It's official, e-toys will be closing
  179. Does TWEC ship as items are available?
  180. Used dvd from HMV
  181. Does anyone have any info on Total E
  182. RentmyDVD.com Inc. Feedbacks. Please let us know
  183. A & B Sound shipping time?
  184. where did you get 150 off 500 at Ashford
  185. Any experience (Bad or Good) with Total Action Universe???
  186. Costco membership renewal discount?
  187. BigStar.com in Big Trouble...?
  188. Who is the best?
  189. DeepDiscountDVD.com How long for email order confirmation from them?
  190. How does BN come up on preorders?
  191. Anyone rushing to order at DVD Planet before increase?
  192. Tired of etailers showing "in-stock" when they know they are out!
  193. Online stores not getting product??
  194. TowerRecords.com: They send when they feel like it or not at all.
  195. Anyone use gamegizmo.com
  196. Express.com Done!
  197. half.com is making me very busy last two days
  198. Need Help!! For anyone who has cancelled Netflix, please post!!
  199. How to cancel half.com order?
  200. How to cancel a half.com order?
  201. E-tailer goofs - only themselves to blame
  202. this may of interest to some of you...
  203. MP3-cd player question
  204. Has anyone ordered from hkflix.com?
  205. SEARS price match - it works.
  206. Anyone know of B&M stores that have Army of Darkness Director's Cut?
  207. Any coupon code for Samgoody.com or Suncoast.com?
  208. Newbie Question
  209. Usps Priority
  210. Is Amazon.com......selective with their customer reviews?
  211. $150 amazon GC from MCI usage question
  212. Best Buy ripped me off!
  213. videoflicks.com vs videoflicks.ca help needed.
  214. DVD Planet Won't Respond To Me
  215. Question regarding CC use at HMV.
  216. 800.com problems with shipping!
  217. TWEC Customer Service #?
  218. buy.com shipping "cancelled" orders!
  219. buy.com CS isnt 24 hours anymore!
  220. Amazon says it costs $1,000 to trace a UPS package?
  221. Columbia House offer
  222. Any Gazoontite.com coupons?
  223. Robocop Criterion Question?
  224. Do any stores accept Cybergold money?
  225. Got yer "Do the Right Thing" CE from Barnes&Noble?
  226. When does SamGoody charge credit cards?
  227. Inetvideo.com has gotta be one of the bodgiest stores...
  228. How cool is this?
  229. Is Barnes and Noble having server problems again?
  230. Has anyone received DTRT: CC from Express?
  231. Any one know of any good customer service reps at buy.com?
  232. X-Files Season 3 Sale Ends at DeepDiscountDVD
  233. Where is getvcds.com physically located?
  234. amazon.com down?
  235. How reliable is TWEC
  236. What do you think of A & B Sound?
  237. Amazon shipping delays????
  238. Charlies angels RCE ???
  239. Free shipping r they any good
  240. Video-now Free shipping
  241. How are you getting Amazon coupons?
  242. Buy.com wrongly figuring sales tax
  243. getvcds.com, can't order CTHD
  244. DeepDiscountDVD.com OVERCHARGING Credit Cards!
  245. What to do at Half.com when this happens?
  246. open letter to Blockbuster.com (negative)
  247. Do any other online stores' websites suck as bad as HMV's?
  248. Tai Seng DVD Cases
  249. getvcds and Region Free chrouching tiger shaddynes
  250. Best Buy and the sorry state of their website