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  1. Videoflicks.com . . .how are they?
  2. Question: DDD tax?
  3. Where to pre-order? DDD, DVD Planet...
  4. Costco Rebates Deals For 4/1 Titles
  5. Quick Wal-Mart Question
  6. Phone calls from Time-Life Trying to sell you what you already have?
  7. The Half.com post made me remember a strange experience I had there.
  8. Amazon's Airborne Home shipping?
  9. New Blockbuster policy regarding game rentals
  10. Amazon free shipping VS UPS 2-day
  11. How reliable is Playcentric
  12. Bestbuy.com's policy for lost/never shipped items is perplexing!
  13. Strange Stuff At Best Buy - ST:DS9
  14. Avoid best deal magazine!
  15. Do rebate centers check with stores for returns?
  16. pay pal questions
  17. SecondSpin.com??
  18. How to refuse a billed package and get my money back?
  19. What the hell is wrong with UPS!!
  20. When does DVDPlanet ship Pre-orders?
  21. Amazon nonpromo GC question
  22. Quick amazon.com Question
  23. DVD Soon strikes again - who framed RR
  24. DVDs and their regions (???)
  25. Toys R Us B&M ad URL?
  26. Best Buy's Army Of Darkness $10 Digital Coupon
  27. What is the best way to complain to Blockbuster about their DVD policies?
  28. Will Walmart carry Jackass?
  29. Deep Discount DVD shipping question
  30. Amazon.com grunt
  31. What is Walmart's price matching policy?
  32. What's the link to Amazon's DVDs under $10
  33. DVD Stores in Niagara Falls Canada?
  34. Which is a good site to pre-order, and get the same week as released?
  35. Anybody bought a domain name through an Enom.com reseller?
  36. Question about DDD and pricing on shipping
  37. Isn't Deep Discount DVD still cheaper than Share the Love?
  38. FYE questions
  39. Paypal premier account question
  40. Videoflicks.com
  41. Anyone used inca-city.com?
  42. Quick question about Amazon.com
  43. Any comments on DDDHouse?
  44. What's up w/ ECampus.com's pricing?
  45. My BTTF Order at eCampus Cancelled
  46. Playcentric
  47. Paypal question ....
  48. Cheap items at Barnes & Noble.com?
  49. half.com user
  50. Anyone get their Silly Symphonies from Sears
  51. northamericandvd.com
  52. dragon.ca is really getting on my nerves, The site is STILL down !!!!
  53. JandR.com cancellations
  54. Half.com help
  55. Get back your buy.com handling fees...
  56. My Target only had P&S White Oleander
  57. Another Paypal Scam
  58. thumbs up for Costco
  59. Bestbuy.com and backorders?
  60. Amazon customer service sets record in industry
  61. Cheap ($1-2) items on Amazon?
  62. Anybody use www.thejungles.com?
  63. Used DVD/CD stores in Miami?
  64. DVD SOON - Hefty shipping fees!!
  65. DVD Empire has switched from FedEx to UPS!
  66. UPS-never again
  67. Future Shop free shipping indefinitely
  68. DDD password lookup problem?
  69. About to tear my hair out looking for Sony's rebate #
  70. How are Kohl's?
  71. EBay closing Half.com
  72. Very disturbing experience with DDDVD
  73. Is Day Earth Stood Still at WalMart?
  74. Returns to DDD
  75. Anyone PREORDER from Overstock.com?
  76. North American DVD???
  77. rebate/promotion rant
  78. The Wiz going out of business?
  79. Anyone had the Ring ship from Amazon?
  80. Army of Darkness Boomstick Edition:anywhere?
  81. My surprising BestBuy B&M experience
  82. Ever get a refund from DVDSoon?
  83. For those who want STIV early...
  84. Woohoo! My Borders Broke Street Date on Day the Earth Stood Still!
  85. PayPal money market fund??
  86. Amazon Marketplace Question
  87. does Borders b&m pricematch?
  88. Discover Card cashback problems
  89. OMG!! My Post Office is so ANAL
  90. omg amazon.com......
  91. sam goody preorders?
  92. Legacy Audio Video : any one have bad/good experience?
  93. Did anyone else happen to order: Scarlet Diva (Asia Argento auto. version) from DDD?
  94. K.B. Toys coupons???
  95. 7 Blood Stained Orchids at DDD
  96. Netflix Strives for Next Day Service
  97. Stargate UE backordered on DDD
  98. National Retailers Agree To Replace Lost Gift Cards
  99. krdvd.com still working?
  100. inetdvd used DVD's?
  101. fye site issues?
  102. DDD, shipping, and preorders
  103. DVD Price Search Engines
  104. Half.com Buyer Protection?
  105. Ebay Scandal?
  106. Dealing with Amazon.ca
  107. Look at these Complete Goofy DVDs on eBay...
  108. refurbdepot.com?
  109. Stores that break Street Dates?
  110. CDNow sold our email addresses to spammers!
  111. Message for TONY - Help on HITMENOW.COM order?
  112. Open letter to un-named online trading concern and its associates
  113. RIP - DVD Planet B&M
  114. If Wal-Mart is raising the prices of cheap DVD's, what about the whole store?
  115. Anyone check out freedvds.com?
  116. DVDBoxOffice.com?
  117. Circuit City fights for its position with self-serve focus
  118. sensasian
  119. Anybody else find Office Max rebates difficult and confusing?
  120. Help Help Here!!!
  121. DDD and price drops
  122. Shopsunshine.com?
  123. what happen to thunderdvd?
  124. Exchanging Saving Privite Ryan WS 5.1 at Best Buy for the DTS version?
  125. Bb
  126. Walmart has jumped on the pan & scan wagon!
  127. Selling DVDs to Digital Eyes?
  128. Playcentric.com email problem
  129. DDD Down?
  130. Best Place or Ebay seller for chinese import DVDs
  131. Price match AND 'preferred customer' coupon in Best Buy
  132. how to report bootlegs to half.com and ebay?
  133. Groovie Movies- Help!
  134. blockbuster video price match?
  135. You Think You're the Only One with Best Buy Troubles?
  136. Best Buy.Com Question
  137. Thank you so much, FYE, for cancelling my order for no good reason whatsoever.
  138. DV-depot- Anyone here work there?
  139. FTD.com Security Hole
  140. What DVD e-tailer do you shop from?
  141. Question about Amazon GC's and pre-orders
  142. Twilight Zone Fans (Collection 5)
  143. Selling to SecondSpin.com ?
  144. Is "Deep DVD Discount" (online retailer) Reliable?
  145. Good return experience from FYE
  146. Huge Thumbs Up To Crutchfield!
  147. Problems checking out at bestbuy.com??
  148. Does Best Buy take back un-opened DVDs
  149. Defective rentals at Hollywood Video [rant]
  150. DeepdiscountDVD Promotion Code???
  151. Amazon coupon/free shipping question
  152. borders b&m exchange policy?
  153. ebay help please!
  155. C2it will start charging to send money on 2/23/03
  156. Funny Amazon "Also Shop For..." Recommendation
  157. DDD & Lost Shipments
  158. Another BB extended warranty story
  159. Sales Tax on Purchases Made over the Internet
  160. Another Universe problem - I need a real phone number
  161. How come Bestbuy doesn't have Thelma and Louise SE
  162. Digtial coupons and BB
  163. to anyone that works at BB/CC
  164. Circuit City Woes
  165. Online DVD Rental Prices
  166. amazon.com credit card
  167. WARNING!! Dragon.ca
  168. curcuit city credit card can you aply online??
  169. Can Best Buy Gift Cards be used online? (Store credit)
  170. where do you rent the good stuff from?
  171. About Dvdsoon's beauty and the beast
  172. fye.com phone number?
  173. Crucial.com Lifetime Limited Warrenty Question?
  174. DDD and criterion surprise!
  175. Any current DeepDiscountCD coupons?
  176. Circuit City Extended Warranty troubles
  177. Amazon Rant
  178. prepaid credit card
  179. Beware of the YourFreeDVDs.com programs
  180. Major FYE.com beefs
  181. DVD Box Office- any ever shop there?
  182. DDD Question
  183. Wal-Mart: Controlling what you see and play?
  184. Anyone with any experience with defective discs from DDD?
  185. how is lucky truck?
  186. Circuit City and no Widescreen???
  187. Is CDNOW officially dead?
  188. Amazon credit account, not able to use it!?!
  189. Borders
  190. What's up with Deep Discount CD?
  191. planet anime
  192. Amazon.com accepts my VISA Electron! (or do they?)
  193. Amazon Cell Phones Question
  194. ebay any way to get on without a bank account?
  195. Monthly Selection at CH coming... grr...
  196. A good experience with Amazon.com
  197. Circuit City gives me the wrong LCD monitor...
  198. anyone have trouble with buy.com
  199. thumbs up for bestbuy.com
  200. buy.com help
  201. RentMyDvd.com- Any one have any updates?
  202. Just Placed My First Order With DDD, Could someone please advise!
  203. Best Buy no longer issuing rainchecks?
  204. Cancelling a Dell S&P Order?
  205. How long does buy.com budget shipping take?
  206. ?? on Wherehouse Music in Orland Park
  207. Why Tower will never have my business again...
  208. ebay - can no longer search "completed items"?
  209. Is Wal-Mart DVD Rentals any good?
  210. website to snipe ebay with (need it kind of fast)
  211. fye.com
  212. Playcentric cancelled preorder for the reason of unavailable??
  213. I smell a scam
  214. Online DVD stores that take Paypal?
  215. PayPal Using AMEX Help Needed Please
  216. Buffy Season 3 @ Amazon.ca
  217. Did anyone get their TAU order from Christmas/New Year's Day?
  218. Directvideo.com (Any good?)
  219. Any place in or near Phoenix to get foreign dvds?
  220. fye.com slow in shipping?
  221. Has anyone done business with VIVA Drugstore
  222. Where to rent DVDs for group viewing?
  223. DDD and missing beauty and the beast criterion
  224. Best Buy needs a preorder station...
  225. A Change For Amazon?
  226. Best Buy Rant...about my missing digital coupons
  227. Does Barnes & Noble.com pricematch?
  228. online renters with free trials?
  229. Best Buy Online dvd order
  230. EBay - Can you block 0 feedback bidders?
  231. Why doesn't netflix rent Girls Gone Wild?
  232. Question about return policies for damaged DVD's
  233. USPS: The weak link in Netflix service?
  234. BestPriceAudioVideo.com any good?
  235. Dell Sucks!!!
  236. What happens if I lose a Blockbuster film?
  237. Here is a list of KMART stores that are closing
  238. Q: how can I use PayPal funds to get a CC
  239. Best Buy: Widescreen vs Fullscreen
  240. FYE.com question
  241. etailers that price match?
  242. friend using costco card
  243. Release Date 1969 @ Amazon .com ?!
  244. Question about returns to Amazon.com
  245. So, what does "SHIPPED" mean?
  246. 2002 Good and Bad
  247. Mystery gift certificate in my account at Amazon.
  248. Web Site Issues Warning Of 'eBayers That Suck'
  249. Wow, no hassel for lost package from bestbuy.com
  250. Best Buy To Close About 110 Musicland Stores