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  1. Does this mean I am getting a free Playstation 2?
  2. Which B&M store has a better DVD selection?Best Buy Or Circuit City?Barnes and Noble?
  3. When will Amazon ship my JP DTS DVD?
  4. Got an Express.com shipment today! Anyone else?
  5. Thank You, Blockbuster
  6. Question about Buy.com's Leon......
  7. After Receiving the Replacement, Is Eveyone Returning the Old Leon to Amazon?
  8. rudy dvd???
  9. This is too wierd (bn.com prices)
  10. Has Amazon ever lied to you about shipping?
  11. Deal of the Day...
  12. Anyone Receive Jurassic Park Yet ?
  13. Sneetch.com - I haven't had any problems with these Guys has anyone else??
  14. What is amazon.com's policy on returning opened (and bad) DVDs?
  15. For all those who complain about pricing errors
  16. Pointclick Question
  17. Anyone want to make a 10 year preorder at Amazon? Get Omega Man
  18. Bestbuy.com and dusk till dawn mess
  19. Bigstar.com turning into a Reel.com?
  20. Anyone used JetDVD?
  21. Remember Those Freeshop Magazines?
  22. Cheap Lava Lamps!!!
  23. Chapters 10/25$
  24. Anyone Know What's Up With Mailexpire?
  25. What the Hell buy.com??
  26. Amazon cancelling and promo GC
  27. Anyone who was wrongfully denied the Cybershop/Express late June $25/99 rebate...
  28. DVDEmpire's Shipping Policy?
  29. Question of DVD Talkers re: Naming Your Own Price
  30. VideoNow ($4 RUDY) IS SUCK!!!
  31. Priceline.com closes GAS and Groceries
  32. Any shipping confirmation on From Dusk 'Till Dawn 2 Disc from Express.com?
  33. question about old buy.com giveaway (i think)
  34. Jurassic Park DTS shipped yesterday from Buy.com, so be on the look out for yours!!!
  35. STILL waiting for Buy.com Olds $50 GC. Can anyone help?
  36. Buy.com support good.. (kind of)
  37. 800.com Customer Service: Great, or what?
  38. returning to amazon and getting a replacement
  39. Privatebuy debit acct = new credit card?
  40. Buy.com does not ship APO/FPO?
  41. Buy.com does not ship APO/FPO?
  42. I know buy.com sometimes ships early, but...!
  43. DVDs and free shipping on everything
  44. Express.com
  45. Buy.com lays off Santa
  46. Leon replacement from Amazon????
  47. Does anyone know why Buy doesn't have......
  48. 800.com gives NO warning before cancelling my order due to CC verification problem :(
  49. Bestbuy.com not taking credit/debit cards
  50. Anybody with Fong Sai Yuk DVD....please reply
  51. Outpost.com yo-yo's?
  52. Play247 still hasn't shipped my Scream 4-pack
  53. 800.com Question
  54. Paypal Will No Longer Be Free
  55. * * * amazon.com: is it new? * * *
  56. Is half.com used dvds only?
  57. anyone have trouble with twec?
  58. Anyone thought about boycotting Scamazon???
  59. Opinions Of Spun.Com?
  60. Help! return defective DVD to 800.com
  61. Amazon ships 1st class 1 business day on standard shipping?
  62. Any luck with Leon returns?
  63. Open Letter to Jeff Bezos on Dynamic Pricing
  64. Dvdjam.com (Gone or Down?)
  65. Amazon-DVD Talk Pricing Story-L.A. Times
  66. Best new thing since canned pickles
  67. Does Express.com open for business on Sunday?.
  68. Buy.com: Change In Shipping Prices??
  69. Ordered 'From Dusk til Dawn' and only got one disk?
  70. Funcoland Now seeking used DVD's
  71. dvdjam planet of the apes box???
  72. Missing Pre-Order?
  73. How fast do brandsforless rebates come?
  74. 800.com seems down
  75. Buy.com has sent me hundreds of order acknowledgements...server must be f*cked up
  76. Check your Firstlook accounts!
  77. WHN:beter late then never
  78. Has anyone received TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE from Chapters.ca?
  79. buy.com free shipping question!!
  80. about Amazon orders.
  81. Jurassic Park @ buy.com?
  82. On-Line Renting :confused:
  83. It's official: Express.com in deep $$ troubles
  84. Express.com power outage?
  85. What happened with that Buy.com 50$ off 500$ coupon thing?
  86. I hate buy.com!
  87. buy.com shipping question
  88. How Fast Does Buy.com Ship New Releases ?
  89. Cancelling an Amazon order
  90. SCAMAZON strikes again with Leon DVD exchange request ?
  91. Has anyone tried video-now?
  92. How to contact DV-Depot
  93. would you admit to problems?
  94. Amazon doing shady stuff again ?
  95. No DVD in case
  96. SamGoody.com shipping policies?
  97. 800.com and preorders?.....
  98. Amazon policy news: after different pricing, here comes Coupon cancellation!!!!!
  100. Due to the recent Amazon "Dynamic Pricing" scam
  101. Know anything about DV-Depot?
  102. Question: How to add another GC to an open order at Amazon
  103. Great bargain! 2 days left at TWEC.com
  104. Express.com -- Their side
  105. Question regarding VideoNow....
  106. New customer coupon for returning customer at Buy.com?
  107. Anyone else still waiting for their Hellraiser tin from Buy.com?
  108. CDNow site down
  109. Where do I go to complain about online auction store? Please help!
  110. Amazon not sending me emails today for some reason....
  111. Express removed tons of anime...
  112. ABC is about to report on Amazon pricing fiasco
  113. bn.com will be charging tax...
  114. B&N and Flooz question: is it true that...
  115. DVDOvernight.com - Rental Store Re-Launch
  116. Amazon Pricing Story Coming Up On CNBC
  117. Feedback on DVDPlanet
  118. Zenith DVD Player NIGHTMARE
  119. MuZicDepot: Any feedback?
  120. Amazon and DVDTalk in the news
  121. Can someone create a list of etailers and which state they tax in?
  122. stop crying about hte policy change
  123. Anyone know where I can sell my lasers?
  124. Amazon shipping question
  125. For those who did not get ST 15 and 16 from buy.com they are shipping today or tomm
  126. DVD Talk Makes the Washington Post
  127. Amazon Bargains - NOT!!!
  128. Did anyone get their $10 Buy.com GC from Windows ME?
  129. Why is Express.com so darn expensive!?
  130. Direct Video: Any Good?
  131. Columbia House Web Site..
  132. Does Buy.com ever ship early?
  133. Amazon shipping charges on cancelled orders?
  134. Best Online Place to sell DVDs???
  135. I got my dvd from buy.com/universal giveaway and guess what?
  136. High Fidelity @ Amazon
  137. 800.com down?
  138. Got PS2 cancellation from chapters - with 10 off coupon to follow
  139. VideoFlicks.com?
  140. Amazon question(adding to an order)
  141. Next wave of James Bond and Columbia House question
  142. Why I hate Buy.com PART 2
  143. 800.com and new Anchor Bay titles
  144. Twec & preorders......
  145. hivizone %10 discount... when?
  146. The weirdness that is Amazon
  147. Rental Stores other than Netflix, DVDOvernight ?
  148. how's express.com been lately for you?
  149. Does Pointclick.com accept webcertficate as a credit card?
  150. AllAdvantage are FRAUDS
  151. Billing Question about Companies
  152. Amazon Refuses to reduce SRP on certain titles...
  153. What is "Customer Service"?
  154. Hellraiser Tin from Buy.com????
  155. The new trend instead of coupons or rebates
  156. Express.com finally shipping Pioneer Title
  157. French track or French Canadian?
  158. Capters.Ca-Do they normally suck with orders?
  159. What happens if you cancel an item part of an order placed using a coupon at buy.com?
  160. That's it, I officially hate BUY.com
  161. anyone use cyberrebate.com
  162. .800 COM - Do thay have a refer-a-friend scheme? I'm a new customer.
  163. Multiple accounts at Buy.com
  164. Received Scream Box set today from Buy.com
  165. I went to my first Best Buy today!
  166. Amazon order status...
  167. Express.com going under??
  168. Best Online Stores as of now ??
  169. Chapters.ca has cancelled my PS2 order.
  170. Best Buy Sting GCs in...check your email
  171. PayPal will not remain free
  172. [email protected]#% Amazon
  173. Amazon questions
  174. Anyone order from DVDShelf.com before?
  175. Please Share your Current Order Status --> PS2 @ Chapters.ca
  176. Buy.com awesome???
  177. Buy.com finally shipped my "Repo Man Tin" :O)
  178. DVD prices in stores vary A LOT...why?
  179. star trek 15 & 16 - preorder problem
  180. SimplyCheap.Com Opinions???
  181. USED DVDs from buy.com??
  182. CDNow ever known for shipping preorders early?
  183. Gift Certificate Conversion
  184. Best Buy is Opening 2 Stores Near Me
  185. A&B Sound - any thoughts?
  186. The biggest Amazon deal, EVER!
  187. Movers and shakers on Amazon?
  188. Canadian e-tailers question
  189. offspringdirect.com coupons?
  190. I think Express Jipped me on ED2
  191. Okay, Amazon really sucks. I'm convinced
  192. TWEC.com cancels orders!
  193. Any updates on the chapters Playstation 2 fiasco?
  194. MobilePlanet. Anything I should know?
  195. james bond #3 back on bestbuy.com for $109.99
  196. Amazon/Car Club GC
  197. 800.com coupon question
  198. Is it safe to pre-order X-Men from Buy.com?
  199. Chapters.ca Question
  200. Buy.com: secret stash?
  201. The Demise of DVD Etailers
  202. Djangos: Problems/Suggestion
  203. Has anyone get THe Fly/The Fly 2 from Buy.com yet?
  204. Can you have two accounts at Amazon?
  205. 800.com out of stock - how long?
  206. Best Buy problem
  207. Besides Buy.com, what etailers pull coupons before expiration?
  208. Amazon replacement order - LEON
  209. buy.com and Leon replacement?
  210. Anyone Receive Jet Li/Monty Python Set-7
  211. MY BestBuy Stupidity story.
  212. Mailing things with Book Rate for half.com
  213. Remeber that TWEC $10 off 2 dvds?
  214. Question about Amazon $10 off coupon
  215. anyone ordered from Double Discount?
  216. Anyone tried to apply GCs to existing orders at Amazon???
  217. Netflix--What do they cross reference?
  218. Hellraiser set question at CDNOW
  219. So where do we go now for pre-orders?
  220. The BIGGEST DEAL that most of you missed out on over the weekend!!!!!!!!
  221. Is it just me or is Amazon.com account login page unsecured ?
  222. Big Star announcement, if anyone cares...
  223. Preordering with GCs at Amazon
  224. X-Men Removed from Site
  225. Washington AG tells me to "Suck it and See".....
  226. How about refurbished Notebooks in Ubid?
  227. Got my river kwai order canceled by barnes
  228. CriterionDVD.com
  229. Blockbuster Question
  230. Alternative to half.com
  231. Amazon Promo GCs not safe in Amazon account
  232. The One And Only Bestbuy.com Is Suck Thread!!!!
  233. Buy.com Gift Certificate problems?
  234. Spinal Tap delays at buy.com
  235. 800.com & Philadelphia experiment?
  236. TWEC.COM stackable?
  237. Buy.com finally shipped my "Halloween 5 Tin"
  238. Pioneer Titles & Express
  239. Help..Need any Amazon Ref. Codes or whatnot..
  240. Anyone get a bad Amazon gift certificate from Microsoft/Visio?
  241. Why hasn't my T2:UE shipped from Amazon yet?
  242. Buy.com and shipping to Hawaii
  243. Amazon Customer Service...?
  244. anybody know of any other online DVD rental stores besides NETFLIX & DVDOVERNIGHT???
  245. asian dvd or vcd
  246. buy.com refurbished
  247. Braveheart/M.I.B. Spec Ed 40% off
  248. 800.com question
  249. snail mail: $15 off $75 @ 800.com
  250. Hey Foxdvd, What's Itchee like to shop at?