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  1. Question about Web Cert.
  2. RentMyDVD.com down?
  3. Buy.com Shipping Question
  4. buy.com question
  5. Quick Question about Amazon
  6. Buy.com shipped MI2 Monday.
  7. DVD Boxoffice - are they ok?
  8. Do "Backorders" take long at BUY.COM?
  9. What's with Suncoast,Circuit City,Best Buy and The Wherehouse
  10. CDNOW - Any better now?
  11. SamtheRecordMan.com Peanuts misprice
  12. 999central.com
  13. Buy.com Gift Certificate Cancellation
  14. eBay's Half.com Teams with buy.com Creating Internet Movie & CD Powerhouse
  15. checkout.com bites
  16. Question about using GC at Amazon
  17. Where to Order a PS2??
  18. Anna and the king at AMZN
  19. Amazon "refer a friend"
  20. KB Toys screwing people on PS2
  21. Anyone know how many PS2s EB World will get in, each week?
  22. Amazon Camera & Photo $20 off $100 code
  23. The Idiots/Buy.com dilemma
  24. This weeks prices at BB and CC
  25. Touch of Evil and Buy.com
  26. What's up with etronics.com?
  27. Anyone in US order from Movietyme?
  28. BestBuy Toy Story double charge
  29. Prince Of Egypt DTS @ Amazon - Shipped...
  30. Half.com hacked?
  31. Netflix Problems?
  32. WOAHH NILLY! Buy.com shipped my stuff in 2 days!!
  33. buy.com humor
  34. Has Amazon shipped "Tucker: Man and his dreams" yet?
  35. UPS is Suck!
  36. Anna & the King already backordered @ CdNow
  37. ThunderDVD
  38. UPS signature required?
  39. Any one traded in DVDs at Spun.com?
  40. What's up with Best Buy?
  41. Ordered Pitch Black, received American Beauty
  42. Prince Of Egypt DTS in at Amazon.com?
  43. I was ROYALLY SCREWED by Buy.com. Can U help?
  44. Amazon Playstation 2 issue
  45. Okay to use a CDNow coupon more than once?
  46. Anyone receive U571 / Pitch Black from themoivesource?
  47. BUY.COM's customer service with video games(how is it?)
  48. dvd internet rental stores
  49. I have so had it with Buy.com
  50. amusing CDNow story
  51. Free Shipping on Movies at BestBuy.com
  52. Bestbuy.com has DVD backordered. Can I change to pick it up at a local BB?
  53. Why do B&M Barnes and Noble charge full price for DVD and CD's?
  54. Outpost.com and PSX2
  55. SamTheRecordMan and Peanuts - Part II
  56. i just got the Patriot on DVD from TheDealDepot.com
  57. Critrion Hard Boiled from yahoo closeoutvideo.com shipping?
  58. I Hate Best Buy!!!
  59. ******.com...shop through site and receive rebates on top of your coupons
  60. A & B Sound System maintenance
  61. Buy.com site trouble?
  62. Shipping confirmation for skulls from django
  63. Moviesource.com ripped me off!
  64. Anyone receive Outlaw Star set 1?
  65. My MI2 order at Amazon says "1 on hand"??!!
  66. DVD Planet/Ken Crane's Official Statement -PLEASE READ!!!
  67. problms with 28 days?
  68. Impressive service from bestbuy.com
  69. Anybody Else Preorder PS2 From EBWorld
  70. Oldie but goodie: Staples humor
  71. KenCrane/DVDPlanet credit card #s hacked?
  72. How long will buy.com DOTDs last?
  73. CD Now-Do They Hold Shipments 4 Pre-Orders?
  74. Disappointed with moviesource.com!
  75. Toy Story UTB from bestbuy.com-No CD-ROM?
  76. Toy Story UTB from Video-Now.com
  77. Hey Buy!, where is Dinosaur preorder??....
  78. buy.com cancelled orders
  79. Buy.com is shipping U-571, Patriot, etc. late. Opinions.....?
  80. Another kudos for DVDempire
  81. Your Predictions for the Christmas online shopping season?
  82. Amazon apply GC's first? or last?
  83. Dusk till Dawn, only received 1 disc, from cdnow
  84. 800.com GCs stackable?
  85. They Live DVD at Buy.com?
  86. DVD Planet - How reliable is in-stock status?
  87. Anyone Else Disappointed In The BB 'deals' This Week??
  88. how does BB do in terms of game software pricing??
  89. Is www.bn.com a good place to shop?
  90. Question for those of you getting the PS2 at launch from EBWorld....
  91. Attention: Did you pre-order Pitch Black from buy.com
  92. Question about buy.com CC billing address
  93. Need help about twec.com?
  94. Another dissatisfied Twec.com customer
  95. What is the VERY best Place for DVD's online?
  96. Question about 800.com shipping practices.
  97. adding items to amazon order?
  98. Express.com-anyone getting their orders from them?
  99. U-571 delayed???
  100. Any negative experiences when having a high GC balance at Amazon?
  101. patriot from buy.com
  102. Buy.com Order Status Question
  103. Chapters bargain center in 5 days
  104. American Beauty
  105. Amazon.com UP or down?
  106. Amazon Problems???
  107. Express.com & From Dusk Till Dawn CE
  108. PLaystation 2 is coming
  109. I am not very happy with 800.com customer service
  110. DVDJam - Can anyone help me here?
  111. HELP! Just recieved UTB from CDNOW
  112. Is mysimon.com any good?
  113. To those who got Toy Story UTB from Amazon
  114. What's with Best Buy getting pissed over release of advance sales info?
  115. Possible explanation on the 3-DVD Toy Story UTB delay
  116. What's up with A&B Sound, web site's been down for a few days...
  117. Buy.com just cancelled my order for Legend... Anyone else?
  118. The One and Only has your American Beauty showed up thread
  119. 800.com, coupon, SteveA?
  120. Ever have trouble using Webcertificate at Bestbuy?
  121. $10 Gift Cert From buy.com for the Windows ME deal came today
  122. Recieved Toy Story Set from Express Today
  123. Received 800.com $17.99 James Bond Gift Pak 3
  124. Anyone ship Vampire Hunter D yet?
  125. Express.com responds to complaint (pre-orders/poor customer service)
  126. looking for DVD Empire promotion codes
  127. looking for DVD Empire promotion codes
  128. Rant: MediaPlay Refused Price Match
  129. $39 Bond Set 3 from Best Buy recieved
  130. Help! BestBuy is Charging Full Price for JB
  131. Leon exchange from dvdempire
  132. Did anyone get the 3 pack?
  133. Samgoody.com reports delay in Toy Story shipments
  134. The perfect storm at buy.com
  135. Is it possible to put money in an ecount w/ a webcert?
  136. Caution: Check your Toy Story DVD's!
  137. Buy.com has a tendency not to charge me
  138. Interesting Amazon Occurrence
  139. DvdJam
  140. Evoice now charging?
  141. Onepricecds.com
  142. Anyone finding Ashford screwed?
  143. Will Amazon get Playstation 2 on the 26th?
  144. TWEC, percent off, multiple titles?
  145. Got shipping notice on James Bond 3 from 800.com
  146. Hey Buy.com where are the following?...
  147. Toy Story UTB & buy.com survey
  148. Has dvdempire shiped TOY STORY yet??
  149. AB sound down?
  150. themovie-store.com
  151. Digital Eyes - how long does it take...?
  152. BestBuy James Bond Vol 3 DVD set is HERE!!!
  153. Shipping confirmation for From Dusk Till Dawn box set from BestBuy.com?
  154. What do you know about MuzicDepot.com?
  155. Anybody have Toy Story:UTB ship from SamGoody.com/MediaPlay.com?
  156. Shipping confirmation for Toy Story: UTC from Amazon?
  157. Toy Story shipped from Buy.com???
  158. One lucky Jurassic Park Monday!!!!
  159. Odd product description at Half.com
  160. Flash: Buy.com's customer database security breach!
  161. Best Buy online store pick up turn around
  162. Does half.com ship internationally?
  163. Buy.com and JP/LW Collectors Edition hasn't shipped YET
  164. Best Buy Toy Story store pick-up?
  165. Best Buy Toy Story store pick-up?
  166. Does Suncoast/Musicland B&M pricematch?
  167. Amazon sending out expired Referal GCs?
  168. 800.com and Webcertificate
  169. Bestbuy.com is violating MasterCard policy
  170. 800.com pre-order question
  171. Are there ANY good Etailer's left??
  172. DVDBoxOffice.com?
  173. Chapters.ca
  174. James Bond #3 From Best Buy Has Shipped
  175. No Shipment of Jurassic Park from CDNOW
  176. Bestbuy.com ships Bond#3!
  177. 800.com Ships "View To A Kill" Instead of James Bond Set!!
  178. "From Dusk Til Dawn" - What the hell is up with Express?....
  179. Why was my Amazon Order canceled?
  180. Latest BUY.COM suck
  181. More Express.com Suckyness
  182. Circuit City
  183. Buy.com's pre-order prices are going up.
  184. JP DTS from suncoast?
  185. 800.com Order status broken?
  186. DVDepot?
  187. Amazon Blew IT
  188. It's Friday, where's my Buy.com James Bond?
  189. Glitch reveals Buy.com customer information
  190. Today's Buy.com Deal of The Day = Bite Us
  191. mediaplay.com customer service--any more apathy, i'd have to check 'em for a pulse!
  192. When Will Buy.com Have Princess Mononoke?
  193. Best Buy Screwed Me Bad!!! Help!!!
  194. $25 off $100 (one-time use) at Amazon software
  195. $5 off $30 one-time use at Amazon music
  196. Has anyone tried to get a price match at a B&M from a ad off the net.
  197. Amazon Exchanges?
  198. Has anyone had their Ultimate Toy Box ship yet?
  199. My Jurassic Park Collection from Amazon.com Arrived Damaged :(
  200. anyone shop at OneAsia lately?
  201. James Bond Collection#3 Will Circuit City carry it?
  202. 800.com Overcharges
  204. anyone pre-order Shanghai Noon from bn.com?
  205. Media storage online store?
  206. Is moviesource a good buy?
  207. Staples.com return woes
  208. Buy.com mis-pricing sales tax
  209. Has anyone received "La Femme Nikita" from Amazon?
  210. Buy.com's Deep Blue Sea bargain: anyone not received DVD yet?
  211. Anyone else have buy.com cart cleared ??
  212. Babbages $10 per DVD credit - Any CHEAP DVDS?
  213. Buy.com gets nailed for $600,000!
  214. I got 10/17/00 order very early from Buy.com
  215. Good/Bad shipping Sites?
  216. Netflix Lite.
  217. Do orders now listed as "Unavailable" at buy.com ever ship?
  218. which b&m stores allow exchange without receipt?
  219. Djangos and box sets
  220. Beware of B&N Cancellations when using Flooz
  221. Help dealing with Half.com! (defective DVD)
  222. DVD Empire comes through with Jurassic Park!
  223. Netflix is slowing us down,part 2
  224. Are certain Best Buys 'hiding' Jurassic Park/Lost Word 2-pack?
  225. Is Express.Com gone?
  226. Express.com is offline
  227. 800 and Jurassic Park
  228. Jurassic Park Preorder from Express.com...,
  229. Has anyone ever shopped at ThunderDVD?
  230. how do U use Gift cards at bestbuy.com ?
  231. buy.com and JP/LW DTS/DD sets (question)
  232. how do I do a price comparison with Best Buy's and Circuit City's ad from Sunday ?
  233. Problems with TWEC.com
  234. Buy.com's "Deal of the Day" -- Bait & Switch?
  235. excerpt: best buy
  236. How fast/slow is preorder shipping at B&N?
  237. ARGH! Leon returns at buy.com...
  238. Checkout problems @ 800/buy.com
  239. So who is/is not going to be receiving their pre-ordered PS2 from EBWorld?
  240. Scheduled to receive 10/24 DVD tomorrow 10/9! Let Sleeping Corpses Lie LE.
  241. Djangos pre-order shipping question
  242. ??? About Amazon Refer a friend GCs....
  243. Question for u
  244. Anyone remember the Maxtor 40 gig deal w/ free ata card?
  245. Shipping to Hawaii
  246. ****** Charging me for orders I didnt place. Anyone else have this problem?
  247. Used DVD Store?
  248. 800.com site redesign
  249. HOW FAST IS THE SHIPPING @dvdempire?
  250. buy.com question