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  1. hallmark dinotopia memoribila??!!
  2. ? about BB weekly ad concerning DVD's
  3. Bad experience with Playcentric
  4. Is DDD bad at answering customer Emails?
  5. I %$#@ed Up!!!!!!!
  6. Good experience with Playcentric
  7. shopping to DVD IMPORT
  8. Anyone work in a Oregon store thats hiring?
  9. The ONE and ONLY Las Vegas deals thread.
  10. What happened to "Bestbuysux.org"????
  11. Netflix: service slowing down?
  12. Outpost.com sucks!
  13. Anyone know of a contact # for Alliance (the Canadian DVD distributor)?
  14. Overstock going public
  15. Adult & JAV VCDs at US$48 (Free International Shipping)
  16. Blockbuster selling previewed DVDs in their amray cases!
  17. Yo quero Taco HELL?
  18. Problem with DDD's version of Re-Animator
  19. DVDEmpire is lying about my credit card company.
  20. dvdspree.com?
  21. Dumbest things you have heard from customers?
  22. How To Redeem GC's at CDnow?
  23. So I ask DDD to pricematch...
  24. Selling used DVD's?
  25. Question about Best Buy Price Policy
  26. Why can't I sign up for CDHQ?
  27. Overstock.com cancelling some Criterion DVD Orders?
  28. Best All Round (currently Trading) Etailer
  29. Sams Club Return Policy on Computers/Electronics?
  30. Best buy
  31. Have you heard of bedroomdvds.com? (adult dvd rental like netflix)
  32. has best buy ended in store gift certificates?
  33. Can I return an opened portable cd player to Amazon?
  34. Rental plan in Netflix, any idea?
  35. what is the best online DVD store?
  36. ddd link?
  37. NETFLIX - Shipped and returned DVDs!?!?!?
  38. Do Any Of You Know About This Online Retailer?
  39. Where had DDD gone?
  40. Best Buy in Store Pick-up
  41. CD Wow?
  42. BIG Anime Promo
  43. Where to trade DVDs and CDs in San Diego?
  44. Another Best Buy "Idiot Employee" Story
  45. Does Amazon.com pricematch?
  46. Ironies of "Self Serve Checkouts"
  47. Media Mail and delivery confirmation?
  48. Best place to pre-order Traffic Criterion?
  49. Best place to order R2 Europe DVD's from??
  50. DVDPlanet - Customs?
  51. Amazon return and coupon question
  52. Time after Time price error?
  53. Security checks in retail stores
  54. Anyone in Hawaii Use Amazon's Super Saver Shipping?
  55. DVD Empire; How long is a disc usually 'ON ORDER'?
  56. Webcertificate no go at BestBuy.com?
  57. Deep Discount DVD
  58. Question about half.com purchase?
  59. Just got X-Files Season 5 from N. American DVD!
  60. Need suggestion for Internet credit card
  61. Outpost vs. Frys
  62. DDD Shipping times question
  63. PlayCentric Price Increases
  64. Does Dell charge a restocking fee for items returned???
  65. Does Best Buy have a buy now, ship later policy?
  66. Question about BB.com
  67. Calling Card Scam
  68. Has anyone ordered from PokerIndustries.com (From the DVDTalk 'Shop' Page)?
  69. Anyone recieve their Kurosawa DVD from HKFLICKS?
  70. Best Buy and new releases
  71. Buy.com and shipping preorders....
  72. ST TNG Season 2 found 1 week early in Boston B&M....
  73. Appreciation for Criterion Collection Customer Service
  74. Which e-retailers ship early?
  75. One & Only Total Movie Customer Service Thread Part II
  76. DeepDiscountDVD -- Still The Best?
  77. Direc TV what is a new customer?
  78. Double Discount?
  79. Anyone received their Kurosawa Doc from HKF yet??
  80. Usd/cad?????????
  81. BestBuy arrests customers for taking advantage of price error!
  82. Netflix now shipping out of flushing, NY
  83. Death? Sorry NO RETURNS
  84. Free promo credits in amazon account?
  85. Ordering a tv from best-buy.com, help!
  86. Blockbuster to test subscriptions to let customers avoid late fees
  87. Anyone tried to order the Roger Nygard film "Suckers" online?
  88. Playcentric reliable
  89. ecampus.com?
  90. inetdvd.com - does shipping take forever?
  91. Direct Video - did you order then cancel?
  92. Anyone's Transformers Ship from Amazon yet?
  93. Best store (online or off) for business cards?
  94. Anyone else subscribe to Mystique print magazine?
  95. What's the DUMBEST Thing You've Ever Heard from a Best Buy Employee?
  96. Half.com question
  97. Netflix: How many titles do you see per month?
  98. Netflix strategies: how do you manage your account?
  99. David Lynch Store
  100. RitzCamera.com?? Anyone use this site before?
  101. Circuit City Pricematching
  102. Ebay feedback question
  103. Anyone receive their orders from DVDImport recently ?
  104. Ever ordered from musicselection.com?
  105. Sharper Image Customer Service Rocks
  106. North American DVD=THE MUSIC SHOPPE?
  107. Moving to Nashville, any good stores?
  108. What online stores accept Paypal???
  109. Hey all, I'm new here ...
  110. Blockbuster Vs. Hollywood Video - which is better?
  111. Has anybody been here before....
  112. who has experience with critics choice the online dvd store?
  113. Dvdbarn?
  114. Am I the only person who hates DVD Planet's new layout
  115. Atlanta DVD
  116. hsn.com issue - Need Advice
  117. DVDmode - Talk about Great customer service!
  118. Sucker'd into DVDempire order
  119. Best buy and disney
  120. Non-DVD related online store problem...
  121. www.DVDs- bootlegs...
  122. Coming to US - best stores to buy DVDs?
  123. ive got a question about buy.com
  124. Does Netflix "fake out" availability?
  125. Amazon: Cancel a preorder - what happens to GC?
  126. buy.com preorder maddness problem?
  127. Suncoast Replay Members...check your points
  128. Best Buy - Worst customer care
  129. Anyone get their VisionTek Ti 200$50 MIR?? Someone help me with this! Read inside
  130. Props to Staples
  131. Half.com purchase/coupon problem
  132. NETFLIX Website Mistake?
  133. Washington Post article on Netflix
  134. netflix
  135. Combining Orders @ Amazon - A warning...
  136. DoubleDiscount.com - anybody know anything about them?
  137. Wherehouse.com Xchange - anyone tried this?
  138. What's the deal with DVDPlanet?
  139. Unsolicited CC.com e-mails
  140. dvdboxoffice=playcentric?
  141. Will Mulholland Drive be available at B&M stores?
  142. New Netflix Member looking for advice...
  143. Disks on Back Order - ever get shipped?
  144. Grrr... (DirectTV)
  145. what's up with www.dvdsoon.com?
  146. WARNING: Do NOT shop from Orderbox.com- read on
  147. Can I use a Barnes & Noble giftcard online?
  148. Did "completed auctions" disapear from E-Bay?
  149. What DVD stores take Diners Club?
  150. NorthAmericanDVD has not sent out my ST:TNG S1 yet.....
  151. sonystyle.com NetMD MZ-N1, anyone else?
  152. Wal-Mart self check-out
  153. Was Spartacus CC breifly back at overstock today??
  154. Scary Story About Complaining About Online Stores
  155. milesource problems
  156. Any feedback/info for diabolikdvd.com??
  157. forbiddenvideo.com
  158. Netflix East Coast and service question...
  159. Experiance With InetDVD.com
  160. Best Buy return policy changed?
  161. Hitmenow.com
  162. Why are there so many people on Deep Discount right now??
  163. DVD Express + Strictly Ballroom = ?
  164. target and wal mart
  165. Has anyone ordered from GrooveMovies.com?
  166. DDD Question
  167. eBay and Half.com "cookie problem"?
  168. Anyone else get this nice surprise from overstock.com?
  169. DVDEmpire issues with pre-orders?
  170. Total Movie Magazine Content Discussion/Feedback Thread
  171. yourfreedvds.com + myhealthysavings.com question
  172. Outpost.com selling AOD Bootleg??
  173. Seeking opinions on A&M?
  174. dvdempire anyone?
  175. Best Buy and Price Match
  176. Any thoughts on Buyrite.net?
  177. Did Amazon get hacked again? Because my CC did!
  178. DeepDiscount says my Chasing Amy (Criterion) has shipped
  179. Price match at Wal Mart?
  180. From the Earth to the Moon - $47 shipped TODAY ONLY
  181. Anyone use Buy.com recently for preorders? Arrival time?
  182. Borders.com + GCs
  183. DVD Empire pre-order shipping time over holidays?
  184. Added to an open order at Amazon
  185. rentmydvd.com users, how are you doing?
  186. Pre Orders on Amazon.com
  187. Any thoughts on AnotherUniverse.com?
  188. Amazon.com sales rank
  189. DVD Import: How long does it take to get a refund anyway?
  190. www.totalactionuniverse.com
  191. SuperGirl for 6.99
  192. Paypal
  193. Selling DVD's on eBay. (Question)
  194. Good online source to buy computer memory?
  195. thunderdvd any one?
  196. Amazon.com not posting info for DVD's anymore.
  197. Why Kozmo.com, Furniture.com, iHarvest.com, Swapit.com, and Myspace.com all failed.
  198. Best Buy phone rebate problem help?
  199. Discover/CdNow 15% off Screenshots... HELP!
  200. re-DDD pre-orders
  201. DELL: Just refuse it, or accept it?
  202. CDNever (Now)
  203. Help - CS number for DVDSoon?
  204. 24 Hour Fitness
  205. I will NEVER shop at CompUSA again!!
  206. charging mistake! solution! numberslate.com (was: fraud! numberslate.com)
  207. How do video rental stores get amary cover inserts for snappers
  208. DDD Shipping TNG Season 1 Today!
  209. DVD players may have a markup of US$20!
  210. DVDOvernight Problem
  211. I'm spamming for my own site. And being deceptive about it!
  212. North American DVD ?
  213. Advice on keeping/returning Canadian DVD
  214. Does Outpost.com match Fry's prices?
  215. This eBay is some wacky place
  216. Don't Pre-Order at BestBuy.com
  217. Any way to get $25 credit from amazon for camera i baught last month?
  218. Help with DVDs on Ebay
  219. Numberslate site down? (3/18/2002 - 7pm)?
  220. Does anyone know the status of Outpost.com's 19.99 Book of the Dead?
  221. Has anybody's $13 DVDExpress "Strictly Ballroom" shipped?
  222. Can you combine promotional amazon 10% off coupon with a STL 10% off?
  223. Free goodies from Samgoody.com!
  224. OverStock and Shipping and more
  225. NorthAmericanDVD.com on your statement?
  226. shipping reimbursement changed at half.com?
  227. CAUTION: Piranha at Fry's Outpost
  228. Opinion on Ecost.com
  229. Is this a pricing error in this week's Best Buy ad? "Crossroads" soundtrack for $2.99
  230. Where can I find LD's ?
  231. Shipping problems.....I need help
  232. In the Mood for Love Criterion packaging error.
  233. Amazon TV problems?
  234. Help Please (with TAU)
  235. Outpost.com and backordered preorder, grrrr
  236. No wonder I've got slow turnaround on my Netflix movies
  237. any good sites to sell car parts? (supercharger)
  238. FedEx carries the US mail?!?
  239. Borders Question
  240. Do many Pawn shops sell DVDs?
  241. Best Buy building in Canada
  242. Netflix: pro full-screen?
  243. Dvdsoon?
  244. Total Movie DVD Player received!
  245. (Att: Netflix renters) Has this happened to you?
  246. Old Best Buy $10 rebate on Dreamcast games problem
  247. Bad news for Amazon Nextcard users?
  248. Amazon cancelled my Mezzo Forte order
  249. How reliable are your REBATES?
  250. Criterions at Best Buy?