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  1. djangos.com raises prices again
  2. Is your Wal-Mart like the one in the TV ads?is that TV ad misleading the consumers?
  3. Do any major B&Ms price match online store prices?
  4. Netflix Lite returns (sort of)
  5. Amazon Zombie Parody
  6. Sazuma - no secure site?
  7. When do these Amazon/Old Navy 10 off 50 codes expire?
  8. Free $20 Ice.com Certificate to first person to email me
  9. Anyone get their X-Files 2nd Season from buy.com yet?
  10. Does your local Wal-Mart carry X-Men and Gladiator DVD?
  11. Anyone know how to cancel an item from checkout.com?
  12. Buy.com raises prices (news article)
  13. AMAZON shipping problems?
  14. Did anyone get Bond set from BestBuy?
  15. Anyone know if Blockbuster is going to sell the new Se7en?
  16. The ECS FAQS Thread #1, Post All Info Here:
  17. Anyone having problems with Barnes and Noble's website(bn.com)?or other stores?
  18. X-Files 2 arrives Friday from TWEC; my big TWEC order...
  19. Cannot cancel any orders at Amazon or even partial orders!!
  20. DVDempire update (a nice one this time)
  21. Sell your DVDs through Amazon Market Place, It's cool.
  22. refer a friend
  23. Does Circuit City price match Frys?
  24. A Thanksgiving Miracle! WHN.com...
  25. After all this time, Buy.com finally gets smart about packaging.
  26. SunCoast Exchange Policy
  27. Amazon Closed?
  28. Amazon ate my gift certificate!!!
  29. any thoughts on BlueLight.com?
  30. 800.com's $50 giftcheck (when buying for +$299)
  31. DVD Price Search - Down?
  32. gotta love amazon CS - gave me a free MI:2
  33. Super Deluxe Perfect Storm @ buy.com
  34. Okay, who broke the bestbuy website?
  35. Any merchants that accept PayPal as payment?
  36. What is a B & M and can someone post a link for me
  37. Has Amazon.com Extended Free Shipping Promotion?
  38. Why is The Abyss SE on preorder at Amazon.com?
  39. fivestardvd.com down?
  40. Tower Records bites the big one...
  41. Express.com sucks
  42. recycleDVD.com
  43. freedvds.com??
  44. NetFlix server down and other observations
  45. buy.com and the Beastie Boys Anthology release date (an answer, not a question)
  46. The one and only Planes Trains and Automobiles on order at Buy.com :-(
  47. Cannot cancel part or full order @ Amazon
  49. Videotropic Amazon Chicken Run preorder
  50. 800.com just raised CD prices
  51. Buy.com Says Goodbye to Australia
  52. Interesting article about Buy.com price hikes
  53. Anyone Else Delayed on Bridge on The River Kwai: LE?
  54. Does BestBuy.com charge sales tax?
  55. Buy.com where is Twilight Zone vol.40,41 & 42??..
  56. Buy.com's Secure Server down?
  57. 800.com & Preorders?
  58. Did anybody order Gladiator from Bestbuy.com on 11/18 and have it shipped?
  59. Bestbuy.com Online site is suck!!
  60. Is It Only Me, Or ... Is Buy.com's Server Having Some Serious Issues?
  61. Has buy.com shipped anything this week?
  62. cdnow and the cookie timer dilemna:
  63. Where online can I get Nutmeg T-Shirts
  64. 800.com System Failure--check your order!
  65. Which B&M store gives refunds/store credit for sealed DVD's without a receipt?
  66. The one and only "US Post Office is Suckekekekeke" thread
  67. Win an "Actual Shield" from the movie Gladiator.
  68. Maximus Arrived on Sunday
  69. Can someone recommend a new DVD store for me
  70. Next Day Air at Amazon.com next day?
  71. Unable to cancel an order from Amazon.com
  72. Update on $23 BestBuy Dusk Till Dawn Collection
  73. Is downtowns across the USA dead?downtowns in your city or other places nearby you!?
  74. Express.com: never EVER again!!
  75. Half.com Buyers & Sellers: Wrong UPCs
  76. Fully shipped @Amazon?
  77. Do not shop at http://www.hkflix.com!
  78. Buy.com and Status Updates?
  79. What B&M stores do you dislike the most?hate the most?
  80. Free Shipping on 800.com
  81. How to cancel orders @ 800.com?
  82. Futureshop has ps2's
  83. Any way to get in touch with Greatergood.com?
  84. DVDEmpire Crumbles
  85. borders.com-any values for dvds? I got a gift certificate...
  86. My last order with Express.com, YAY!!!!!!!
  87. Amazon CSR
  88. Amazon getting slower and slower
  89. Bigstar is offering a free movie.
  90. The one and only UPS SUCKS thread
  91. DVDBoxoffice
  92. Brookstone - do they ever have online coupons?
  93. How Is DVDEmpire.com To Buy From?
  94. buy.com backorders
  95. does anyone still go reel.com?
  96. HELP! express.com $12.50 coupon QUESTION
  97. What online store do you HATE?
  98. When does buy.com ship there preorders?
  99. Columbia House Buy 1 Get 2 @ $10 Off Sale Problems
  100. cancelling part of buy.com coupon order?
  101. How is CDNow, now?
  102. MovieSource.com just got "Fantasia" in stock (11/16)
  103. kbkids.com changed shipping prices
  104. 800.com order, shipped out in 2 hours!
  105. Friends Best of 2-Disc Set @ DVDEmpire.com
  106. Buy.com coupons don't work for me today
  107. Amazon good in my book tonight.
  108. Express.com Order Status?
  109. Sensasian.com
  110. Is it me... or is Moviesource.com never up???!!!
  111. Don't go to Crazy Eddie
  112. EBWorld - Are they always so slow?
  113. DVD Empire and Webcertificates
  114. Free shipping at Future Shop
  115. Fair Game 12.49$ at Chapters.ca
  116. Mobshop question
  117. Anyone Get Dusk Till Dawn 2-Disc from Cdnow
  118. need amazon.com electronic coupons
  119. Wal-Mart and Targets DVD selection stinks!! It's Pathetic!!
  120. HELP! Amazon GC expires today - need to extend it
  121. Buy.com order cancellation w/ coupon?
  122. Can I use Flooz to send Flooz?
  123. Buy.com policies are barbaric and antiquated
  124. Where in Moses is Optimus Prime!?!
  125. What should I do in the case of a stolen package?
  126. Super Deluxe Perfect Storm
  127. Is CC website secure?
  128. Buy.com Deal Of The Day Warning
  129. Postal rate increase, online getting more expensive?
  130. Fantasia Anthology Release Date Pushed Back?
  131. On A Scale Of 1-10 ... Rate L.L. Bean...
  132. Experiences with Joemamma computer???
  133. Anyone received their FANTASIA Anthology disc set yet?
  134. DVDempire and returns
  135. Fantasia Anthology at Express?
  136. anyone else have problems with buy.com returns
  137. 800.COM ordering complaint
  138. Problems with items disappearing from 800.com carts
  139. MI:2 and Amazon
  140. problems with buy.com
  141. 11/14 Criterions shipped from Buy.com!
  142. Best Buy Boneheads
  143. How is Amazon with Exchanges??
  144. cdnow and ecs/ cdnow and ****** worries
  145. Cheap Software?
  146. Pathetic holiday deals
  147. Blockbuster with good PVT selection in LA?
  148. DVDEmpire to begin shipping BATMAN BEYOND: ROTJ soon?
  149. Amazon Shipping
  150. Perfect storm out now?
  151. How long will it take me to get the Patriot from Amazon.com?
  152. Any FILSON luggage dealers online?
  153. What's wrong with Video-Now?
  154. [searching]: Smoke, Paul Auster
  155. A Perfect Storm DVD- HERE, At my house!!! 5 days early!!!
  156. Anyone used alldvdmovies.com?
  157. Best Buy stock dropped 40% today
  158. Moviesource.com
  159. Can anybody tell me how bigstar.com is doing?
  160. PlayStation 2 Give Away at Buy.com
  161. Couldn't resist posting
  162. Farewell PETS.COM (sniff, sniff)!
  163. Best Buy and their poor customer service
  164. Amazons phone no.
  165. How long does it take to get something from BestBuy.com?
  166. Question about buy.com and Debit cards
  167. Tokyopop.com and magazine closing down.
  168. Amazon orders to Georgia
  169. Is There A Search Engine That Includes Virginmega.com?
  170. Anybody know when the next buy.com free shipping days will be??
  171. Amazon Marketplace, anyone tried that yet ???
  172. Amazon refer-a-friend glitch
  173. Free shipping on $100 order though Nov.22!!
  174. amazon ?: combining orders to cancel item?
  175. Amazon refer-a-friend glitch
  176. psst...want a ps2?
  177. MYMUSIC.COM any good?
  178. Help!! Cannot checkout at buy.com!
  179. Haaahaaaaahaaaaahaaahhaaaaaaa
  180. Digital Eyes?
  181. Another One Bites The Dust...Pets.com
  182. If you dont care about store complaints then stop reading them.
  183. Received 4 Amazon GC from Freeride: 3 already used???!!???!
  184. $25 off $100 at amazon software
  185. Has anyone been able to successfully put a Webcert in an ExchangePath Acct. recently?
  186. Are there still stores we can shop at?
  187. paypal questions
  188. MovieGallery is overcharging shipping on the 3 for $50 deal
  189. What is Amazon.com's CS 800 Telephone
  190. Has anyone received their M:I-2 disc yet??
  191. Amazon question...?
  192. Video-now's Toy Story UTB
  193. Video-now's Toy Story UTB
  195. Express.com any good?
  196. Spinal Tap pre-order from Buy.com
  197. 800.com W A R N I N G
  198. Outpost.com coupons?
  199. CHART: Stores Ranked for Best Prices
  200. Weekly Store Ads-why only big titles listed ?no smaller titles?
  201. Is Express.com working now?
  202. NetFlix Lite doesn't exist for new customers?
  203. Anyone heard from Radiofreecash?
  204. Express.com shipping ??
  205. buy.com MYSTERY WINDOW
  206. Best Buy James Bond Credit Question
  207. BarnesandNoble.com and preorders?
  208. I hate online retailer website maintence!!escpecially Amazon!!
  209. Where I buy my DVD for those curious about my Hollywood Video and Blockbuster Video
  210. Columbia House Shipping Question
  211. Barnes and Noble website is being upgraded(and explains the problems I had today!!)
  212. Is something with Barnes and Nobles's website?
  213. What does "1 on hand" at Amazon mean?
  214. MovieGallery Sale DVDs Arrive!!
  215. BUY.COM Cancellation Policies Problems
  216. Will we be asking online stores to pricematch B&M?
  217. Left Behind DVD not shipping anywhere?
  218. Does Hollywood Vdeo order DVD's?How was the experince?Would you order from them again
  219. I hate my local Blockbuster Video!!Only have one in my city of 91.491!!
  220. DO NOT shop at Djangos.com!
  221. I got my "Wall Street" today so be on the lookout for yours.
  222. Is there an etailer with accurate PS2 game release date listings?
  223. Looking for One and Only E-tailer Phone #s Thread
  224. WhatsHotNow.com customer service?
  225. Amazon csr number??
  226. question about selling dvds to amazon
  227. Mission Impossible 2 shipped yesterday from BUY.COM so be on the look out for yours!!
  228. Best Buy
  229. I need help with my Samgoody.com Giftcards.
  231. CDnow now ships internationally
  232. Buy.com & $100 GC-Anybody ever get it?
  233. Anyone receive Beastie Boys Criterion?
  234. Question about shipping from online stores
  235. TWEC WTF?
  236. Buy.com and PO Boxes
  237. Searching Used DVD's at DJANGO's: HOW?
  238. What does "free shipping" mean?
  239. Best Buy pre-order?
  240. Has anyone ordered from Movietown.com?
  241. Does Barnes and Noble ship all your items at the same time?or do they do like Amazon?
  242. Is anyone hoaving touble accessing their SWAPIT account??
  243. Sam Goody gift cards, expiration date?
  244. Amazon buying/selling used DVDs
  245. The Harder They Come from buy.com?
  246. My 'Leon' and DVDEmpire adventure
  247. DVDPlanet preorder updates?
  248. A site compares VHS and DVD prices?
  249. To All Who Received Bond Set 3 OPENED
  250. Can anyone from DVDEmpire tell me...