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  1. Anyone Receive Jet Li/Monty Python Set-7
  2. MY BestBuy Stupidity story.
  3. Mailing things with Book Rate for half.com
  4. Remeber that TWEC $10 off 2 dvds?
  5. Question about Amazon $10 off coupon
  6. anyone ordered from Double Discount?
  7. Anyone tried to apply GCs to existing orders at Amazon???
  8. Netflix--What do they cross reference?
  9. Hellraiser set question at CDNOW
  10. So where do we go now for pre-orders?
  11. The BIGGEST DEAL that most of you missed out on over the weekend!!!!!!!!
  12. Is it just me or is Amazon.com account login page unsecured ?
  13. Big Star announcement, if anyone cares...
  14. Preordering with GCs at Amazon
  15. X-Men Removed from Site
  16. Washington AG tells me to "Suck it and See".....
  17. How about refurbished Notebooks in Ubid?
  18. Got my river kwai order canceled by barnes
  19. CriterionDVD.com
  20. Blockbuster Question
  21. Alternative to half.com
  22. Amazon Promo GCs not safe in Amazon account
  23. The One And Only Bestbuy.com Is Suck Thread!!!!
  24. Buy.com Gift Certificate problems?
  25. Spinal Tap delays at buy.com
  26. 800.com & Philadelphia experiment?
  27. TWEC.COM stackable?
  28. Buy.com finally shipped my "Halloween 5 Tin"
  29. Pioneer Titles & Express
  30. Help..Need any Amazon Ref. Codes or whatnot..
  31. Anyone get a bad Amazon gift certificate from Microsoft/Visio?
  32. Why hasn't my T2:UE shipped from Amazon yet?
  33. Buy.com and shipping to Hawaii
  34. Amazon Customer Service...?
  35. anybody know of any other online DVD rental stores besides NETFLIX & DVDOVERNIGHT???
  36. asian dvd or vcd
  37. buy.com refurbished
  38. Braveheart/M.I.B. Spec Ed 40% off
  39. 800.com question
  40. snail mail: $15 off $75 @ 800.com
  41. Hey Foxdvd, What's Itchee like to shop at?
  42. Apparently CDUniverse aren't shipping to Australia at the moment? What's the deal?
  44. Allelluia, it's a miracle!!!! :-)
  45. The One & Only Amazon Cancelled My Order & I'm Having a Hard Time Coping Thread
  46. Defective Leon and Amazon.com
  47. Ooops, I cancelled a DVD with Buy.com in error!!!!
  48. Fast Amazon shipping?!
  49. MSNBC Story On Amazon Concerning Privacy
  50. For those giving up on Amazon it would seem you're not alone.
  51. $60 off at Mesite.com
  52. Received WindowsME from Buy.com at 10:30am!
  53. Problems with Express and Pioneer?
  54. Who will have the Sopranos first for preorder?...
  55. Can you use buy.com's price matching on pre orders?
  56. How Do I contact Half.com?
  57. Who has already contacted BBB/FTC/AG over Amazon.com?
  58. Help with Bungo?
  59. Online store similar to Amazon? is there with the wide selection and variety?
  60. Another Amazon article I found the most informative so far...just to add to the rest!
  61. DDDhouse.. thumbs up for good CS
  62. Warning: if you made a purchase at VideoNow between Aug 26 and Sep 5th
  63. On the advice of my lawyer (and law professor)....
  64. Major gripe with Buy.com!
  65. BUY.COM Customer Support is down ...
  66. EPIC ends ties with Amazon
  67. Whar did you buy during buy.com's free shipping days?
  68. Reality check on Amazon.com
  69. Express.com
  70. Get a refund if you paid more at Amazon - here’s how
  71. Way to go Amazon.com
  72. Spinal Tap pre-orders from Buy.com
  73. Borders.com advice?
  74. Amazon's "Save for Later" option
  75. Amazon response to complaint.
  76. Question about Half.com.
  77. Anyone receive Planet of the Apes box from BUY.COM?
  78. bestbuy.com cancelling orders?
  79. DVD Empire tampering with keepcases?
  80. Amazon Haiku
  81. Express.com really p*ssed me off
  82. Chapters jacks shipping rates
  83. anyone have problems with Netflix lately?
  84. How big are the boxes for dvds at empiredvd.com?
  85. DVDEmpire dead?
  86. Chicken Run available for preorder.....
  87. Staples suck!!!!!
  88. I am boycotting all out of pocket cost orders at Amazon
  89. My Bestbuy.com horror story.
  90. Has anyone received a shipping notification for Spinal Tap?
  91. TWEC.com HELP ME
  92. TWEC question
  93. What's an Amazon affiliate to do???
  94. How many of you pay for movies at Amazon?
  95. How do to the ColumbiaHouse DVD deals
  96. How do you price match at Amazon?
  97. Would this be a example of Amazon's price changing?
  98. Is DVDJam dead?
  99. Gift Certificates
  100. Online Stores for R1 - What's Best?
  101. Amazon tests prices on MIB
  102. Amazon Rocks!
  103. Recieved $20 best buy gc today...
  104. Target/BB/CC
  105. How will DVDempire work out the Leon exchange problem?
  106. Caught in the Buy preorder blues...
  107. Suncoast
  108. Buy.com hasn't shipped any of 6 preorders for this week
  109. WIRED.COM article on Amazon Price Inconsistency
  110. Another buy.com question - re:shipping charges
  111. How Does Buy Apply A Coupon?
  112. Missing orders
  113. I don't like express.com
  114. Thank You Troy Wolverton And CNet
  115. Repo Man Tin from Buy?
  116. History was made today! (see/post snapshots)
  117. Amazon, what the #$@????
  118. Disposable CC #s
  119. Video-Now.com
  120. Buy.com: Coupon & GC together?
  121. Amazon shipped Omen?
  122. DVDExpress has reached a new low - 15% off!
  123. Ebay Experiences
  124. Anyone got American Psycho for Express yet
  125. WTF?!? Question on Amazon.com tracking info...
  126. Why is Barnes and Noble's website so slow?
  127. What other online stores should I use(beside Amazon) for DVD's,CD's and books?
  128. AOL/pizzahut gcs problem.
  129. new amazon $10 off gift flyer
  130. Did anyone get the Omen from Buy?
  131. Buy.com and this week's double feature preorders
  132. Amazon T2: UE - 1 DVD vs 2 DVD - does it matter?
  133. Is it time to AVOID Amazon?
  134. Amazon's fluctuating prices on DVDs revealed.
  135. Updated Prices for FOX double features at Amazon
  136. anyone get MIB from amazon yet?
  137. Half.com phone number, anyone???
  138. MIB from Buy.com shipped?
  139. Has anybody received the Halloween 5 Tin from Express.com?
  140. Evil Dead II limited edition from buy.com
  141. BUY.COM : good, or not so good?
  142. T2 shows up as 1.85:1 at Amazon.com
  143. Spinal Tap Delay
  144. New Hivizone Search Engine?
  145. Amazon gc scam
  146. Amazon's new 'privacy' policy.
  147. Anyone use DV Depot or A&B sound?
  148. Should I Cancel All My Pre-Orders ?
  149. I need an item from Buy for $1.23
  150. Any one gotten their free Braveheart DVD from Amazon yet??!!
  151. DVD Survivor - Which stores should be voted off
  152. Prince of Darkness DVD backorder at Twec.com ...anyone recieve?
  153. Anyone found Fantasia or Gladiator DVDs at Buy.com yet?
  154. Pre-Orders and DVD Empire
  155. Amazon jsut said MIB was shipped
  156. ubid.com?
  157. 800.com
  158. Sales tax at Buy.com
  159. twec.com...anyone used?
  160. Does Buy.com charge for preorders when they ship or right away?
  161. Amazon.com Privacy Policy Warning
  162. [Fun Topic] How many....
  163. Anybody won any given sunday?
  164. Notice: Buy.com collecting state sales tax in error
  165. Sam Goody GC question
  166. Amazon "bargains".. Beware I almost got caught
  167. Amazon's sneaky price practice higher for some users
  168. Has anyone noticed the prices aren't at least Half off @ Half.com?
  169. Anyone know how long it takes Best Buy to ship a DVD?
  170. Amazon finally ships Canadian orders ;(
  171. Buy.com charges tax now?
  172. Fly/Fly 2 Combo Reduction
  173. Buy.com and orders with preorder and avliable item.
  174. buy.com actually ships my movies this week
  175. Anyone have their DVDEmpire Preorders for 9/5 ship yet?
  176. American Psycho arrives (Fri) 4 days early, thanks buy.com
  177. Old Buy.com orders disappearing off order status page?
  178. Has anybody else had problems with dvdexpress.com?
  179. Columbia House Sign-In Prob
  180. What's wrong the Amazon's site?
  181. Does Amazon price match themselves w/ a coupon?
  182. 2 dvds in a BIG a$$ box / 5 dvds in a little box
  183. dvdjam tells me to opt to cancel........
  184. Anybody remember the DVD party pack?
  185. I got my MiB LE from BUY.COM Today
  186. Credit problems with Amazon,anyone else?
  187. Fluctuating Prices
  188. Another buy.com rip off story
  189. Buy lies about shipping
  190. Dvdempire when will you have the following for preorder?....
  191. Amazon Anti-Bargain - DVDs ABOVE Retail Price
  192. Amazon 40% off preorders are going byebye!!
  193. How to stop Amazon from being helpful with shipping?
  194. Half.com refunds, how long do they take???
  195. Incorrect pricing at Amazon
  196. Amazon.Com Just Sent Me a Nice BIG FAT...
  197. buy.com GCs and coupons
  198. Express coupon book - whattayouthink?
  199. Never purchase DVDs at BN.com
  200. any coupons for cdw?
  202. Looking for feedback on TowerRecords.com
  203. Outpost.com - Amazing experience
  204. Used video stores?
  205. Good used-video stores?
  206. I should have ordered the tin!
  207. nationwide
  208. Quick CDNow/FF Points Question
  209. Amazon: How to add to order?
  210. Amazon ripoff... $10.50 SPECIAL SURCHARGE???
  211. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein DELAYED at AMAZON
  212. Help where to print staples coupons?
  213. Hivizone pricing discrimination
  214. Webswap
  215. Amazon price jump after pre-order?
  216. Funny email from buy.com
  217. Anyone receive complimentary Braveheart from Amazon yet?
  218. screwed by SAM GOODY!!
  219. Half.com or should I say "Over" Half.com bites!!!
  220. Anyone else Cancel their T2 Order because of the slow wait to actualy ship them?
  221. LOL Look What I Got From BUY.COM!!
  222. Anyone have any info on Thunder dvd , a Canadian site.
  223. New pricing policy at Half.com is a joke.
  224. Old CDNOW DVD orders -- warning
  225. CD Universe has raised their S&H
  226. DVDEmpire preorder questions
  227. Anyone Receive Braveheart From Buy.Com Yet ?
  228. When does SamGoody.com ship pre-orders?
  229. Half.com vs. Swapit.com?
  230. Dvdempire, where are the following preorders?...
  231. BUY.COM hasn't shipped Planet of the Apes Boxset!
  232. The one and only Buy.con has not shipped my T2 thread
  233. Why doesn't Bigstar carry T2: UE?
  234. Amazon - Anyones Evil dead 2 tin ship?
  235. Free MI2 with purchase of coupon book from Express
  236. Transfers from REEL to BUY - Part 3
  237. Something to do...
  238. DVDEmpire - Paying by Check/MO
  239. Money orders
  240. T2:UE at Buy.com $28.49 vs. $22.49
  241. Buy.Com Not Allowing Pricematching on Preorders
  242. DVDEmpire ROCKS!
  243. Netflix: When to cancel?
  244. Amazon.com and T2 UE pre-order... upgraded to 1 day ups?
  245. T-2 Ultimate Shipped From Amazon
  246. Problem resolution time frame for DVD Empire??
  247. Little Dirty thing about DVDexpress.com you should know
  248. Another little dirty thing you should know about DVDexpress
  249. Boogie Nights shipping from buy.com yet???
  250. Personal Online Store Reports - August 20000