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  1. Yourfreedvds.com dvd versions question
  2. I hate Best Buy because....
  3. Digital Eyes Payment Question
  4. No MovieCash in LOTR Gift Set from Amazon.ca
  5. DeepDiscountDVD.com spamming
  6. Kmart Still Doesn't Have the SPIRIT (WS)!
  7. "Number Slate" (Online DVD Rental)?
  8. Really pissed at Best Buy...
  9. Amazon's Follies
  10. kmart.com's idiotic order cancellation policy
  11. lost package policy
  12. Pricematching the $9.99 SP:Season 1 at DDD
  13. An Overstock comedy of errors...
  14. New coupon from Digitaleyes.net
  15. Direct Video
  16. Question about return to Amazon.ca
  17. Best Buy and pricematching after the fact
  18. Best Buy employee purchases question?
  19. Where do you Canadians buy your DVD?
  20. price matching bestbuy?
  21. Amazon low $ items
  22. First time ever calling corporate to complain -- TRU
  23. I hate to bring this up again....but the Disney Store
  24. DVDEmpire Pre-order Manager Broken ?
  25. Can BestBuy.com Digital Coupons be stacked?
  26. CircuitCity.com &/or BestBuy.com Shipping?
  27. anybody ever seen a Red Shooting Star next to someones ebay rating?
  28. Terrific service at amazon.ca
  29. buy.com:fastest shipping ever (fotr ee)
  30. LOTR and Episode II at The Wiz
  31. Thanks Amazon.ca!...
  32. Amazon.com Holiday Delight-O-Meter
  33. No more Pre-Orders @ CDNow?
  34. Did anyone receive X-Files Season 6 from DVDMode yet?
  35. Exchanging fullscreen and widescreen dvds
  36. Help buying DVDs in the US please
  37. TAU looses a good customer....
  38. What are my chances for this...
  39. Amazon Platnium Visa & Amazon.ca question
  40. gift returns
  41. Toys R Us was a ZOO this morning
  42. Amazon refunds shipping for damaged returns?
  43. (scam artists at) Half.com
  44. using Visa eCard at amazon.ca
  45. netflix: somebody stealing their dvds
  46. returning items
  47. wrong vertigo shipped from DDD
  48. Netflix is not reading customer's emails
  49. Digitaleyes --- Store credit?
  50. Why does DDD's shipping policy suck so much?
  51. Help! PS2 DVD Player.
  52. Urgent! Need Amazon.ca Customer Service number
  53. Anyone notice netflix availability getting worse?
  54. Thank you Amazon...
  55. Anyone shopped at jugalanga.com?
  56. Amazon cancelled my account for no reason?
  57. How good is DVDSoon with exchanges and returns?
  58. BB raises Criterion prices...
  59. used DVDs and used DVD stores
  60. What are the best (cheap and fast and reliable) non-R4 on-line DVD e-tailers?
  61. Beware!! Rainbow Enterprises ripped me off. Don't buy from them.
  62. Note: No more "order specialists" at Amazon
  63. DVDSoon - Are they ever gonna ship?
  64. Best place to sell/trade your VHS collection?
  65. Did Amazon just raise their prices on all catalog titles?
  66. Can't get to amazon.ca from us site?
  67. Do you think I'll get my $17 back?
  68. The dead Disney thread
  69. CD Quest - Anyone ever buy from them?
  70. question about amazon.com/amazon.ca
  71. Target no longer price matches?!?
  72. Amazon gift certificates mis-applying?
  73. Wal-Mart Price Match question
  74. What's up with www.discovercard.com? [was gone, is now working again]
  75. BB Grand Opening
  76. Anyone get Amazon's "Ruby" offer?
  77. "once upon a time in america" only @ north american DVD?
  78. DDD Price match??
  79. Post Your Nov Pre-Ordered DVD Ship Dates Here
  80. DDD: should I buy Charade CC there?
  81. Did anybody order from Electronicsemall ?
  82. SUM OF ALL FEARS Price-Match at Wal-Mart
  83. Has anyone ordered from webootlegdvds.com before?
  84. Amazon Billing Problem with LOTR/AOTC/Spiderman
  85. Ddd?
  86. Blockbuster reveals DVD e-rentals
  87. I have a major store policy complaint - help!
  88. Sams kind of made me mad
  89. Circuit City warranty question
  90. Greencine?
  91. Second Spin.com
  92. Best Buy Bond Collection Pre-Order Offer
  93. Places to trade-in DVDs?
  94. BestBuy.com Receipts?
  95. Question for ppl who bought LOTR from amazon
  96. Blockbuster and FULL FRAME :(
  97. CD Universe Shipping?
  98. Help with a Half.com dispute
  99. dvdsoon again
  100. Catalog City - Get Organized Store
  101. How about x-files from amazon.ca?
  102. Bond boxset from Amazon.ca - has yours shipped yet?
  103. Anisaki...Processing time?
  104. Deep Discount DVD - processing orders I didn't place
  105. Hollywood Video Employees: Question
  106. DVD Rental Store Costs?
  107. Why is it called Brick & Mortar?
  108. Questions about PlayCentric
  109. NADVD has gone way downhill
  110. Worst shopping experience EVER
  111. Best Buy won't exchange my factory-sealed DVD
  112. AMAZON.com down???
  113. If I cancel part of an amazon.com order, will i lose my coupon?
  114. warning: DON'T Buy from www.Mailordercomics.com
  115. Amazon.ca selling used goods as new?
  116. Excellent Service From Amazon! (Long Winded!)
  117. Any chance the Kmart 24-hour stores will put out E.T. after midnight?
  118. Amazon sends the wrong item.
  119. Does Target Pricematch
  120. Deep Discount DVD order dissapearance
  121. Brilliant Marketing Deduction from Circuit City
  122. Does Best Buy honor rebates on Rainchecks?
  123. How to contact a human at nextcard?
  124. Has anyone used Dishdirect.com?
  125. Blockbuster Rent it, like it, buy it
  126. Atta Boy DeepDiscountDVD
  127. Someone please gouge my eyes out if I ever shop at BestBuy again..
  128. DVDSoon - Others Having Major Problems?
  129. Still waiting on an order from WhatsHotNow.com, I think I'll give up hope...
  130. Quick Amazon Question
  131. Best Buy.com Sells *German* Edition DVD!
  132. Brand Spanking New Features at Digital Eyes
  133. DVDSHELF.COM, anyone use this site?
  134. Great News! DVDSoon Updates New Policy
  135. Anybody seen/tried Wal-Mart's DVD Rental service yet?
  136. Have stores hired their holiday help for the Christmas Season yet?
  137. buy.com shipping with UPS
  138. Avoid IranianMovies.com !!
  139. DeepDiscountDVD sends me a VHS TAPE!!!!!
  140. What's known about dvdoncost.com
  141. Best Buy Changing Ship To Address Any Ideas?
  142. It looks like BBV is slipping (WS vs. P&S)
  143. DVD Import: Anyone ever received your order?
  144. Blockbuster rewards question
  145. Any Experiences with BrandNamez.com
  146. Where's a good place to buy IMAX?
  147. How to get Netflix Lite?
  148. Kudos! To Amazon ...Again
  149. Best Buy SUCKS!!!
  150. Best Buy will they match the price on release for a pre-order?
  151. Paypal virtual credit card question?
  152. DVDPlanet.com any good?
  153. Question about ordering from Amazon Canada
  154. Buying a Samsung portable DVD, so should I buy Best Buy PSP?
  155. A GOOD Amazon GC/STL/Coupon Billing Mistake
  156. Anyone try dvdbarn?
  157. Which online stores ship before release date?
  158. Amazon Platinum Visa
  159. What online stores pricematch other online stores?
  160. Netflix competition
  161. What do you make of this? (Yahoo Auctions seller)
  162. **** Suncoast!!! I'm Done!!!
  163. DVD Collection Analysis, has anyone else done one?
  164. Has anyone had experience with getting a refund at Buy.com?
  165. Different forms of shipping from different eTailers?
  166. Best Buy raising prices for the holidays?
  167. DDD now has Wish Lists!
  168. Buying a TV at Best Buy
  169. musicland will now be combine with best buy online!!!!
  170. WARNING: bigcd is back
  171. HKFlix, poor customer service
  172. HKFlix knows customer service?
  173. Question on ordering from Canada (Quebec)
  174. Online DVD store challenge
  175. North American DVD emails bouncing
  176. Anyone else’s 2 yr old Beauty & Beast $0 misprice ship? (Amazon)
  177. BlockBuster B&M question...
  178. Circuit City Coupons?
  179. Best Buy -- What In The World Are They Doing????
  180. Does Target give cash back if the item is cheaper?
  181. looking for specific web site address
  182. Best Buy raises prices on DVD
  183. DVDsoon.com Site Problems??
  184. Any good used DVD stores in Boston?
  185. Any good used DVD places in Maryland?
  186. Question for anyone who's bought Toy Story Ultimate Toybox from anywhere.
  187. Watch out for Amazon.ca, it's showing me other people's CC info
  188. What does a Blockbuster Manager earn?
  189. www.DVD.com Too good to be true??
  190. Blockbuster dvd cases make me sad
  191. Amazon added sales tax to my order! (shipping to Calif.)
  192. Please explain Share The Love
  193. Best online store (non-auction) to sell used DVDs?
  194. Anyone use themovie-store.com?
  195. Question for those who ordered the 3-disc BotW from DigitalEyes
  196. Direct Tv Screw Job
  197. E-Bay Horror Stories...
  198. Login Off Account on DVDOvernight.com?
  199. Possible bad trend in DVD pricing
  200. Any Experiences with Groovie Movies?
  201. DVD.com
  202. amazon merged with borders???
  203. Where do you live & your favorite place to buy DVDs?
  204. Question about Electronics Boutique before i get mad
  205. Excessive shipping charges in Ebay auction...what do I do???
  206. J&R - Downtown NYC
  207. Typical CA->US delivery times?
  208. My latest order from DDD had an OPENED dvd.
  209. Netflix- Missing Titles
  210. How reliable is Direct Video (Ca)?
  211. eBay seller - "PayPal ONLY" - sign of a scammer? - updated, yikes!
  212. www.buyritegames.com good or not?
  213. No more Best Buy for me.
  214. What's the best R2 DVD seller?
  215. Hey Canadians Dvdtalkers Near Buffalo/Niagara! Help?
  216. what website ranks internet stores? I forgot...
  217. find me something at amazon.com that costs $5
  218. Anyone use Eurekamovies.com?
  219. Always changing Half.com adds DDD prices
  220. What's Up DeepDiscountDVD?
  221. How Do You Refuse A Shipment From An Online Store?
  222. Playcentric.com SUCKS
  223. Do you get credit for your AMazon GC when you cancel a preorder?
  224. Does anyone have the number for buy.com?
  225. DIE Amazon DIE!!
  226. YourFreeDvds.com gone?
  227. Any Grease shipped from amazon?
  228. My Sopranos set: BACKORDERED!!!!
  229. What's Costco's return/exchange policy?
  230. Beware of Your Mailman
  231. CDNOW ruined my life!!!!!!!
  232. Dvdsoon - Prices gone up?
  233. Ebay, Half and other bid sites--I have a suggestion.
  234. Direct Video and pre-order pricing
  235. Wonderful customer service from Amazon
  236. Wal*Mart carded me!!!
  237. Chicagoans: Midwest stereo on Clark and Diversey
  238. anyone here still use Rent My DVD?
  239. Will DDD live up to its' promise?
  240. Check All Amazon Orders With History Of Beavis...
  241. Blockbuster & Hollywood Video (rules etc for renting DVD's)
  242. Best Buy return policy?
  243. any Best Buy employees out there?
  244. best stores to pre-order from?
  245. Is Amazon.com going to have a NEW Credit Card soon?!?!
  246. Burns' Civil War at DVDSoon - Expected Availability Date?
  247. DVD Soon: Is DreamWorks packaging bilingual?
  248. DVD shipping delays???
  249. Half.com sellers - What do you think of direct deposit?
  250. Blockbuster 10 week Monster Inc card