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  1. CDNow not carrying REBECCA: CC?
  2. DVD Express
  3. 'A Few Good Men: SE' cheap at Walmart
  4. The worst way for a rental store to sort their DVDs
  5. Adult DVD Planet?!?!
  6. DTSOnline CSR
  7. any store that accept DVD without reciept?
  8. Maybe its me (DVDPlanet.com customer service related)
  9. Is there any way to get Buy.Com to cancel a preorder?
  10. Bestbuy.com = the pits
  11. Best Buy rebate problem - anyone else?
  12. DDD vs DVD Empire ?
  13. Numberslate problems
  14. Christmas Shopping: Sopranos and Friends--Please Help (Direct Video?)
  15. Are Wal-Marts and Target checking ID's for R rated DVD's ? if so why?
  16. I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again!
  17. Best Buy Problems/Kudos to Toys R Us
  18. BestBuy and some of their employees, Ag!!
  19. Are Best Buy's(nationwide) understaffed this Christmas season?
  20. CDnow is the WORST!
  21. best place to sell used dvds?
  22. Does TotalActionUniverse Ship to the U.S.
  23. Were online stores active today?
  24. Fairly cool deal at Suncoast B&M This morning!
  25. More Amazon Problems
  26. Best Buy = Insanity (Black Friday Stories Thread)
  27. $10 off $50 Gift Certificates working?
  28. Does Fry's sell replacement DVD cases??
  29. DeepDiscountDvd Bonus?
  30. Amazon Stole My GC's !!!
  31. amazon.com problem??
  32. Anybody ordered lately from Amazon.UK(Amazon.com's British website)?
  33. My letter to Digital Eyes
  34. Will Best Buy price match after the fact?
  35. Amazon doesn't have car stereos?
  36. Do any of these stores give a miltary discount?
  37. What is a Best Value Savings at Amazon?
  38. The Grinch DVD in normal amaray?
  39. Did You Find "Bad Taste LE" or "Dr Who Set" at Best Buy Today?
  40. Can't find the Grinch in widescreen!
  41. Target IS The Grinch
  42. online rental to canada?
  43. IdeaWorm & NADN Team Up To Give Free Tax Advice and Free Tax Tape (Other Stuff Too)
  44. How long should you wait before notifying store of "missing" shipment?
  45. DVDPlanet gives error page way too much
  46. Anyone received X-Files Season 4 from Amazon?
  47. Help! need best buy advice
  48. Has anyone recieved thier X-Files Season 4 from Total Action Universe?
  49. which wonka on bestbuy online
  50. Praising Best Buy for Sunday's Ad?!?!?!
  51. Whats the deal with blockbuster/Hollywood video not carrying Startrek the Motion Pict
  52. DVD Planet Shipping: Please Explain!
  53. Old Strawberries Promotion
  54. What's black friday?
  55. Netflix?
  56. Ordering from Amazon
  57. CD Now Gripes
  58. How do I contact eBay regarding fake feedback?
  59. Anyone remember Goldfish-Sony promo?
  60. NYC - What ever happened to downtown DVD guy?
  61. Amazon ships too quickly!
  62. Does anyone or has anyone worked at Future Shop or Best Buy
  63. I just got screwed on Half.com
  64. deepdiscountdvd return policy
  65. day the earth caught fire o.oo$ price best buy
  66. CDNow and why my wife is going to kill me...
  67. Fry’s Buys Outpost As Egghead Cracks
  68. Where do stores get their DVDs?
  69. Has anyone received a confirmation email from TAU regarding XFILES season 4 order??
  70. Does DeepDiscountDVD ever ship early?
  71. Just something funny at compusa
  72. Drugstore.com causing me to tear my hair out!
  73. Holy Cats And Dogs Batman....cats And Dogs Widescreen Found In Best Buy B&m
  74. Best Places (Online/B&M) to SELL VHS??
  75. Aieee- Anyone else have problems with Ubid?
  76. totalactionuniverse question
  77. XFILES Season 4 At Wal Mart
  78. Half.com - How do I list a book that dosn't appear in its ISBN search?
  79. towerrecords.com
  80. Walmart, Target, Bestbuy....wonka widescreen????
  81. amazon.co.uk niceness
  82. Amazon ships early !
  83. more blockbuster crap
  84. Ethics question
  85. TAU - still in business??
  86. New Store Rules and Returning-WARNING:IDIOTS AT WQRK!!
  87. Ecount CC problem w/Amazon
  88. Ever heard of Value Bin?
  89. I have an unopen video game I'd like to return: What stores will take it?
  90. Star Trek TMP from Amazon?
  91. Shipping slowed down a lot!??
  92. Need Playcentric Phone Number
  93. Playcentric - How to tell if item in stock?
  94. Question about US postal service
  95. No CHOPPER at Netflix
  96. Total Action Universe and Canadian shipping question?
  97. GiftCertificates.Com Confusion
  98. OMG...Thunderbirds 3 & 4 shipped 2 weeks early!!
  99. Beware Amazon Shoppers!
  100. Are UPS Shipping charges taxable?
  101. Lunch Time at Best Buy
  102. CDNow acting inept - any ideas?
  103. BestBuy.com - is this legal?
  104. Directvideo Legit???
  105. Online stores
  106. Does Sam's club still have the DVD 2 packs?
  107. Amazon ships cancelled order
  108. Venting about half.com feedback...
  109. Orderbox Discussion Part 2
  110. Anyone ever order from majorfusion.com?
  111. Target Stores Don't Price Match.......
  112. UPDATE: Classsic Monster Collection @ Blockbuster
  113. Amazon problems...beware
  114. Question to people who sell items on eBay
  115. A GOOD experience for a change!
  116. North American DVD Comes Through With Sopranos Season 2!
  117. Why shopping online can be a bad thing:
  118. Best Buy Story-NO real 'Complaints', but kinda funny....
  119. When Amazon ships Shrek?
  120. Amazon - no more business from me
  121. Blockbuster $2.00 off PPV DVD's
  122. Target Store on Amazon.
  123. Can I use a Toys R US Gift card at Amazon.com?
  124. giftcertificates.com problem and scheme
  125. giftcertificates.com problem and scheme
  126. Nextcard Users: Beware
  127. My DVD Grand experience
  128. cd now shipping to canada?
  129. Amazon and Borders ripped me off??
  130. Sopranos 2nd Season DVD set
  131. Good place to buy discs in Philadelphia?
  132. Playcentric Time
  133. Being too picky???
  134. Max Max $.75 Orders Cancelled
  135. What happened to InetDVD?
  136. whither Fawlty Towers?
  137. What's a low-priced item I can add to my Amazon order?
  138. MUMMY RETURNS - Where to rent WIDESCREEN in Los Angeles?
  139. Are Amazon Being Nice Again?
  140. Question about Wal-Mart Return Policy
  141. DDD mail undelivered
  142. Laughing out loud dvd box set misprice. Did anyone get it?
  143. Does Hollywood Video have sales for pre-viewed DVDs?
  144. I want to smack Amazon and their free shipping
  145. North American DVD Problems
  146. Looking for information on Blockbuster Video Lawsuit
  147. Netflix now a a very long wait
  148. @#$@#$ Amazon GC expired anything I can do?
  149. Amazon.com (E-Mail problem)
  150. 2 versions of Sanjuro (Criterion) @ DDD?
  151. Anyone have any inside info on 10/28 Best Buy or CompUSA ad?
  152. Shrek Rental Version CDNOW?
  153. Borders gift card at amazon.com?
  154. Buy.com fraud--are they going under?
  155. Will there be a Bestbuy Thanksgiving sale?
  156. Received from TAU free shipping weekend yet?
  157. Buy now from amazon or buy closer to Christmas??
  158. Stupid Employees.
  159. Phone number for Fox Buy 4 get 1 Free?
  160. Goldfish DVDs never came..waaah.. Anyone still have the Phone #?
  161. Couldn't log in to Amazon account?!
  162. Can anyone recommend a good VCD dealer?
  163. Bestbuy.com question (rebates, free stuff related)
  164. Barnes and Noble B&M-Any employees thoughts? Customers?
  165. Suncoast..FIRST BAD EXPERIENCE.....
  166. Exchanging a DVD at Costco?
  167. buying off of ebay and half com?
  168. Gave Best Buy B&M another chance...never again.
  169. Anyone get AOD bootleg edition today?
  170. Final Fantasy shipped from amazon yet?
  171. Best Buy B&M Price Matching Question
  172. Everyone read regarding postal service please.
  173. NETFLIX completely SCREW me over, seemingly because of a complaint I had made
  174. B&N B&M question (not DVD-Related)
  175. BFL free shipping?
  176. RentMyDVD is going DOWN!
  177. When's the next confirmed Blockbuster Previewed sale?
  178. Deep Discount DVD
  179. Cats and Dogs WS has shipped
  180. Problems with 800.com DVD shipments
  181. Bestbuy.com - Incompetent or I'm just unlucky?
  182. CDNow acting weird
  183. Do you have to pay sales tax if you "Pick it Up" at Best Buy.com??
  184. Advice with Amazon.co.uk and shipping to the US?
  185. How reliable is Amazon with "Special Order" items?
  186. Dvd Empire Shipping Delays?
  187. Congress opens door for internet sales taxes??
  188. Flooz bankruptcy...we may get money???!!!
  189. Can't Place Order at Amazon
  190. DVDplanet is honoring Laughing Out Loud Box set for $6.99
  191. A little update to those that purchased "Fawlty Towers" from what is now moviesource.
  192. Inside DVD question
  193. Tombstone (Vista Series) Pre-order up at Amazon
  194. How to check in/out stock at deep discount dvd?
  195. Playcentric:Pre-Order Surcharge?!?
  196. dvdempire
  197. Does Best Buy price match internet stores? Who Does?
  198. Buying from www.cduniverse.com
  199. Anybody know of a rental service like Netflix or rentmydvd...
  200. To those of you that ordered "From Here to Eternity" from Deep Discount DVD.
  201. Kmart DVD selection
  202. Two screwy amazon things: one old, one new
  203. HOLY CRAP! (Ep 1 at Best Buy)
  204. B&M's only seem to have P&S Cats & Dogs...
  205. Bestbuy.com cart?
  206. Has this ever happened to anyone with Amazon?
  207. K-Mart's Broken Street Date Of The Week
  208. Bestbuy.com confusion...
  209. Empty DVD cases?
  210. Something I've noticed about DVD Empire...
  211. Has anyone received the Halloween 4 Tin from DeepDiscountDVD yet?
  212. Deepdiscountdvd and Superbit...
  213. Will any mainstream B&M's get Fawlty Towers?
  214. DeepDiscountDVD - Phantom Menace a day early!
  215. Do any stores allow the return of an open dvd?
  216. If you pre-ordered Fawlty Towers from Deep Discount...
  217. WHAT IF: What if you won a $2000 Shopping Spree at Best Buy?
  218. Broken Street Dates
  219. What does everyone think about NETFLIX??
  220. Dvd Lair
  221. Barnes and Noble for DVDs
  222. What stores will take back dvds with out a receipt for credit?
  223. ok this doesen't make sense.....
  224. (CDNow) Can I both use 15% discount and GC at the same time?
  225. Where does CC Ship DVD's From?
  226. Buy.com and Phantom Menace
  227. Heartbreakers/best buy shippping notice
  228. Best Buy in O'Fallon, IL broke street on the Phantom Menace
  229. DVD Overnight, Holy Cow!
  230. Question about Buy.com shipping confirmation.
  231. Strange request from CDNOW: anyone seen this?
  232. Has buy.com still been delivering early to you guys?
  233. Check Your Snow White Orders! Disney Charged more than authorized
  234. Digital Eyes - gone?
  235. Does Trocamania suck or what
  236. NOTIFY when you recieve your GODFATHER COLL. from Playcentric, please
  237. eBay makes move for fixed-price future on Half.com
  238. Question about Snow White free DVD - got mine from Amazon
  239. How long does it take for CDNOW orders to get to Chicago?
  240. CDNOW giftcertificates question.
  241. I despise Best Buy.
  242. Has anyone else's Godfather preorder from Amazon shipped?
  243. What are some Good Canadian DVD's Online Stores?
  244. double check your amazon/free shipping/stl charges
  245. Heads-Up for those who bought The Godfather at Amazon
  246. Mail Theft? :(
  247. My local Wal-Mart broke street date for "One Night at McCool's"!
  248. Cyberrebate.com Bankruptcy notice emailing
  249. Well I never shopped at BN.com before...
  250. HKFlix Warning (PayPal related)