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  1. DeepDiscountDVD - are they good about cancelling preorders?
  2. CCNow Payments
  3. what is amazon's purchase circle?
  4. What Stores Accept Paypal ?
  5. What is the latest news with DVDExpress?
  6. Which online stores ship early?
  7. Amazon already giving up on free shipping?
  8. V from deepdiscountdvd.com???
  9. anyone having site problems with Half.com?
  10. DVDEmpire.com Free Shipping on 4th of July...
  11. anyone notice TowerRecords.com ships SLOOOOW
  12. Price matching
  13. Any cool DVD stores in Portland, OR?
  14. I got 13 Days 8 Days early
  15. Hollywood Video, 20% off Used DVDs until 7/4
  16. Selling through Amazon (consignment)
  17. How to find a Competent CSR at AMAZON?
  18. RentmyDVD coupon?
  19. Combining orders at Amazon
  20. Whatever happened to the buy.com settlement?
  21. "Lies and Confusion", my first (end last) order with DEEPDISCOUNT!.
  22. How is BestPrices.com?
  23. Disappointed with on-line pricing
  24. My Apologies to Media Play!
  25. save $10 on a $50 purchase at overstock.com
  26. Here's a $10 no-minimum GC for Pacific Collections, an Amazon.com ZShop
  27. Amazon coupons-need some help
  28. More cityspree declines
  29. Is MRA Video still charging people?
  30. Total Action charged my card for unshipped order
  31. Does DVD Empire ship early, on time, or late?
  32. $10 off $50 Amazon coupon in MilePoint News email today!
  33. Amazon.com - am I the only one that's doesn't have his Unbreakable DVD?
  34. Partial Cancellation of Amazon Order Made w/ Promotional Discount
  35. Where is moviesource?
  36. So, whatever happened with Cyberrebate?
  37. overstock is getting better
  40. AllDirect.com any good?
  41. Moviedr.com Does not deliver product! Fair Warning.
  42. Priority of rental distr. & Dallas Center
  43. CDNOW eliminating FFWD points
  44. There's hope for Bigstar already-placed orders!
  45. How much does EB buy used DVDs for?
  46. Canceling Amazon Orders with Promo Coupons/GCs
  47. CDnow hacked?
  48. CDNow Sent Me aSecondhand DVD!
  49. Another Amazon Shipping thread
  50. Best and most honest escrow service(for auctions)
  51. Buh bye Bigstar
  52. Unbreakable pri$e
  53. Amazon and Webcertificates - probelms?
  54. Walmart.com or Bluelight?
  55. Did anyone get their Overstock.com stuff?
  56. Two shipping addresses for one order on Amazon?
  57. does staples pricematch unknown online stores?
  58. How come Amazon don't have the A.I. Soundtrack listed yet?
  59. Kroger's after 10pm. Is it always this way?
  60. BestBuy.com: Order Processing fee!?!?!
  61. Dash.com is dead!
  62. SwapIt gave me $5 to spun.com (and maybe to you too ... but beware)
  63. Tower records- heard bad rumor
  64. what are dddhouse like?
  65. Half.com - HELP! I bought a DC game and it was a copy!
  66. Amazon won't allow Canadian orders of Unbreakable?
  67. Does Buy.com still ship early?
  68. Anybody else having problems logging into Amazon?
  69. Tromaville Maul
  70. Combining already placed Amazon STL orders?
  71. Amazon GC Question
  72. amazon's new hefty loss leader strategy
  73. absound still haven't shipped order after 1 week :-(
  74. bigstar problems . . . are the preorders gone?
  75. Amazon raises many DVD items to full price
  76. Do you get orders earlier than retail from Amazon?
  77. Amazon - free shipping with 2 items!
  78. Amazon Lowers Shipping?
  79. If I cange an order will I lose my Amazon GC?
  80. Amazon just knocked $5 off my Godfather
  81. Deep Discount DVD - new shipping?
  82. Caveat Emptor, an eBay Story
  83. Sex & the City 2 delivery from TAU.com
  84. A&B Sound add $$$ to order without notifying me
  85. PEOPLE WITH GOOD MEMORIES: I need help with two really old bargains from old timers!
  86. Half.com Sellers: Anyone use direct deposit?
  87. Suggestions pleaze for rentals from RentMyDvD.com
  88. Renting Anime Online?
  89. Rentmydvd.com and Netflix.....
  90. Graveyardmall.com Shows They Are A Pretty Good Company
  91. credit card dispute question
  92. anyone ever shopped at cranberrypc.net?
  93. Return Policy of B&M stores w/o Receipt
  94. Dances with Wolves - DTS found (Good Buy?)
  95. Amazon, GC orders canceled
  96. Amazon sent dvd (Not Sealed)
  97. Quick question - what constitutes a new account at Amazon?
  98. Have a question about OOP DVDs at Barnes & Noble at www.bn.com?
  99. Walmart is just as cheap..
  100. What's the deal with BigStar?
  101. Legal Advice, what can i do?
  102. Rebate question: what is the default action?
  103. Anybody get a letter from Buy.com stating we forgot to charge your credit card...
  104. 800.com site DOWN
  105. Netflix SUCKS!
  106. A&B Sound up again...
  107. Seen any Godfather Boxset promotions!
  108. OOP SOTL CC (stash) found - buy them?
  109. Why don't i get Amazon Promotion numbers?
  110. Anybody ever done a "price comparion" at your local B/X (miltary)
  111. Amazon.com problems
  112. Sex & The City 2 at TAU backorder
  113. Why does CH's site suck so badly?
  114. Anyone had Contact problems with VIDEO-NOW?
  115. Wherehouse Movies & Music MSRP???
  116. Wal-mart: HORRID Game Boy Advance experience
  117. *deal over* Overstock.com $20 off $50 for first timers / dvd delivery status
  118. VCD store that Rocks!
  119. buying from DVDimport
  120. Half.com wishlist craziness?
  121. Darn that Amazon.com
  122. Does anybody shop at buy.com or amazon anymore??
  123. Amazon's new spam
  124. June 11, 2000-the death of Reel.com. Remember this....
  125. Any Possible alternatives to netflick and rentmydvd
  126. Amazon credit for lower-priced item
  127. Buy.com Shipping Charges
  128. Anyone have trouble accessing DeepDiscountDVD?
  129. Amazon - item "shipping soon" for a week?
  130. Warning: 999Central no covers
  131. totale is closing down
  132. Did Amazon.com remove its 800# from its site?
  134. HELP! Order never arrived! What now?
  135. Need an email to ceo, executive, whatever of Bluelight
  136. buy.com customer service is driving me nuts
  137. Circuit City faces lawsuit by Michigan for failing to give rain check at Sales
  138. Wherehouse music trade-in question
  139. Buy.com trying to charge me for an order from last friggin August.........
  140. Half.com searching
  141. Barnes & Noble service?
  142. My local Best Buy did the most stupid thing
  143. Anyone shop at HMV.com for DVDs
  144. buy.com gift certificate problem
  145. Netflix at Amazon?!?!
  146. Amazon's Upcoming Buy 1-Get 1 Cheaper Policy
  147. Djangos through Half.com: Don't!
  148. DeepDiscountDVD.com... Reputable?
  149. Got best DVD discount ever at Best Buy!
  150. Wal-Mart's no-receipt return policy?
  151. Raincheck-friendly Stores
  152. OOP DVDs and Shipping
  153. BestBuy.com request for feedback
  154. Received Amazon preorder on street date!
  155. Buy.com attempting to bill me for an item from a year ago
  156. Video-Now Beware!
  158. Amazon Quality Control.......They Dump Father's Day note in pre-orders beyond F's Day
  159. Not a bargin - Girls Gone Wild Scam
  160. CDNow question re: backorder items
  161. Am I the only one without a Walmart anywhere near me?
  162. Total Action Universe
  163. Amazon.com
  164. Will "Bachlor Party" be at Circuit City .Suncoast or The Wherehouse?
  165. The reason I will not shop from dv-depot
  166. DVDEmpire
  167. Anyone get a refund from MovieDr.com?
  168. CTHD already shipped from Deep Discount DVD?
  169. I Love Amazon!
  170. Deep Discount DVD: Are delays normal?
  171. CD Now rewards Question
  172. Online flower shops that are reliable and cheap?
  173. Any places online that have a good deal on Athlon/Duron processors?
  174. Are There Any Places Online That Sell....
  175. DVD Empire Promotion Codes
  176. Does Best Buy sell computers withtout monitors or any extras?
  177. Where does Bigstar ship from?
  178. BLUELIGHT.COM the next etailer casualty?
  179. CDNow Bad Customer Services
  180. Last Days Of Express??
  181. Anybody work for Hollywood?
  182. When using Rocketcash can you also use coupons?
  183. Has anybody used PlayIt!
  184. Ever hear of a B&M store called Ultimate Electronics?
  185. Pretty Pleased With Cityspree
  186. Which online store should I get my DVDs from?
  187. Amazon.com Privacy Issue
  188. Has anybody purchased from Sendmemovies.com
  189. DVD Empire?
  190. Chocolat at Amazon Question...
  191. Any WALMARTS in VA have CLOSE ENCOUNTERS early?
  192. Can you cancel a Netflix that's already
  193. absound shipping pre-orders(now) made before cc problem?
  194. DV-Depot finally lost their mind!!!!!!!!
  195. Barnes&Noble - can you combine methods of payment?
  196. Feedback on DIRECT VIDEO
  197. Where do I get covers for DVD's ??
  198. Problem With Amazon.com Shipping
  199. DV-Depot Must Win the Customer Service Award
  200. Anything similar to A+B sound around?
  201. New Dvd Site
  202. Question about Amazon GCs?
  203. Just got shipping confirm on Traffic
  204. So I go into Blockbuster today....
  205. PayPal Debit Mastercard : 1.5% cash back but...
  206. paying taxes for online orders
  207. The unlisted buy.com customer service #
  208. DVDs in Canada
  209. Netflix vs. Blockbuster's 30 movies 30 days
  210. HK Flix
  211. Nasty Clerks
  212. Half.com sales slump
  213. Opinions on DVDEmpire?
  214. How do you cancel an order with DDD?
  215. What is the cheapest thing @ Amazon(including shipping)
  216. How does Netflix handle lost discs in the mail?
  217. DVDLair.com...who are these guys?
  218. Is Amazon website offline?What's why their website?
  219. target
  220. Best Buy in Chicago
  221. Where is the best place for dvds online?
  222. Does uBid.com Cheat?
  223. First bad order with SamGoody.com
  224. twec.com Still Cancelling Orders
  225. Amazon quick shipping
  226. direct question/ problem for MOVIESOURCE
  227. DVD Dynamic problems
  228. What are Djangos.com like to order from
  229. Digital Eyes going outta business?
  230. Amazon down?!
  231. A&B Sound telephone information
  232. Urbanq.com, another "rebate" site...
  234. INFORMAL SHOPPER ADVISORY - Skip www.123itsallfree.com !
  235. Lifeclips.com
  236. Spun.com, mediocre.
  237. Express.com
  238. The One and Only "Stores that went belly-up" thread
  239. MovieSource makes good!
  240. Columbia House Site is suck
  241. Anyone tried DVDRentalCentral.com
  242. Anyone Use Music Selection (Canada)?
  243. Is Express still on life support??
  244. Barnes & Noble site down?
  245. Blockbuster Pre-viewed DVDs
  246. DVD Empire
  247. A&B Sound PreOrders To US Question...
  248. New Paypal scheme
  249. Is Amazon processing money orders faster now or it just me?
  250. Expired Block Buster dvd rentals....any good?