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  1. Ebay Rates Going Up
  2. One & Only Total Movie Customer Service Thread
  3. Can't find Mickey Mouse in Living Color
  4. How is TAU with returns/exchanges?
  5. Consolidated shipping charges at Half.com
  6. Help (CC return related)
  7. Selling used DVD's
  8. Price changing at Amazon...has this happened to you today???
  9. Option Video Magazine - Where to buy online?
  10. Cancelling an amazon.com order with applied Gift Certificates?
  11. DVDExpress? How good is it now?
  12. Holy flurcking schnit! My local BBV got the UNRATED American Pie 2!
  13. Stores that stock P&S over WS
  14. DV-Depot: Do they answer any questions that do not get then money?
  15. Anybody ever used SwitchDisc.com?
  16. Do you rent movies from 2 different online movie rental companies?
  17. blink sent me the same GC twice, help
  18. My Best Buy Adventure
  19. Good customer service at Amazon.com
  20. DDD DVD Challenge?
  21. DDD Prices Creeping Up...
  22. Where do you buy out of print dvds?
  23. Tombstone Vista shipped from Amazon on the 11th!
  24. Laughing Out Loud....stil haven't recieved it
  25. bestprices.com experiences
  26. Price Match Policy???
  27. Deep Discount DVD
  28. Best Buy bag check article
  29. Picked up Buffy 1st season today
  30. Tombstone Vista at Blockbuster today Jan. 10!
  31. Blockbuster by (city) PVT's
  32. dvdrentalcentral.com
  33. Movie Gallery?
  34. Question about DeepDiscountdvd.com
  35. Is there a list of "cheap" dvds at CDnow?
  36. Any good online DVD retailers that accept Paypal??
  37. DDD and broken spindles.
  38. Best place to buy boxed sets?
  39. A&E sets at DeepDiscountDVD have gone up from $19.18 to $21.25
  40. Free Shipping at [my own store]
  41. yourfreedvds.com -> Reliable?
  42. which stores? newegg and...
  43. Cacelling orders at BestPrices?
  44. How is Digital Eyes ?
  45. Best Buy's Retarded Policies = Great Price on Sony DVD Player!!
  46. Pre-Ordering @ 800.com
  47. Open Your Eyes DVD sells for $91 on eBay
  48. DVDBoxOfice.com Reliable?
  49. Best Buy No Longer Store Credit Card?
  50. Has K-Mart closed in your area???
  51. Anyone used ThunderDVD before?
  52. Mind if I praise Walmart here?
  53. Hollywood Video tried to lie to me..
  54. Is the "In-Store Pickup" option at bestbuy.com a sick joke?
  55. Kmart Horror Story ... Opinions Wanted
  56. My JCPenny phone conversation...
  57. cdrecordable.com
  58. Where to Buy LD online?
  59. When does Barnes & Noble Ship Pre-Orders?
  60. Any deals on Hi-Fi VHS players???
  61. Reworked Electronics Quality
  62. Best Buy Store Manager to the Rescue! A Positive Experience
  63. HELP: Best Buy (B&M) overcharged me by $3... can I go back and get it?
  64. Did Buy.com go bankrupt?!?!?
  65. Need Your Advice on Lost Mail
  66. Best Buy Gift Card online?
  67. Uh Oh!!! Blockbuster Considering Selling Big Screen TVs and other Electronics!!!
  68. has anyonetried the 3 or 6 month gift certifate at rentmydvd?
  69. best place to buy nuts online?
  70. CC not carrying Grinch
  71. kmart going to file bankruptcy?
  72. Anyone have problems with the BestBuy.com site using in store pickup?
  73. Praise for Hollywood Video
  74. Buffy: Season 1 B&M prices?
  75. Orderbox ?
  76. Is Target ruining your DVD cases?
  77. DVD Empire's stock status?
  78. Fast and the Furios available at Circuit City Today?
  79. REQUIEM at www.deepdiscountdvd.com
  80. Acceptability of Photocopy of Proof-of-Purchase
  81. Impressively Quick Turnaround By Both DVDPlanet & DDD!
  82. Help! USPS Ebay ID info needed
  83. What online DVD stores let you buy gc<$5
  84. anyone have experience returning major appliances at Best Buy?
  85. Sleepless R2 at Amazon.co.uk
  86. Best store for Asian movies?
  87. Sears.com = SUCK
  88. Opening a store. Would appreciate (love!) your opinions.
  89. Best Buy B&M Problem
  90. Weird Wal-Mart Policy
  91. Circuit City worst DVD box set prices?
  92. are there any stores that will take back dvds for credit?
  93. Question About Sears' Online Price Matching
  94. How long does Fedex "express saver" shipping typically take?
  95. DVD Planet Overcharges Pre-Orders
  96. sorry...need info on disney free dvd offer...couldn't find anything by search
  97. Need anyone whose returned to online store
  98. Help! Received Suncoast GC. How to best use?
  99. My bestbuy Jurassic park III receipt just says Jurassic Park, not the III part.
  100. Question about pricematching at DeepDiscount
  101. Is there any way to deactivate the security tags in unopened DVDs at home?
  102. DVD Planet's service?
  103. Good sites for pre-orders?
  104. Cudos to bestpriceaudiovideo.com!
  105. What time are Best Buy and Walmart opening on Dec. 26?
  106. What's Electronics Botique's (EB) DVD Trade-In Deal?
  107. Is PHOTOPOINT No More?
  108. I can't believe I did this...
  109. Does BigCD have a good rep?
  110. When does Paypal charge a fee?
  111. DVD Empire: Letter To Santa
  112. Bestprices.com-any opinions??
  113. Amazon shipped The Fast & The Furious....
  114. towerrecords.com down or closed?
  115. Discovery Store (bah-humbug)
  116. Best Place to Sell Your DVD's
  117. Bargains at Costco
  118. two Brand new DVD's
  119. Amusing Blockbuster Press Release
  120. Widescreen Wonka finally at Best Buy!!!!
  121. James Bond Collections..........HELP
  122. DeepdiscountDvd CC Overcharges?
  123. Amazon GC expiry warning
  124. Found a Chicagoland store that breaks DVD street dates
  125. Late or non-delivery from Total Action Universe
  126. HELP w/ JP3 free DVD!!! Americans with Canadian Inserts...
  127. Webcertificate Warning
  128. Are there any e-stores that accept online checks as payment?
  129. North AMerican DVD any good?
  130. Great Experience With Deep Discount DVD
  131. DVD Grand out of biz
  132. What Etailers break release dates?
  133. Direct Video and X Files Shipping
  134. Anybody order War of the Roses from DDD?
  135. Online DVD stores selling Adult DVD's - recommendations
  136. What happened to buy.com free shipping?
  137. One more reason to hate Best Buy
  138. Hundreds of merchants "stealing" commissions?
  139. No Amazon present this year...?
  140. Bestprices Help-- Shipping out same DVDs twice
  141. Troma on line
  142. Target return policy. Bend over...
  143. Fry's is now online...
  144. CDNow randomly canceling items on orders?...
  145. Old Best Buy Credit Cards not accepted on their website
  146. Old Best Buy Credit Cards not accepted on their website
  147. Anyone order The Lover from DDD?
  148. short waits at Netflix
  149. Problem with DVDOVERNIGHT.com
  150. Amazon.com & UPS Shipments
  151. Audiosound.com
  152. buy.com lost shipment
  153. Praise for DVDEmpire (re: Jurassic Park DTS)
  154. Is it just me or does Amazon not have good prices anymore?
  155. Orderbox strikes back!
  156. BigCD.com appreciation
  157. Has amazon started shipping JP3 yet?
  158. Whats the best place to buy DVD's for selection and price?
  159. Any information about trade in value for DVDs at Electronics Boutique?
  160. Return Lion King II
  161. DigitalEyes.Net : A little worried about them...
  162. MyDVDReview.net?
  163. Advice with Best Buy issue
  164. Walmart DVD's
  165. A K-mart story to make you laugh
  166. Best Buy - dvd prices going up
  167. JP3 pan&scam only at Wal-Mart? Gah!
  168. www.DVDWorldOnline.com - Still in Operation?
  169. Highlander store
  170. Netflix and Star Trek 37 & 38??
  171. List Of Stores You Have Bought Harware/dvd's And Lived To Tell About It
  172. Anybody haveing troubles w/ DDD ordering?
  173. Need help with a Gift card GC at either wal-mart or best buy
  174. If you work in retail how many "bad" customers have you have this holiday season?
  175. What's up with Costco?
  176. buy.com website probs
  177. Anybody ever use directvideo.com before?
  178. DDD & Moulin Rouge / Twin Peaks
  179. I saw Rush Hour 2 @ Best Buy!
  180. amazon has 'new' listing in zshops reseller section:
  181. I Have Been ****** By Fry's Electronics!!
  182. U2 Elevation from Best Buy Still Waiting!!!
  183. DVDPlanet's 12 Days of Christmas
  184. Amazon order problem (and questions).
  185. CANADIAN MEMBERS: Can I buy Paradigm speakers for less up there (e.g. Vancouver)?
  186. Is Hollywood Video witholding new release DVDs?
  187. Anyone else get an email from AOL-Warner...
  188. Amazon takes Egghead gives $10 gc
  189. top 50 site and authorized dealers
  190. E-Bay:Are they nuts? BANNED MY MOTHER!
  191. why does DDD force me to leave my credit info on their site?
  192. Digital Eyes - sale dvds
  193. Has Amazon fixed the overcharging problems?
  194. J&R World thread
  195. Help me find a soundtrack CD.
  196. At Best Buy this morning...
  197. DDD Question
  198. A quick Half.com question
  199. End of 30% off Pre-Orders @ CDNow?
  200. Does DDD or DVD Empire price match?
  201. Vouching for Digital Leisure (digitalleisure.com)
  202. Blockbuster DVD commercial
  203. My Local A/V Store is CLOSED!!!
  204. Question for Chicago Area DDD customers
  205. DVD Empire: Can someone please explain to me....
  206. Has anyone received shipping confirmation for Almost Famous - Bootleg from DDDVD?
  207. half.com questions
  208. What b&m stores don't have a restocking fee for digital cameras?
  209. Has anyone gotten anything from Sklif.com lately?
  210. TAU Screw job
  211. Important note for all retail store staff...
  212. Please someone help me with this half.com gift certificate
  213. I really like these self-service registers at Kmart
  214. ?where to find ginger snaps/Canadian version
  215. Help! 'Clerks : Uncensored Animated' Not Yet released?
  216. www.wheresmyrebate.com
  217. Good store for Bollywood?
  218. CDNow not carrying REBECCA: CC?
  219. DVD Express
  220. 'A Few Good Men: SE' cheap at Walmart
  221. The worst way for a rental store to sort their DVDs
  222. Adult DVD Planet?!?!
  223. DTSOnline CSR
  224. any store that accept DVD without reciept?
  225. Maybe its me (DVDPlanet.com customer service related)
  226. Is there any way to get Buy.Com to cancel a preorder?
  227. Bestbuy.com = the pits
  228. Best Buy rebate problem - anyone else?
  229. DDD vs DVD Empire ?
  230. Numberslate problems
  231. Christmas Shopping: Sopranos and Friends--Please Help (Direct Video?)
  232. Are Wal-Marts and Target checking ID's for R rated DVD's ? if so why?
  233. I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again!
  234. Best Buy Problems/Kudos to Toys R Us
  235. BestBuy and some of their employees, Ag!!
  236. Are Best Buy's(nationwide) understaffed this Christmas season?
  237. CDnow is the WORST!
  238. best place to sell used dvds?
  239. Does TotalActionUniverse Ship to the U.S.
  240. Were online stores active today?
  241. Fairly cool deal at Suncoast B&M This morning!
  242. More Amazon Problems
  243. Best Buy = Insanity (Black Friday Stories Thread)
  244. $10 off $50 Gift Certificates working?
  245. Does Fry's sell replacement DVD cases??
  246. DeepDiscountDvd Bonus?
  247. Amazon Stole My GC's !!!
  248. amazon.com problem??
  249. Anybody ordered lately from Amazon.UK(Amazon.com's British website)?
  250. My letter to Digital Eyes