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  1. anyone pick up new fmj on bluray?
  2. Toshiba A3 deal w/11 dvd's $171
  3. [CORRECTED] PS3 Saturday Walmart deal: $499 for the 80GB model + 15 FREE MOVIES
  4. Toshiba HD A3 Player For $149.99 @ Ultimate Electronics (BF Sale)
  5. Did you own the Standard DVD of a movie before buying the HD/BLU RAY DVD version?
  6. Did you own the Standard DVD of a movie before buying the HD/BLU RAY DVD version?
  7. Question About Best of HD DVD
  8. HD/Blu Ray Owners:Are you ordering more HD/Blu Ray DVDs from different countries now?
  9. AMAZON B2G1 Free
  10. AmazonUK B2G1 Blu-Ray Sale
  11. List of HD titles with Slipcovers!
  12. Can HD-DVDs/Blu Ray DVDs be copied? And can independent films use HD/Blu Ray DVD?
  13. Reservoir Dogs, Lord Of War, Saw III and more on HD DVD
  14. Urgent!!!! My Hd-dvd Player Is Stuck
  15. Consumer Reports Gets It Right - Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are Equal
  16. Jurassic Park? (Quick question)
  17. ps3 question
  18. Blu-ray's viral marketing video campaign (was: I can't stand this kind of crap)
  19. TV: Shot in HD but released only standard-def
  20. Is the Playstation 3 (40GB $399 model) a good choice for me?
  21. For those using the HD A1
  22. XBOX 360 HD player= Problems
  23. Some decent HD Titles from Poland
  24. Departed Combo is shot - any way to contact WB for a replacement?
  25. Anywhere to get double HD/Blu-ray cases?
  26. Star Trek Movies on HD ?
  27. A positive effect of the "format wars"
  28. Just got a HD DVD player and...
  29. HD-A3/A30/A35 Owners!
  30. Another HD DVD convert in the family
  31. Must Own HD- DVDs
  32. Problems updating my HD-A30 player.
  33. Sony BDP-S300 $399.00 plus $100.00 Gift Card at Best Buy
  34. problem with french hd-dvd of Brotherhood of the Wolf
  35. Blu-Ray Disney
  36. A few words...
  37. HDMI vs. Component
  38. Harry Potter Limited Edition Giftset Years 1-5 question
  39. How can you tell the Fifth Element (Original Release) from the Remastered version?
  40. Die Hard 1 and 3 Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons
  41. Which for standard DVDs - A3 (HD-DVD) or PS3 (BR)?
  42. Turkey Day HD movie viewing - What are you watching?
  43. New to HD-DVD- A few questions.
  44. Toshiba not region - free
  45. HD-A3: Diasable HDMI Audio?
  46. 1 Day Sale: 55% off select Fox/MGM titles at Amazon!!
  47. Blue Ray only disc releases
  48. The Godfather and Indiana Jones to be released in Norway
  49. Fox Blu-Ray prices dropping at certain retailers.
  50. web special features??
  51. Question about the PS3 and its compatibility in Central America.
  52. PS3 40 Gig
  53. Ocean's Twelve Blu-Ray - VHS Quality
  54. Finally went Format Neutral - Have Questions
  55. Select Universal Hd-dvd titles 47% off at Amazon!!!!
  56. Toshiba A3 HD-DVD Player - Pick 3 + 5 by mail + 300 & Bourne Identity = $200 shipped
  57. Take HD drive from Toshiba HD-A3 and put in PC?
  58. Toshiba HD-A3 error code 2007c010?
  59. Vote for L.A. Confidential in HD DVD
  60. Walmart Secret Sale 11/24 PS3 with 10+5 Movies
  61. Why would my HD-DVD player do this?
  62. Reviewers: Galaxina HD DVD (uhhh, anyone viewed it yet?)
  63. Can't get my new Toshiba A2 to work - Help!
  64. Titanic on TNT HD
  65. Anyone receive Die Hard yet?
  66. HDMI Cables
  67. Why no HD-DVD b1g1 or similar offers like Blu-Ray?
  68. FRYS.com $10 Blu-Rays
  69. Certain Fox Blu-rays on sale at Frys for 13.99!!
  70. Amazon Holiday Customer Vote (Toshiba A-35 HD DVD & Samsung P1400 Blu-ray $149!)
  71. Battlestar Galactica Season 1 reviews??
  72. Star Trek HD Season 1 reviews??
  73. Wife say's "Just buy another player"
  74. Anchorman and Old School HD-DVD specs?
  75. Face/Off or Terminator 3? (HD-DVD)
  76. PCM Audio
  77. Are HDDVD discs crippling component video output?
  78. Problem with Shrek The Third HD DVD English audio?
  79. Tell me about the Philips BDP9000
  80. Hell has frozen! I've gone Purple! and anyone find Oceans set or Shrek HD DVD today?
  81. Question about other Region HD-DVD's
  82. Free Blu Ray with purchase of select monster cable products.
  83. 5 free Blu-Ray discs promotion - anyone still waiting???
  84. Dirty Harry HD Boxset?
  85. Firmware 2.7 released for HD-A2/A20/XA2
  86. HD-A3 Audio
  87. Are HD titles actually taking advantage of the added disc space?
  88. Disney Cars Blu Ray HELP
  89. HD Movies Holiday Wish Lists?
  90. Best Source of Purchasing Foreign HDDVD's?
  91. Japanese Fragile HD DVD
  92. Blu-Ray player/PS3 for $319 with coupon at K-Mart
  93. Will we see HD-era Double Dips?
  94. Beowulf & Grendel anyone?
  95. Toshiba HD players region free??
  96. Sony/Disney Blu-ray buy-one-get-one-free sales at Amazon and DDD
  97. Toshiba HD-A30 video problem
  98. Transformers HD-DVD Problem
  99. Ratatouille - BD disc problem
  100. Best of HD-DVD Box sets question
  101. Will old TV shows eventually make it to HD?
  102. "Living in Fear of the Niche" - editorial at High Def Digest
  103. 300 HD DVD Problem - My disc or my player?
  104. Some good Blu-Ray disc deals At JR.Com
  105. Best Buy for Business HD-A3s are Shipping!
  106. Sony CEO Sees 'Stalemate' in Disc Fight
  107. "Angle" message with playing Ratatouille BD
  108. Ceiling Mounting the HC1500
  109. Wal-Mart 11/9/07 ????
  110. Anyone pick up OldBoy BD?
  111. Grand Prix on HDDVD
  112. Why are the HDDVD Titles so Limited?
  113. AVSFORUM HD Section locked down... how long?
  114. Toshiba HD-A2 Question: What are the ABCD buttons for?
  115. Blu Ray and HD Info - HELP
  116. Newbie HD Questions
  117. $149 Toshiba A-3 HD DVD player is coming!
  118. samsung bd-p1400 problem - anyone else had it?
  119. How many HDM title do you own - Pictures welcomed!
  120. Amazon's BN Promo over?
  121. The Kingdom HD DVD/DVD Combo 12/26/07
  122. Digital Bits hacked
  123. Pixar Shorts not working on Samsung BD-P1200?
  124. Ocean's Thirteen, negative buzz?
  125. Should I Get "INSERT MOVIE" in HD if I Already Own it on SD?
  126. A funny search result at Walmart.com...
  127. Toshiba HD-A2 model sells 90,000 over weekend
  128. When will this end?
  129. Ratatouille and Cars on Blu-ray for $37.90 on Amazon!
  130. DeepDiscount 20% off 11/9/07-11/25/07 ?
  131. Any Pixar Movie Impressions Yet?
  132. Stars worry about HD showing too much.
  133. Star Wars IV-VI in HD on Cable.
  134. PS3 or stand alone Blu-Ray player for the kids room?
  135. DVD Talk No Longer Seeking Blu-ray Reviewers
  136. Updating HT to full HD?
  137. New Yorkers: Here's how to get a FREE HD-DVD player with Trek TOS S1
  138. SONY S300 3.2 firmware upgrade
  139. Is there such a thing as a HD-DVD/Blue Ray player?
  140. windows media center update for HD?
  141. How theatrical releases will breakdown by format for the next year...
  142. Vote for your choice
  143. To Those Of You Who Purchased an HD DVD Player This Weekend
  144. Bill Sheppard on Holiday BD & HD pricing - 11.02.07
  145. HD-A2 freezing on standard DVDs?
  146. HD movie list??
  147. Help with toshiba hd-A2
  148. What was your first "WOW" HD moment?
  149. Pros & Cons between 360 add-on and A2/3?
  150. HD-A3 HD-DVD Player - $199.99 @ Best Buy w/ 10 Total Movies - Working w/ Pre-Orders
  151. Now that you've bought a $99 HD player, what HD disc(s) did you purchase?
  152. Need help getting HDMI to work with Toshiba A2
  153. Commentaries Exclusive to HD-DVD?
  154. Circuit City 13.99 Select HD-DVDS!
  155. TV Can't Do 720p So How Am I Seeing 1080i From A 720p Game?
  156. Which format(s) do you have?
  157. As a Blu Supporter, I think Sony is Really Dropping the Ball.....
  158. I am now officially a geek.
  159. TV recommendations?
  160. Can't Get Dolby TrueHD from my PS3! Help!
  161. Current state of affairs of format war (where do we go from here?)
  162. XBOX 360 HD player + Heroes + 5 HD-DVDs $155 w/ Google Checkout
  163. Anyone got these titles??
  164. Anybody help with copy of receipt for Toshiba HD-A2?
  165. Dan Silverberg's HD Comments...
  166. I think I heard something about a $99 HD-DVD player at Wal*Mart..
  167. Do you buy all new releases in High Def?
  168. Question about HD-DVD rebate if returning player?
  169. WAL-MART HD-DVD player under 99 bucks!
  170. Spider man blu-ray "Add bookmark"
  171. The 5 disc rebates for HD-Dvd and Blu-Ray are being handled by the same company.
  172. $14.96 HD DVD titles at WALMART this friday
  173. To anybody who has bought Return To House On Haunted Hill HD
  174. Spiderman 3 Blu-ray @ Kmart for $6.99 YMMV
  175. Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies in HD (via XBL)
  176. Question on HD programming on DirecTV.
  177. Headed to Italy very soon--any HD DVDs I should look for?
  178. Best online store to buy Blu-Ray movies?
  179. Studio list Blu-HD?
  180. If you want the Matrix boxset, Heroes, or Planet Earth all on HD, now is the time.
  181. I made the plunge...
  182. A Room With A View- Thumbs Up!
  183. Will PS3 Blu-Ray output 1080i over component?
  184. HDNet Movies to air Hitchcock in high-def throughout December
  185. Nielson/Videoscan Sales Ratio
  186. Harry Potter 1-5 gift set. BD or HD-DVD?
  187. I hope Blu-Ray loses this one, and here's why!
  188. is this correct, or ignorant?
  189. BB Buy XBOX HDDVD Player Awesome Deal! YMMV
  190. Toshiba HD- D2KU HD DVD
  191. Spiderman trilogy on blu ray for $55.98 SHIPPED!
  192. Toshiba HD-A2 - Now $198 at Wal-Mart stores (possibly $160 AC at Circuit City)
  193. Walmart 2 for $25 Disney Titles
  194. Ocean's Trilogy at DD.com link?
  195. Is not having Truehd a big enough reason to not buy the 360 addon
  196. Eyes Wide Shut Bluray unrated??
  197. Rock/Con Air Blu-Ray Official Announcement?
  198. I saw The Jack Ryan set today (and slight Hitchcock rambling)
  199. Toshiba HD-XA1 - HD DVD Player - $299.99 @ Buy.com
  200. The Shining Blu Ray Review
  201. The Sopranos Blu-Ray
  202. "Wedding Crashers" on Blu-ray?
  203. Wall Street Journal Article on HD DVD + Blu Ray Imports
  204. Am I Watching 1080i or 480p?
  205. Transformers HD DVD sells 190k+ Copies - #1 in Both Formats for Fastest Selling
  206. PS3 and DTS-HD Master...
  207. Casino Royale and other "cut" blu-rays
  208. Predicaments predicaments
  209. Is there an HD-DVD Kubrick collection box set?
  210. General Blu-ray news and discussion PART 3
  211. Problem with Mission Impossible III Disc 2 (HD-Dvd). Anyone else?
  212. Upconverting DVD's on PS3
  213. B1G1 Sale On Select Blu-Ray Titles (Amazon)
  214. Bad In-Store Demo
  215. 28 Days Later - Poor video quality?
  216. Guess who Sony is selling thier Cell Factory To?
  217. Toshiba HD-A3 over HD-A2?
  218. Starman in High Def?
  219. Help! HD-DVD Get 5 Free question
  220. "Stardust" on HD-DVD Amazon misprice ($18.99)
  221. Help a HD DVD n00b out!!
  222. "The Perfect Offer" (5 Free HD-DVDs) NOW IN CANADA!
  223. Blu-ray or HD DVD - need to decide asap!
  224. Vivid Alt's D <3 D Blu-Ray Contest
  225. How to Recognize a Fake HD DVD?
  226. So my parents are looking to buy a new TV...
  227. The Digital Bits Quietly Updated Its Reasons Why Blu Ray Will Win
  228. Rescue Me Season 3 Blu-Ray for $19.99 at FYE
  229. Circuit City: buy one Blu-ray get one free (ANY!).
  230. DD+ How come BR titles don't use this audio?
  231. Should i get a HD-DVD just for Transformers?
  232. Toshiba HD-A2 $199.99 + 5 free movies
  233. Blu-Ray Movie with lossless tracks only
  234. Does The Fly Blu-ray port over all the extras from the 2-disc SD?
  235. $12.99-$15.99 Blu-Rays at JR.com
  236. HD cable TV vs. upconverted SD DVD
  237. BR/HD Sale at Frys/Outpost.com
  238. Walt Disney's The Black Hole
  239. $399 PS3 coming out late October - official
  240. Question about studios who are dual supporters
  241. Just bought 28 weeks later and its playing full screen on my ps3
  242. Maybe bluray doesn't need IME!
  243. do HD / blu-ray discs have forced ads?
  244. Edward Scissorhands Blu-ray reviews?
  245. WHV just sent me Sopranos Season 6 Part II HD DVD!
  246. I just bought an RCA HDV5000 and Im having issues...
  247. Ok, pick me an HD-DVD player
  248. No Twilight Zone The Movie today on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?
  249. Buy1Get1 Free BR BestBuy 10/14
  250. Stardust HD DVD 12/18/07