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  1. Just some HD questions from a HD newbie
  2. NEW Toshiba HD-XA1 less than $400 + 3 FREE MOVIES (12/5/06 ONLY!)
  3. Sony LCD Projection TV Question re: bulb rep replacement - burning smell?
  4. Ok to transport RPTV on it's side?
  5. Clerks 2 HD-DVD?
  6. Quick list of studios behind each format?
  7. My Panasonic BD10 vs. Samsung BDP-1000 Blu-Ray thoughts
  8. HD in the UK
  9. Saw Sony Blu Ray player on display at Best Buy today.
  10. Who says HD DVD makes no difference?
  11. I need Help! HD-A1 Not Playing Regular DVD's.
  12. Poseidon on HD DVD delayed but reset for Jan. 16, '07
  13. will there be portable HD players?
  14. Stupid Dolby TrueHD Question on the Tosh A1
  15. anyone order the MI boxset(HD-DVD) from buy.com and not get it yet?
  16. Business prospects of HD DVD and Blu-ray: why neither may succeed
  17. Please recommend me an HDTV
  18. HD-DVD isn't looking so good...Am I doing something wrong?
  19. My take on HD-DVD/Blue Ray-Both Fail!
  20. WTD: New Receiver with HDMI Upconverting
  21. Another newb to HD thread
  22. HD-DVD sampler disc for $6.95?
  23. have you seen this Toshiba interview?
  24. The Matrix HD-DVD?
  25. Slowly moving into HD... few questions
  26. Miami Vice Rated HD-DVD, Unrated DVD?? Nope. It's unrated.
  27. Amazon refuses to acknowledge my 10% off discount when ordering Miami Vice
  28. Warner Bros and True HD question
  29. Uh oh...Superman Returns HD-DVD lock up issue...
  30. Why can't Universal HD get their audio right?
  31. Question about analog output for audio
  32. Are HD DVD computer drives available yet?
  33. Article from 11/24 Washington Post Business Section
  34. Newbie to HD, Questions...
  35. $70 In Blu-ray Rebates for PS3 Buyers
  36. Help with Blu-Ray player selection!
  37. A Few Questions for You Guys
  38. Has Fox expressed any interest in going HD-DVD?
  39. Is your local Blockbuster renting HD discs?
  40. HD Movies and TV Shows on XBOX Live
  41. PQ/AQ vs Extras
  42. A Scanner Darkly?
  43. New article on HD LOTR
  44. Buy the Ultimate Bond sets now or wait for Blu-rays?
  45. Holy Smokes! An HD-DVD with an insert.
  46. My Dream Come True: Madonna in HD this week! ;)
  47. Just what is Dolby Digital Plus?
  48. Toshiba A1 Sound Question
  49. Online rental services (Blockbuster, Netflix) and HD DVD?
  50. Recommend a HD DVD Player
  51. Warner Music HD DVD PROBLEMS
  52. XBOX 360 HD Add on for 159.99 YMMV
  53. ISF Calibration for HD sets
  54. Recommend Me A Receiver With HDMI For My HD Setup, Pretty Please!!
  55. Toshiba HD-A2 delayed until Dec. 11
  56. What HD titles got better transfers/encondings outside US?
  57. Can you help me? Is there any-way ON EARTH to get a better picture with my HDTV?
  58. What % of your HD purchases are double-dips?
  59. 720p vs 1080p (or Night vs Day)
  60. Is Amazon's 10% off for a year on HD-DVDs deal worth it?
  61. "HD Talk" - DVDTalk's New HD Column
  62. Anyone else have problems with the M:I boxset [HD DVD]?
  63. HD like colorization
  64. General Blu-ray news and discussion
  65. General HD DVD news and discussion
  66. Toshiba XA1 HD DVD 75% Off???
  67. HD Trailer heaven!
  68. Interesting Article on PS2 vs PS3 at launch
  69. Finally, some great HD vs SD screenshots
  70. Broadcom BCM7440 powers up the nextgen HD and BD
  71. I just got my 100th HD DVD!!!
  72. Can I use an HD DVD player with a standard definition TV?
  73. 'Mission: Impossible III' Sets Blu-ray, HD DVD Sales Record
  74. Canyou play HD-DVDs without HDMI
  75. Vidabox: dual-format player!
  76. Need Help Xbox 360 + 1080P
  77. Cinderella Man on BD in Japan
  78. how do you wish the HD wars went?
  79. HD-DVD on a 1080i HDTV?
  80. V For Vendetta HD-DVD
  81. Which Blu-ray players are currently available?
  82. Do You Regret Buying The Warner Brothers "Bobbed" HD-DVD Titles?
  83. Is this a good deal on a Toshiba HD A1? Also, related Christmas question.
  84. I returned my pristine-clean A1 to Fry's yesterday and I think I'm having withdrawls.
  85. Criterion says "no" to both BluRay and HDDVD
  86. XBox 360 HD-DVD player launches Tuesday
  87. What are the must own HD DVDs?
  88. Hd Or Blue Ray ? Whats The Best ?
  89. Best Buy's holiday catalog came to me in the mail
  90. Amazon messing with MSRP's?
  91. Any news on HD-DVD Forbidden Planet Ultimate Gift Set?
  92. Samsung BD-P1000 Thread
  93. X-Men: The Last Stand - Blu-ray Release 11/14
  94. One & Only HD Player/Software Bargains Thread
  95. HD DVD To Launch in Australia, This December
  96. Who's planning on a Holly Jolly HD Holiday?
  97. HD-DVD & DVD Combos
  98. High pitch whine from back of CRT HDTV
  99. Do You Guys Lke The Old Or New HD-DVD Cases?
  100. Shades of Blu - November 2006
  101. Which films do you -think- are gonna be released soon?
  102. Is it time for an HD Bargains sub forum?
  103. HDMI to DVI
  104. MI 1, 2, 3 HD Boxset anywhere?
  105. HD DVDs
  106. Does anyone's HD-DVD collection break this top ten?
  107. I just took the Blu Ray plunge!!
  108. Please Help Me!!!! Can my existing DVD player handle HD DVDs?
  109. HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray Disc vs. Everything Else: Round 5
  110. Why no DTSHD on HD-DVD?
  111. How do HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Audio work????
  112. HD DVD Owners: How many BD-only titles would you buy?
  113. 3 free HD-DVD's with the purchase of a Toshiba player starting 11/1/06
  114. What makes a Component cable a Component cable?
  115. How Does Your HD Display Stack-Up?
  116. MI:3 reviews are in (HD DVD/Blu-ray)
  117. have any blu-ray or hd-dvd sales numbers been released? (players/movies)
  118. King Kong question...
  119. Toshiba HD-XA1-$485 at Overstock (Refurbished)
  120. Hey Everybuddy! Welcome me to the Party! I just got home with my very own A1!
  121. Denon making SD DVD's better than HD-DVD's?
  122. AIMMA Jumps on board with HD-DVD, not BD
  123. Disney highlights Blu-ray for their animated titles on the "Cars" DVD
  124. What movie studios support HD-DVD/BD?
  125. POSEIDON question?
  126. PS3 packaged with Blu-ray movie
  127. Is the Monster HD Powercenter effective?
  128. HD-A1, includes HDMI cable?!
  129. HDTV: Too Clear for Comfort?
  130. Apple to support HD-dvd?
  131. Where do you guys buy your HD-DVDs?
  132. HD deals?
  133. I've done it. I'm an HD-DVD owner
  134. Am I an EVIL HD-DVD player user???
  135. HD-A1 audio hook up question
  136. do I need a HD DVD player to play HD DVD's? I do have a HD TV...
  137. American Dreamz on HD-DVD?
  138. Bad SD-DVD's in a post SD-DVD world?
  139. Like it or not, SD DVDs must go away
  140. NEC Creates Chip that will play BOTH Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
  141. Fast Time HD-DVD dont spend the money!
  142. Any rumors about A Scanner Darkly?
  143. Best HDMI switch / selector for the price?
  144. Sales difference of day/date titles across formats
  145. Sony BDP-S1
  146. Nacho Libre HD-DVD.
  147. Combo Only?
  148. Laser TV the Death of Plasma?
  149. The In Movie Experience
  150. Why HD-DVD release announcements don't stress me out (aka HDNet Movies for November)
  151. Studio Canal titles available for pre-order
  152. DVD Talk Seeking Blu-Ray Disc Reviewers
  153. Click on BD review (first BD-50)
  154. Your favorite HD disc so far
  155. HDMI port question
  156. Toshiba HD A1 for $349 plus shipping
  157. HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray Disc vs. Everything Else: Round 4
  158. Starting an HD Column - Need Title Suggestions
  159. Warner Downgrades HD Forecast
  160. Why I am Not buying into HD........Yet
  161. HDMI 1.3 only?
  162. Getting an HDTV for graduation gift
  163. Panasonic DMP-BD10 Now Shipping
  164. King Kong HD-DVD up for pre-order
  165. Ron Epstein: Here Comes Blu-Ray
  166. Blu-Ray begins region coding...
  167. Superman & the HD DVD dilemma...
  168. HDMI Audio with Component Video...
  169. Help with new Receiver Selection...
  170. Toshiba announced HD DVD burner!
  171. Shades of Blu - October 2006
  172. Onkyo Receiver shutting off with HD DVD (Toshiba)
  173. Do they make a Component to RGB cable?
  174. HD-A1 Audio Distortion...Please Help
  175. Input Needed With My Current Set Up & Toshiba HD DVD Question.......
  176. I-O Data LinkPlayer2 - HD Divx & Windows HD in One Machine
  177. Army of Darkness HD-DVD question
  178. Why has Apple given zero support to BD so far?
  179. How many movies are available in BOTH formats?
  180. At least 50 Fox/MGM Blu-Ray discs by end of the year
  181. At least 50 Fox/MGM Blu-Ray discs by end of the year
  182. Does a HD player improve the quality of standard DVD's
  183. Anybody else cut way back on SD DVD purchasing?
  184. Format wars may be over before it begins
  185. How supportive of HD-DVD and BluRay ARE Best Buy?
  186. Which "budget" HD DVD releases are worthwhile?
  187. Black Hawk Down & Layer Cake BD50 (11/14)
  188. Sopranos HD DVD: Postponed?
  189. Circuit City Removes HD-DVD titles?
  190. Nine Inch Nails: Beside You in Time (HD DVD and Blu-Ray)
  191. Question for HD DVD owners who may buy BD...
  192. Criterion (sort of) on HD
  193. Any news on the Matrix for HD-DVD?
  194. Superman: The Movie & Donner Cut ALSO coming to HD-DVD and Blu-ray
  195. Ye Olde PS3 connectivity thread
  196. Help with a research project
  197. Warner Brothers possible solution to high-def war?
  198. How do studios determine what to release next?
  199. Superman Returns - HD DVD combo & BD 11/28
  200. HD-DVD / BluRay Rundown for a noob
  201. Realistic HD DVD "wants"
  202. Rerelease of The Fifth Element....guess not.
  203. Possible Solution to Dual Format War?
  204. Goofy advertising slogans for HD DVD and Blu-ray
  205. BCI HD DVD titles???
  206. What Players Can Play HD-DVD Discs Please Clarify
  207. Inexpensive HDTV OTA Tuner?
  208. Upgrade your DirecTV HD-DVR for $50.00
  209. Corpse Bride Review
  210. Star Trek: Enterprise on HDNet starting Monday, 9/18 at 9PM ET
  211. Poseidon : Extended Version
  212. Lord of the Rings HD tidbit
  213. Sharp DV-PB1 (Upcoming Blu-ray deck)
  214. Anybody use a Harmony 890 with the HD A-1?
  215. Does Blu-Ray have its act together yet? Newer releases look good?
  216. BATMAN BEGINS Oct. 10th!
  217. THE LAKE HOUSE HD question...?
  218. Holy crap! re: 1080p front projector
  219. Absolutly stunning DVD Case - Perfect for HD-DVD's.
  220. The HD-DVD G2 vs G1 thread
  221. Upconverting on the HD-A1...better than normal HD Upconvert players?
  222. HDMI Cable included with Toshiba HD-A1...Is it any good?
  223. How does HD-DVD/Blu-ray look on 32 inch HDTVs?
  224. Xbox 360 Redesigned for Internal HD-DVD!!
  225. How soon before Star Wars Originals are in HD?
  226. TiVo Series 3 HD boxes released
  227. Official 2006 CEDIA news thread 9/14-16
  228. Br / Bd?
  229. Question Regading Image Entertainment
  230. HD A1 Owners: Do you use Enhanced Black Level?
  231. Forget combos--try TWINS!
  232. Lip sync and test tone problems with Toshiba HD-DVD player
  233. Wireless adapter for HD-A1
  234. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray vs. everything else: Round 3 << Plus HD Talk Forum Rules >>
  235. The Losers in this HD battle could be big ones.
  236. Philips BDP9000 Blu-Ray Disc Player now avail for pre-order at Amazon
  237. WWE Starting the move to HiDef
  238. What are your "killer" exclusives for either format?
  239. Confused over Panasonic 1080p Plasma specs.
  240. CDJapan HD/Blu Ray New Releases
  241. HD DVD calibration question
  242. D-Theater as BD alternative?
  243. Going on record, y'all! I cracked a tooth!
  244. Toshiba Price Drop Tomorrow!!!! (Power Buy?)
  245. PS3 Delayed in Europe till March 07. US/Japan Still on target.
  246. Tears of the Sun Review - Blu-Ray
  247. Is HD-DVD worth it for a 27" HDTV?
  248. Playstation 3 and Blu-ray through component
  249. Now HD DVD has been announced for Europe, a question.
  250. Hdd Unrated Movies ?