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  1. HDDVD players in Japan
  2. Best price for HD-DVD players in Canada?
  3. Terminator (Blu-Ray) Review!!!
  4. Free Fifth Element Blu-ray disc w/ purchase of Sony BDP-S1
  5. It looks like HDMI 1.3 is finally approved (unverified)
  6. Top 10 reasons to throw money away
  7. Tower Records 20% off includes HD titles
  8. More BD titles delayed!
  9. Piracy kills "the war?"
  10. Movies on HDTV- quality? Toy Story 2 tonight.
  11. Dell LCD HDTV any good?
  12. New DVD Higher Resolution Formats
  13. HD DVD/BD DDD sale thread
  14. OPPO vs Toshiba HD-DVD player - Upconverting
  15. Pick my first HD Title
  16. Theory: Toshiba holding back players?
  17. Best HD-DVD of May 2006
  18. HDMI ---> DVI ---> TV
  19. XBox360 upgrade... Upconvert DVD's to HD
  20. Black Hawk Down: A test for BD?
  21. Initial BR impressions from AVS
  22. DVI to HDMI important questions
  23. Which movies wont you buy till they hit HD?
  24. New Sony receiver capable of processing uncompressed HD audio
  25. Toshiba HD DVD firmware news and discussion
  26. E-Mail from Blockbuster regarding HD-DVD
  27. What will 4:3 movies look like on HD-DVD
  28. HD DVD / Blu-ray software bargains
  29. WB issuing 1080i transfers for 1080p
  30. Blu-Ray = R-rated, DVD = unrated...why?
  31. HD DVD players being marked down??
  32. Toshiba HD-A1 first impressions
  33. So Fox has MGM's catalog now...
  34. Several Blu-ray players delayed; Samsung's apparently still on target for late June
  35. Blue Underground in the early stages of putting together HD DVDs
  36. Okay! Sooooo...Where are the Extras???
  37. Strange Audio Problem with HD-D1 (HD-DVD) Player
  38. Info on DTS HD?
  39. HD vs BluRay help? please
  40. Blade Runner comes to both HD formats
  41. Supported formats on PS3
  42. Will HD-DVDs play in a regular DVD player?
  43. One and Only HD DVD/Blu-Ray Disc FS/FT Thread
  44. Best HD DVD disc you've seen?
  45. XBOX 360 HD-DVD add-on photos
  46. Next Generation of HDDVD Players
  47. BD players and CD playback
  48. New 4x Blu-ray Burner by LG (released middle of June)
  49. HD DVD to Introduce Region Coding
  50. Which Players(s) will you buy?
  51. Samsung BD-P1000 available June 25th -- some players already in stores
  52. BTB/HDMI clipping problems?
  53. Re-exploring your SD DVD Collection with the HDA1
  54. anyone here get the INHD channel - question
  55. What Movies Can Be HD
  56. HD audio in Bluray players/discs?
  57. Subwoofer Buzzing (HDA1)???
  58. Constantine - 1st IME HD DVD
  59. Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD fanboyism
  60. Movie industry may drop Image Constraint Token until 2012
  61. Best Buy Memorial Day coupons
  62. "HD-DVD" or "HD DVD"
  63. Are dual DVD/HD-DVD discs single layered?
  64. Universal Is The Key
  65. Interesting article on Blu-ray replication
  66. Toshiba HD-DVD laptop at circuit city
  67. Has the new medium blown anyone away yet?
  68. Toshibe HD-DVD D1 at Costco.
  69. DirecTV now has HD Locals
  70. anyone find a way to make the Toshiba region free?
  71. Problems with Dual-layer
  72. A deal on Toshiba HD-DVD player
  73. Sony annouces BL Vaio laptops
  74. Amazon.com shopper's responses to Sony's Blu-Ray (BDP-S1)
  75. Columbia House's response on offering HD-DVDs
  76. Filmfest Hd: James Bond Hd
  77. Dolby Surround with HD-DVD/analog
  78. Sweet Amazon.com deal! (extended through 2007!)
  79. Toshiba A1/XA1/D1 startup/load times...what are yours?
  80. How does HD-DVD quality compare to HD movies on dish?
  81. tough playstation 3/HDMI questions
  82. Sony admits need for dual-format player!
  83. NY TIMES (May 11): Who needs HD-DVD?
  84. Dirty Harry HD-DVD Collection in 2007
  85. XBOX360 HD-DVD add-on = $199
  86. Windows HD media showcase
  87. HD-DVD audio...how is yours hooked up?
  88. PS3 pricing announced
  89. It's official - MS announces HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360!
  90. Buying HD-DVD discs and sales...
  91. PS3 and HDMI problems
  92. Are you archiving / recording in HDTV?
  93. HD-DVD/DVD hybrids -- what do you think?
  94. When is Fox scheduled to announce its first wave of Blu-ray titles?
  95. why are movie trailers/ads not in 16X9?
  96. Sony delays Blu-Ray titles
  97. How could a firmware upgrade conceivably improve the Toshiba players?
  98. Please Explain Cinemascan
  99. What is your first HD DVD purchase?
  100. Goodfellas and Swordfish reviews?
  101. BCI Eclipse releasing on HD-DVD/Blu-ray; first four HD-DVDs in August
  102. Popularity of HD DVD and Blu-ray in stores
  103. Video Formats that Sound Not Exsist.
  104. Magnolia Home Entertainment supporting HD-DVD; 5 titles to come in May
  105. Projector Central's HD-A1 first impressions
  106. Anyone know 2g next gen player release dates?
  107. Jarhead HD-DVD Review
  108. HD audio receivers
  109. Is 32" to small for an upconverted dvd player?
  110. Blu-Ray Sneak Attack June 25th?
  111. How will Blu-Ray DVD compare...
  112. Best HD-DVD of April 2006
  113. Apple Wants Blu-Ray to include iPod Content
  114. So, if I get HD-DVD now, what do I do when I want Blu-ray next...?
  115. External add-on HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360 for <$200
  116. Can exclusives make or break HD-DVD or Blu-ray?
  117. DVDTalk HD-DVD Reviews
  118. HD-DVD commercials airing
  119. Serenity hdd will not restart correctly after hitting stop button
  120. HD-DVD coupons/rebates
  121. Any chance of Blu-Ray Player price reductions before release???
  122. Preorder Question?
  123. Uninformed critic unimpressed with HD-DVD
  124. RCA HD-DVD player for pre-order! 5/23
  125. Samsung shows off its Blu-ray player... in Canada!
  126. Cheapest prices on HD-A1?
  127. Hitachi Maxell 1TB SVOD optical disc shown
  128. News on HD Recorders?
  129. HD-DVD Reviews: Serenity, Last Samurai, Phantom of the Opera
  130. First Paramount HD-DVD titles coming 5/30
  131. HD-TV in Europe
  132. Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Bug?!?!
  133. Bill Hunt says: Wait
  134. Ultraviolet: 2nd D/D BR release!
  135. Where can I find an HD-DVD player and some movies?
  136. Owner's Impressions of HD-DVD
  137. Got the HD-DVD's in at work this week...
  138. Is there a list showing which titles use the Image Constraint Token? Yes.
  139. HD-DVD players are out!
  140. Verizon Fios TV
  141. Combo Player
  142. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray vs. everything else free-for-all
  143. Are people with 1080i TV's screwed in the HD world?
  144. Why is Directv doing this???
  145. Disney considers HD-DVD support
  146. 20th Century Fox's stance on BR
  147. Will there be coveted/rare new format DVD's?
  148. What will BluRay/HD-DVD discs look like?
  149. HD Release Covers are here for both HDDVD and BR
  150. Blank Blu-Ray discs ship says TDK
  151. Circuit City pushes Blu-Ray
  152. HD DVD Phatom of the Opera @ Amazon for $19.95
  153. HD DVD/Blu-ray release calendar: Part 1
  154. HD DVD/Blu-ray release calendar: Part 2
  155. HD DVD/Blu-ray release calendar: Part 3
  156. Best Buy non-commital publicly about BluRay
  157. Will DTS be standard on all HD-DVD/Blu-ray titles?
  158. Universal reportedly announcing their first 3 HD-DVD titles today (4/5/06)
  159. Sound & Vision Cover Story
  160. HD-DVD drive for PCs?
  161. All-black Toshiba HD-D1 HD-DVD player available at WalMart.com
  162. Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD software pricing
  163. HD DVD and Blu-ray available for preorder at deepdiscountdvd
  164. In search of...HD-DVD/BluRay
  165. Question about HD Premium movie channels
  166. Will Blu-Ray make the PS3?
  167. Toshiba brings first HD-DVD player to Japan
  168. Sony To Release Hi-Def Movies --With No Players
  169. Standard DVD Upconversion Over Component?
  170. Waiting to support might be bad?
  171. HD DVD Region Codes after all???
  172. What will you do if your preferred HD format fails?
  173. Blu-Ray or HD-DVD Poll! Which do you want?
  174. Toshiba delays HD DVD player
  175. HD-DVD player, but no HD TV...what will happen?
  176. Warner Blu-Ray Titles In July (Tentative)
  177. Warner's HD-DVD titles coming April 18th; some w/ HD-DVD specific extras
  178. Image Entertainment claims next-gen mastering costs exorbitant compared to DVD
  179. Official Blu-Ray update from Sony. First player MSRP $1000.00
  180. ?
  181. LG Plans to release dual format HD-DVD/BluRay player
  182. WSJ Reports Sony's PS3 delayed until November
  183. HD DVD movie launch delayed!
  184. Anyone hesitant to buy new titles on SD-DVD?
  185. Blu-Ray titles available for pre-order on DVDEmpire (5/23) from $19-27
  186. HD-DVD & Blu-Ray in Europe?
  187. Blu-Ray: BD-J from Day 1
  188. Where will You get your BD Release Info from?
  189. Toshiba HD-(X)A1 can do 1080p
  190. Blu-ray launch during Cannes Film Festival
  191. Blu-Ray adopts region coding
  192. HD DVD shows signs of rushed launch
  193. why why why
  194. The new format superior to HD-DVD and BR-D is?
  195. How good is HDTV channels for sports?
  196. Dish Network HD DVR
  197. Ultimate AV Mag report on Blu-ray demo - lots of information
  198. Sky HD in UK
  199. Hd-dvd / Blu-Ray: LIVE Director's commentary
  200. Any need to keep dvds for the audio?
  201. Blu-Ray to launch on May 23rd
  202. Anyone know when the 2006 Sony Open House is?
  203. Sony to debut 20 Blu-ray movies during March to April
  204. Interesting HD-DVD Release List-
  205. HD DVD Viewing question…
  206. HD Programming not in 16x9??
  207. Playstation 3 - delayed a year?
  208. Should I buy HD movies even I don't have a HD DVD player?
  209. HD-Ready
  210. Does Comcast On-Demand broadcast movies in OAR?
  211. HD Expo 2006 Dallas Tx Mar 3-5. Public Blu-Ray showing.
  212. Need OTA HD help please.
  213. home theater / HD projector system? Help get started!
  214. Hd-Dvd U.S tour schedule
  215. is it more expensive to broadcast commercials in Hi-Def?
  216. Interim AACS Agreement Reached
  217. Preaching Conversion
  218. Disney's MovieBeam offers first HDTV online movie rentals
  219. Top 10 DVD's ALREADY in your library that you will NOT upgrade to BR/HD-DVD
  220. No video cards on the market support HDCP. No point in Blu Ray or HD-DVD drives yet.
  221. HD Tuner Card
  222. Cable or satellite?
  223. Head-to-Head Review: NEC and Samsung PC Drives
  224. Pioneer BDR-101A Done. Awaiting AACS Approval
  225. Lion's Gate to roll out 10 Blu-Ray titles in summer - $24.98 MSRP
  226. Opinions on DirecTV HD service?
  227. Sony Announces Blu-Ray Pricing: MSRP $30
  228. Problem with audio on Dish Network HD...
  229. Anybody else have local news in HD?
  230. HD-DVD at major retailers only?
  231. Samsung SH-B022 Done. Shipping in March.
  232. Anyone have the new Dish Network MPEG-4 HD receiver?
  233. Announced Blu-ray Disc Products at CES
  234. HBO HD: Does it ever broadcast films in OAR?
  235. Preorder: Chronos (Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) $22.49
  236. Netflix to rent HD-DVD (and Blu-Ray) at Launch
  237. Top 10 DVD's ALREADY in your library that you will upgrade to BR/HD-DVD
  238. Blu-ray marketing fixture concepts
  239. Netflix to carry HD DVD and Blu-ray from launch
  240. Question about HD-PVR Recordings
  241. Help. I'm an HD moron
  242. Microsoft: we support HD DVD... for "shorter term" (watch video)
  243. TV in HD
  244. CES Videos
  245. Where will you find the time to watch BD and HD?
  246. BluRay on PCs
  247. More on ICT (Image Constraint Token)
  248. Question about HD-DVD/BR re: DD and DTS decoding
  249. 49% of households with HD sets not taking advantage of HD equipment
  250. HDNet question